Announcing the winner of CrackBerry Kevin's Waiting For BBM contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2013 02:02 am EDT

Just over a month ago I wrote a post about the potential of BBM once it goes cross platform. At the end of that post, I decided to run a little contest for a free BlackBerry Z30, iPhone 5S/5C or an Android phone of the winner's choosing, and all you had to do to enter was follow me on Twitter (@CrackBerryKevin) and send out a tweet about the contest.

Last week finally saw the insanely successful release of BBM on iPhone and Android, so it's time now to announce who won a new phone in the contest!

The winner of a new phone of their choice is...


Congratulations Rhonda! We'll be in touch soon about your prize! Be sure to watch your DMs.

Thanks to everybody who followed and participated. Be sure to keep following as another contest is just around the corner. 

Keep spreading the BBM word!!

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Announcing the winner of CrackBerry Kevin's Waiting For BBM contest!


BlackBerry will have major layoff on Monday 28th Oct and it will last for 8 weeks, which means layoff will continue every two weeks.

Watch out the news tomorrow.

BlackBerry has informed Waterloo local news, third party HR firm and security department. Waterloo taxi services will gather at BlackBerry waterloo campus on Monday morning. Estimate a few hundred for this week.

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Hey Kevin could you please make an article regarding turning off group notification on ios and Android for BBM Please

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Ever wondered how this "Kevin" guy gets all his money to give away 700$ Cellphones?!?! I'm thinking he must be into the drug business, selling crack. Hmmmm.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

haha.. is it too late to change my username to Rhonda? So I can win this? :p

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Congrats Rhonda! Let everyone know how you like your Z30 when you get it. I can't wait to pick one up myself. Let us know!!!

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Damn I never win anything. My luck is always bad :/
Well congratulations to the winner and I hope you like your phone. If U don't send it over to me :P

I have been purchasing used z10s on ebay, and offering them to my friends as an upgrade from their current iPhone or Android. In most situations they can sell their iPhone/ android for more than what I get the z10s for. Just a thought for some to help spread bb10. Usually the used z10s unlocked and in good condition go between 160-200 usd.

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Didn't look very hard then.

No shit. What an ass that CrackBerry Kevin guy is. He never picks me. I'm gonna go pout now. Well, right after I get done with not giving a crap.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Congrats, and your right. BBM is "going insanely well" my contact list is on fire. And just wait until that people that don't have 10.2 get it. It's like a whole new phone. Woooo

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That's because my username on here is not the same as my twitter name and I entered by tweeting and following Kevin! ;) First time I have ever won anything and yes I'm happier then words can say!! Thanks everyone! :)

Kevin your a Manitoba boy....tell Mts to get their butts in gear as I'm still waiting to get the 10.2!

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