Another BlackBerry Enterprising Minds video shows off what the future may hold

By Michelle Haag on 28 Oct 2011 10:16 am EDT
Yesterday we saw a super cool video that most likely was created for the BlackBerry Innovation Forum, centering around interesting concepts that may or may not be in BlackBerry and RIM's future. The conversations in the comments went back and forth between if what was seen in the video is a possibility, if RIM could ever pull it off - and if so would it be in our lifetimes. I think the general feeling is that we all love what was shown off, and just want to see all these cool features come to our devices.

In any case, a second video along the same lines has popped up, which you can view above. Much like the video we saw yesterday, this one showcases some pretty amazing features that we haven't seen before, focused more on customer service and integration with different devices and fields. Have a look, and leave your comments below. Thanks knightly!
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Another BlackBerry Enterprising Minds video shows off what the future may hold


I think this is the road that RIM need to take on the new BBX for UI. This UI is much better than Android and iPhone

It's hardly to believe and a kinda funny...
They are not even able to bring a native E-mail and BBM account to the pb and show something like that...

Ok, but I don't wanna troll around, RIM is having a hard time!

Hope they will be back track soon!!
I still got good feeling for the future.

seems like a few tat designers got a bit bored over at RIM :P

anyways, seems like very generic large font types and highlights. How about do a nokia and showcase these ideas with real hardware. I'm sure these concepts would get a delay of "60 days" or a summer release ;)

apart from the small jibe in my post, i think the general idea is that smartphones is taking advantage of tech in all parts of our lives - it's getting companies involved that's the problem for RIM (and their eco-system)

Real hardware? The field tech guy had a Playbook with an Otterbox defender on it. I thought it was amusing

Thought the first video was cool this one was even better. Just wish they would maybe show a video like this with everyday people using this tech, it great to see that someone in the field, or a VP using this tech but the average person would make it a ton better. I really hope this is the future but from a historical stand point this is not in the cards for my beloved RIM

The one thing that leads me to think RIM is moving on this direction is NFC. When I look at the device allowing access to areas and launching virtual keyboards when you place it on a NFC capable desk is pretty cool.
QNX already makes all kinds of stuff for autos, and other devices so maybe they can tie them together.
When you look at their purchases over the last year, almost all if not all of them work across multiple platforms.
To be fair to RIM, it seems that this awesome technology is not going to be so easily integrated. However, it seems this is the direction they want to take.
One last thing about the screens they are using. The only way you can have such a simple flat surface (kind of an improvement on steroids of the Palm Pre Plus concept) is to have no buttons and use gestures. The Playbook does that now.
Hope to see RIM move in this direction.

So you waste time and resources to make these videos but fail time after time to release the updated OS for the play book. No wonder your stocks are worth half its value than it was six months ago.
Get your priority straight and release the next OS for the playbook that is overdue.

C'mon, kind of a cheap shot, don't you think?

The people who do this kind of blue-sky conceptual planning aren't the same people who are in the trenches and implementing.

The upshot is, this planning draws on a completely different resource pool than the actual coding and implementation, and it's good for RIM to give customers an idea of where they are headed.

(PS, I'm pissed over the PB OS delay, too, but this is pretty much the "we shouldn't go to the moon until all poverty is wiped out" kind of argument).

What waste of time --- this is basically a couple of TAT advanced prototype UI guys doing promo videos for RIM.

Really RIM? That's what your focus is on right? While the future does seem to be dandy, I'm just afraid it will happen without RIM.

Before you focus on those videos, try releasing 2.0 for Playbook - it's slightly more important right now.

These are very creative and innovative videos. Hire the people who made these videos to design the UI and workflows and get rid of the current ones.

IF and this is a big IF, RIMM can bring this type of workflow and device integration to the market, they'll have "leap frogged" the competition.

This is certainly the future. Maybe it can be pulled off, especially with QNX embedded in so many devices already...

All i really want is an edge to edge display like all the devices they are using... do that(first) RIM then you would kill the competition.

Let's see, I'm 32 now, so by the time RIM gets something like this up & running I should be about 87 or so, sweet, my grandkids & maybe their kids will love it! I'm not trying to bash them here but seriously how many times have we heard that native apps were coming to the Playbook only to then hear that they were getting pushed back? I'm not even saying OS 2, just release smaller updates with a native app here & there to appease the people. Now you tease everyone with OS 2 only to say, aw wait, we'll gonna push that back until next year now, sorry our bad for getting you excited about it. It's just getting old. I do love my Playbook & it's doing everything I need it to (except native email, because that stupid Gmail app won't EVER update no matter how many times I clear things out!!!!!) Just wanted to add my 2 cents, maybe when I'm done with work I'll play some SlingGolf on my Playbook :-)

You have to take into consideration that Rim has yet to fully adapt to this new social and ever expanding world. They themselves said that they were undergoing reconstruction.
And last but not least Mike Lizard and Jim..... cant live forever they'll have to be replaced eventually and maybe with their replacement the company may make a turn for the better.

Have to agree with many of the comments above. RIM seems to move like a snail in terms of actual production. Takes twice as long to release half the technology innovation. Continual delays in their release dates and usually the first iteration is half baked (Playbook, Storm, even the flagship 9900 are all riddled with issues). It's all about marketing, execution and accountability!

We all stay as optimistic as we can, but the patience of the consumers is running thin when there are so many other options available.

Life is like a cup of coffee

Thats mostly likely in Europe or actually anywhere on the eastern world where cars were actually developed first.
But as we all know america has to be different.

Our company is already using something very similar called WFM (WorkForce Management) and its all through RIM BlackBerry. Its not as far fetched as you may think.

Is your software all built in house? I'd be interested in hearing a practical example of the kinds of things you are doing with it.

Yes - as far as I know a large part of it is inhouse, but we are a hardware computer company. we use it for service field dispatch, and parts delivery to arrive at the same time at the customer site. It also tracks the location (GPS) of our field personal to see who is closest to a customer site for dispatch will minimal delay, and tracks estimated time required to perform the service call and when they will come back on the "grid" for the next dispatch.

Thank God for your post. I will solely be relying on this info as proof that this stuff isn't far fetched. lol

The future is scary! With men in sterile offices monitoring my movements and guys in cafes keeping up on how positive or negative the populace is. But hey, look on the brightside, the otterbox for my current playbook will work on the future playbook! YOU PROMISED THIS RIM!

All this haterade. Lets be realistic here. RIM has a marketing department, and those people probably don't know how to code software, so they're not wasting their time with "other stuff" like these kinds of videos.

What's a company without forward vision?? No forward vision = not a company I care to do business with. They are restructuring, and they have been up front about it. Now we know they are going through transition, and have a goal in mind. I for one am happy to see videos like this.

The UI looks alot like windows phone in my humble opinion and did anyone see when the phone was first picked up by the man in the kitchen looks a little bit thick.
But if this were to be the world say in about 2015 >:) id be more than happy to see rim accomplish these things and lets be honest slow and steady wins the race.

I like the Videos and the concepts are great. It will take time I am sure but I think Rim is getting the pieces together one by one and that is the first step. I like the advances they have made with the new phones and Os7. I look forward to the Rim-Future. If you have not used Wikitude yet it looks like what they see in the video when the locations pop up. Very cool.

Very Cool - this should be released in "60 Days".....errr "By the end of Summer".....errr "Soon after Devcon".....err "February of 2012".

This can't be real! The guy was driving on the wrong side of the road for Gawds Sake! And somebody was jackin with his truck and moved the steering wheel to the wrong side, too....


I was thinking of designing a Calendar for RIM. April to the following Feb is only 60 Days and in Canada, Summer now finishes in Feb!

Well on the not so negative side, being a field technician, this could be a great asset to my tool box. I saw a lot of great vision and tremendous possibilities for the workforce in this video.Though I may not see it before it's still pretty cool!!!