Announcing the winner of our BBM4ALL Video Contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2013 10:55 am EST

The results of our BBM4ALL Video Contest are in! After watching all of the awesome BBM4ALL video submissions we have picked a grand prize winner!

The passion of the CrackBerry and Mobile Nations communities never ceases to amaze me. There were some very creative entries from the Android Central, CrackBerry and iMore communities showing off plenty of BBM love. We saw a wide range of ideas in the videos and it definitely made for a tough time in picking a winner. We narrowed the field down to our top picks and ultimately chose the one that we think was best. The winning video shows off a great idea, high production and could totally stand up as an actual TV ad for BBM. 

So with that, the grand prize winner is ... 

Ryan Lee

Here is Ryan's video:

We just love this video. It strays a bit from the norm and takes on a the idea of the importance of pins -- something that any BBM user will understand. The ad is extremely well done and really shows the passion for BBM while getting the cross-platform message across. 

So we applaud you Ryan for your outstanding effort! We'll be reaching out with details on how to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone else that entered! We know it takes a lot when it comes to video contests but we do appreciate all your hard work.

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Reader comments

Announcing the winner of our BBM4ALL Video Contest!


Well done Video! Maybe the fans should do the commercials from now on and award them for the hard work instead of paying studios to do a terrible job!

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Wow, how professional this looks. Amazing, good job! Well deserved winner.

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Nice advert!! Would be great so see some of the 'favorites' and not let them get lost forever! Never know one of the ones that didn't win could end up going viral. you just never know!

Totally agree. Also agree on holding more fan contests to build up the brand. The more participation the better

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Nicely done. Too bad I am so useless at making videos. I have no idea how this was put together. Pinning the map, displaying the devices are really good animations. Would love to be able to do something even half as good as this.

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Good video, I actually love the use of everyday "pins" (clothes pins, safety pins etc.) to represent BBM Pins :)

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Fantastic Ryan' very well done. Good idea to show bbm with pin, really Appreciated your efforts

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Congratulations, could you please post some of the other entries? Would love to see them too :)

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

WOW!!! Incredible video, and worthy of a TV ad forsure. Has BlackBerry seen this?

Kevin, are we going to get to see some of the runners up or other videos maybe?

Agreed. I would like to see the runner-ups and also any honorable mentions. Post 'em up. Let us be the unofficial judges and let us criticize the judges. I'll go after the Russian judge. :) Actually, maybe not. They are usually the powerful ones.

Nicely done really like the BBM icons on the map.
I'd love to see the others, maybe a thread could be made with links to the other entries videos.

BlackBerry should take this commercial and start airing it on TV. It is hard to believe that was a fan made commercial.

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Congratulations ryan lee.
Keep making more BlackBerry videos.

And thanjs for the great creation.

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Great video but you should have narrowed it down to 4 and let the readers vote for the winner.

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I agree to let the members choose from a list of maybe the top three or four.. This ad was great, who knows what the others were like? Again it wasn't a pair of movie tickets being given away here, I'd like to see much more transparency in these contests when there is a substantial prize.

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Nice job! Well deserved. Wish I was better at editing video. I would have participated as well

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I thought the same thing about a CB community vote. I have entered at least 10 or more contests on here throughout the year and haven't won a single one, but a glimpse at the elimination process would be nice. This allows people who invested time in creating a submission some explanation. Otherwise it feels rigged.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Very professional, not what I was expecting to see. It really doesn't show any of the app play, but I guess it to entice user to look into it themselves. This is how most commercials are made today though, they don't really show off the product much. Reminds me of many ps4/xbox1 commercials. Not 1 second of actual gameplay, it's all just a big movie trailer.

Anyway this type of commercial might work for BBM because people can easily download the application and see for themselves. I don't think type of commercial will work for BB10, because in many places I've heard they don't even have any BB10 devices on display at the store for people to try. They need to show off the gameplay/features of BB10 not some fancy movie that shows you nothing.

Isn't this a "BBM4ALL" video? The video was not explicitly intended for BB10 commercial. The guy simply nailed it IMHO.

I love how even this only says get it on app store or Google play hahaha. Anyways great job

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So why would you call him a "prick"? Are you a sore "loser"? I say great job and we should all pass it on to our other BBM users to spread it on.

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Blackberry should just send him any phone of his choice for this ad. Send Ryan a new P'9982! Lol

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Really nice video. Ryan Lee should be hired as BBM Marketing Vice! Can't wait to see what he'll come up with next! Any tips?

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It has to be said that this 'advert' is both entertaining and informative. Well deserving of being the winning video.

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Excellent work!!!. Blackberry should use this (may be with some tweaks)
Would Like to hear from Ryan.
Kevin, why don't you interview him and post that to all of us?
Just a few questions like, how much time he spent, how did he produced the video (just a brief answer), if he did it alone, or as a team? if he is a pro in this field or just a hobby, etc...
thanks for listening :)

This simple ad is better than most of the commercials I've seen for BlackBerry in a long time. Actually I'm not going to use the word simple. This spectacular ad is the best I've seen in a long time for BlackBerry. This ad should get more attention than just YouTube.. Congratulations to you, this is a well deserved victory.

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Great video! If I were posting to Channels right now, I'd totally give it a thumbs up!

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This video was absolutely fantastic, wow. CrackBerry I truly believe that at least the top 5 or even 10 submissions should be shown as well.

I'm sure they put a lot of work in them and they'd probably like to see them aired. Also, why can't we fans vote?

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This was so good that I initially thought it was one of those YouTube commercials that come on before your video. Then it dawned on me, oh snap this is the actual video. Nicely done! Congratulations.

BlackBerry...give this person a job in your marketing department.

BlackBerry Z...My weapon of choice.

Wow! I was expecting some crap on a cell phone video cam! This is so professional!

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OK BlackBerry. Hire this person to do your marketing. This is how you give BlackBerry phones a personal touch.

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That was such a great video - I'm impressed! Just to repeat what's already been said: if this is the standard from some of the BlackBerry fans, perhaps they should be enlisted to contract for the marketing team! Excellent work, a well deserved win.

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I really liked the video. but didn't tell about the product it was more reassuring then knowledgeable. Still awesome though

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Ohhh.. so you had to make a commercial for BlackBerry. Gotcha.

Great marketing department they got there, smh.

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Good concept! It attracts attention by the use of the pins - something BB users would know about. Great promo about sharing to your non-BB friends. Thumbs up! :yes:


That video is really well done!
This should be the new commercial for BBM!

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Dude any one help me my Z10 getting frequently switch off.. when the batter is more than 80% please any one help me

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