Do you want Angry Birds Star Wars on BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2012 02:53 pm EDT
 Angry Birds Star Wars

Yesterday Rovio once again dropped a huge announcement. Angry Birds Star Wars will be hitting the world in about a months time on November 8th, destined to take over phones and tablets everywhere. While there was the obvious note of iOS and Android, there was nothing said about the BlackBerry PlayBook. We know that it took quite a while to see the original Angry Birds first come to the PlayBook, but in the case of Angry Birds Space, the gap wasn't too long between launch and the time we saw it available for download. While it's doubtful that we'll see Angry Birds Star Wars hit the PlayBook on November 8th, we're hopeful that we'll see it on BlackBerry 10 devices and going ahead from there, titles like this will include BB10 in their launch. 

Our question today is this: How important is it to have Angry Birds on BlackBerry 10? We're kind of singling out one title here as it could apply to any "big name" games/apps, but there is no denying it's a pretty mainstream game at this point. Let us know what you think in the poll above, then sound off in the comments. Keep reading to check out the teaser video.

We want Angry Birds Star Wars for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

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Do you want Angry Birds Star Wars on BlackBerry 10?



a skinned version of Angry Birds does nothing for me..

.. now as for a HUGE expansion pack to THE BEST mobile game (Galaxy on Fire 2 HD) yes, I would like that VERY MUCH!

ROVIO does not even advertise on it's site that Angry Birds, Angry Birds RIO, Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Space is available on Blackberry Playbook.

NOWHERE! Even Rovio themselves make NO MENTION AT ALL on their official site that you can get it on Playbook. No download links to the Blackberry Appworld store, nothing!

What gives?

All they say is iOS and Android, PC and Mac. Someone do a Google Search and try to find the word "Blackberry" anywhere on Why would they not even advertise their own product on another platform????

Yeah... Sorry Rovio, but I think it's nothing to write home about.

I don't mean them I'll or anything, but if I were them, I'd be brainstorming like mad to come up with some new game while they still have time.

All trends die eventually and I don't see this title like a trend saver.

That said, port it, people over the BB platform will surely buy....

Something else to consider. In 2009 Rovio was in the same position RIM is now, on the edge of bankrupsy. Angry Birds saved Rovio so I think its only Karma that Angry Birds Star Wars helps save RIM.
Tablets are incredible

Vic, quit making shit up.

RIM has challenges but how exactly are they "on the edge of bankruptcy"?

Is the cash balance to near zero? Are they in debt up to their eyeballs? Have they been missing payments left right and center? Is the cash balance dropping further?


They have 2.3 billion, no debt and the cash is going up.

That's better than a lot of companies out there.

Well if they dont have new products coming out that can quickly change for a company that size it take a few months to burn that amount of cash. If the stock is worth 7$ it's because of that.

Not to mention that they need a large amount of cash only even to bring new products to the market. So should they burn too much cash they might be in a position where they dont have enough cash to get new products on the market and it wont be very easy to find financing, it will surely be a very expensive thing.

Of course they have challenges and sure things could change.

Tim Cook and Johnny Ive could get into a car accident and die too.

The reality remains the same. Claiming RIM is "nearing bankruptcy" is not correct. There are lots of companies in the world that wish they had RIM's balance sheet.

Also, they do have multiple options:

They could downsize further.
They could take on debt
They could get new investment
They could merge
They could sell


Unless you see things like "Our ability to continue is a going concern" and "we are in arrears on our massive debts" etc, hold off on the silly "near bankruptcy" talk.

Angry Birds is the most important application nowadays! without it the economy would just stop!
I repeat, beware of not including it!

If BlackBerry 10 phones don't come out until March, will there be that big of a want for a game that launched in November? Maybe..

It would be nice to have on the PlayBook, but I think it might take a while for BlackBerry phone users to really start playing games on their phones. While it's fun to play on your phone, it drains the battery and games like this, where you have to see the trajectory, are just better on a bigger screen.

I was tempted to get Bad Piggies on my iPod touch, but it's just not fun to play on that little screen. I'd buy it on the PlayBook though.

I have a Playbook and a Samsung Tablet. I use the Playbook for business and the Samsung for fun. That being said I downloaded Bad Piggies on my Samsung with its 7 inch screen and its pure awesome. I will be downloading Angry Birds Star Wars on Nov 8 on my Samsung as well. Will I be downloading these 2 games on Playbook come BB10 time in March 2013? Sure why not. I have a nice collection of games on my Playbook as well and these 2 titles will round them off nicely. I am an Angry Birds addict and if I had to wait for these 2 titles till March 2013, that would drive me nuts. Hope RIM gets their crap together with BB10, but for now thank God for Samsung.

''Thank God for Samsung''

Hopefully we will say the same 1 year from now about RIM
Tablets are incredible

It would be cool for it to come to bb10 but if it is coming out next month, they need to worry about it being available for the playbook before anything else.

I'm amazed that about 35% of the people say that Angry Birds is not important for the BB10 Platform...

There won't be a BB10 platform if the people who enjoy playing Angry Birds can't play it on their phone or tablet. And judging by its popularity, many many people want to play angry birds.

I'm surprised that it is important for anyone. I honestly don't know anyone that still plays angry birds. I played it a few times but it just gets really boring after awhile. That's just my opinion.

The reason stuff like this is important is because it becomes an excuse to not buy. Even if you never play Bad Piggies in your life, if someone tells you it's important, you're less likely to buy a Playbook.

No, that doesn't mean you'll decide not to buy just on that basis, but it becomes one more little thing.

@PineappleUnderTheSea That 35% are either retarded square heads who don't know any better, or fat old business men with giant bellys who haven't seen their fucking dicks in years & wouldn't know what fun was if it hit them in their fat heads.

I've had several people comment about seeing the Angry Birds icon on my PB while doing presentations. It's always the same thing, "is that Angry Birds on a BlackBerry?" Usually followed up with a "I was thinking about getting a PlayBook, what else can I play on it?"

Natually I'm more than happy to demonstrate the PB against my iPad. Which always ends up in a Skype comment to which I simply load up and quickly end that argument.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a must for me and my PB. I know it's just a game, but it's got the recognition power that BlackBerry needs. If I can say, yup it's on the PB now, thus it will be on 'The 10' in a few months.......that could go a long way.

You can't use to video chat with someone on iOS, so it's not really cross platform like Skype.

The thing is...I dont think you can call actual numbers with your not to mentions import your skype contacts. We dont need yet another service - we want to use the subscriptions to the service we already use and pay.

Stop with the "we". "I" dont use Skype, havent in years. Just had ago its simple, fun, free and works so each to their own.

As Skype does have a large user base it would be prudent to look to have it at launch though.

Skype is exclusive to 3UK and Verizon. Now that microsoft got them too, it's up to MICROSOFT/Skype to make their OWN app. Not RIM.

I've tried Angry Birds a few times and I do get why people love it so much even though I've never bought it myself. With that said, I will probably buy the Star Wars version because I am enough of a nerd to justify that.

From the date of launch of BB10, I want to see the App World logo on everything I think I might like to have on my smartphone, right next to the "get it in iTunes" and "get it at the Play Store" logos as well. Why not! I keep reading how easy it is to program with all the tools RIM are giving developers, how Alec is running around the world with teams of engineers looking to land the big fish, so why not us too?

Go into the carrier store, "does this work with BB10" " of course it does" !!!

BB10 or PB, Angry Birds Star Wars has to be on BB's list. This is when the freaking Rimpire Strikes Back. BB users are huge Star Wars fans! We need it, we want it, we deserve it.

I'm playing it on my Samsung tablet. Its fun but ain't no angry birds. You can also get it from Rovio on PC. RIM doesn't have it, there's always a way around that shit.

I don't want Angry Birds on my PB (or BB10) but I have it anyways. The children love it and zillions of other games as well. I don't want Skype on my PB (or BB10) because I think it sucks on PC as well but I would get it if available because overseas clients ask to Skype all the time.

I have 188 apps on my PB. For me (right now) my PB needs at most 12 more apps. I don't care about 200 hundred thousand apps; what I do care about is the 200 apps that i need.

If people can find the apps they want AND the apps they need then BB10 will do well. Computers are going mobile. If you are going to build a mobile computing platform you better have the software available for people to run.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Angry Birds Star Wars is gonna be awesome and Yeah I'd love to see it with the BB10 launch in March 2013.

But my birthday is on November 8, and my wife has a Samsung Galaxy Tab, so I'll be playing it on her tablet on my birthday (and many weeks thereafter) for sure.

Come March 2013 Angry Birds Star Wars will be long beaten and enjoyed, but I will download it on BB10 to see how it plays with BB10 on my WiFi Playbook.

What I really want besides Angry Birds Star Wars on my Playbook with BB10 is Skype. That is something we can all agree on,
Tablets are incredible

You'll never be able to get all to agree but yeah if bb10 wont have skype at launch is not gonna go down well.

Oh Yeah I agree on that one 100%. To say it won't go down well is an understatement, but RIM knows this so they will have them on board. Skype to a smart phone is as important as texting.
Tablets are incredible

My fear is that Skype doesnt want to develop an app for RIM. They could have easy ported the android one on the playbook but they havent done it.

Well yeah but you're talking for BB7 and Playbook 2.1. BB10 is gonna be a whole other ball game and Microsoft knows that.

Additionally Microsoft is feverishly developing a web flash based Skype which is due out soon. They may offer this for (what they consider to be) minor tablets like Playbook.

I'd like to think Playbook is good enough to develop a Skype app for but if they don't, I don't think there's a Playbook fan who would say no to Microsoft's web based flash Skype.
Tablets are incredible

I still doubt it will be there - it should be on Playbook already and it's not there and the OS base is the same.

Wow an Angry Birds hater. So the rumors were true, you guys actually do exsist. You sound like a major tight ass who hates fun. How can you not like Angry Birds? 0_o

Yes, it's important. Not necessarily to have Angry Birds per se, but because of what it means to NOT have Angry Birds; that the developers of one of the most well-known games doesn't consider the PB to be worthy of it's product. While many of us don't want or need to play Angry Birds, it could be a tipping point for other users thinking about coming to the BB platform, or for smaller developers to think, "Well if Rovio can't support it and get behind it, how can we?". Can we live without it? Yes. Can BB10 be taken seriously without it? That's another question...

+1 on your post. Rovio's Angry birds is like a MAJOR game with a billion downloads behind them & theres power in big numbers likt that. Whether you love the game like me or hate it you have to admit having a powerhouse title like that will do RIM a world of good. RIM must have both Angry Birds Star Wars and Skype at launch or all hell is gonna hit the fan.

Rovio is committed to RIM with their full line of Angry Birds games, so its just a matter of time before Angry Birds Star Wars comes to our platform. RIM is 80 million users strong and that's nothing to take lightly
Tablets are incredible

Star Wars just isn't my thing anymore. I've got Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space on PlayBook and that's enough for me.

I have a Samsung Tablet in addition to my Playbook and recently got Angry Birds Bad Piggies. If you can get access to an android tablet to play this game you will retract your post. Its that awesome.

people will sideload a converted app if it doesnt come to the playbook, we all know that. so rvio, get on porting it to the pb or you will lose your jam.

Kevin, before the first phones come out I would like to see a blog on how we (the crackberry community) as well as you personally are going to objectively measure the success of the blackberry 10 launch in the sort term (first 6 months).

Because of the past, and as of right now, I can forsee and invision articles on this site a few weeks after launch (when the first numbers come out) titled such things as "why blackbery 10 phones won't sell well atfirst", "why the sales haven't been as expected yet", "It will take investor confidence and then sales will rise", "why first quater results after launch aren't as high as you might have expected", "After the second gen of blackberry 10 sales will rise", "Blackberry 10.1 update will give blackberry the update it needs for higher sales", etc, etc, etc, etc.

I realize as your passion, business, and source of income it is not in your best interest to post anything negative about RIM or blackberry. But you don't have to post anything negative! Just please post an objective way that the success of the launch can be measured against, and post this BEFORE launch. I do not see anything wrong with this.

Thank you.

If we have to ask these questions in the first place, I feel that it bodes ill for BB10. I'm waiting for BB10, but the more I read, the less I think that the mainstream developers will be adding BB10 versions of their popular Android and iOS apps. They will say 'too much trouble' and 'it's not popular' and other points that we've discussed. But this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I want to use my library's app to access via my 9700 Bold, and use the Starbucks app on that Bold. But neither is available. Nor do I think that mainstream developers and companies will support the BB10 ecosystem. Unless someone out there knows something that we don't...

Wishing and hoping that BB10 is released SOON...

It might not be important to us. But having apps that are on other platforms, is VERY important.

For BB10 to be successful. Major apps no matter how redundant they may seem to us. HAS to be there.

That's what the average consumer looks at. Apps. That's what it all comes down to, to be successful. Apps.

Although I am not personally interested in Angry Birds (whichever iteration), it does need to be available for BB10, along with other major titles if they hope to be competitive. I want the option to get an app, regardless of whether or not I actually would use it.

+1 but having the option of getting an Android app available the day it comes out for Android and IOS means having FULL Android support on BB10 so we can fore go this garbage of app makers having to specially prepare an app for Playbook. Hope BB10 does this, or its gonna be the same old sob story for Playbook getting the newest Android apps which is, sorry RIM wait till we port it over to you in a few months.
Tablets are incredible

I am also against angry birds. But I am a little more polite about it. I just find it a stupid, useless game that gets in the way of getting things done. If I have gaming time time, I have a PC with Civilization 4, Rome+Napoleon Total War, and Super Smash Bros Brawl on it. My phone is for communication and productivity, not gaming. And after all, it had BrickBreaker (a far better game than angry birds) on it as a default.

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

Like it or not, these are the exact things BB10 needs to compete and stay alive. I have played Angry Birds twice in my life, do not even own it. But understand that all these kinds of apps are a must.

It is the sorry state of modern tech consumerism that an app such as angry birds would take precedence over important things such as keyboard quality and battery life...

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

I really don't care about angry-birds (no disreapect to anyone devs or fans)! What I will like to see is a "True Star-Wars Game" on the PlayBook, lightsaber action, space dogfight and the ability to use the Force... Now you are talking about a game!

Picture a Star Wars Battlefront on the Playbook... now that I might actually buy...

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

Angry birds has over a billion downloads to its credit which makes its a giant like Skype. BB10 must make sure they have monster apps like this at launch or BB10 will flop.
Tablets are incredible

BlackBerry should quickly develop "Triple Balance" for BB10.

-1st part of the phone should be dedicated to those people who do. (RIM)
-2nd part for the casual users (Android )
-3rd part for those that just have so much time to kill that all they do is play with apps and get nothing done. People without a life that somehow get money to purchase apps. (iOS)

If all 3 parts are combined on one phone everyone will flock to BB10. It's really that easy!

I'm sure everyone can figure out where they can shove the Angry Bird Star Wars game.

Angry Birds coming to PB OS quickly would reinforce the platform's relevance and porting ease to consumers and other developers, but personally, if 20th Century Fox (Rupert Murdoch) gets a red cent, It falls under my total News Corp. boycott, so no AB Star Wars (or Rio) for me.

So judging by the results its the same old boring Blackberry everyone wants?! And you wonder why the company is in trouble its not the product as much as it is you not wanting to evolve! You probably want the keyboard forever when the future is voice control! Oh well RIP RIM...

Of course you need a keyboard. Voice control is for idiots who don't believe in privacy or security. Do you really want to sit on a plain or train and be dictating your email along side everyone else.......

As for the results it is not about evolution it is about consumerism. See I dont find MY BlackBerry boring, in fact I dont know any BB users who do, Especially my friends who have hearing and/or speech impediments (voice control is no good to them either). No I have not had a salesperson sell me my BB and I am sick and tired of the conversation:

A: Nice "Phone" what made you buy that?
B: Oh its great its got loads of apps
A: Cool, What apps did you buy it for?
B: Oh I dont know its got loads. Its got Angry Birds and a good camera.

I have quickly reduced my number of "friends" based on this conversation.

Dont get me wrong other "phones" have great features. Angry birds is not a feature and it is certainly not a sign of technical evolution.

That said, due to the insane number of people who do think like that Angry Bird needs to be on the list, at least for now.

Rip you for not being able to appreciate what RIM offers or makes. If it's so BORING to you, switch and be done with it.

Oh and I let out a LOOOONNGGG fart while I wrote this, right into your FACE.

Whether you love or hate Angry Birds, not having it on current OS or on BB10 is just bad news for RIM. This will feed right into the perception that BlackBerry is "so yesterday". RIM has to have the same offerings that the other platforms have and then some, because of their delicate position.

BB10? What are you talking about. It doesn't matter if you like it or not. This is more symbolic than any other thing.

PlayBook on launch date. Come on RIM, we cannot be left behind. That's how the game is played these days.

I'd like it see it on the Playbook, just to have more games to choose from. Angry Birds isn't too expensive and is fun to play on the go. The Star Wars theme will be interesting to see (unless it's just a reskin of ABS)

to me its not about whether bb10 can be nothing without it. for me it should be there because its a sign that the big names, the big developers are taking an interest in the platform, which is exactly what RIM are trying to do by building a strong ecosystem. So yes, it should be there on bb10, but not because your nothing without angry birds.

its also more good quality games.. One thing i have loved seeing in the playbook is the increasing amount of really good games (game types youd see on the competitors) i dont wanna play 50 versions of fall down where the ball drops through a hole.... i wanna play good games.. and i wanna see a lot of them in the app world.. same with applications... i dont wnna see 100 different BMI calculators!

Dont really care....I bought the iPad3 cause I was tired of waiting for Skype and Netflix etc....I travel a lot so the ipad is great for Facetiming the kids and watching movies on the plane and at my hotel room.

All games on fun stuff are on my iPad the Playbook is used strictly for business...but I keep finding new apps for the iPad that are more business related. BlackBerry better deliver soon or I am sure they will lose a lot more business users!

Highly doubt they'll be losing any business customers. You forgot that MICROSOFT and SKYPE have to make their OWN app. Netflix has to make THEIR OWN app. Same for others that haven't MADE THEIR OWN APPS for the Playbook and Blackberry Smartphones.

Don't blame it on RIM.

Well I guess it should be important to attract those that are addicted to the game. But seriously George Lucas....damn, everyone is cashing in. It's one thing seeing Angry Birds kids bday party stuff, costumes, etc, but this? So I guess the next game will be the Zombie version. Cause you know every bloody game on the planet requires a zombie mode.

Angry Birds is a great time consumer especially at hme, airport, during flight or anywhere you are free to play it. I enjoy it but for me its not critical its there during the launch.

What i wonder is why on earth is it free on the galaxy and ipad but on the BBPB you have to pay it? This sucks.

The shadowgun offer for was great and i got to know a new game with great graphics although
im sure not for the whole family. Im sure RIM can surprise us.

Hey Adam,

Next poll can you just include options for 'Not interested' or 'couldn't care less'?

Stuff like BB10 is for doers (Jesus Adam, seriously?) is just stupid imo (unless the poll is a joke or whatever) I normally wouldn't say anything but I have seen a poll or five that always want to attach a qualifier. (tools not toys type things) Whatever happened to OMG Yes/Not sure/Not a Chance

@Adam Zeis
The "reasons" behind each answer give too narrow of a definition to each answer.

My answer is "it is not important," however I do no agree with the statement that people "who do" are not gamers. These two groups are not mutually exclusive.

Games likes this are not important per se but they will play a critical role on determining how the platform is perceived. So, Angry Birds Star Wars in totally unimportant to me but it is very important to the perceived success of the BB10 platform.

BB10 will need "big name" apps and games in order to appease a whole bunch of extremely (and this cannot be overstate) sceptical tech analysis/reviewers/editors.

I think it's a fun franchise, and Bad Piggies shows that Rovio isn't just a one-trick pony.

BlackBerry 10 is going to live or die (I think) on the strength of messaging. That being said, it will be a very hard uphill battle for BlackBerry 10 if they don't get all the apps when the other three ecosystems get them. In the end, if people can't jump onto App World and download the newest whizz-bang app or game, it'll be a hard sell to get converts from other platforms.

the fact that this app may not be important to most of you isn’t the point, the point is in order to compete with two platforms that have huge app catalogs and yes 90% of them are fluff and meaningless- but none the less in order to get people to switch you have to be more than just the standard BB apps

Yes blackberry does, but it won’t if people don’t buy it...

I completely agree. It is crucial that whenever some app is launched and the poster/banner/commercial states that it is available on iOS and Android, the name of Blackberry is also mentioned. For most people who know little about smartphones there are only two choices iOS and Android – for the simple reason that they do not know that there are other choices as well. Blackberry must target all audiences it can – iPhone and Android phones are in the hands of both businessmen and children as well. I do not think a 6-year old kid would be sold on BBM. A niche product will never get huge sales because it has very narrow target audience. Blackberry must become a hit and find itself in pockets and hands of as many people it can in all age groups.
The perfect future for Blackberry will be when adds for new apps and games say something like – the new voice and gesture powered Angry Birds Mega Super 9000 available on Blackberry today and coming soon on Android (voice and gesture control available only on select models) and iOS (voice and gesture control not supported).