Announcing the Smartphone Round Robin!

By Dieter Bohn on 16 Nov 2008 02:33 pm EST

(Instead of giving you a roundup of last week's news, today I'm excited to give you a glimpse into the news you're going to see at our Smartphone Experts sites over the next two months! -- Dieter)

We are pleased to announce the Smartphone Round Robin!. Each year the editors of the Smartphone Experts family of sites literally trade their phones to see what life is like on the "other side." What you're going to see over the course of the next two months is each of our five SPE Community Editors reviewing smartphones that they're not used to using. Each editor has a checklist of "Must-Dos" that ensure they're getting the full experience with each smartphone. It's quite a ride.

Read on for more on the Smartphone Round Robin and for details on how you can win one of five Smartphone Prize Packs!

More importantly for you, at the end of the Smartphone Round Robin we will be giving away five smartphones -- one from each site! All you need to do to qualify is post a response to any official Round Robin thread in our forums or comment on a Round Robin blog post (with a valid email address). Be sure to check out the Full contest rules for more information. Huge thanks go out to our Round Robin Sponsors: Palm, Celio (makers of the Redfly), Case-Mate, and Smartphone Outlet. Here's what you can win:

So don't just sit back and watch -- participate! You can check out a full list of all of the latest Blog posts and Forum posts on our Smartphone Round Robin Updates Page. There are chances to chat and win right now as our editors have already started asking questions in our forums. Finally, if you're an RSS user, you can track the whole event from our RSS Feed or even get daily email updates.

So head on into our forums and help us out this week and every week through the end of the year -- there's no better way to both spread the word about your favorite Smartphone or to learn more about what those other smartphones are all about. Or heck, we'll kick things off here too, this is an official Round Robin post, comment here for your chance to win a BlackBerry Bold!

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awesome! your round robin last yr is what got me to switch from WM to blackberry! looking forward to this year's version, though I don't think I'm going to be able to give up my BB!

Eric VN

Personally I am turn between the Storm, Bold and iPhone. This will be interesting.


Let the games begin!


I think that this is a great idea to be able to see how the other side lives by trading phones. As long as I have been using Blackberrys, I can't help but wonder how an Iphone or the G1 works.I will definately be keeping up with this.


I'd love a bold! Enter me into the contest!


there is no better way to understand why youcarry the phone you carry than to carry another type of phone and see what you miss and also to see what you are missing i have had black berries for a while but for a little bit i carried a palm centro and i got a taste of this is what i miss and this is what i wish my phone could do so kudos to you guys have fun


I'm interested to see how the G1 and iPhone are from a blackberry users perspective, very cool!


good to see more info i might not check on regularly


This is absolutely brilliant! I cannot wait to see all the new Bold converts :) mauahahha

Goodluck kev!


I loved the first series. This one should be fun!


Throw the Storm at 'em! Unleash the power and true versatility of Crackberries!


It will be great to see how the Bold will stack up against the other smartphones


I'm glad to see the Round Robin is back. It was very informative last year and got me some good info before buying my curve.


I enjoyed the last one of these, hopefully this one's just as good. Hope the BB comes out on top!


This should be very interesting. Thanks for doing it - and thanks to your generous sponsors.


This is great, everyone needs to see why other people live and die by their phone!!

I have pretty much been with all the phones, except the G1, I finally ended up at BB, although each had their perks!!

Rene Ritchie

I'm on the Android G1 right now, don't get the Bold until last (I'll treat it right, Kev, I swears it!) but if I wasn't ineligible, I'd check out some of the slower forums and post myself silly there, easier to stand out without a crowd and all that ;)

iPhone Rene

Kevin Michaluk

Hey Guys, I'm gonna need a lot of moral support here to get through this next month. I shipped my Bold off to Dieter on Wednesday and have been relying on a Treo Pro the last few days. Argg. You'll see this week how I cope, but what I'll say for now is: - Not having BlackBerry Messenger SUCKS! Once your routine and regular network communicates via BBM, losing it is like being cut off from the world. If you want to check out some of the questions and issues I've been running into, you can follow my thread here on TreoCentral's forums.


This is a really cool idea! I have had my eye on the G1 lately and it would be nice to hear the impressions of a hardcore Blackberry user. I love my Curve, but gadget lust is hard to overcome sometimes!


Im new to the blackberry family, so I really wanna know how the new Bold stacks up against the competition.


Awesome!!! I've been waiting for this!!!!


You guys definitely have my respect for trying each others smart phones rather than mindlessly bashing them.


Awww no storm??? It's ok, I guess a bold will do.


It's a great handset and immensely capable. Just get to know it and I'm sure you'll never want to get rid of it. They don't call is CrackBerry for nothing!


I love the Round Robin!
It's really cool to see people switch out smart phones and get their take on the ones they don't use.


Has it really been a year since the last round robin?! I managed to get three co-workers to join the crackberry ranks after showing them all of the amazing things that my 8300 could do and showing them last years round robin. I'm hoping to pick up a Bold sometime in the next couple of months.

Anyway, thanks for doing what you guys do-- without, I don't know what I would do!


i love these round robins. they give a really good look into other mobile options out there. we can see how particular phones stack up to one another!


Had a Palm Treo and Blackjack II running WM...You'll have to pry my Curve from my cold dead hands!!! Can't live without that thing. Also, my technology inept wife has come to feel the same with hers...LONG LIVE BB!! Crackberry Rocks!!


This was an inspired idea. I hope you can do this sort of thing more often than once a year. I am really looking forward to reading the Bold and iPhone 3G insights.

Justin Smith

I never win anything. Please pick me to win that Bold!

Vernon Turner

I realy enjoy your site. I have a bb8700c from att but I realy would like to get my hands on a bold. It would realy upset my wife if I got one and she didn't. we both have the 8700c :} can we use blackberry unite from blackberry or are we out of luck because att dosen't offer it.


I would love a Bold! Please enter me:


Please pick me Kevin for that Bold. I've been trying to win something for over a year now with no luck.

Thanks and keep up the crackin work


I've never seen anything like this before! Good luck Kevin. . . :)


or i hope it is cuz i would give one of my 2 *^%'s to win a BOLD.... just kidding just kidding, but seriouly ....i would...


I'm in! Hope I win the Bold!!!

droby + Bold = lucky winner. Please!!!


This is something I have been looking forward to. I am anxious to get info on the new phones. I just got the Bold, and my wife has been staring at it, which is making me more uncomfortable everyday. You know what they say...If mom's not happy, no one's happy. Another Bold would really help out here...Pick me!!


This is a GREAT idea and I can't wait to see how each phone measures up! I'm going to be in the market for a new phone soon, of course it will most likely be another BlackBerry because I am truly addicted! It sure would be nice to win that Bold :)


Count me in for one of these awesome devices!


I wasn't around for last year's, but I'm definitely interested to see how it goes this year. Should be interesting. :-)


I think it's great for others who don't use these different products every day to get a whole other perspective on a different product. And since I have no chance at a Storm, I would KILL for a Bold (not really, or maybe...? ;D)

M.G. Alford

having used the iphone 3g, tmobile g1 and some of the most current WinMo and Palm devices...I am further convinced that the blackberry platform/devices (OS 4.5 and 4.6) are really superior in the mobile phone/smart phone/pda markets.

BTW...I would love to win the Blackberry Bold!

- Matthew


Not only is this a great way to learn about other smartphone options that are available (not that I'd ever actually switch), but the chance to win a new BB is just icing on the cake. One more reason why this family of sites is the best around.


great idea love to see how G1 shapes up against BB


sounds like this will be interesting!


How about the Storm? All of these other devices are touch screen devices. It only makes sense to do this comparison with the Blackberry Storm!


Over tha past year, I've managed to convert several of my friends, even a diehard iphone user to the blackberry and all it's goodness.

Even upgrading seems difficult to do once you feel that bond with your phone. I have a red 8310 curve that will be upgraded eventually, but I still love my phone, I don't want to see it go by the wayside and neglected while I eagerly type on another blackberry device, I'll feel like I'm cheating.

AND CHEAT I WILL WITH A NEW BOLD! I have no scruples.

Thanks for the great site.


I'd be down for a free Bold, iPhone 3g, even a Treo. Anything please :)


It's time for the Bold to do battle. Many have come and gone, but today a small few gather to be put to the test. These few are backed with the lasted technology, innovation, and design. I obviously will be ringside with the Bold, the ultimate BlackBerry, dare I say the ulitmate smart phone. It has trained long and hard, and RIM has delivered a product that can only be described as perfection that fits in your hand. I'm anxious to see how it plays out, but I have faith, that all who experience the Bold will see that it is the winner...Be Bold, be BlackBerry.

P.S. I would love to win one!!


you've jinxed us all bro...

-would love to win one as well


I love these round robins... gives everyone a chance to see how the other side lives and to learn to love THE BLACKBERRY!


It'll be interesting to see how an iPhone users reacts to a Bold and vice versa. They're on the same network so the only difference will be the devices themselves.


This is a cool idea. Thanks CB


I would love to win a BOLD!!! If not a BOLD anything would be great.


I've been waiting for this round!


This will be great. Go Bold of go home.


I think this is a great thing! I know how partial I am to my beloved Berry. I would love to see how the other phones stack up and where the Berry needs improvment and where it is superior. This will be a fun thing to follow. Let the games begin.


I am looking forward to seeing this as I was heading the Winmo route before the company went Blackberry so it might be a good time for us to review and this may help.


Love the RR logos(is that the right thing to call them?)
I loved reading last yrs RR and look forward to this years.


sucks... that there's no storm to compare...
there'd be iphones dropping everywhere!

(sorry for the rhyme... just finished reading Dr. Seuss to my niece...)


Give me a Bold Kevin :D


this will be my first experience for the round robin. can't wait.


I'm looking to get a new smartphone in early 2009, and I enjoyed last year's so much I was hoping another would be done this year. Hurrah!


I'm glad this is back--I loved the first round robin because each review gave me a better perspective on why anybody would want something OTHER than blackberry.

Looking forward to great reviews!


I'd like to win too this looks pretty interesting! :)


I think the Round Robin's are great. They give you the chance to see the aspects of all the other top rated smart phones for cheap. By the way I would love to get my hands on a bold.


Sounds pretty awesome, I wonder what everyone will think of each others phones.


Bold. That's what I want. Look forward to the Round Robin. I'll have to keep up by RSS. I would love to win!


i would die for a bold. im switching to att so this would be perfect !!!!!!!! please please please:)))))


I will soon be a Crackberry user, so a Bold would be a nice start!


Once you go BB there is no going back.

No iPhones here.

No WM here.

No Palms here.

Only BB!


This seems like a very fun idea to do. Im sure the other websites will close down after they use the Bold


I had just joined CB few months ago and never seen Round Robin game before, so I think it's a coolicious game for people to have a chance to win a phone. Hopefully a Bold for a Deaf crackberry like myself!! Qwerty is a MUST for me. I'd LOVE to win a Bold!! Good luck to all and myself!


It's always entertaining to watch people who are pretty die-hard and dedicated about their device of choice come to terms with the strengths of the "opposing" platforms. Good times to be had I'm sure.


I remember when the Pearl (my current phone) was huge...Now I'm stuck in the centre of 3 great new blackberry's (bold,storm, and 8900) What better way to decide than start with a free bold!

Ahmed Yousef

This is awesome. Everyone gets to walk in another persons skin. I also think that it would be cool to have a G1.


So this is really a test to see how many who say they are addicted to their blackberry will go over to the other side to get something for free. Not me,I will not sell out even if it does mean winning something. It is either a Blackberry or nothing. A true Crackberry will never go to the other side.


Crossing my fingers for you to make it through the next few weeks without your BB! I don't know what i'd do! On a curve now, but hopefully I can get upgraded to a Bold with this post!


coming from a Windows mobile hone (Moto Q) I dont think I would ever switch from my blackberry!


I want a Bold! I'm seeing them everywhere now and I want one!


Might as well throw my hat into the ring!


The Round Robin is Great! I cant wait for the outcome. How come The Storm wasn't thrown into the mix though? I'm sure the bold will take no prisoners but I'm interested in seeing what is said about the G1 from Tmo.....

Crackberry for life!!!


This is really cool...
I'm so happy I became a blackberry user last month!
I have a curve but a bold would be cool! ;)


This is probably the best way to review a cell phone, what good is reviewing one cell phone if you don't use the others? I think this is gonna be really cool to be able to follow along and read everyone else's reactions.


Now this is what I like to see! Competition which invokes progression, a beautiful thing I must say!


Now this is what I like to see! Competition which invokes progression, a beautiful thing I must say!


I can't wait to get the scoop on these phones.


Had the Roger's bold in the US, would love to try the att bold!


Out of al this phones Nothing can posible top the BB Bold, I just need an upgrade from my curve!!!!


We all know the Bold will come out on top!

Big Time Bruce

Technologically challenged first-time smartphone buyer.
Currently with Verizon (Razr).
Question- BB Storm, remaining with Verizon, or iPhone, meaning a switch to ATT Wireless (which has a terrible reputation in NYC area).
What to do?


Round Robin Returns!!!!!


This contest is great news and a great idea! I tried to win the storm contest, so this may be another chance!!


There are contests all the time, but I will NEVER win one!

Oh well... worth a try!
: D


What a brilliant idea! Go Bold!!



Michael F

It'll be interesting to see which platform is most frustrating, as well as which platform feels easiest to abandon in favor of another.


This looks interesting. I can't wait to see how many people will convert to a Bold. Definately the best phone out there.


Winning a Bold would be super duper.


I think this will be very interesting, but I really would have loved to hear how the Storm compares to some of these other phones! I just lost my job, and really wanted to upgrade my phone and was considering switching from AT&T to Verizon, specifically for the Storm, but that may have to wait for now....still a new Bold would be AWESOME and a fabulous upgrade to my beloved 8310 Curve!


I love the amount of contests on this website. This website single-handedly made me decide to can my Voyager and go Blackberry. Enter me into the contest please!


I'm fairly new to this site -- and BBs in general, having switched over from Symbian, so I'll be looking forward to learning about other smartphones. Incidentally, one of my brothers has an iPhone 3G and the other is getting an HTC Fuze, and we're all former Symbian users. Perhaps we should start our own round robin. :)


Wow can't believe you CRACKBERRY, YOU ROCK!!!!, hook it up!!!


Let me just end it now, the Blackberry Bold is mine.


What i've been waiting for, a head to head challenge with the OS's. Can't wait for the final results and who is #1.


All of these look like great phones. I loved the Round Robin last year!


Great! I've always wanted to check out a Treo. I've been using my Curve and lovin' it.


Alright! Here's my post for the Bold :-)


The creativity just keeps on coming!!! Comparing devices and "living in the shoes" of another device is THE WAY TO DO IT!! Count me in!!!


Best way to improve blackberrys and all Smartphones is with a bit of competition. Find out how they stack up with the competition, and improve on any identified weak points. I'm willing to bet the Storm is a better smartphone, just because the iphone is out there. And who knows, maybe one day somebody at Apple may notice they really could use a bit of cut and paste action.

Sign me up for a BB Bold!


I'll put in my 2 cents for a chance... Count me in.


I'm down for anything free :)


i love new toys - i think it would be really fun to see 'how the other half lives' but i'd be really testing those other email clients like crazy. i loooooove bb email - giving it up for any other toy just seems like i'd be chopping off a limb.

still, i can't wait to hear how the other phones stack up!


Crossing my fingers & hoping to win a Bold :-)


Too bad this couldn't wait for the Storm. Would love to hear an iPhone user adapt to the Storm.

Justin V

Hey Kev,
This should be an interesting round robin yet again. I could really use a free Bold. I'm a mortgage loan officer here and had planned on upgrading when the Bold dropped but the slow down in the housing mkt prevents me from doing so. I think the speed of that new Bold might help me work more efficiently and survive this bad patch (crackberry to the rescue) so please consider me. Thanks
Love the podcast too!


You can count me in, I think the bold would come in handy!!!


I love my crackberry, but I'm always interested to hear an intelligent comparison. Rarely is there a "best for everything" product. The best solution for you is going to depend on your own needs.


I love changing phones all the time....currently I'm using a Blackberry Curve but have used Palms (both WM and Palm OS), WM phone (Blackjack II), owned the iPhone 3G (sold it last week) and have used the BB Pearl and the BB Curve! Would love to get the BB Bold as I was at the AT&T store yesterday checking it out. Of course, I would love any smartphone as I just love smartphones! I'm interested to read the reviews on the different phones.


I would love to try out the bold and give you my feedback. Looking forward to all the reports. Thanks.


I'm curious to see how the G1 and the Treo Pro perform. I am a former Palm fan who just got fed up with the lack of technological advances. I'm not convinced that the G1 reaches its potential due to T-Mo's garbage network. The Bold is a perfect example of Palm's idea being used the RIGHT way, since they were the leaders of this technology but failed to stay relevant before losing significant marketshare.


I would love to be entered in the contest for a Bold, still currently waiting to save up money to get one. Buying a house puts a big hold on my dream phone. Winning one would be awesome though.


I like the idea. Is the G1 really a "smart phone?"


I'll take a Bold... or s Storm... :)


Wow, I give you guys alot of credit for doing this... must be very stressful the first few days. Good luck!


I've been in the iPhone 3g world for a while now, and although I love the screen and interface, battery life is sub-par (can't make an entire day off the charger in 3g mode) and there are no tasks or notes in Exchange services. I will be extremely interested in the comparison between the Bold and iPhone 3g (afraid I may have drank the KoolAid).


I really want to see how the Bold (My new obsession) stacks up and operates vs some of the other devices that have come out this year, and still to come...


Luv these round robins....cant wait to read the results...enter me for a phone =)


All I needed to read was free Bold.


So where do i gotta go to sign up for this contest...Oh, wait - guess i already did! hahaha

Good luck to all, and may the best phone win!!!



I enjoyed last year's smartphone round robin very much. Will not miss this year's for the world.


I can't remember the last time I won something....I think it was circa 1982 and I won a plastic chess set at a local Elks Lodge gathering.

Either I haven't won anything since then or whatever I *have* won was less memorable than that plastic chess set.

Either way, that memory space needs to be purged forever. Please. For the love of God.



I have been lurking on Crackberry for some time now, trying to learn enough to convince my husband I NEED a BB. He's a Mac freak and thinks the iPhone is the bomb. I think this Round Robin thing could give me some objective evidence for my cause!!! Of course it wouldn't hurt to win a Blackberry Bold........he couldn't argue with that!!!!!!!


By the Sword of Blackberry. I challenge you to an honor duuu-aall.
Bold please?.?.?.?


This is a huge battle for me right now. I'm in the market to upgrade and can't figure out which way I want to go. I love the iPhone, but I think I would miss my BlackBerry terribly. Help!!!


Everyday, I find more reasons to love this site! Its helped me a freakin ton when I first got my pearl (which I got on accident... I can't believe I was gonna get something crazy like a centro... haha). My brother wants my pearl so badly!, it's crazy how addictive it is!



I carry a pair of pearls now, but one of them, my rogers Work Demoline, is ready to be retired... seriously, it's FIVE different colours. So for me, I'd definitely be goin for that sweet sweet 3G BlackBerry 9000 BOLD! The high def screen, the QWERTY Keyboard, the new 4.6 Operating system. It'd be either that, or a STORM. I've used the iPhone at my Kiosk (WIRELESS etc...) many times, and sure it's neat, but pratical... not so much. Especially for us poor Canadians! It was developed in Cali, and think of their nice warm winters. Our winters we freeze our blackberries off! So, they developed a HEAT sensitive screen. So in the deep cold, we'd have to take off our gloves, warm up our fingers and screen, and then FINALLY we can answer a call... if they hadnt hung up.

So Canadian Made BlackBerry is what rocks my world. And is what I sell the most over iPhone.

And with the contest, please help me retire my poor poor 8100. The back doesnt stay on, the usb port is broken and can only charge via the back contacts, and gives SIM CARD ERROR 50% of the time. Makes a good testoment tho of how TOUGH these units are!

~Link Koriri~
Ontario Canada
Extreme CrackBerry Addict


All of these phones are better than my sweet LG VX2yearsold so...jealousy


I need the Bold, BB curve has been great but its just slow compared to the Bold, Please help, contract not up until may 2010


Great way to review these phones. Wish I could be on the panel!


Last year Smartphone Round robin was excellent, now with all this new devices (well the iphone is kinda the same :) ) this is going to be great!.


I love the idea of this. It brings so much insight into each device. Keep up the work CrackBerry