Announcing the winner of the 24ct. Gold BlackBerry Q10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jun 2013 07:20 pm EDT

Thanks to our friends at Goldgenie, one lucky CrackBerry member is now the owner of a 24ct. Gold BlackBerry Q10! Boasting a 24ct gold-plated bezel exterior and a 24ct gold integrated panel beneath the key pad, this Q10 is SIM-unlocked, and comes in a luxury finished box. I've been drooling over this baby for weeks and I know you have too, but of course only one person could be chosen as the winner. Almost 10,000 people entered to win this luxurious device, but ultimately it came down to the luck of the draw.

The winner of the 24ct. gold BlackBerry Q10 is...


Congrats slagman5! We will be in touch soon to get your information. Everyone else, remember, this is CRACKBERRY. We love giving away stuff to our kick ass community. Another contest is just around the corner, so be sure to visit daily and be on the lookout!

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Announcing the winner of the 24ct. Gold BlackBerry Q10!


Excellent I won! Dear Crackberry, I have recently forgotten my slagman5 password and inconveniently also forgotten my personal email address for the password recovery. Please send my new goldberry Q10 to my best friend in the world's crackberry account, buster3535. I will pick it up from him. *fingers crossed oh I hope this works!*

That's not how you spell my user name. I forgive you though and expect an email soon

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Congrats man i hope you enjoy xD. Haha it is one sweet looking Q10. FYI don't forget to get a case or good transparent surface skin for it. Don't want to scratch that bling
.. uh I mean phone ;)

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This has to be amongst the blingiest blingtastic Bling Bling phones since the invention of bling. (this phone has a lot of bling!)

Pity I didn't win. Congrats Slagman!

Congratulations! If you want to sell it Holla at me. But who would want to sell that gorgeous lil thing :'(

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I REALLY WANTED TO WIN THIS!!!! Common CrackBerry, you picked the wrong member to win. Should have been me. Oh. Wait. Yeah....  :/  :)

Does the winner get to pick what regional version to make sure he/she gets the right coverage for his or her carrier?


Congrats! And don't worry everyone, my guess is there is a fair chance you will get a shot to own this bad boy when it goes up on Ebay

Whatever, I hate CrackBerry at least for a day now. Considering the number of hits I give them every month, they better give me something for free SOON.
Anyways, Congrats slagman5. Let me know if you want to exchange the username, my offer still stands.

I just can't stop crying! Why???? Why???? Why am I not a slagman5?
Congrats whoever you are golden slagman5!

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Paying taxes on this bad boy will not be fun. I was annoyed paying for my free 9930 last year, but that was nothing...

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That's OK. I'm saving my luck for the Platinum with Studded Diamond edition that they're giving away next week.

XX - Fingers crossed - XX

WOW, this is really awesome. I bit the bullet and paid (using credit) for one through AT&T, I guess I can buy an unlock code and sell that one... WOW... I can't believe this. Thanks Crackberry!!!

Why sell it? Give it away lol actually keep it. Rock the Gold one for a month and sell that. Can't wait for the Diamond Q10 contest! ;)

Congrats brother.. show that bad boy off!! And tell all android and iphone users to suck it.. crackberry is the sh** for this giveaway

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This is BS again I lose.


I think I will never enter a contest here again ad only one give away should be 10-12 given away on any contest no matter what prize is.

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Right on Slagman5! Nice contest crackberry and the dudes at gold genie. Keep these contests coming guys. Congratulations Slagman5 again. Now you a PIIIIIIIIIIMP :)

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I do believe this guy to be from the Netherlands because slagman means batter. We don't have that many baseball clubs here, so I should be able to find him easily... the gold of that Q will probably shine straight to me and be scotty beamed into my hands to never let it go!

Ow how I wish I could've won! Congrats man, you got nothing to fear from me. Although I might change my mind if I were to ever bump into you...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I don't see any email coming, knowing that I'm not the winner :D

Congratulations Slagman5. Post the picture of your gold Q10 when you get it :D

Congrats to the winner. If you don't like gold color, I am more than happy to swap my black 10 with your gold. It's a limited time offer.

And CB folks, who pick the winners for contest, just to let you know there's a letter T in ABC... as well. Thank you

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Is there a way, we can hack into crackberry and shuffle around the usernames??
I could congratulate myself then..
congrats slagman.. u won a big contest

Well if you were going to win one contest, this was the one to win. I'm still amazed they gave one of these away in a CrackBerry contest. Awesome!

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Where is the winner? If they don't claim the Gold Q10 in a few days will a new winner be drawn? Or will Kevin or Adam claim the prize?

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I didn't see this article until today........... I was still waiting for the results... *facepalm* oh well. congrats to the guy!! Keep it safe and enjoy :)

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