Angry Farm for BlackBerry updated featuring 10 new levels, performance enhancements and more

Angry Farm updated
By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2011 09:25 am EST

Angry farm has taken off since its release just a few weeks back. It has had great success with BlackBerry users and after some feedback has received its first update. The new version (v1.1) features 10 new levels to bring to the total to 40, fine tuning of levels including an easier to complete level 6, many performance enhancements and bug fixes. If you haven't had a chance to play Angry Farm yet you really are missing out. It's tons of fun and while it's not nearly as smooth to play as Angry Birds on the iPhone or Android, it's unfortunately the best (and only option) we have on BlackBerry for the time being. You can grab the full version for just $4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store.

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Angry Farm for BlackBerry updated featuring 10 new levels, performance enhancements and more


This game doesn't worth the money... The physics is very poor, gameplay is not fun, controls are sometimes acting strange (on my torch) and many many more bugs...
I am really disappointed.... :-(
The only reason why it has success is the fact that everyone is expecting the same gameplay and fun as in Angry Birds but this game is really not.... :-(((

indeed. i excepted something way better..
BUT its still kinda new so I REALLY hope they will make is better with time (:

Yes I hope so...
But I must say that if there was a trial version before I paid !!5$!! I would never pay for such crappy made application.

I'm glad someone took the time to at least "emulate" angry birds but when the real thing costs $1 dollar and gets you 63 levels when this cost $5 and gets you 40 levels, it doesn't seem worth it.

They need to put a demo out of the first 5-10 levels at least. I wouldn't buy based off the amount of feedback reporting lag and glitchy gameplay.

If it were only $1, however, you can bet I'd have it.

i was happy enough to pay as 4 bucks doesnae hurt ,however everyone
does have a point that we bb customers are gettin ripped off regularly
we support bb/ rim and in return they take our money ,never tell us much
to keep us interested yes cb does its bit but i feel sorry for you
you aint get much help from rim

Level 31 is unbeatable and smarter apps is waiting on app world to approve the update to pass the level etc

I agree with the sentiments regarding a trial version. No way I am going to pay $5 for ANY app without trying it first!

I won this on CB a few weeks ago and all the reviews are true. The cost versus the performance is not good. I can only hope that the developer continues on improving the glitches. I have everything from jumpy screens to phone lockups with this game. Often times I am confused with what is going on (could be my age, but I don't think so as I am a gamer from way back to Commodore 64 days!) Sure hope they get the message and continue to improve the games performance.

The new version is much much much more fluid and responsive. I agree that the initial release was painfully slow. This is way better, especially since I won the game from CB!!!

This is probably a dumb question, but does the update take place automatically from the older version? I see no way to download an update from the previous version.

I figured it out. You have to go back in to CrackberryApps and "repurchase" the game again and enter the appropriate code. Downloading it now.

Your App World client is most likely caching the old version, to clear your cache simply follow these steps.

For smartphones that use the SureType input method or are equipped with a QWERTY keyboard:

Open App World
Hold down the ALT key -- Keep holding down the alt key for steps 3-5
Press the r key
Press the s key
Press the t key
Release the ALT key, the App World client will close automatically and the smartphone will become unresponsive for a moment while the cache data is cleared.
Reopen App World
Click on My World
Login to load your list of Purchases
You will now see the new version in your list
Click Upgrade to download the upgrade

Definitely an improvement. Got through Level 6 on my first try :D, there's still a long way for them to go, but i'm VERY happy to see them actually putting in the development time to improve. Thanks guys! Add an autoupdate, or something along those lines, and we'll all be so much happier.

Just an FYI to those complaining about how BB apps are more expensive than similar apps for iPhone and Android... there are a few main reasons for the costs.

1) Coding for BB is more difficult in many respects than Android and iPhone. There are things that are easy in the Android API can be substantially more difficult with the BB API. it can take approximately 3 times longer to code a BB app versus iPhone/Android.

2) A lot of developers haven't realized the potential of BB apps. There's huge demand but few code monkeys investing the time and effort into BB.

3) Ad-powered apps are hard to find for OS6 because the framework from RIM is limited.

make sense?

Thanks to this patch I was finally able to get past level 6!. This is definitely a very rough draft type of release. It's a good effort but i need some work. The first release the audio was absolutely useless and almost never actually played. And when it did it was terrible quality. I have not tried the audio on the new release yet. I do appreciate the effort in trying to bring this type of app to the blackberry. Obviously this must be harder than most of us have given credit for.

actually if you go to app world, and search angry farm, there is a free trial version available so you can try before you buy

At $4.99 and the ORIGINAL version, this game was not worth buying because it didn't run well enough to play and enjoy. With the 1.1 upgrade, I can now say that it is worthwhile, and hopefully they can make it even better. I acknowledge iPhone and Android apps are much cheaper, but let's be real - BB is a pain to develop for and they don't a delivery system as established as iTunes or Android Marketplace. If it's something that I know I will play now and then, $4.99 is not too much on a system that has virtually no decent games.

Ok, so i purchased the original, TERRIBLE, the update was free (Remember any update or new add ons are free for life) and the game has grown in leaps and bounds. The sounds are still poop, however the lag has been cut by atleast 90 percent. Still lag but very little. They did fix the level up and added 10 more levels. The unfortunate thing about that is the fact that level 31 is impossible to beat. So i am waiting for yet another update. Yes this isnt Angry Birds, but whos to say it cant be that good. Angry Birds wasnt all hat great when it first came out. Hopefully this next update, when ever that is, will fix all problems. So to end this I give it 3.5 stars now, 3 weeks ago it received only .5 stars.

bought angry farm now that version 1.1 was released, notice no lag on my 9700, I am stuck on how to pass level 7 though.

The real Angry Birds costs .99 cents AND has 63 levels. Angry Farm is $4.99 and includes a mere 40 levels. You do the math and tell me how I could possibly justify such a ludicrous purchase.

Not to mention how inferior the actual gameplay is. I'd be ashamed to associate my name with such a badly performing game.

Enjoying the free trial atm. I am having zero issues with my 9670. I could understand those frustrated with an app that is 5 bucks and has issues. Personally I usually do not buy anything as soon as it comes out. I am starting to get addicted to this so most likely will purchase it.

I would say that the lifetime updates would justify paying 5 bucks for this game. As the game progresses and they update it I'm sure eventually the cost will out weight the issues it has at the moment.

Having never played AB i've tried the AF demo and it seems nice. No lag on my curve so that a plus. I think I'll wait for it to go on sell though.