Angry Birds Space now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Angry Birds Space
By Bla1ze on 10 Apr 2012 02:25 am EDT

If you've been impatiently waiting to see whether or not Rovio would release Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook we have some good news, they have. You can grab the gravity defying version from BlackBerry App World right now for your PlayBook and here are some of the things you can expect:

  • 60 interstellar levels!
  • Regular free updates!
  • Brand new birds!
  • Brand new superpowers!
  • Zero-gravity space adventures!
  • Trick shots using planets' gravity!
  • Hidden bonus levels!
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds! 

Just like all previous versions of Angry Birds available in BlackBerry App World, this one will set you back $4.99. Yes, I know -- don't shoot the messenger. You'll find the download link below, if Angry Birds is your thing. 

EDIT: Looks like someone at RIM jumped the gun here. It was showing available in BlackBerry App World and now -- poof! It has disappeared. I guess we know it's coming though.

Purchase Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Angry Birds Space now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Strange that searching for it in App World shows only the 1st 3, but if you click the link CrackBerry provides it takes you there. I'm afraid to make the purchase and then not get the download only to have to pay again. Has anyone tried it?

If nothing its good to see the big developers building for App world. RIM needs to keep adding on apps but they will never be able to get the big apps (at the time onto BB) The advantage that IOS has over RIM is that so many people have Iphones and theyre so easily used to play with friends. BB10 will need to replicate this because by the time BB got Angry birds it was getting old, draw something is in but for how long?

If RIM can create a user experience that allows for intermodel play then the apps will take of.

Just my 2 cents

I've already played through it on a different platform, but I'll buy it for my PlayBook too. I liked the new spin on the game, the new birds are fun, and 5 bucks isn't really that much for a game you'll play for hours. Plus the kids will play it too. Woohoo!

yes this is cool, but maybe an update to AB Seasons to bring it up to par with other platforms would be cool for current customers too, i mean we are talking $5 after all.

I'm pretty pleased about this. Based on how long it took for the original, I wasn't expecting to see Space for a long time. The original must have done pretty well. Let's hope that the apps keep rolling in, a snowball effect would be great.

in Washington state and not able to buy it. says it's no longer available. am I missing something?

marketing victim!

Meh...I don't want rovio's leftovers especially if they are charging for em. And I won't buy Angry Birds Ocean, Angry Birds vs. Aliens, or Angry Birds: Anger Management when they come out months after being released on ios and android.

I think you need some Anger Management! In no way is this "leftovers" from Rovio. Dont forget that they just developed Angry Birds for PB (a whole new OS). They probably have a dedicated team that was working hard for months to bring the original/RIO/Seasons to the PB while their other development teams were working on Space. You cant expect miracles to happen when other dev teams had a major head start...Also they JUST released Angry Birds for PB 3 months ago. It's bad business to release a whole new iteration of the game within a couple months because they likely wont get any more sales on the original/RIO/Seasons versions.

Angry Birds Space was released March 22 across other OS's. By my count that's 19 days! Hardly "months after being released on ios and android".

I didn't know stating my opinion waranted me needing anger management :p I'm just saying rovio released space to pretty much every other OS except the PlayBook. And it's not really a new OS to them if they already made 2 other games 3 months ago like you said. I don't expect miracles, I expect rovio to take the PlayBook seriously and make the game available on release day. I doubt a bagazillion dollar company can't make that happen. But in the end it's just my opinion. And by my original post I obviously exaggerate things XD

Yeah in the UK I'm getting the message 'The application you requested is no longer available'

Come OOOOON!!! Desperate to play this!!!

it's nice that they released for Playbook, i'm gonna use my Playbook for games from now on, moving to ipad for the professional apps though :)
It's so nice to have both.

well, seems it's been pulled out from the appworld.. no longer available as yet. BUT i believe, it will be back & ready for download very2 soon!


Also, it's funny to watch. You see people being extremely pathetic in the forums over this one, speculating, but when it actually shows up, they move on to bitch about the slight inconvenience that it can't be purchased THIS SECOND. So the people who bitched in the forums, are likely bitching still - EVEN THOUGH THEIR PRECIOUS APP IS HERE!

I've played this on PC and I thoroughly enjoy the concept over the other titles!

Well it feels good to know that they intend to release it for the playbook soon so we aren't left out again this time

go rovio!! thanks. however, i'm not sure i may buy it. i bought angry birds and angry birds rio... i'm kinda bored of them.

Angry Birds: Space is actually both wonderful and difficult, along with being a fresh approach to the existing platform. Try it out - trust me!

are they updating seasons and rio too?

i mean, you pay $5 for space, but you know it will never get the updates once they have your money. look at how well they've supported the other 'birds' games.

if i see updates to the other games, i will buy this one, but not before.

Great that it is coming out, however it is sad that the price is way higher than iOS. I'm hoping that as BB10 phones are out, and the QNX based device pool grows that the prices for apps like this get more in line with iOS pricing.

If I remember right this happened with Plants vs Zombies as well. They released it early in the morning on accident and then dropped it officially in the afternoon.

Waiting for this game as well as it seems intriguing with the physics aspect, but give it until this afternoon I'd say.

Yes. One can hope thats the case here. I'll go one step further and say it would be nice if they did an introduction price of 99 cents and the have the regular price only $2.99.

free on Android market....why pay for something when you can get it free. It seems RIM is trying to bring apps to the AppWorld but expensive apps that are free on other platforms are not really what consumers want.
I went to Android, can't wait for BB 10 to hopefully come back. Truth is that the apps make a platform these days in the consumer market. It doesn't matter that the OS is perfect, if there is no app support, it is doomed.

I don't think that the price has to do with RIM the same way the price of goods on eBay has nothing to do with eBay. I haven't checked the price for this game on the Android Market but for iOS it cost $.99 which means that they can sell this game to a very small portion of the iOS user base on and still make several million dollars, easily. For the PlayBook and our small community of owners they would have to make sure every single person buys it in order for them to make 2 million dollars (assuming they would have gone with the $.99 price point)... That is one of the reasons why prices vary, among other things.

BTW, Angry Birds Space Premium costs $.99 on the Android MarketPlace. My assumption is that the PB one is also the premium one. So just go along with the same reason I gave above and change iOS to Android (they both have a high number of users)

You have to compare it with the HD version which is $2.99 on the ipad and the android tablets.

The "HD" version for tablets is NOT free on Android. It is cheaper, $3 instead of $5. But that is Rovio's decision. They probably have to sell it for a bit more to make their profits since there are fewer users on the Playbook.

I'll gladly pay $5. Why? Because I don't want an iPad or an Android tablet, and $5 is nothing for a game that i'll spend hours playing (over the course of time).

I love how people come to CRACKBERRY to bitch and complain about the prices of App World apps! This is a BlackBerry fansite! if you do not realize that RIM is in serious financial trouble which is probably most of the reason why we are charged 4.99 an app then you probably aren't that much of a BB fan to begin with! If RIM charged 6.99 an app I'd pay for it (despite my meager salary) BECAUSE I'M A LOYAL FAN OF THE COMPANY AND DO NOT WANT TO SEE THEM IN BANKRUPTCY COURTS! If your not a loyal fan of BB and your on this site bitching then your just a troll with too much time on their hands so please go log onto iWhore or HemorrhoidCentral and let us be fans of our product (s).

Long Live The RIMpire!!!

RIM is in serious financial trouble? You would pay 3 times the price for a good app because your a BlackBerry fan? That's just crazy! As stated early on in this post, the main reason apps in BlackBerry App World cost more is because there is a way smaller percentage of people on BlackBerry compared to ios & android. The less people buying apps the more devs are going to charge. There are so many more people on ios & android that devs can charge very little & still make a ton of money. If they didn't charge more on BlackBerry App World it wouldn't even be worth it for them to develop for BlackBerry. That's why I believe alot of devs aren't developing for BlackBerry. It's unfortunate, but some people are leaving BlackBerry for other platforms because of the lack of apps, and at the same time devs aren't developing for BlackBerry because there isn't enough people supporting BlackBerry and buying apps.
I understand your a BlackBerry fan and so am I. But to say your willing to pay 3 times the normal price for apps is a bit crazy. Despite the terrible press and the horrible stocks, RIM is far from bankruptcy, have no debt, and believe it or not still bring in a profit. what RIM needs to do and is doing is focus on BB10 and make some awesome hardware to help get the fan base coming back. Once again the bigger the fan base the more likely devs will support & develop for BlackBerry.

Hmmm, financial trouble???? The only financial trouble with RIM is their stock holders lol. The stock is painfully low but RIM is many things but in financial trouble is the last. Financially it is probably one of the best companies in the world. They don't carry a debt and have cash reserves. They are still actively buying companies and patents.

Anyhow the price of an app has NOTHING to do with RIM, it is the dev's decision for the price. If the PB does in fact get the full version of the game then I'm fine with an extra $2 but I have the versions people say you need to keep buying levels on on iOS. My 3 AB games have never made me pay more for extras except the eagle. So IMO on the PB we should be charged the same.

I support RIM but I'm not going to be buying anything overpriced just because a dev feels like price gouging.

I should point out that on the iPhone (which I have), Angry Birds Space costs $0.99. However, you only get some of the levels and you have to keep paying to get more. I haven't bought the game but the reviews are full of angry people says hat do not want to continue paying. I don't own a Playbook (yet), but for $4.99 I'm going to assume that it's the full game.

I will pay for every popular game that will appear in playbook even if the price is doubled compared to android and iOS version. We playbook user need to understand that we have small quantity compared to both android and iOS devices, so we are not so profitable as compared to iOS ad android platform.

If we can assure to every developer that we are willing to buy their apps even if the price is doubled then we might attract them to create apps for us. We don't have much option playbook users, so don't ask for more. for me,

I will pay as much as 3x of the original price for every popular games that will appear in appworld as long as the app is still popular.

I don't know if anyone else knows but roughly a month ago, the "Official Blackberry" page on Facebook said that Fruit Ninja (the real one made by halfbrick studios, not the cheap crappy immitation of fruit and ninja) was available to download on both the Blackberry Playbook and OS7, however, it was taken down really fast shortly after. And now, the same problem with Angry Birds Space. The only thing I can think of that RIM did this is so they can release both games together for the Blackberry Playbook 1 year annivarsary which is coming on April 19 I believe. Hopefully on that day, I can get myself two great games I've really been anticipating

Just my .02 but it might not be fully available because it is waiting for the next big OS update which would lead to believe is right around the corner if games are starting to show in App world then disappear just as fast.

Just saying. Either way a couple more days "shouldn't kill anyone. :-).

Crackon everyone!

The tablet version of Angry Birds Space is $3.99 on iOS and an additional 0.99 to unlock the last chapter as an in-app payment. So, same price it would appear.

For giggles I just tried this link again.. The price shows $2.99 but still gives the same error as before.. Common Rovio.. Please release this game already... I am waiting for it, even if somewhat patiently...