Animoog award-winning synthesizer app now available for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 16 May 2013 10:33 am EDT

During CrackBerry Live, we got hands-on look at the awesome high-quality synthesizer app Animoog. At the time, we were told it would be showing up in BlackBerry World in a few weeks but it has now arrived for the BlackBerry Z10 and is available for purchase. Previously only available on iOS and geared towards professional and avid amateur musicians alike, the app is full of features and is beautifully designed. 

“This project is the beginning of a collaboration with BlackBerry’s innovative user experience team and an exploration of new means for creative expression with handheld devices. It is always our intention to create better tools for artists and this relationship allows us to investigate exciting future possibilities,” said Emmy Parker, Moog’s Senior Brand Manager.

Until May 23rd, as part of the celebrations for what would be Bob Moog's 79th birthday, Animoog is available for $0.99 after which it will return to the normal price of $9.99. A deal you'll certainly want to take advantage of if you're interested in the app. Need to see it in action? Check out the demo video above to get a better idea of what you're getting into or check out the CrackBerry Live hands-on demo from earlier.

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Press Release

Animoog, the award-winning Synthesizer app from Moog is Now Available for the BlackBerry Z10

Moog is the first leading synthesizer manufacturer to introduce a high-powered music creation tool for the BlackBerry 10 platform

ASHEVILLE, NC – May 16, 2013 – At BlackBerry Live this week, Moog Music announced the release of Animoog®, it’s award-winning app for the BlackBerry® Z10™ smartphone. Animoog, previously only available on iOS®, is Moog’s first music creation tool for the BlackBerry® platform.
The Animoog app for BlackBerry 10 was unveiled earlier this week and will continue to be showcased throughout BlackBerry’s annual enthusiast, developer and partner conference in Orlando, FL. From May 16th through May 23rd (the date that would be Bob Moog’s 79th birthday), Animoog will be available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone at an introductory price of $.99. After this promotional period ends, Animoog will return to its regular price of $9.99.
“We are very excited about the release of Animoog on the BlackBerry 10 platform and about our relationship with BlackBerry,” said Mike Adams, President and CEO of Moog Music, Inc. “BlackBerry has long been the choice for business professionals who in many cases are in creative fields.  Now, for the first time, we can offer a high performance music creation tool to artists and synthesizer enthusiasts that prefer BlackBerry,” said Adams.
“Moog is a long time iconic brand in the music industry and their synthesizers are used by major artists worldwide,” said Martyn Mallick, VP of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry.  “We are thrilled to have Animoog available on the BlackBerry 10 platform”. 
Moog Music is driven by a company culture that lives at the intersection of technology and music. This culture is celebrated annually at Moogfest, its multi-day festival in honor of the innovative spirit of its founder, Bob Moog who was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame last week. Moog’s early adoption of the BlackBerry 10 platform is in line with this pioneering philosophy
“This project is the beginning of a collaboration with BlackBerry’s innovative user experience team and an exploration of new means for creative expression with handheld devices. It is always our intention to create better tools for artists and this relationship allows us to investigate exciting future possibilities,” said Emmy Parker, Moog’s Senior Brand Manager.

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Animoog award-winning synthesizer app now available for the BlackBerry Z10


Oh, that does not look good...I don’t think I had anything in Documents folder, but seems Animoog has created 3 folders, one named Projects...

Back up your phones, people.

Posted from my Z10

I have been playing with it for awhile now listening to it with my Ion block rocker bluetooth (Big portable speaker) via blue tooth and man this is buck I have spent so far and I have some great stuff on my Z10.... Get it and get it fast and have fun playing with it...Take care

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Maybe Crackberry can start taking preorders at the .99 cent price for those of us in the US whose carriers are being less then aggressive in pushing out updates. I know I can load a leak, but I want to have an official version as a matter of what is right and expected from a company that I pay for services. And it doesn't have to be only for the Moog app, but any other app that is "not available for this device " in blackberry world. What about it Kevin?

Posted via CB10

Well I would love to download it at the discounted price but with Verizon I doubt I will have the updated software before the end of the year

Posted via CB10

Verizon has as the software version on my phone and just talked to customer service and they have nothing as far as updates for this month or next as of right now but let's hope that changes

Posted via CB10

I've mentioned it before, and this is a perfect example of WHY it would be useful if Blackberry would allow people who don't own a device YET to make purchases on their online World account, EVEN if they don't own a device YET. I would love to take advantage of this, but can't. Sigh.

Incidentally, for those who are on Verizon, maybe you can purchase online through the BB site itself, because it checks for device compatibility, not software version as far as I know. Just a thought, can't check myself.

Starting to have second thoughts about going to Verizon, maybe AT&T is better, what with the update situation?

Edit: if you can buy online, it should be available for download once you FINALLY get the update...?

I may have to buckle down and get the leak just to insure I get Animoog at the discounted price

Posted via CB10

Just got it too.
Love it and at that price wow...

I feel sorry for our American friends seems to me like they (carriers) down there are trying to make blackberry look bad by not providing the up dates blackberry is making available.. I wonder if someone else (Apple/Samsung) has them in their back pocket... And are doing this on purpose...something fishy going on.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

The lack of updates with Verizon makes me wonder if carriers are in part to blame for the slow release of BlackBerry in the USA.

Good to see more professional apps coming to bb10

Posted via CB10

Gee, you think carriers might have something to do with it? Try telling that to those who think BB 'hates' the U.S. It seems painfully obvious now that the Z10 is released in the U.S. that some carriers are still dragging their heels with updates, as much as they did / are doing with releasing the phones

I am seriously getting so sick and tired of Verizon ruining the Z10. Now I can't get this app while it's just 99 cents. Verizon is costing me money.

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Controls are a bit difficult on such a small screen (Z10 relative to say a PlayBook) but it works well otherwise.

I can recommend it to anybody interested in producing music or playing with sounds.

Oh, and why no link crackberry?

Posted via CB10

It should work, you'll have to maybe fiddle with volume and some knobs and presets some (be careful with volume until you know what you're doing!)

A little web research into analog synthesis would help you guys some. Korg has some good manuals available for their old MS-10, MS-20 lines, say; animoog has basics in a small starter manual on their website.

I haven't checked for tutorials myself, I've been digging this kind of stuff since Korg DS-10 on Nintendo DS/DSi through to MS-20 on iPad (you'd likely feel the same way about those apps!)

I'm on 10.1, daughter is on 10.0, both downloaded and installed on our Z10, no problems, really good app, look on YouTube for tutorials! ;-)

Well I'm on Verizon also and am totally upset that they are so far behind.. the good thing is I actually have another z10, and a DEV alpha, so I can still get the app. Just can't use it on my main phone. It would be great if there was a way to separate the phone Os and the rest of the Os so that we can get all the updates sooner, and not have to install leaks.

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The Moog Prodigy was the first synth I ever bought. I got it in 1981 off a colleague in the record shop where I worked. It was monophonic and totally analogue, had no memory presets and was prone to going out of tune at exactly the wrong time. Still it was great for lead lines. One song which sticks out in my memory is "Just What I Needed" by US band The Cars. I used it, along with Roland, Casio and Yamaha synths, in bands for a few years before selling it on in 1986. Now, just 30 years later, Moog are able to package their synths into a tiny app which will run on a phone. Staggering.

On another note, when I put how much I paid for the Prodigy and how much I sold it for later, the post was marked as spam. Really?

Im on VZW. Im running the latest leaked OS. I downloaded this. It runs fabulous. I am listening on my Bluetooth. I cant wait to plug this into my monitor via hdmi. Let me just say, the leak has worked fine for me, but I never have experienced the reboot issues that some have. official release from Rogers Canada for me (s/w I didn't think that would make a difference. Sorry, please disregard my 'research analog synthesis' remark above!

Well, guess it is not about the volume. I don't see the keys react and also the x/y area does not animate. Therefore, I think the app doesn't work. Or am I just doing anything wrong? It should start to play when I launch the app and press the keys, right?

PS: I am running the latest .273 leak

Not sure. The keys at the bottom of the screen should make some noise, yes. Maybe try moving the octave slider above the keys, slide it to the right a bit. Or try another Preset.

On the 'Pages' dropdown, if you go to Timbre, see if you can Preview any of those sounds? If not, I'd agree it's not working.

The X-Y screen itself won't make noise. Your timbres will be arranged in order top to bottom on the grid (each timbre has 16 samples/waveforms assigned on the X axis.). So, as you play a key, the note will follow the path on the screen, if you have one--otherwise it will orbit around the dot. You can drag the path or dot around the screen while playing keys.

Depending on your pitch, timbres, where on the screen your note orbits, frequency of LFO and other settings, you might not hear sound at all. The manual on the Animoog website for iOS helps a bit with the rest, but also reveals some features not in the Bb10 version (pitch bend and mod wheel touch strips.)

One bug so far, control knobs above the expanded keyboard don't work (correction, glide, volume.). No MIDI as far as I can tell--I think BlackBerry would have to add support for that before it could be implemented.

Posted from my Z10

You did allow it permissions to your shared files, right? It needs that to store the preset data. But see above posts about it possibly overwriting Documents folder contents on the device itself (folders named 'mappings', 'presets' and 'projects' get created...probably meant to be sandboxed instead.

Posted from my Z10

Hi, application data permitted. The documents folder created/overwritten as mentioned above. And as for the preview of the timbres, pressing preview does not do anything.

I just spent 20 minutes with it. What a blast! This thing really needs to be on the Playbook. The battery heated up pretty good but the charge didn't go down that much.

I like that in the comments for the YouTube demo video that the Android people are pi$$ed that BlackBerry has it first. Lol!

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To those of you on Verizon, not to add insult to injury, but our puny little branch of Vodafone here in the Netherlands was very quick on the ball: 3 hours afther TH announced that 10.1 was released, I was downloading it. Imagine that, we're usually weeks if not months behind the curve, but apparently this update was made available well in advance and even here in the back of beyond, we were getting it asap. That should make the Verizon officials in the US plenty ashamed, shouldn't it? There should be a new word for how much they suck, leaving our BB Brothers and Sisters in the cold like that!

It shows up an ERROR: Application not on sale, when trying to purchase on BlackBerry World. (Singapore)

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Aside of everything else, volume control, keyboard glide & keyboard correction doesn't work- for short, keyboard doesn't work and this is essential in order to produce sound. I've emailed them already since yesterday and no support yet is coming.
My conclusion is there's a bug with this app. Tried to reinstall & delete it several times, still same happens... sighs

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Mine got same problem too. Already emailed them too.
My model number is STL100-1, running software release, OS version

Mine are same as well, model, software & os. I've just upgraded the app, but still no keyboard sounds. I'm beginning to think that the $ 0.99 was not worth it. Hopefully after May 23 some miracle will happen...

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When I try to purchase, it says application not for sale.


Anyone else experience this? Or have a fix?

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There was a problem with the app deleting people's documents folders and the devs had put the app on hold so they could fix that. It seems they have now released an updated version that solved this problem, so you should be able to buy it normally and don't have to worry about the issue

I really like this app! Keep the upgrades coming! BlackBerry more music apps for the music producers YES!

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