Announcing CrackBerry's Member of the Month for May - Sedalia066!

By Michelle Haag on 22 May 2012 07:01 pm EDT
We have no shortage of great people here at CrackBerry. The forums are full of interesting people all sharing a common interest, BlackBerry! Each month we're going to single someone out to recognize their contribution to our community and post about them right here on the blogs. These members go above and beyond to be active, not only helping out others but contributing to conversation and helping to make our community not just something you visit when you have a problem, but somewhere you feel welcome and want to belong to.

This brings us to the Member of the Month for May. His name is Jerry Northington, better known on the forums as Sedalia066. The mods noticed that Jerry is always there to welcome our new members, warmly greeting them and offering assistance when they have questions. He's a friendly and interesting person to say the least, so make sure you say hi when you see him around the forums. Keep reading for our Q&A with Jerry. 

You were chosen as May's Member of the Month partly because you are always so welcoming to new members, which is awesome. Have you always been that way, and if not what changed?  
My natural inclination is to be supportive of beginners in any piece of life.  In my profession there are lots of students and others along the way who need the same support that brought me to my current spot in life.

How long have you been a BlackBerry user/abuser?
Since October, 2009.

Why did you join CrackBerry, or what brought you to the site?
Looking for information to help with what was the finest handheld device ever put in my hands. The 9000 was less than a month old.  The possibilities in its function were just beginning to be explored.  More information was needed and CrackBerry came up on a web search.  It was love at first sight for me.

What was your first BlackBerry, and which has been your favorite?
The 9000 was first.  The 9810 is my current phone and favorite overall.  Every one has had some merits.

A couple of our mods are curious about your username. How did you come up with it?
At CrackBerry my usual blogger name of long standing was already taken.  Sedalia066 is a combination of a past town where my parents lived and a fragment of an even older ZIP code for a hometown of mine.

Have any good CrackBerry stories, or how has the site affected you in a positive way?  
CrackBerry is and has been a primary source of BB information since first visiting and joining.  Almost all I know these days about the devices came from here.  Over the course of time the BB experience has been expanded for me, my family and friends who also use BB's.  Apps, OS upgrades, tips and tricks have all come my way thanks to CrackBerry over the years.  Without CB and all the useful information the phone would still be just a phone instead of an integral part of life.

The forums introduced me to some fine friends and brought me to a chat group of mostly BB talk.  In the chat group there have been sharings of information and even help with new equipment that might not have occurred without that CB seed.

For me CB is an every day experience.  As time in real life allows, the forums and the blogs are all perused for new information and general BB talk.  

Tell us a little about yourself outside of CrackBerry.
Veterinarian, married, father, stepfather, grandfather, gardener, old-time musician.  Maybe too much information but more at from a few years back political campaign.

Congratulations on being chosen Jerry, and thanks for all you do for our community!

If you want to nominate someone from the forums to be next month's Member of the Month, send an email to sitesupport(at) with their username and why you think they deserve the honor. 

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Announcing CrackBerry's Member of the Month for May - Sedalia066!


Good to get to know you Sedalia066!

I had actually noticed you because I had intended to post some of the great pictures from the NASA site at UC Davis for wallpapers and seen you had already uploaded some of my favs. They were taken by the WISE telescope built here at Utah State University and make incredible wall papers on the PlayBook. I congratulate you on your good taste!

Every one of this fine community helps to make life better for me. CB rocks. :)

Coming in from a birthday party the surprise of the day was my picture on the front page. Made my day for sure. :)

Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate all you do to keep the place alive. You do a remarkable job for the BB community. :)

Congrats Jerry! I love seeing positive things about positive members of this forum. Love this segment Crackberry.

Thanks, pkcable. You are one of many people around here who have been a large influence in my learning. Thanks for all you do. :)

Congrats Jerry! Enjoy your moment in the spotlight!

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Congratulations Jerry!

Glad to see members who make crackberry a great place to visit are getting the recognition they deserve...

Jerry, to be honest this is the first time I've seen your user name. With that said though I highly respected the crackberry team's choice so you none the less must have stood out. Congrats and look forward to running into you on crackberry

El P, with all the members around here there is not much chance for many of us to recognize another. That being the case makes my being chosen all the more remarkable to me as well as to anyone else. The honor is very high. I will look forward to seeing you more around the forums in the future. :)

Congratulation Jerry (sedalia066)
You are one of my best follower here on CB community. keep up the good work here on CB cause lots of new comers to this platform need a hand when they are in doubt about their devices.
Also i want to say you have a pretty good website there congrats on your achievements and keep up the good work you are doing an awesome job.

"Dare to do Right"
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Post it from my Awesome Torch 9810 Bridged to PlayBook 64Gb