Another BlackBerry 9550 In Action Video... Getting Better!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Aug 2009 03:21 pm EDT

** Update: Boooourrrrns... the video has been yanked from iluvblackberry's youtube account **

Storm 2 Video time! It seems youtube user iluvblackberry is back in action with another video of the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm 9550, and this time around both the device and iluvblackberry's video skills are showing signs of improvement (though there's still room for just a bit more improvement... tip - if you don't like the music hit mute!). 

Compared to his first video, this time around the Storm 9550 shows off some nice flick scrolling action as well elasticity when scrolling. WiFi makes its appearance again (w00t!) and overall the device seems very snappy compared to previous videos we have seen of the Storm 9550 in action. Screen orientation adjusts fairly quickly, though for some reason iluvblackberry kept trying to make it orient upside down, which it won't do, so no worries there. For the web browser test, he brought up the full version of CrackBerry over Edge on Rogers, which takes a while (heavy site - visit on your berry - improved mobile experience coming soon!) but does render pretty well. All in all, this is a video Storm chasers should start getting excited about. I'm guessing the operating system code will get a couple more revisions by the time it goes to Verizon for technical acceptance, so based on the progress seen so far the Storm 9550 should be able to hit the ground running. 

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Another BlackBerry 9550 In Action Video... Getting Better!!


Woulda been better w/o the music and if he actually spoke about the device etc etc... But nice to see the S2 running better then the S1 none the less

storm 2 looking good flick scrolling is a major plus, not to mention wifi

music could have been left out lol

Considering Verizon dropped the price on Storm 1 today, I'm assuming this will be coming sooner than later... Woo Hoo!
Can't Wait!

Although I don't see any big compelling reason to upgrade from the Storm 1. Especially since they'll be releasing an OS upgrade for the Storm 1 (I assume) fairly soon (based on rollout of BIS, etc.).

I don't see that the hardware is SO much better?? Guess time will tell.

some advice, ditch the music, get a tripod, LIGHTING LIGHTING LIGHTING. and manually set your focus.

its as simple as pressing the mute button. Besides its much better than that old southwestern country shyt crackberry be playing with all there videos

Do you guys think this phone will have wifi?? On VeriZon? Very hard to believe that verizon is going to have a phone in wifi, No more $30 internet charge?

Verizon and Sprint have both said all future blackberry phones will have wi-fi. That said you still need a data plan. Verizon does not sell smartphones without data, in fact all carriers after sept 16 will require data plan on all new smartphone purchases

Anyone else notice in the "About" section it says its a 3G, CDMA device - yet it is using a Rogers SIM card...? Am I nuts?

Should be close to a release date. Yes, it will have wifi and you will still have to have a data plan. All carriers are requiring a data plan for these devices. Might as well get use to it.

I had a difficult time getting through the video because of that awful music with audio sirens blasting throughout it. And the video camera focus was terrible - difficult to read the screen on the Storm 2.

I am excited about the Storm 2. I have the iPhone 3G and the Bold 9000 on two separate lines (family plan for myself). I guess I'll have to add the Storm 2 to my arsenal.

But again, lose the music, correct your focus on the video & use better lighting for crying out loud!

If I take my glasses off, the screen is almost readable. This was a pretty crappy video. I'll stick with my 9530. Thanks.

I couldn't watch the whole thing because it was too blurry and was hurting my eyes, but what I saw looked exactly like my Storm 1 except with WiFi. I got excited about the S2 about a month ago, but now as we are seeing the software development for the S1 get tot he same point, it's getting really hard to justify spending the money just to get WiFi. Yes, the new screen looks cool too, but mine still works perfectly. What I'm getting at is everyone is ooooohing and awwwwwwing over the flick scrolling and elasticity, but the Storm 1 is getting that! With all the accessories and everything I would need to replace, I'm probably looking at $400 to upgrade, just to get the new display, a bit more RAM, and WiFi...not sure it's worth it.

I havent found an instance when I truly wished i had wifi either.
3G or wifi - both use the battery.
Though wifi would be really useful for me when going overseas - once a year. (i had my storm but no data - Orange SIM card).

Though i must say the peizo screen technology looks and sounds promising. its like they went in a totally different direction for storm 2's screen.
But really, compared to the dumbed down phones i used to have with verizon, i love my storm 1.

The fade in/out transitions are nice and fancy - but not 100% necessary for for what I do. As long as the phone can open attachments and i can view them on the large screen (compared to curve), im happy.

My Storm 1 actually runs better than that thing with OS There's really no incentive for me to buy the Storm 2. But I guess in time i will see if its worth it!

A little off topic, but anybody else notice in his history it said "3oz to grams"? I wonder what he was looking that up for :P

Anyways, the OS showing on the phone is, these Storm 2 devices are starting to look pretty nice. Can't wait to get my hands on one. More videos please!

Pre-focus on the device manually then leave it. It will be set for the entire video and you can avoid the constant moving the device around trying to get the camera to cooperate.

.202 hmmm nice to see more progress in short time periods!

I just wish RIM would create a browser that is as powerful as the stock one with the speed of Opera Mini. I don't know all the logistics of the data processing and other tech stuff but it seems like they should be able to figure it out a little bit better than they have up to this point.

Also, I agree that an upgrade from the 9530 is not something that I will be doing because it seems that they are optimizing the OS to run smooth on the 9530 hardware. (see .191)

The only part of this video that was worth the 2:25 I could stomach was that OS is in the wings somewhere. Leak that! not this pathetic video.

until October 14th (Rumor has it)when I can finally get rid of the POS Storm and get the Storm 2.

At first i was like going to smoke a blunt to this song, then it turned all trance and was like, wheres my bag of X at.

Oh wait, were talking about the phone?

It was nice to see the flick in action, but would have been better to show this vid off a week ago. We have all seen the flick in action, an many of us are using it now.

Was't that impressed by the vid, he obviously is pissing people off with these videos why not show some advanced features.

Please please someone show him the advantage of proper lighting!

I really want to see this device in all it's glory, and the video distracted me from concentrating on it since the light was so poor.

Valace2 above has a great point, show some advanced features and my advice focus less on the music.

I guarantee that everyone that says they are sticking with their 9530 is going to go in a Verizon store, type on one of the display units, and want one. When you type on the screen and see that oh i can press the next button in my word without having to completely lift my finger off the button I was pressing just like I used to on my old 8330 or 8830 keyboard, you are gonna want one.

This video doesn't do that great of a job of displaying the phone I will say, but if you are basing whether not you are going to get this phone on this video i guarantee you are going to change your mind.

This phone is just going to be flat out better.

That under his recent searched history it says he did a google search for "Ounces to Grams Conversion"!?!?!?!
He is also listening to some reggae music...Sounds like he traded some weed for that Storm 2...

ill stick with my 9530 plus with the new upgrade coming soon it will be even better than it already is. I think the only two pluses are the flick feature and wifi. The battery still sucks on the storm 2 just as it does on the tour, and as it will always on any future blackberry (This is when RIM needs Apple's Geniuses). Overall, not worth buying the new storm but i guess we will all find out...

What was with the music? Talk about the thing...we don't care about your horrible taste in music. And...cameras have this little thing called focus...learn how to use it. It doesn't really help us to see the coolness of the phone if all we "see" is a bunch of blurry icons.
Thus ends my rant...

cause they can. u want him to go out and buy a professional camera and take video making classes just to post a vid to his youtube account. He can do what the f he wants

Why the hell is it that some pot-smoking dweeb gets to play around with a S2 and can't be bothered to actually make a half-decent video that's in FOCUS?! I'm ignoring this video...

I think the reggae music together with the "Ounces to Grams Conversion" is a little suspect though. I suppose someone traveling may want to have the exact measurement of how many Grams are in an Ounce so they know how many Grams of liquid they can take, but it still seems a little fishy to me...Either way if anyone is trading herb for the new Storm 2 sign me up....

My head is hurting from that music. I hope the phone is better than this video showed. This video showed next to nothing.

I am happy with my storm. The wifi doesn't do much for me. What I really want is more memory. I hate having to limit the apps I can have installed.

Thanks for the video - but really - a tripod wouldn't go a miss - and maybe a camera that isn't from the house of horrors....

If this is an example of an IRL tester, we are toast. This device will never work. No wonder Storm 1 has been a mess..

Didn't see any...(and don't have the patience to sit through it again). Typing is my biggest issue with my Storm, so curious to see if it's any faster/more accurate this time around.

I am shocked by the lack of culture in the Crackberry nation. While this time around i didnt really like the song, im not gonna sit here and bash something that with the click of a button(mute for all those who do not know how to use a computer). To call the music horrible is simply ignorant, just because you did not grow up with it or particularly like it does not make the music bad, either you just do not like it or you need to get out of the small little box which is your life and experience the world and enjoy what it has to offer. Sorry, i feel like if it was country or some kind of rock music it would not really be an issue. That being said, the video was poor yet again but mainly because of the lighting and lack of focus. But, i really did love the flick scrolling, looks like the s2 is coming together well, it already runs better than the s1 did at launch so thats always a good sign. I just hope they surprise us with a bump in hardware specs before launch, 30fps please!

That load time is atrocious. My Storm 1 is faster than that on Verizons 3G network. It took about 50 seconds before any of the main text came on the screen and about another 1:50 to 2 minutes before the rest of the page loaded, and this is the Storm 2 on Wifi? Or am I missing something?

Wasn't their an article on Crackberry just a few weeks ago saying that Wifi on CDMA blackberries is pointless? Explaining that wifi and CDMA Blackberries don't really work together as they should?

I am using an 8900 and Edge blows :( Sorry to admit, but couldn't trade up/down for the bold so everything else rocks! browsing speeds drives me nutz, Lol. But yeah - Edge is aggggesss behind in loading speed.

Give me a phone that has full flash support and I'll be excited. The first phone that'll do that will destroy the competition. Storm 2 looks nice but I'll just ride out my contract and will see what'll be out in 2 years. The new software update coming out for the current Storm looks pretty nice.

I just wish this was what the Storm 1 was. It looks so sturdy and full of promise. I still love my original Storm, but this is like night and day.

did anyone notice between the music and his recent internet search of converting 3 oz to grams....what could this guy be up to? haha. I like his style.

Yet another storm... While WIFI, memory and a new touchscreen are nice, I whink I will wait until blackberry can come out with a new browser. You know how hard it is to use the BES blkackberry browser to display internal websites? If the iphone can ever multitask and comes to verizon it will be bye bye BB.

Please tell me the Storm 2 is going to have multi touch zoom when it hits the market! Don't companies see how nice other phones are with multitouch zoom(Iphone,Pre etc...The Blackberry double tap is just way to clunky and unintuitive. I just don't get it. I gave the Storm 1 a pass cause it was the first one but the new one has no excuse. Multitouch zoom should be a given, no if and's or buts. I can't stand when a big company comes out with a brand new smart phone and leaves the most basic things out, its so frustrating. This is the same reaction I had when I found out the 2009 Nissan Altima doesn't come standard with Traction control....I'm like it's 2009, what car doesn't come with traction control these days. Especially since Nissan is such a big and reputable car company. Same with RIM, they're such an awesome phone company, thats why I get pissed cause I know they can do it, but for some asinine reason they don't.

Hey RIM...Double tap zoom is terrible in every way shape and form. I don't know which one of you're sons lied and told you it was cool cause he didn't want to hurt you're feeling but it's like the difference of driving a car and pushing it like Fred Flinstone. None of us here are Apple worshipers but the Iphone navigation is second to none. I know you've seen the Iphone and the Pre. You can't tell me after you see those phones that you're happy with the Storm's navigation. Now don't release the Storm unless it has multitouch PERIOD!! I love you RIM, I think you're awesome, that's why I'm being hard on you

I see a few people asking why there is a need when you already have Verizons 3G network? Well here is a few. My last phone had WiFi HTC PRO and I also have the iTouch and I can tell you they both are much much faster at loading webpages expecially the non mobile sites. It makes downloads and streaming much eaiser (although I have noticed Verizon has done a good job at blocking sites with streaming NBC,CBS,NFL) With my HTC Pro I also was able to broadcast WiFi meaning I could run my laptop with my carriers internet. Altough Verizon BlackBerrys will now have WiFi I am sure they will cripple the heck out of them,Verizon is the phone crippling gods.