Another app goes headless, this time it's Hub++

Another app goes headless, this time it's Hub++
By DJ Reyes on 23 Dec 2013 02:52 pm EST

We are beginning to see apps fill the headless list. Recently we saw Profile Changer Pro go headless. There have been other apps before that too - FlipShush, Aerize LockPic and as well as a wallpaper changer app. There are probably a few others I've missed but like I said, the list is slowly building. Next in line to go headless is Hub++, the popular LED notification app. Though it does do more than just allow you to change the color of the notification LED.

Apart from being able to change LED notification color, Hub++ lets you preview your messages when they come in via a pop-up, allowing you to glimpse the contents of the message without having to go into the Hub and open up the message. You even have the ability to delete or mark the message as read right from the pop-up. You can check out our review of Hub++ to see it in action. It's a pretty slick app and now that it as gone headless you no longer have to worry about opening it up and keeping it in an Active Frame. It's a popular app that many were hoping would go headless. I'm definitely glad to see that it finally has.

Hub++ is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones on all carriers and costs $2.99. If you already have the app, update are free.

More information / Download Hub++ for BlackBerry 10

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Another app goes headless, this time it's Hub++


I see this type of comment occasionally, and I never really understand it.

You expect developers to work on an app, develop a great one, continue to refine it and update it, and then you want to have it ... for free? Is $2.99 going to kill you?

I agree.. not a lot of support for this one from blackberry, and I think this is the first time it's been mentioned on cb too. It's definitely the best notification app

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This is not the first time it's been mentioned. And you won't find a more responsive dev. The competition doesn't bother emailing back and tbh their app just doesn't compare to hub++

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Common Be Buzz update your app in BlackBerry World for headless.

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I bought both. BeBuzz first, then a couple months later Hub++. I used Hub++ for a couple of months then switched back to BeBuzz. A couple of reasons:

- I find BeBuzz to be overall more polished and nice to use. Hub++ feels almost a bit hacky at times. Obviously this isn't a major reason why, but it's still something.

-BeBuzz is more reliable for me. Hub++ works most of the time, though occasionally it doesn't. It's just a little glitchy at times, and for an app that I shouldn't have to pay attention to at all and should stay in the background until I need it that's kind of annoying.

However, there's one thing I like more about Hub++ than BeBuzz. It's that you have more control over the LED in terms of colour combinations and timing in between etc etc. That's a big one but in the end I decided reliability was more important to me than extreme customization.

One last thing, if by chance any of the devs see this:
Please please please can we get the pulsing LED back? Like it fades in and fades out. It looks so much classier/futuristic than a flashing LED.

I thought I remembered reading on here how blackberry's implementation of headless apps was terrible.

There doesn't seem to be a problem now so what happened?

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Not is just inconvenient. You need to apply for long-running headless premission and then BlackBerry send you headless keys.

I actually prefer that it is this means that fewer apps can just hijack your phone.

Agreed. That was part of what sunk BBOS; too much stuff that could run in the background could drag the phone down to a halt.

This is a great one to see go headless... and I'd already paid for it anyway :-D

Now I just have to get 10.2.1 lol.

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Hsa anyone downloaded and used it on their q10? Im getting mized review for this.

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The old preview dialogue would not work on headless. Please note, you have the instant preview with OS 10.2.x.

Lol, I actually just noticed that the pop ups were gone

No big deal really since the os has toast anyway

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-- My hunch is: either this one or BeBuzz Pro will be the next FREE app for one of the remaining two days of "25 Xmas Gifts" :-)

This or BeBuzz was the app I was waiting for.

This coupled with onLocation make the perfect headless profile/notifications team!

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Actually there's an error in this article. The dev removed the pop-ups in this version. I asked him why, he said that 10.2.1 already has pop-ups built in

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I upgraded a couple of hours ago on my Q10 but now my notifications are gone? Does anyone else have encountered this problem?

Jagdriver, mobile from BlackBerry Q10

This is THE app for all notifications needs. Bebuzz lost me back on OS7 charging for useless updates and failing to recognize my purchase when I upgraded my phone despite me emailing the proof of purchase. HUB++ FTW!!!!!! And now headless? Just keep getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just downloaded FlipShush. When open it works brilliantly, but once I close the app it doesn't work anymore. The only permission is "connect to bbm". I am on a Z10 STL100-1 with official 10.2 software. Am I missing something?

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Great update...I depend on this app to keep order to the many emails I have every day. Now with it being headless things are much better. I still have a problem though trying to backup the configuration from the app on 10.2.1 as it says guess it has to do with the fact I am a balance user and I run it on the work sounds like permission issues on that partition. The only way to backup and restore settings is with link for the way I use it.

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one of our corporate users had similar issue with backup, but then managed to make it work. You could check with your BES admin as it has something to do with the permission.

This is what we got from one of our corporate users:
"To get the MP3 working we looked at the Work space’s security and privacy, application permissions to verify that Hub++ had the appropriate shared files permission and, surprise, Hub++ does not show in the list of applications. Which is strange because it showed all other applications, including the personal space ones. We then continued testing and found that loading the Hub++ also in the personal space showed the application in the applications permissions list and allowed us to change the setting to allow shared files. Once we did that and I changed the shared files setting it now worked as required with work email paging, i.e. it played the MP3."

Great news! I just updated on my z10 and it's running great so far. I'd say "it's about time" but I understand it wasn't the developers fault. But great news still!
I've used this app since it came out.

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Can someone confirm please. To get the 'headless' productivity, must I be on OS 10.2?

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Headless working for me, after a restart.

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As more and more apps become headless, I think there should be a special section in BB World (or section in another app) that identifies headless apps. Right now the only way I know about them is when I see them come across Crackberry. This sounds like a possible N4BB app development.

I second that! (+1)

Just like there is a subcategory for BBM Channels, there should be one for Headless Apps.

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I had issues with notification volume control when I did the update. The down button worked no problem. The up button would take a second to actually register. Also media volume did not work. Uninstaled the app and it fixed the issue.

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Finally headless! BUT if your BB10 phone is on BES10 this app can't do the notifications for your Work account.

As you are supposed to turn the native notifications off when you use this app you then wouldn't see any notifications for your Work account, only personal accounts, texts, calls, bbm.

There is always a BUT with BlackBerry.

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Would someone from CB please follow up with the update for the real racing 3 please... why the beep* is it taking so long?? :D

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BlackBerry really needs to integrate custom LED to keep in line with BB7. This should have been done at BB10 launch, and adds to the reasons why people are nay-sayers to BB10.

Contact based BBM is not possible as there is no API. We will implement that for sure if/when available/possible.

Same here since yesterday... first I did a reboot, with no result. Afterwards I uninstalled, reinstalled and rebooted... still dead at this moment :-( Doesn't look good.

I personally like active frames... no questions what is or isn't running... I have bee buzz already... if not I may of given this. one a try... only dislike about bee buzz is that I cant find away too customize my bbm contacts

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Anybody benchmarked battery usage for this app? I have bebuzz pro and it proved to suck battery life 2x than normal. Also the LED functionality seemed to be a hit/miss.

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Worked only for a few hours after updating. Now I get no alerts. Anyone else have the same issue? Z10. 10.2...429

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Not working @ all on my Z10, STL 100-3 running

Was really looking to see the pop up notifications too.

Bah humbug.

Partially working on mine running
Calls providing alerts headless, the other accounts (BBM, whatsapp, email etc) not.
Have deleted and reinstalled
Love the headless aspect, just needs some of the bugs ironed out.

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Headless means when you close the app it will continue to run in the background but you won't see it. Apps like Hub++ need to continuously run to work. Before it went headless, you would have to keep it open all the time which was not acceptable to many people. Now you can have it running in the background without it being seen.

Is there a way to stop the LED from flashing if I get a preview but don't want to go into the text or email at that moment so I just click on the "x"? Preview goes away but LED flashing remains. Can be annoying and finally I have to go into the text/email to stop it. I'm thinking when you click the "x" the LED should stop as well.

Can this be implemented in your next update?

Please forgive my double post. The one above was done on my computer and when I went into my mobile CB10 app I couldn't find it so posted the question in the Official Hub++ thread. Moderator, if you can please remove both these posts.