Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10 now available for FREE in BlackBerry World

Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 01:47 am EST

When we wrote up two days ago that Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10 is available in BlackBerry World, the price was 99 cents. That said, with the BlackBerry Z10 officially on sale now in the UK and going on sale in Canada next week, the price has already taken a drop to the low low price of FREE.

From what we can tell the price change *just* took effect, and as we post this we're not sure on how long the promotion will last. One thing is for sure - if you have a hot little BlackBerry Z10 in your hands, you need to tap your way into BlackBerry World and download it now!

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10 now available for FREE in BlackBerry World


I hope it's not 'free' with ads.

That's one thing I loved about BB apps almost all have no ads.

Then, i guess we'll know when 1 million Z10s have been sold, won't we?
If its a buck to download on Feb 5th, then that means the phone was a huge success in the UK.

This is not fair!! how about us folks waiting to get a Z10!!! can't I download it and save it under my BBID?? :'(

Wish there was a way to pre-buy it in BlackBerry World regardless of what device you have associated with your account. Err...

Just another way us American are getting screwed...they are only giving away 125,000 the time we see any new BB10 devices in out hot little hands they will be all gone and we will have to fork up some cash to get it...BOOOO Rovio!!

When are we likely to be able to download it to the playbook in the UK?
And any ideas on when we will be getting an update for the playbook?

Good game, Yesterday it was free for first 1million users and by time I recieved blackberry 10 around 11AM it werent free no more !

I bought it £0.75 then later in night become free ! but oh well. Anyway bb10 is gonna be huge 3 of my mates already bought it after I got it rofl !

Here's hoping it'll still be free when I get my hands on one.

But I'll still buy it if it isn't. Thoroughly enjoyed AB: Space, no doubt I'll enjoy this.

It is free it is cool and there are no ads.

This phone is so good it makes the other fruits device seem so last year!

I downloaded it for free but how the heck do you exit out of tje game on the z10? I keep swiping up but no luck.