We go hands on with Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10 - Ca-Caw!

By James Richardson on 4 Feb 2013 02:27 pm EST

Everyone likes a bit of Angry Birds don't they? I do, so I was pretty pumped to see Angry Birds Star Wars pop up in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10. We told you just the other day that it had arrived so we thought we would show just how good it looks on the BlackBerry Z10. At the London launch earlier in the week they had on of the chaps from Rovio up on stage and as well as the Star Wars edition being on BlackBerry 10 he also confirmed the other Angry Birds games would also be coming in the near future.

PlayBook users have been used to Angry Birds on their BlackBerry tablets for some time now but BlackBerry smartphone users were left out. Gaming just wasn't the same on the older devices but times have now changed and folk that pick up the Z10 or BlackBerry Q10 will at least be able to feed their Angry Birds addiction.

And the game runs wonderfully on the Z10 that I have been using. Its large 4.2 inch display will be the perfect size for many smartphone gamers and the great speaker on the device really makes the Star Wars sound effects sound fantastic. With a range of birds, all based on the films this edition really gives Angry Birds a nice twist. There are birds with light sabres, ones that shoot lasers and the list goes on.

Priced at £1.00/$0.99 FREE for a limited time, I would say that this one is a must have game for your BlackBerry 10 device. The perfect game to show off to your buddies how cool your new BlackBerry is.

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Reader comments

We go hands on with Angry Birds Star Wars for BlackBerry 10 - Ca-Caw!


It would be a lot more informative to show us comparisons on this performs on other platforms. That's what we really want to know.

I need BB10 on my PB, i'm waiting for Angry Birds SW for a soooo long time, I love this game as a great scoring game.

Bold 9900 user

I must be the only user who finds Angry Birds as a line of games boring.

I have purchased it several times.. WebOS on the Touchpad , both Original and Rio... I bought it on my Wives PlayBook again Original and I am pretty sure Space. I also bought on my PlayBook (Its a long story as to why we each have accounts instead of using same one, short version... It works for us).

It is a well crafted and thought out game, Amusing for five minutes while waiting in a Doctors office... But I don't understand the "Must have" Hype around it for launch.

I love seeing wanted content on our device, and I am glad its there! I know not every app works for every person so please don't view this as a negative post. Just not an angry bird person though I have tried, I have tried!

Space, Rio, Starwars, Seasons and any other versions.... Its all Lipstick on a Pig to me.

How come it's a bit slow? much faster and fluid on the iPhone and Android. Are they not fully utilizing the GPU?

i was doin a demo at work on my zee and it froze the phone and killed the battery! first time...but it was embarrassing! :|

i'm impressed with how well it plays on the phone, graphics look good game play is smooth.

james how does it stack up to the gameplay on other devices?

I'll get that for the Q10 and bb10 when it hits the playbook then I can fling away and get me balls pecked on! ;)