Announcing the winner of the 'Share your ColorWare and Win' contest

By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2013 03:01 pm EST

We have loads of awesome entries in our Share Your ColorWare and Win contest but the time has come to declare a winner. There were so many great designs that it was hard to narrow them down to just one, but after a few hours of looking at all kinds of crazy and colorful designs, we managed to pick one that stuck out as our favorite.

Now keep in mind that what we like may not strike your fancy, but for us this is the one we loved most overall. Not too plain, not too crazy, but definitely rocking some style.

The grand prize winner is:


Here is the winning Z10 design:

Congrats to angelsmith76! We'll be reaching out with more details on how to get your Z10. 

Thanks to everyone that entered. There really were some amazingly awesome designs and we would totally give away more if we could, but we'll just have to save that for another contest :-)

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Announcing the winner of the 'Share your ColorWare and Win' contest


Indeed. Between my daughters and I we designed 6 of them. No Joy! Oh well, guess I will do it the old fashioned way and buy my own phone. Congrats to the winner, for breaking my girls hearts.....just kidding. congrats.

"Blackberry is the iPhone of smartphones"

Pink can't possibly be the new Blue, I'm still pretty blue.. bummed :(

Congratulations to the Winner and Thanks CB for cool op!

Now I know where to get my device custom colored.

Posted via CB10

omg!! i feel so sad!!! i really wanted a Z10, a did a superman theme for my colorwave Z10, i bet they not even saw it. i so mad

i actually had that color.. especially for support for cancer month. but I switched to the really liked.

I'm less upset that I didn't win and moreso that the coffee Z10 didn't. I kinda want to send mine off for the brown/light brown treatment, it looked so nice.

Black & White is the True BlackBerry color. Congrats to angel tho. Also, I'm hoping colorware brings the price down a little, so I can actually buy a Black&White Q10.

Congrats to the winner, but seriously? I saw a lot of great designs and this one is kind of ridiculous to be the "top one". Give me a break (with all due respect).

Yeah I would have to agree, there were better designs than the typical all pink one. Oh well, as long as she enjoys her pink Z10 and gets Blackberry some free publicity, I'm happy.

It just comes across as a lazy decision. It was also probably money motivated as the Z10 is significantly cheaper than the Q10 (the Q10 entries were probably never even considered, even though they had a lot more creative options). I was hoping to see something really cool as the winner (and there were PLENTY of great ones). But instead we get a "lazy" solid pink Z10...

It had to have been done at random. There's no way they would allow a biased decision, and on top of that - there are easily way more interesting designs. But I guess that's a tad bias too.

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Read the article again. They spent "hours" making the decision. There was nothing random about it. And in the original contest article, they said they'd "pick the best one". So it indeed is a ridiculous, "biased" decision as you said.

Lose / lose for us on this one. We knew off the bat that people wouldn't necessarily agree with the choice we made, but again, this is the one that stood out to us for various reasons so that's what we chose. And yes, we did collectively look through all of the entries. 

Kinda sucks we put a lot of time and effort into having contests like these, to give people the chance to win AWESOME prizes, and then we just get a ton of complaints and sore losers. Ah well.

I never once complained about losing. My point has clearly been that there were MANY outstanding, truly creative entries, but you chose a cheap, solid pink Z10. I think it speaks for itself...

I didn't enter therefore I have no beef with who won and why, but you can't honestly say that you don't see everybody's point.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

I appreciate the reply, but please don't insult our intelligence. This was probably just the cheapest for you guys to acquire. Did They have a Breast Cancer one laying around that was cheap? You just had to find an entry that matched. I saw some outstanding, creative entries. But the "best one" was just a solid pink, cheaper Z10...

A) When have we ever been cheap?
B) The device is on ColorWare, not us. So it doesn't matter which it is on our end.

Sorry Adam, I appreciate the contest and congrats to the winner. But a solid pink Z10 was nowhere near the "best" and "most creative". Come on, dude...

Well as I said, can't please everyone. This is the one we all liked bet from the lot of them. We knew well no matter what we picked there would be many unhappy campers but so it goes I guess.

Again, I'm NOT complaining that I lost. But there were awesome color combos, ones that looked like flags, CrackBerry tributes, etc. Very creative stuff. And you just pick a solid color Z10? And a pink one?

You're embarrassing yourself. You've gone from calling them cheapskates to just saying they picked the lamest one.

Do you know why the Apple brand is iconic? Simplicity. The Nike swoosh, the Adidas logo, even the stylized little buttons that make up the BlackBerry logo. Complex doesn't mean better.

If you like a different design so much, buy it. Don't complain on someone else's behalf that the didn't get a phone.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

I have to agree with camera531 and others. I didn't enter this contest so I don't even have a dog in this fight but an all pink phone is pretty much the height of un-creativity. The only way a solid colour might begin to be creative is if it was a wild colour like sea-green or something.

Sooo agree with you. Congrats to the winner, it's pretty but sorry the design is not creative. I'm not expecting to see my design gets picked as this is not a random contest, but am expecting to see what kind of design that could awe me. It's totally CB's right to pick who's to win, but.... come on, just because we're disappointed by the winning design and we're sore losers? wth

Congratulations to the winner! I hope to enjoy your phone.

To the judges, this could have been accomplished with a $5 snap on shell case rather than using an expensive custom painting process.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Congratulations to the winner!

Too bad the contest didn't allow one Z10 winner and one Q10 winner. =/

Figures. You guy had to pick a pink one. :)

Congrats to the winner.

If only Colorware would sell just the pieces. :(

I'm happy for the winner for winning the new phone...I kinda feel sorry for the winner for having to rock that thing out in public.

I truly hope you are prepared to answer many many many cancer awareness questions. If this is why you chose these colors then more power to you. If not, meh :/

Congrats to the winner...but really this was the best? My black and gold Q10 blows this out of the water and oink is one of my favorite colors...

Posted via CB10

I hope I get this lucky once to winn a kickass phone with a (little) touch of myself :)

The phone doesn't look too bad in magenta but I still think the CB orange in the original article was nicer and especially the purple and black Q10. That phone was gorgeous. Congrats to the winner though!

Posted via CB10

That's a female phone. From the looks of this a Male winner should be added just to make it even.

Posted via CB10

WOW A PINK HOW ORIGINAL I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE like Wtf really? Congrats to the winner anyways

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I hope this was just a random selection and not picked for the best design because it wasn't even close to being that. Oh well congrats to the winner.

CB10 - Z10 -

HEY JUDGES, you weren't giving away a pair of movie tickets here. You were giving away a potential $900 prize and the only explanation you gave a lot of disappointed people was " we liked it". How about some rational critique on the style or what the designer said about why it was created that way. And a 2nd and 3rd runner up might have been a good idea.

An expensive paint job was wasted on something a case on ebay could have accomplished. Obviously this was rushed through and not very well executed. Please do a much better job next time.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

+1 I think it would have been a bit better if the people were allowed to vote and choose the winner based on the best looking design.

Not fair, that doesn't work either. Can't link properly in the CB app, apparently -__-...

Posted via Z10 on CB 10...

I'm disappointed. Not that I didn't win but because there were so many different designs that were more creative. I assumed it would be a q10 because it has way more options. I saw so many good and well justified designs, even though I personally hated them or wouldn't use them. Like the superman or bruins q10. Personally I did a coffee and cream q10 because I love brown leather and a trendy sophisticated look aside from black.

The z10 really offers nothing for customization and two pink colours look like a child's polly pocket phone... it really doesn't say blackberry at all. Nor does it have any style. It's Paris hilton tacky.

I'd like to hear the justification as to how this was "the best"

Aw well. Next time I guess.

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I agree. There were plenty I looked at and though looked really good, which I expected to win, but I guess not.

Posted via CB10

Plus the 2 colour scheme on the z10 means probably a ton of people made the same one.

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Oh man!! I was being Michael Angelo when I colored my custom Q10 and you chose PINK????? That's just sad!!! :((((

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Congrats to winner..

But I have seen a dozen better designs.. there were a few designs that actually made me think of withdrawing my own submition, that's how good they were.

Seriously, I can't see anything standing out in the design here..

Posted via CB10

I almost did the same thing withdraw because I saw so many good designs, but Pepto- Bismol was not one of them.

pink.. Jezus Christ what's wrong with you guys! So silly, there were zo many other, in my opinion better, designs than just this pink colored Z10..
Anyway congratz to the winner...

Honestly, wouldn't ever pay to get a device that's
a 2 tone colored pink. ( And i dont mind pink) But congrats! this is by far one of the coolest contests, keep it up !

Congrats to Angel. Tastes are different no matter what. Maybe this pink one looked like one the editors wished that BlackBerry carried.

Posted via CB10

Congrats to the winner! Really thought there'd be 2 winners, one Q10 and the other Z10. Will the next contest have a voting option so CrackBerry fans can vote on the top ones that get considered for winning?

Like Aerosmith once said, or sang,
Pink, it was love at first sight, yeah
Pink, when I turn out the light
Yeah pink, it's like red but not quite
And I think everything is going to be alright
No matter what we do tonight

Congrats to angelsmith76! That Z10 will most certainly draw a lot of attention. Kinda has a pleasant light wine color. Looks sharp and fun.

The Z10 looks awesome with any color(s) schema.

When angelsmith76 let's others play with it, they'll absolutely be impressed and think about it and likely want one too.

Thanks to the crew for having this content! It seems to have created more stir than ever imagined.

Posted via CB10

Congrats to the winner but it'd be nice if Crackberry pick one more additional winner for Q10. Z10 has a very do or die design, you can basically only pick two colors... so, it's either a blue phone or red phone. Q10, you need to pick four colors, which takes some more dedication than Z10. I think Crackberry members would love to see the best design for Q10 and I think they will appreciate that.

Wouldn't have been my choice but for some reason it stood out to the crackberry team... and I guess that's all that counts. looking forward to the next contest so I can win one (again)

Posted via CB10

They are all in the comments of the original contest post or on Twitter. You can find the tweets by searching the hashtag #CBcolorware.

Must have been motivated by cancer awareness, and not actually chosen for design. There were some amazing color combos submitted.

But congrats to the winner :)

Posted via CB10

Oh well, it's Pink not the singer...lols. congrats to the winner and CB more contests please! :)

Posted via CB10

This was one of the coolest CrackBerry contests. Not a "comment below" one, hut something really cool and creative. Well done :)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

They obviously chose a random winner given all of the same colour scheme entries (as the rules stated) so it was angelsmith76's lucky day. Congrats to you!!

I appreciate the contest opportunities (as I'm sure many do) so thanks and please keep them coming!

Posted via CB10

Anyone know highly reflective covers? Like those emergency workers wear, seeing your BlackBerry in the dark is awesome!

Posted via CB10

Before anyone accuses me of being a sore loser.... I didn't compete, so I'm totally unbiased!
But I kinda have to agree with a lot of people here: just pink? Seems rather easy (/cheap)... I bet there were a ton of nicer entries submitted.
But ah well... de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum, they say.
I hope the winner is happy with it! (and of course thanks CrackBerry for organising these kind of contests)

Congratulations angelsmith, pretty colour my woman agrees. Enjoy your prize.

"What's in a colour, a rose by any other colour would smell as sweet"

BlackBerry til there is no BlackBerry.

I thought I had a chance since the cover picture matches my choice of all yellow. Based in most of the comments I shouldn't have stood a chance with such a simple colour selections.

Congrats to the winner. Can't say I'm a fan of pink but I do like the two tone difference between the front and back. Wasn't a ton of options for the Z10 compared to the Q10 so that slight difference makes it stand out.

Posted via CB10

Congratulations to the winner. I'm thinking about saving money for the full Q10 housing I designed...

Congratulations to angelsmith76.

BlackBerry take note: this pink design would be a real competitor in the preteen female market.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Aw :/ I'm disappointed... but what can you do.. Congratz to the winner. Don't drop it :P

Posted via CB10

This freaking stupid sometimes, been trying to win something at crackberry for three years and no luck. Lame.

Posted via CB10

This is truly disappointing. Out of all the cool colors a simple pink was chosen as the winner. No good.

Posted via CB10