Announcing the winner of our BlackBerry Passport or BlackBerry Classic IOU contest!

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2014 01:02 pm EDT

It's a wrap. With over 11,000 comments on our 'Win a BlackBerry Classic or Passport' contest, we've finally chosen the winner of an IOU for either device upon release and the lucky winner this time around is.....


Congrats Ryan and a big shout out to all who entered. Ryan, at the moment has his eyes set on the BlackBerry Classic because it's a nice size but he could always change his mind as well.

Remember, you might not have won this time around but this is CrackBerry and we're going to be giving away even more devices in the near future so you'll have even more chances to enter. 

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Announcing the winner of our BlackBerry Passport or BlackBerry Classic IOU contest!



Congratulations to the winner! I didn't know it was for a choice of two devices. I want Z30 #1, Classic #2, and Passport #3 in that order. So I will watch for the next contest ; )

Congrats man. :-) Which will you pick?

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Oh oops, I didn't know they contacted him already. When I won something here I learned it through seeing the winner article, lol.

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Congrats. Does anyone has the same change to win? Or do us people have a higher one?


Hi, i belive its could be very cool if you make a live video of the entirely ramdon pick of the winner..

Hope i win next contest!!

Congrats Winner, and pick the passport better specks.

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Someone tell me is that contest only for people in Canada or is it everywhere, UK?

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If all those winners are from Canada, there is a great possibility that the contest is only for Canadian.

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Is it just me or does anyone else ever notice that people who have been on Crackberry for years never seem to win these contests?

I bet this ryanrobjnson is like a kid cousin of Kevin "Call Me Cage" Michalik's or something.

Anyone else feelin me?

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You didn't win so you assume it's rigged? Even if it is rigged who cares, your no worse off (I don't think it's rigged).

However slamming Kevin for Cage Michaels is a fair thing to do.

Cage was Kevins first attempt to separate his image a little from 'crackberrykevin'.

He finally just dumped BlackBerry and went all in with other platforms when BlackBerry went on sale and most of his contacts in BlackBerry got fired or left.

RIP Crackberrykevin. You were awesome while you were here.

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First...."spot on"....Cage is more interested in climbing fences in his lululemons, these days, than BlackBerry.

"Long Live the Late Crackberry Kevin"... heck of a chap was he...

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Normally, I wouldn't even address that Freddy but umm, Ryan has been a member since 2009 and is always active in the forums. Your post looks pretty daft.

Yep, been on Crackberry about 5.5 years (assuming I joined right around when I got my first BlackBerry - I know I was reading a month or so in preparation for that), 4 different phones with this being the fifth, a couple of different PlayBooks, some (really bad) apps developed, several friends and family members recruited to team BlackBerry... Active in the forums not as much in the past year or two, admittedly, but lots before that and still reading every article and commenting on many of them.

Now that I see your photo I do remember some posts in the forum, congratulations.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

Well done Ryan. Enjoy your new device and give us an article on your experiences with your new device.

Look forward to a new device soon from CrackBerry.

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Congrats, Dude.

Change your preference to a passport and tell us how good it is, will you? Pretty please?

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Blaize....thanks for clearing that are really growing into a fine Editor in Chief.

In that case.... " Congratulations, ryanlrobinson"!!!!

Great to see a fellow long timer/multiple devicer winning the prize.

Enjoy and I too will be getting a Classic to go along with my Best Rated/Most Recommended phone on know which one and if you don't - you, probably, don't qualify for the Club...

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Um, I've won one of these bigger giveaways and I've been here for some time... I wouldn't say for a long time since I've seen some people who have been around much longer but I'm definitely a "regular."

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Good for you, Ryan. I'm a little bit jealous, and a little surprised that you DIDN'T choose the Passport.

Still, I know you'll enjoy your device when you get it. :)

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

So surprising that he has a different preference than you. I know, I was trying to understand it all myself. I'm going to have to consult some experts...

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I never said I had a preference for the Passport, but, hey-ho, making arbitrary assumptions is fun.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Wait that's the reason u gave him the win because it's a nice size I gave a better reason than that kmt


So, considering more than one person would have stated that reason, they should have awarded the IOU to about 754 people right??

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Which also means that we don't need to justify logically and better than others to win the prize. Just say "you want it because it's free" is another equally entry.

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:) lucky for him and sad for me :( I guess I'm going to have to just suck it up and get my $ together and get me the Z30 that's the one I keep day dreaming about anyway lol I wanted the Passport but then thought it might be too wide and then thought about the classic but then came to my senses get the Z30 and keep the Q10 for when I want the keyboard feel :)

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Dude Ryan you are so lucky. Although big mistake I would have chosen the Passport it's so awesome and unique.

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I guess I take that back it's not a "Big mistake" love the classic too, just need me some passport :)

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As I commented below, the Classic seems more useful for my lifestyle but the more I hear about the Passport, the more tempting it becomes. If it turns out Classic has most/all of the features of the Passport so that the uniqueness is mostly just the form factor, I'll definitely go Classic. If Passport will have some other major selling points, it will get trickier to decide and I may surrender my usual priority of a nice portable and one-handed size.

I'm waiting to hear the specs on the classic. If it's not good I'll wait for the next real flagship qwerty device with a standard BB keyboard. But if the specs are at least alright, I definitely would pick the Classic over the Passport as well...

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Oh geez man, I'm so sorry for writing about how I would want a Classic if the specs are alright. I didn't realize just how offensive that was...

*scratches head*

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I would have made the "big mistake" of choosing the Classic too. I'm not so eager to be different for the sake of being different. I don't see a logical reason to remove the printed symbols and to shift half a row of keys over from the standard layout just to save 4mm's, and have been waiting to get the physical call and end keys back for a long time now. I guess I care more about being productive with my phone than being able to go "hey look, this is so unique and different! I'm so cool!" I'm sick of having to stare at my phone like a dummy to hang up a phone call...

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What're you saying, man?! Not wanting to be a part of the herdgemony collective?

Congrats, Ryan! Wish it was me, but best wishes to you and whichever device you ultimately choose. Well put as to how which device that will be. Seems I'm also of the "get it for what I need and doing it better vs being the cool kid" club.

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At first I was like ooh was it me, cause I'm a Ryan....then I realised it wasn't and was like a lot you guys saying noooo. But I'm over that now, about 90 seconds later. Now I'm just like -
hey!!! Congrats!!!

I even had my "thank you crackberry" speech ready :(

Congrats man ! Damn you are lucky

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When I saw the name Ryan L., I thought it was me. Alas, it is not I. Congratulations, Ryan. And thanks CrackBerry, for hosting these wonderful contests. Much Love.

I like this picture of Chen. He was like, "look what I have!"

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

He has changed his mailing address to mine to make sure he gets it so when ready send away, lol


For an international contest these winners seems to be always in the U.S and or Canada. Anyways congrats to him.

Who said it was a international contest? If it was and I won, I wouldn't mind paying the shipping costs, well who wouldn't.

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Whoooo! I'm still leaning Classic is probably better for my lifestyle but as details of the Passport keep leaking out it becomes more and more tempting anyway. I feel like I'm going to have to get my hands on a Passport before I can decide for sure but I'll definitely keep monitoring Crackberry to learn as much as I can about each of them.

You may be better off getting the passport then selling to then pick up the classic. Passport will be a collectors item perhaps :-).

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I've considered that option, too. It probably won't be a rare collector's item, but it probably will cost a bit more plus it comes out earlier. I could try it out for that month or two and if I don't like it, sell and pick up a Classic (or a Z10 successor if one is coming). Other than the time to find a buyer - which shouldn't be too problematic living in Kitchener-Waterloo - not really anything lost with that strategy.

Congrats Ryan, hey Crackberry if Ryan wants the classic I'll have the passport that's sitting spare lol

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I'm so jealous! Oh well, congratulations to Ryan and thanks to CrackBerry for the opportunity to win what seems to be some great devices.

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Congrats, Ryan.

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

Congratulations! :D

PS: When he decided I will help you guys not to bother with the other device! :P

My friends sometimes call me ryanlrobinson so I'll take the Passport, please.

PM me for my mailing address. Thanks! :)

Can we know where the winner come from? It would be easier to predict and assume if Crackberry double standard of not. From what I know Crackberry fan are not just from certain places but from all over the world.

This will sort some issues.

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They are nice enough to give away some incredible and expensive phones and there are always people who if they don't win feel it's unfair. Selfish.

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Let's put this in a simple business scenario. Announcing to everyone that a free handset will be given by just simply joining the contest is one thing. It would surely generate "hits". Now picking-up winner which within an area that there will be no additional international shipping costs is another thing that business 101 is always recommending.

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Congratulations. Jealous. The real question is will it come preloaded with the TARDIS Team app and Doctor Who soundboard? Dalek is also a fun little useless app I found, and Who's What has a nice episode listing.

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So damn jealous. Ryan, I can imagine your excitement, enjoy it :D

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Well I had more chance winning the egg and spoon race at my daughter sports day.......well done Ryan.

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Congrats to the winner!!! :)

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My wife says she will be going back to her - old Nokia b/c she doesn't need smart ph features!!

I was hoping Classic would turn her around.

Oh the humanity!

PS - congrats @ Ryan


Hey...right on...congrats dude...go for the Passport...woo-hoo woot woot

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Awesome Ryan, I'd requested Classic too! Be sure to write review when you get it!

Posted via Z10, UK based (Good luck Bla1ze as EiC!)

Wow! I really want that classic!

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Congratulations! I'm going to win a BlackBerry Classic next time! Lmao. With great power comes great responsibility my friend ;op

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