New update to Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook brings new planets to conquer

Angry Birds Space
By Michelle Haag on 10 May 2012 05:09 am EDT

Though just released for the BlackBerry PlayBook a little over 2 weeks ago, Angry Birds Space has already received an update. Version 1.1 adds a new level called Fry Me To the Moon which will be a welcome addition for those of us that have already played through the first 2 levels. This update also includes a couple of minor changes to the layout of the menu, namely rearranging the planets and unveiling a bit more of the teaser image marked "Coming Soon".

Rumor has it that maybe the Simpsons will somehow tie into a new Angry Birds game, and we can't help but think of Homer when we see that pink frosted donut poking out of the brown wrapper in that teaser image. What do you guys think? Coincidence, or a fairly obvious hint? Let us know in the comments below, and if you don't already have Angry Birds Space on your PlayBook, you can grab it at the link below for just $2.99. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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New update to Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook brings new planets to conquer


It be cool if u can play angry birds in the simpsons world/town.. and play on diff. stages like homers house, burns manor, moes bar, springfields school, etc..

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san diego, california
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yea why not - RIM got blamed for everything - and I mean everything - so why can't they now get all the positive for a change :-)

Nice to See the fairly quick updates. Not sure about your cyclical reasoning on the Simpsons tie in though. The linked "rumor" is based on the pink donut from the update. So you can't really say rumor + donut = possible Simpsons tie-in; that's a bit misleading.
Anyway, I think it's a coincidence. Google the Simpsons donut an you'll see that they always use the same donut in everything. It's pink with colored sprinkles while the AB one has white sprinkles. Consistency is important to properties like Simpsons, so almost guarantee it's a coincidence.

Never was an Angry Birds fan until Space. Great fun. Recently added that, Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled to my Playbook games and its making for some fun times, especially with other people playing too. Now for some Words with Friends??

And who doesn't love the Simpsons?