BlackBerry Alert: Another BlackBerry Outage?

BlackBerry Alert
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Oct 2007 01:44 pm EDT

Engadget Mobile is reporting that we may just have YET ANOTHER BlackBerry Outage on our hands, with users seeing a "Data Connection Refused" message on their BlackBerry displays.

The reports so far have come from users in New York and Washington. Hopefully it's a minor issue that will quickly be resolved. Are you experiencing difficulties with your BlackBerry? Is Everything ok? Let us know by posting a Comment! 

Update: Looks like some users are definitely affected - New York, Washington, and even Alaska?! Read the Comments to Stay up to Date!

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BlackBerry Alert: Another BlackBerry Outage?


I live in New York and everything is a-okay with my T-mo blackberry service. I hope it stays that way.

I'm here in mid-town New York and the data service has been extremely spotty all day. I'm experiencing extreme delays on all my incoming emails. Some have yet to arrive after 2 hours of waiting. Is it carrier specific? I'm VZW

What is going on!? I woke up this morning to find out that my blackberry pearl will not even connect to the network! or any network in fact! I live in Anchorage, AK but my signal has always been great up here so I am a little confused! My husband also has a blackberry that is doing the same thing! this is crazy!!

Got that last night in NYC around midnight... did a battery pull and it was fine.

Today I was typing and my bberry rebooted itself and then said something about the memory card being removed... I didn't have one in there to begin with.

Currently Verizon Wireless is not showing any known outages on the blackberry network. If anyone is having consistent problems with connectivity and is on the Verizon Wireless network definitely call in and let us know so we can get in touch with RIM about it as quickly as possible.

Thanks all!

I think too much emphasis is bring placed on RIM when these so called "outages" occur, their is entirely too many factors in these case, people are quick to jump on RIM and lay the blame on them, few too many people realize that the past sayy...1-2 months issue had VERY LITTLE to do with RIM themselves...their has been supposedly 3-4 so called outages, lets have a look at them.....first their was the Yahoo incident...NOT RIMS fault...all blame belongs to Yahoo for updating servers and failing to communicate with we have a GPRS/EDGE issue, customers were unable to browse (get emails as well) for the most part on AT&T services....NOT RIMS fault..this was based on AT&T service being the sole problem, which extended into any other GSM carriers that rely on AT&T roaming in line AOL for the past 3 days anyone with an AOL account found their accounts no longer valid or suffered from latency..once again NOT RIMS Yahoo fubarred their servers without any communication...out of all those incidents any one can see with the explanations behind them none of it is RIMS fault...out of the past 1-2 months their was probably 1 case that fell on RIM and that was when they launched BIS 2.4 which caused problems when logging into BIS accounts.

Today i had many hours without BB service in santiago of chile. I call to provider and they fix the problem.
The BB display said: "coneccion de datos rechazada" (data connection refused")

I have the same problem. Im a chilean Movistar (Telefonica) user and I cant use BB Browser ("Data Connection Refused") but email and feeds are working fine. Greetings from Santiago of Chile!
El primer sitio sobre BlackBerry en Chile

I too cannot receive or send emails ( ) on my blackberry curve. AOL blames blackberry/AT&T and they blame AOL.This is in Birmingham,Al.Help - don't know what to do. LG

I have problems with mine and i live in florida. i cant connect to my aol aim. i also can not connect to my hotmail email.... theres a lot of other sites that do they same thing ..

Things seem to be working but on a few hours delay. Of course no one from t-mobile can answer my questions. I just hope it is all cleared up by tomorrow. Work will be awful with out my 7250 working at full speed!

My curve is up and running again.Never did get an answer to why I could not send or receive emails. Delay time about 5 min. I'm just happy somebody fixed (aol/blackberry) the problem. LG from B'ham.