Another BlackBerry Bold 9780 appearance

By Bla1ze on 27 Jul 2010 12:55 pm EDT
Another BlackBerry Bold 9780 appearance

Since we outted the UAProf and Salomondrin posted up the first image, the information surrounding the BlackBerry Bold 9780 hasn't really stopped. Seems once you out a device, more and more people step forward with some new pieces of information or new pictures. This time, has posted just a few images of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 home screen, OS and memory screen. Now, someone getting working on video please. We really need to see BlackBerry 6 running on a qwerty device.


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Another BlackBerry Bold 9780 appearance


what is the idea behind refreshing memory to 512 mb and no other changes,
Why do I buy a refresh with only 2 difference (memory and OS).
RIM sucks.

maybe u need to do more research before posting your negativity, it actually has more

-GSM (SIM Card) Network phone with full support for both 2G and 3G ranges

-512 RAM

-Mp3 music and DivX supported media player

-5.0 mega pixel camera

-Built in 2 GB memory

Then why was the webkit browser, an INTEGRATED OS6 option demo'ed on a 9700? The previously mentioned full OS6 + crap app memory left is the most likely event now, which makes the 9680 a perfectly sensible device.

when it was shown back then .. it was actually on the yet unannouced refresh 9700?? i mean is it really that far a leap in logic to come up with that probability?

I don't want to be rude, but I'm not going to do your homework. Youtube webkit browser demo, it's being demo'ed on a 9700.

And no, CX confirmed it was a 9700, with 256 mb. Along with that several insiders (CX, berryleaks) have both confirmed that the 9700 can run OS6, yes OS6, not OS5.5 (???) as some would claim. The 9780/Odin refresh doesn't disprove anything, it's simply product differentiation. It's strictly a CB thing that everyone is screaming "oh god oh god 512 is the min".

this is the official release from RIM's devblog..

no where do they state which device it is running on. nor does any youtube link. the devices look exactly the same thus far.

also.. berryleaks surely had no idea there was a refresh coming or they would have broken the news then.. seems logical looking at the device most would simply see the 9700 and never even question it. i'm not questioning cx (nor have I seen his comment.. just going on your assertion) as he is a great source of info.. but he is capable of being wrong or misinformed. i welcome his info but i dont expect 100% accuracy.. that'd be unfair.

really though.. i'm merely suggesting the possibility that the device shown in the video was the refresh.. as visually no one would know otherwise. it IS possible just as it's possible it was merely a 9700.

and my whole point in commenting to your post was to suggest seeing the webkit demo on what was thought to be a 9700 at the time could now be viewed differently when accounting for the new information we have on hand. (9650 production process stopped/changed mid stream to support 512mb and now two high end 256mb devices being refreshed to 512mb, one of those being the previously mentioned 9700 with no visual differences in the face of the device noted thus far). all evidence on hand points to 512mb being required.

i'd certainly welcome cx coming forward with an update to confirm that yes the 9700 is still gonna run os6.. and that was in fact the 9700 back then and not a refresh production device.

nothing is certain yet.

May be webkit browser will be ported to OS5.x and it will be available to 9700 and most of devices through firmware upgrade.
Let’s hope this is true.

Blackberry won't go away from its core design.. If RIM was to do this they would piss off million of blackberry users worldwide as they would have a huge learning curve to relearn a brand new OS. What features/things do you see missing? What would you like them with the OS to be more appealing?

Can someone tell me? Did you see that? The car steering wheel i mean. wahaha. what car is that?

256MB phones definitely can run OS6!!! But it will be something like the S1? running OS5 with little space left.

Well, at least we get OS6 as a choice. Want or not is up to you.

RIM need to come up with refresh phone because they need to ensure consumer get new phones with sufficient for application growth. I don't think anyone will buy a phone with less than 50MB left for apps. Thats why all the bb is coming to EOL. WAHAHAHAHA.

That 256MB BB's will get OS6 maybe more like 0S 5.5 or something of the sort. As you can see they are refreshing the Storm2 and 9700, but I don't think everybody with devices prior to 512MB will be shafted.

Answering the first question (if you were serious or not :) )

It looks like the steering wheel of my Chrysler 300M (models 1999-2004?) I know that particular model was made in Brampton, Ontario (and probably the Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde, and a couple other models).

And no, I am definitely not the one who took the picture.

So now people have to buy the new Bold if they want OS6?
I'm not even 1 year in my 2-year contract for an upgrade because of the Bold 9700 -_-'

No, you don't need to buy new phone to get OS6. Either RIM will release the OS to you or it will leak to you.

For sure, you will get a chance to taste OS6. I hope you haven't bought a lot apps since you will be running out of RAM.

Most, if not all, people upgrade to new devices because of hardware upgrades, not software. This is why it's important for RIM to push out OS 6 upgrades to relatively new devices.

why on earth would you sign in for a 2-year contract anyway? 18 months is too long for me, I won't be doing that. If this device does come out relatively soon i'll be selling up my 9700 along with my 9000 (which i no longer use) and pay the difference to get the 9780 sim free

This is a little unfortunate news, but it's still not 250MB+ and therefore there is a possibility we will get OS6! Although, that won't leave much space leftover for apps and stuff...

Can't wait to pick this up! Will definitely be my next device. They could've come out with a refresh Bold 9000 as well, would have be awesome.

If they are refreshing bold 9000, I am ditching ip4 and will buy it.
I love the 9000 form factor and the looks.

So from concrete evidence, we have proof that OS6(and whatever few apps he may have installed) takes up 206MB of memory.. That leaves us 9700 owners with 50MB free.. Which is more than I use anyway... Don't forget that new os, if it's as good as it looks, will eliminate the need for nonsense apps like extra browsers, 3rd-party media players, and memory and ram boosters

This should be nothing short of awesome

or they could just allow us to move any app we wanted to a memory card, thereby providing EVEN MORE memory space.

I think Rim needs to hire new designers. I am tired of the same form factor with very slight changes.

On one hand, I think the form factor is fine and adding to many variations will just add to RIM's bottom line and our costs.

However, I am eagerly awaiting the 9800 Slider, I think the Clam (whatever number that is) will have a strong if niche following and of course there is the Storm, which can still use some refinement (read: improvements). Plus, the Pearl 3G fill yet another void.

What I hope is, and I have no way of knowing, that OS 6 is just a transition OS to hold us over for something bigger and better that RIM has in store for us. I hope they're anticipating where the market is going (I consider it highly volatile from what I read) and bring us form factors, an OS or functionality that we are not yet even thinking about.

Otherwise, it looks like we're (uh, they're) playing catch up with Google and Apple (even though RIM excels in several areas that lack coverage in the pop press (aka mainstream press).

Why fix what isn't broken? Most people love the blackberry form factor.. Especially business users who leverage their berry's to bang out hundreds of emails a day.. Hopefully with devices like the 9800/Storm 3 we will see some new handsets that will target the consumer market, but, leave my 9700 form factor alone! :)

The iPhone hasn't changed much in 4 incarnations - in fact, the first 3 were exactly the same.

All the Android phones look alike to me no matter who makes them.

At least the BBs look distinctive. You know it when you see it. Why is that so wrong?

so with this new OS 6.0 and the re-make of Bold 9700 a.k.a. Bold 9780.. what future is their for the bold 9700?? i'm thinking selling your phone and getting this huh??

But, I am eager to see what Android brings in the coming years. I really would like to see an Evo-quality slider with a physical QWERTY...but for the foreseeable future, it's RIM all the way.

there you go.

My wife chose the droid1 because she had to have the keyboard. She hasn't used the keyboard since 3 weeks of buying the phone (9 months ago), because once she got used to the software keyboard it was better.

I'm worried that I won't adjust or love the virtual keyboard of the Storm or any other TS only phone.

Hopefully, the 9800 will allow me to either transition nicely to TS only or confirm what I think I know: Must have physical QWERTY.

But, having "just" got my 9700 about 6 months ago, unless AT&T offers a special rebate, I'll have to wait a bit for my 9800...maybe let everybody else shake out the bugs. :)

But, that's the nature of electronics. Embrace it, in a matter of a few months you can brag, "I'm kickin' it ol' school with my Bold 9700. You kids don't even remember when the best OS was 5.0, do you!?"


Not so happy with the fact that there is a refreshed version of our 9700. I just hope that we'd get at least the new webkit browser. I'll be happier when that happens. I hope crackberry gets some news about that. Hehe

Do you know what the word 'obsolete' means? Your phone will NOT be obsolete just because a newer phone comes out **rolleyes**

Is it me or does OS 6 look like it's designed for a touchscreen and not a QWERTY device? It has the opposite of a minimalistic look when it's all crammed in a 2.4" screen.

maybe you can remove the text under the icons and shift the icons lower to gain wallpaper space...

I upgraded 6 months ago from a Curve 8330 to the Bold 9700 and for obvious reason it's a far superior phone.

I was new to BB when I got my 8330, an appropriate entry-level smart phone. At some point, I upgraded the OS to the highest that was available to me and my phone slowed to a crawl, practically requiring a batter pull every other hour or if I accidentally had too many apps running simultaneously.

So, with that experience behind me, I committed to not upgrading my OS with anything leaked or major upgrades. Minor upgrades are OK, but they do make me nervous.

That said, I don't see any reason with our limited memory capacity why anybody would want to upgrade to OS 6 without also upgrading their hardware and firmware to accommodate a larger OS.

Also, I don't like how people decry a company for releasing new versions of a phone they just bought. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Either buy what you need/want when it is available at a price you're happy/comfortable with or wait for ever for the latest/greatest, because that ante is always to be upped.

You can't expect a manufacturer to release something that is their best to date and then sit back on their laurels and wait a full year or two for the next big update? That's crazy talk.

We need and want them to innovate daily, bringing to market whatever significant updates that make it worth our while to upgrade and/or buy a new device.

And, don't forget that just because OS 6 comes out that all of a sudden OS is all of a sudden obsolete, useless and a waste of whatever money you spent on it.

It is because of the newer phones that once expense "top of the line" models become affordable and "entry level."

The Curve 8330 was an awesome smart phone for somebody coming from a standard candy bar, non-touch screen, non-feature phone.

Sooner than I'd like, the 9700 will be that same phone. But, I'm OK with that, because by then I'll be rocking some futuristic hardware that we can't even conceive and it will have OS 7.


Expecting your top of the line phone to NOT be obsolete within 6 months is soooooooo unreasonable. "eyes rolling"

I wonder why these people have to write mile long pleas describing how douchey people are complaining about their phone not receiving OS6. Perfectly reasonable, since 2 year contracts usually mean 2 years and being left out from a major update must suck.

What are you trying to prove?

That link came out before there was even news of an Odin Refresh.

9550/9520 are supposedly out of the equasion now

8 months in to owning my 9700, it is now obsolete. all for an OS that really is just more of the same. i can't imagine it'd be any easier for developers to program for either, meaning the applications will be just as sparse.

hello samsung captivate.

Wait... you say your phone is made obsolete by the release of a phone thats "just more of the same"? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Main Entry: ob·so·lete

1 a : no longer in use or no longer useful

I've decided to stop responding to this type of thread... These people will constantly whine if something changes and they don't have it.. What these people fail to realize is.. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of tech, you PAY for it.. People will be using the 9700 for years to come and in the process will have written 10's of thousands of emails and used it as their daily device to help them do their business while mobile.

The 9700 is hardly anywhere near obsolete. These people are idiots.

Are you really that thick-headed? Does your phone no longer work because it's too old and outdated? Do carriers not recognize a 9700 as a BB phone and you can't get service on it? Does it not make calls? Run apps? Whatever else you use it for? Did they all stop working magically? Get a clue.

It's not that. We're all realistic enough to admit that OS5 feels clunky, old but practical in comparison with say android or the newer winmo os's. People get upset because they'd hoped that OS6 would bring a new and refreshing experience to their device. Now that it turns out that the entire curve line, possibly the storm and maybe even the recently dethroned oh-so-fantastic (ahum) 9700 won't see that will naturally come as a disappointment. Nothing weird about that.

I wonder why people get upset at people complaining though, isn't that what a blog is for? Comments both positive and negative about RIM and blackberries?

You're right about this being an open forum and I don't mind people discussing the pros and cons about the devices and, presumably, the company we love to hate and even love to love.

I just don't understand the logic in complaining about the inevitable, such as the eventual obsolescence of electronics.

Outside of that, I love the conversations and debate that goes on here and I learn a lot about what makes RIM and BlackBerrys great and what holds them back.

I certainly didn't mean to come off as offensive or to stifle discourse, and for that I apologize.

Wait, what?
It's both "more of the same" and "obsolete"? How is this possible?

Given that it is possible - what *precisely* is it that will cease functioning on your 9700 once OS6 is released?


Going on 4 years owning my 8100 Pearl, I can't find myself feeling too sorry for you. I can't do better than OS 4.5. Yet amazingly, I can still find apps for my phone. I may only have 10 (if you don't count App World), but it works for me with all of about 11MB free.

Waiting on the 9100 Pearl 3G to finally come to AT&T before I retire this Pearl.

Why am I still rocking the 8100? I like the multi-colored LEDs for the trackball that only the 8100 got.

Since OS6 seems to be optimized for TS devices, a BlackBerry with a Pixi form factor would be awesome! As much as I love my 9700, I find it too small for my personal taste. Innovation has never been RIM's specialty, specially in the design department, but then again it is a company that has catered to the Business users since day one. Its sickening to hear every time a new device is outed/unveiled, that people complain about its looks, and how other phones (iPhone/Android/w.e) which are more consumer/multimedia oriented look better. Since the Sidekick is now officially dead, it appears that BBs have become the new SKs ¬¬

I'm not too excited for this device. After seeing the 9800 coming out rather soon I am ready for the touchscreen slider over anything. A 9000 refresh may excite me a bit more as long as the top had a touchscreen.

One step closer to the oldie 9700 getting OS6. I bet Rim would disable the Webkit browser for the more stubborn 9700 crackers with low memory being the reasoning, which many will criticize.

Damn fool. How relevant is your comment? The phone barely just got leaked and the only thing we have to base the phone on is a few pictures, and you're already boasting that you're Evo 4G is superior? To be honest, I DO think the Evo 4G is a good phone. However, my needs in a phone require more than fast media and my thoughts are pretty irrelevant. But try sending a dozen or two emails with a touch screen. I'd throw that fuc*ing phone so far out a window and into a pool of water faster than you can muster up another foolish comment. (If I couldn't sell it first.)

the world is evolving, touch screens are solid now, especially on these 4.3" phones. It'll take you 3 or 4 weeks to get up to speed. But I doubt you are faster, or not much faster, than an experienced touch screen user. And my fingers are fat as hell.

I tried using the web on a Storm2 and a curve, I'm with you in some ways, I would throw either of those in a pool in a heartbeat, even before giving them away, to prevent someone the pain of having to use one. And I saw the email, I don't see how it's that much better anymore. A year or two ago I wouldn't argue, but now, that edge has greatly decreased.

Seriously, the more I mess with BB's, and the more I see people using them, it is like eating soup with a fork. Buy a spoon for heaven's sake, make your life easier!!

Maybe OS6 will make BB life easier, but it's going to be their first crack at making a decent OS, that makes me skeptical.

anyone who buys this phone is a dumbass, plain and simple. This is the 9700 with more RAM and a new camera. However, the camera, should be an 8mp, not 5mp and the RAM should be 1gig, not 512mb...instead of planning for the future, bb plans for dumb! This phone should also be 4G ready...but guess what??? IT'S NOT! This phone is still in the development stage and its already behind. RIM is a JOKE!

We agree here. This phone is like a 9700 'patch' waiting for those exact specs you mentioned. i think we will see those specs and an updated OS called BB7 on a device named something near 10K. This is bait and switch at it's finest!!!!

Alright, for the Nth time RIM caters to the Buisness user! Its a fking BUISNESS oriented phone not a media savvy phone. Now, how many companies do you see giving their employees the latest phones? Some might, but a BlackBerry is a communication device, the design/construction serves its purpose and it serves it well. Now, what you're thinking is completely different, an approach that would be ideal is to create a new department within RIM. One that concentrates on consumer oriented phones, creating a completely new line of phones that can be BIS only, carry 1GB memory, possess an 8MP camera, yada yada yada.

As a 9700 owner I had my chest poked out a touch because I knew I had the latest and greatest RIM had to offer. I also did not fear the unknown future because in the past I was always able to do at least one OS update on my device to get me to my next 'upgrade availability' from my carrier. Now it looks like the 9780 puts an end to that, and leaves me in the cold, or $400-$500 poorer if I have to buy a new device outside of contract. With RIM making a lot of headway with their newer devices and really getting a following why would they do this to a device us loyalist have been waiting for for so long? They had to know the 9780 was coming, and that that device would basically make the 9700 void, at least to the CrackBerry Nation, a group of people that seems to truly want to stay on the cutting edge of 'what's new'?? I just don't get it!!!!

**However, I have made peace with my 9700 and have chose to really optimize it and get the most out of it while BB6 gets put to the test. That should buy me enough time till my next 'upgrade availability' come up.....***

You duped me once, please don't let it happen again.

yes, 4G ready...the technology is there dumbass. Evo 4G???? That ring a bell???? It is 3G/4G ready.

Get your facts straight pal

I like OS6 and hopefully there will be a video of it in action with this form factor.

I hope for those who can't get the update for one reason or another I sure hope that the browser gets updated at the very least. the current browser sucks and switching over to opera means I don't get to use the "unlimited blackberry service"

I highly doubt RIM will leave those who have OS 5 in the dark. It will surely get refined with certain aspects of 6.0. ie the browser

If not then, be angry.

Hey at least the operating system seems to be a lot smaller than the iphone. that apparently takes up 500 megs!!!

phones that look any different? This one looks like the ones I've seen coming out for the past couple years. Why does that one look so cool? Small screen? Keyboard? Clunky software?

So, it's pretty much just a 9700 with OS6 installed. Typical RIM...same ol' s**t with a couple minor tweaks and it's magically a new device model that sells for $500-$600. long are you people going to let RIM suck your blood?

These are T-Mobile 3G bands 1,4,8. I wonder if the radio has been upgraded to HSPA+. That would make the device a little more appealing. Especially to people who like the "traditional" Blackberry form factor. The 9780 looks like the familiar, corporate, flagship model as opposed to the newly designed (new design for RIM at least), more consumer oriented 9800.<<

Yea...uhh there is no reason for a phone to stay that much the same as the could tell me that was damn near any 89XX 96XX 97XX 12 34 whatever ...if he doesnt show more of the phone we are left to ask ...which one is it...???

And thats sad ..research in slow motion

All the Droid phones look the same to me. Without the manufacturer names on them, I can't tell one from any other... they all look like iPhones - which all look alike too.


Ok I have to say it. It seems that people that own that retarded a$$ evo spend their time on phone sites going "HA I'M BetTeR yOu SuCk". For the love of god, it's a PHONE. If your happy with your purchase FANTASTIC! no need to go on other phone sites and talk $hit.

everyone is in denial if Os6 was meant for n could properly run on year current 256mb devices then rim wouldn't have refreshed any devices its as simple as that