BlackBerry PlayBook Media Sync Demo Shows Multitasking Power of BlackBerry Tablet OS

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Mar 2011 10:51 am EDT

As we predicted during our live podcast last week, a number of new BlackBerry PlayBook videos have been popping up on the interwebs thanks to South By South West in Austin and a PlayBook media event in London. The latest video, above, gives us a great second look (see a first look here at music store and media sync) of the BlackBerry PlayBook's media sync functionality.

The biggest takeaway from this video in my opinion is the ability to still use the PlayBook while it's busy at work syncing up music, videos and pictures, unlike some of the competition (cough Apple cough) which has to pause the sync if you want to use the device. In addition to being able to multitask during syncing, some other solid features include real-time free memory calculation and automatic duplicate content checking. Great stuff all around!

Source: IntoMobile

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BlackBerry PlayBook Media Sync Demo Shows Multitasking Power of BlackBerry Tablet OS


You're right, nobody develops in Flash or HTML5 ;)

Seriously though, what makes you think developers are not willing? Aside from one rather public rant, things seem to be chugging along well on that front (from my perspective as one of them doing the app development)

Alright already release the damn thing!!! It sure will be handy to have the multi tasking ability and not tie up your machine while it syncs. I am always trying to sync while I do something else. Cant wait

They are pimping that eliza whatsherface a bit now, aren't they? They got some deal going with her or some crap with 7digital? I was thinking in my head. C'mon, you know you want to play that rollerblades song and he almost did it. He must have fat fingers ;)

seriously though, I like the multi-tasking in the background but haven't seen anything similar to the stacking on WebOS? I need to see some multi-tasking between two opened documents or something.

at least we know the playbook can do other backgrounds :P

Seriously, I can't watch another video of something that I won't have for at least a month and a half. Maybe a little longer than that, since I might wait a few weeks for the bugs (if any) are worked out.
Bookmark it, watch it when they release the playbook.

This looks brilliant. I hope that the sync will also be able to compress photos and music so that I can actually fit my collections on to the playbook.

The itunes music compression is good but v slow.
I hate the way that itunes makes another copy ('ipod photo cache') of my photos on my computer as part of its optimisation. This takes another 10gb of my desktop. At least with the music compression the files are compressed on the ipad but not duplicated or compressed on the PC.

How about wireless media sync like on my torch (well at least wireless Music sync)

Please RIM please!!!!

The fact that this is in the background on the PlayBook is pretty awesome. That said I don't really see myself using a tablet to listen to music. If I am home I already have by computer hooked up to some better speakers, and if I am out I would rather just just have the music on my BlackBerry. I'm not quite sure what the use case is for listening to music on a tablet...

I hope the Playbook will have something similar to Mass Media mode like Blackberry phones. I use Linux, and if I can't get my files on it, it's not much good to me.

So if you have BT on your home PC, can you run DTM and connect "wirelessly" via BT to the PlayBook (or some similar fashion)?

It would be cool if you could wirelessly sync so you could be around the house and still do stuff while the background sync occurs....

i noticed on another video...this is the same PIN that is displayed. it might just be a placeholder, or dummy PIN, or it might in fact be the exact same device. 2:37 (see linked video)

These videos kill me each time! Makes me want it soo bad! Is it weird to be so obsessed with this tablet?? I don't think I can wait for the 4G versions, so I guess Wifi it is....still undecided.

RIM, Release it!! I atleast wanna hold the Playbook! :)

I wonder if all the features of the desktop software will also be available on a mac version of the desktop software (if there is going to be one for playbook), unlike the normal BB device manager.

I hope they fix the mac version of bb desktop software... I always run the 64-bit version of snow leopard and I hate having to restart into the 32-bit mode just to get the bb desktop software to recognize my phone. Sometimes it doesn't even work... I really, really hope they fix this... or at least have "Mass Storage Mode" on the playbook

Seriously, enough about the Playbook. Nobody really cares until we at least have a hope of holding one in our hands in the near future (and by "near future" I don't mean "maybe sometime next month, if the rumors weren't just made up by rim to keep us from buying the competitors, which are already in stores")

SWEET!!! Each build gets better and better. i did notice that icon beside the bluetooth to lock the PlayBook orientation. Rim JUST announce a date so i can make love to this sexy girl

i think rim is trying to get as much out of the box ready for launch. i wouldn't be surprised to see native email, calendar, etc at launch. i don't think they can afford a lot of bad reviews and that would be the main reason...i.e. a blackberry tablet that can't access native email without a blackberry!

i think you will still be able to bridge and perhaps not make use of the native email for those who want the secrity features of the bridge. i.e. nothing gets left on the playbook once the bridge is severed.

did they really...?
noooo they changed some icons, the pictures icon was amazing
and now is boring :C

i remember when they were like little boxes, it was kinda original
then they changed them and i was like okay it's not bad, but now i'm not sure.
they're boring.

and they also changed that little black box that moved when you switched between categories,
it's now blue :c

RIM please go back to the old icons, i really liked them.