Angry Birds Space floats onto BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 30 May 2013 02:50 pm EDT

If you're an Angry Birds fan you'll be happy to know that you can now get your zero-gravity on with your Z10 and Q10. Angry Birds Space is now available for BlackBerry 10 devices and features all of the Angry Bird-ish goodness you've come to know and love.

Now you can head into space to take on the evil space pigs in over 170 levels with plenty of free updates to come.

The new version also features a kicked-up theme song by Slash that you won't want to miss. 

Features include:

  • 170 interstellar levels!
  • Regular free updates!
  • Brand new birds!
  • Brand new superpowers!
  • Zero-gravity space adventures!
  • Trick shots using planets' gravity!
  • Hidden bonus levels!
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

Best of all it's just $0.99 for both devices so you can have loads of fun for just a buck. 

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Space floats onto BlackBerry 10


I'm happy that good games are coming out for BB10. I enjoyed the 'starwars' version and am excited to try out 'space'.

Angry Birds Space is my favourite Angry Birds game! I've been using some Android side-loads but I'll happy to pay $0.99 for the official version (with free updates).

Just when I thought Rovio couldn't do much more with their Angry Birds franchise, they pulled out Angry Birds Space. A nice twist to the franchise game. Albeit a bit late in getting here, I'm glad to see it makes its way onto BB10. Better a bit late than never.

Yeah, it was the star wars one I got. Didn't realize this is different. I'll have to get it.

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I love when Game Posts have a Q10 picture :) lets me know Q10 is gonna be good for gaming too!

I agree, seeing in-demand games working on the Q10 means high profile developers are acknowledge the 720x720 device and it works! This is great news.

Maybe but I don't think anyone can deny that the optimal experience for a game like Angry Birds is on a widescreen like on the Z10.

I was quite happy to see aspects of Space in Star Wars. Played through space on my Playbook and quite enjoyed it.

For those wondering, they are not giving it away for free for prior Playbook purchasers. But really, whats a $1 for a game this good.

I have been using the HD PlayBook version for a while now. Didn't even remember it was a sideloaded version.

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Actually, AB Star Wars is the newest entry to the AB franchise.
Space has been around for a year or two on other platforms, including BB PlayBook.

This is how you CB10, son!

lolololol its funny cuz there is no reviews for it on my z10 but 1 review from the q10 in the picture above

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Only a buck. Got it. The games and apps just keep'a coming. And some idiot companies think their app won't do good on a BlackBerry. The company shall remain nameless.

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Blast. I've been telling people one of the good things about BB10 was that there was only one Angry Birds game and that I was getting more stuff done! I am undone!
Please don't bring Bad Piggies.

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Fantastic! Downloaded already as my 5 year old hogs the PlayBook. Now, please give us Rio and the original and I'm a happy bunny...

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Sadly, no.
I found 'space' to be the least entertaining of the series. Might skip buying this twice. Although, i like having cool icons on my z10 to show off....

Will this game be like Cut the Rope where if we buy it on PlayBook we can get it free on the Z10/Q10?

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okay guys lets not confuse star wars from space. they are 2, i repeat 2 separate games... space is the 99c that just came out and star wars is the free angry birds from a long time ago.

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If we get Tango and Voxer I'll be happy...forget the games let's get some utilities... This is BlackBerry not ifag

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I'm bored of angry bird games lol...bad piggies is better, plus a lot of other games.

It will sell like hell though.

Why's it taking so long for the angry birds apps to be released? Surely it would make more sense to launch all of them giving people more choice.

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It's so annoying how they change the name so the app name doesn't match the one on the playbook so you you can't download it for free cuz you already bought it....

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