Announcing the winner of a free BlackBerry 10 phone from our CrackBerry Santa Contest!

CrackBerry Santa winner
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jan 2013 03:54 pm EST

It's finally 2013! With less than a month to go until BlackBerry 10 is officially unveiled, excitement is mounting and citizens of CrackBerry Nation are impatiently waiting for the day when they can run to the store and buy a hot new BB10 phone. The only thing better than buying a new BlackBerry 10 phone? Winning one for free from of course!

Mrs. Claus has picked some winners from the 10,000+ entries in her CrackBerry Santa contest, with one person getting an IOU for a BlackBerry 10 device. 3 runners-up will be receiving a cool CrackBerry prize pack.

Without further ado, the winners are...

Grand prize - BB10 phone IOU winner


Runner-up - CrackBerry prize pack winners


Congratulations! We'll be following up via email in the near future to get your info. And remember... another CrackBerry contest is never too far away. Stay tuned. Your next chance to win a BlackBerry 10 phone is coming up shortly and is going to be EPIC.

Reader comments

Announcing the winner of a free BlackBerry 10 phone from our CrackBerry Santa Contest!


Didn't someone just win with the BIG Mobile Nations giveaway as well? So this would be the third BB10 winner? I could be wrong

I no win again :(

Congrats to the winners!!! I am going to get my hands on a BB 10 the first day and make u jealous till yours arrive from Crackberry :p

Happy New Year to all CrackBerry addicts. Especial congratulations to Kaye Coleman and all the winners. Well done.

Wow. I thought I would never win with 10,000+ entries. This is the definitely the craziest way to start off the year! Though I didn't win the BB10, I'm still happy nevertheless! First time I won something from CrackBerry!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Since I didn't win I guess my bribe of posting a pic of me dressed as Santa wasn't a factor lollllllllll anywayz congrats to the winners!!!!

Congrats, but I personally feel that the winner of the IOU should have been an active member in the community... not just someone who has 1 post in 5 years! But hey...

I was seriously hoping to win because I doubt I would be able to afford it at launch and my contract expires 18 feb and South African network providers aren't cheap:(... So just some bad luck for me I guess. But still gonna rock OS7 like there's no tomorrow:) and hopefully Crackberry or someplace else would provide more opportunities to win a BB10 device. I've been following this trend since the days of the Colt and BBX so to say I'm excited is an understatement! Anyways have fun with your BB10 powered device!!

As usual you lucky bastards!!! Congrats to the winners and thank you CB for making this kind of contest!

Talk about freaking luck. I found one comment from the grand prize winner, who joined CB in November! Guess which topic ...

Sorry, you are correct re. Join date - I looked at the wrong line. Still only one post in her profile (to the contest) so still super freaking luck. Even better that the one post in over 4 years is a contest winner.

Unless my SimpleBrowser+ is showing me wrong info, which I am sure you'll correct.

Nice going ...................lucky.

Draw again Kevin ..... Blaze was eating some of the chads in the ballots.

Wow, now that's the best win anyone can wish for. Congratulations to all the winners. Phew, good thing I started filling the pig last summer.

Congrats to all winners, & thanks to CrackBerry for an awesome contest!
I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

Very disappointed that innovation does not win, but lame replies like "pick me! Pick me!" Does!! And you call THAT a "winner"??? Get serious!!!! And the length of membership?? What does THAT have to do with anything??? I am moving on to Iphone. This is way too crazy!!

Length of membership doesn't have a bearing on contest wins. For contests with random winners, we check to be sure a person isn't a spammer, but other than that it's up to chance. There were over 10,000 entries, it's not like we sit here and read through every single one and choose the 'best'. It's a random drawing. If the content of the entry was going to be taken into consideration, it would have been noted in the original contest post.

The BB10 winner - kayecoleman Post Below :

" Winning a new BB10 device would be great as I am not eligible for an upgrade until June of 2013 : ) "

Posted on 08.12.2012

I can only say that with these winners and future owner of BBs, that'll pave the way for people like me to own used phones like the BB9900 and Torch 9810.

Without what transpired, no way I can afford these gadgets..!

So thanks the lot of yous.!

Congratulations to the winners of these fine prizes. Happy New Year to all! And, thank you Crackberry, for being there for us.