Another BlackBerry 10 L-Series device tutorial video appears online

By Bla1ze on 1 Dec 2012 08:46 pm EST

We've seen some tutorial videos of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series appear in the past but they've long since gone missing off the internet. Now, a new one has appeared for you all to take check out. In the video, you're walked through the gesture motions that will be used on the device much like how the tutorial for the BlackBerry PlayBook appears.

Overall, nothing really new is shown off but it does look pretty sweet and reminds us -- BlackBerry 10 will soon be here. Catch the video quick, it may not last long. Thanks, TheAlixsz!

Source: BBVietnam via: CrackBerry Forums

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Another BlackBerry 10 L-Series device tutorial video appears online


so is it safe to assume that this is what the final hardware is going to look like. if this is what you are going to get on the phone as a tutorial video when you first open it.... idk why this wouldn't be final hardware.

any other opinions.

initially, I couldn't believe that this is the final hardware, somehow it looks very plain but.. the more I look at it, the more I like it. The design is not iPhone-ish, is not Lumia-ish, is even not Galaxy-ish. it's a truly BB10 experience.


I thought the same thing. still isn't the most imaginative phone for an imaginative OS but in the end. what do most people with a full touch phone do? Put a cover on it. So make your phone cover as outrageous as you want it to be or put a skin on it.

Unlike the touch phone, I doubt I'll put a cover on the qwerty version or a slider if they come up with one - Make those look good!

Why is everyone assuming this is the final hardware? This isn't from an official source...

Anyways, I hope they make some minor changes to the design of the phone and make it look even better!

I would of love to have seen a chrome top and bottom on this device. I do like it though but can definitely be touch up a bit...
BB By Choice!!

I'd expect those touches to be for the next Porsche Design phone. Probably something closer to the concept than anything.

I'm inclined to believe that the final hardware will look slightly different from what we've seen so far. My guess would be that the top and bottom "plasticky" parts could very well be some kind of metal or metallic-like look and feel. The back would be reminiscent of the Bold 9900's battery cover. Whatever the outcome, I will be on the m*****f***** like Oprah on a donut! LOL! xD

I believe this is the final design.
I just love the sleek mini playbook look.
Also love gun metal color too.
Can't wait until next year!

They sure didn't when HP stopped supporting WebOS.

Fortunately, RIM cannot be compared to Palm as RIM actually still has a growing user base, cash in the bank and will launch with the support of 50 carriers initially ramping up to over 150 carriers globally over the course of the year.

So (from 2008 to 2012) growing their subscriber base by 400% (from 20 million users to 80 million) should give us the idea that we should worry about that? Growth, no debt, and innovation provided by new leadership and talent from around the world, an inspired (fanatical?) core user base and positive developer relations momentum. Yeah I'll take my "chances". Maybe you should get out more often from Palo Alto and take a peek what's been going on in the rest of the world!

I truely hope RIM is test marketing this with focus groups. If so, I'm sure the feedback would include refining the look and ability to pin frames to the home screen.

The hardware isn't ugly by far and certainly not a deal-breaker for anyone I'm sure, but but the design could be a little less dull.

Yes I do hope that "London" gets a serious overhaul with regards to the hardware.

Looks like cheap plastic and only the screen shows BB10 as its beauty.
If all leaks are accurate, its not going to be easy to hold,
Volume buttons look minuscule.
Speaker looks weak,
Too thin means audible speaker for alerts/alarms/speaker phone will be "tinny" and weak with volume.

Yes I'd like the initial product lunch for both series to be premium quality parts in the devices. This'll show RIM as being strong, not a weak player to be ignored. Perception is everything in this business. A major R&D for just over 12mths and a product launch that makes all that time, energy and spending look like a waste is NOT something RIM should be doing with cheap hardware releases. Unless quality high-end variants will be launched in 30days.

Financial results for 3rd quarter 2013 fiscal year is December 20th. Some VERY hard numbers will be reported, just the facts, and we'll see how the street accepts/rejects those. Right now nobody with authority on the street is making any speculations as of yet. The future projections is where I'll be focusing on.

Maybe this is one of their presentation video tutorial that they show to their carriers with the evaluation unit. It was confirmed by a bell Canada employee that these are the phones that RIM is showing to all its carriers. I personally hate leaks, it just ruins the fun and excitement that RIM is trying to build on it final debut day.

I would like to see more bling . The option for the top and bottom , chrome or brushed nickle . Need a white phone with chrome accents . Need to have great bumpers to sell Jan 30th as well.

I suspect that with the gesture base UI (as with the Playbook), there are certain limitations that are involved because of the need for a "clean" bezel. I do not anticipate any "bling" at the top or bottom of this phone. I may be wrong. Time will tell. Either way I love this phone!

Do you have to hold in the middle of the screen for two seconds as illustrated in order to minimize apps? Or do you just have to hold it to stay in the peek to see your notifications?

This tutorial could be from a phone that was planned to launch before the delays. This could be final hardware and it also could not. We have less than 60 days until we find out. :) oh joy!

The video was only "leaked" to show how to use the new software. No official hardware pics have been released. I like the looks of it though.

I don't think we've seen the final design yet. Is it possible, that this could be the limited edition given out to developers? Reason being, we're still two months out from the official release. I'm not saying this can't be the final design. I just have a hard time believing Thor and the team couldn't better control this getting out.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

That's because rim bought the company tat, who originally designed the meego OS, witch is jolla now.

I was able to use the london recently and it has a great feel to it. It's not oversized like a galaxy or htc one x. Don't be fooled by how it looks, it does not feel cheap or plasticy at all.

The time shift camera is such an awesome feature to play with but we've all the videos on that. There are some other very cool features in regards to texting and typing in word documents. From a locked screen, the blanket effect is a nice little touch. When in the webrowser, the url bar is at the bottom of the screen for easy accessibility, keeping everything within reach of your thumbs. I really can't wait for a qwerty keyboard though, that's what I'm most excited for.

And from what I'm told, this will likely be the final hardware.

The cover for the phone is different too. Instead of covering the entire back and sides, it covers all of the back but only attaches in the corners leaving the sides exposed; giving a framed look to it.

This has to be final as 2 months left for release date..RIM needs to start making them now if we are seeing them in february. We will be able to order in canada, Uk and USA closer to my birthday.. between Feb 10 and Feb 15th..