Angry Birds Star Wars Jedi mind tricks its way onto BlackBerry 10

Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10
By Zach Gilbert on 29 Jan 2013 06:21 pm EST

We have yet to see Angry Birds Star Wars on the BlackBerry PlayBook (though every other version is there), but Rovio is ready to have its latest spin-off available on BlackBerry 10 devices. Angry Birds Star Wars is similar to the other versions in the game, but it's inspired from the George Lucas (now Disney) film franchise Star Wars.

Angry Birds Star Wars is officially available for download on BlackBerry 10 devices, but unless you already have a device you’ll just have to wait until the official release of the hot BlackBerry Z10. Oh, and the best of all, Angry Birds Star Wars is available for only $0.99.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Jedi mind tricks its way onto BlackBerry 10


i cant wait to play it on a BB Z10 <3<3
my friend's dad is on a business trip in SA and he happens to stay in he same area as the launch party venue...i hope the phone will be available this week so he can get it for me!!!!!

I don't imagine they will have any trouble getting past the 10K mark all on their own. The low price is a huge win for Rovio and for BB10. And it probably didn't make much business sense to develop for the current Playbook OS when it will eventually be updated to BB10.

This doesn't surprise me. I had figured Rovio were sitting on ABSW for BB10. Don't imagine it will be backported for current Playbook as that will have BB10 eventually. And at $0.99, that will generate lots of sales and goodwill. I figure they will likely update the other AB games for BB10.

PlayBook OS 2.0 is essentially an early version of BB10 so I wonder if backporting is even required. After all we already have many versions of Angry Birds on the PlayBook.

No way. Is this for real or am I imagining things? Rovio for the last little while seemed to be rather reluctant to release new games like Angry Birds Star Wars or even Amazing Alex for the BlackBerry platform. That being said, I'm still hoping Rovio will bring Amazing Alex to the platform but regardless, it's good to see that Angry Birds Star Wars is finally coming to the platform however it's a bit unfortunate that it's not available for the PlayBook. Oh well, might as well wait till I get my BlackBerry 10 phone before I download it.

This is great news, not because I like Angry Birds but the fact that an existing app/game bypassed the Playbook...Now hear me out, I own a Playbook and it's great except for a few things that I believe will be sorted out in the update. I feared that BB10 was not going to receive primo apps because of lack of visibility on PB. Not the case. This confirms to me that there will be many, many apps that were not considered for the PB knowing that the new OS was imminent. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Everyone of us who owns an Android as gaming device knows it's free, so stating that would be pointless. I for one am excited to see it coming to my Playbook because there is nothing like having a big screen HDMI Playbook experience.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Thaaaaank you Rovio!! I've been waiting for this to hit BB. And now to see it'll be there on BB10 is even more exciting. This also gives me hope that all the 'big boy' apps will be coming along too.

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If Netflix and Skype show, i know that will be a big announcement for many, but not me. I am really looking forward to BB10 on my Playbook and a new BB10 phone that is on the same OS for seemless performance. The Playbook is a great device and it keeps getting better. We have 4 playbooks and 2 ipads in our house. The ipad is a good unit for games, but it cant touch the playbook for multitasking, blackberry bridge, gestures, HDMI and so many other uses. Tomorrow is going to be very exciting.

Interesting tidbit. On the storefront, it says ALL devices, and loading that page into the playbook turns up "This item is not supported by your current device profile."