animClock by Toysoft - A customizable analog clock, screensaver, and more!

By Michelle Haag on 29 Oct 2010 11:35 am EDT

It can be handy to see the clock on your BlackBerry while it's charging, whether it's at night or maybe during the day while you're at work and your device sits on your desk. Until now you were pretty much stuck with the standard analog or flip style clock that comes pre-loaded with your device's OS if you wanted to do this. Now there is a new app from Toysoft that allows you to customize the charging screen however you like.

AnimClock is basically an analog clock that comes pre-loaded with a few different skins you can choose from.  Where it gets interesting is that not only can you choose which skin you want, you can also choose to show either a static background from your own images, or you can have it rotate through images in a folder on your device. You can even choose to just have a color as the background. If you choose not to show an image, animClock will also show some information along with the skinned clock you picked. This information includes your battery percentage, battery temperature, and date/time. All of this info can be toggled on or off as well, so you only see what you want to see.

It doesn't end there. You can click a link in the application's menu to get more clock faces. This takes you to the Toysoft website, where they have a few more skins you can download as well as complete instructions and some awesome templates for making your own. The only catch I saw was that in order to have the app automatically open when you plug in your BlackBerry, you have to also purchase MegaAlarm. Otherwise, you can just open up animClock manually either when you plug in or whenever you want a screensaver to display.

AnimClock is compatible with most BlackBerry devices, and is available for just $0.99 in the CrackBerry store. There is a free trial as well, so if you're interested but unsure about it you can try before you buy.

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animClock by Toysoft - A customizable analog clock, screensaver, and more!


I've just downloaded this on a trial for now, and although I've been onto the Toysoft website and downloaded some new clock skins when i come to upload them from the phone to the app I can't find them on the phone. Has anyone else suffered like this?

Just save the PNG file to memory or sd card and then use animClock to browse for. Just remember where you save it to. for zip file you need to unzip it first

Wow, I can pay for a screen saver which is essentially a picture of a Nautica watch?? Where do I sign up?? Give me a break....