Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available (Yes, for real this time)

Angry Birds Space
By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2012 08:56 am EDT

Yes you read that right, and this time we're serious. Unlike the botched psuedo-release a few weeks back, Angry Birds Space is now officially available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The latest in the Angry Birds series brings you to outer space where you have to fight gravity in addition to the green pigs. Features include:

  • 60 interstellar levels!
  • Regular free updates!
  • Brand new birds!
  • Brand new superpowers!
  • Zero-gravity space adventures!
  • Trick shots using planets' gravity!
  • Hidden bonus levels!
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

Angry Birds Space is available now for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World. Head to the link below to download.

More information/Download Angry Birds Space

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Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available (Yes, for real this time)



For real!? We get Angry Birds Space.. .
While tomorrow the PS Vita gets Skype incl. HD video support....
And the people from Skype are saying to not have any interest in Skype for PB.

Why on earth make support for a handheld console and forget about the million+ and counting PB users. And lets not forget the million+ future BB10 users. SIGH....

If only I was blinded with love for the darkside (iOS & Android).

One less thing for people to say :"The Playbook does not have".... reason RIM is in trouble is that no matter what they do.... people complain..... Met their OS target.... upped the amount of apps.... ( may not like the quality but they are coming ) seems to be on track for BB10.... ready to release 4G Playbook.....Have released many bb10 dev tools...... but no.... Your device does not have want so.......RIM's tombstome will say " yah... but it does not have this!!!".... time for users to grow up a bit.....

I wasn't sure what to expect! I do know that when I read the topic last night about making sure to have your playbooks charged....I wasn't thinking of a damn Angry Bird game. Come on...Really? who gives a damn? We need key apps(skype, netflix, caranddriver, etc or something similar. Can someone please tell me what's going on with all of this rubbish?

I agree, Just bringing angry birds game won't make the playbook successful. Be real and competitive with other tablets. Core apps are far important than games. Who are the Playbook users? RIM should not forget the professionals and business people. We do not play games but we do use the email, calender and contacts. Why can't they make the native calender, contacts to work first. Because of focusing on cosmetic looks and features, RIM has lost its market value from over 100 bucks to a mere 12 bucks now. They need to hurry up and work on the core issues rather than pussy-footing with games and puzzles.
* I have been a blackberry use for the past 13 years and I know what is important.

If someone think we are rim haters too bad. As i said earlier, i have been using blackberry for 13 years and I have grown up with blackberry. Please wake up and grow up you do not need games and puzzles on your playbook but solid apps. If the users still do not wake up and demand what you want, then RIM will be a history like Nortel.
I am still having a hope that RIM would listen to their core customers not the kids who wants to play games.

Maybe next time he should prefix his comment with a "Hey Game players',..... Would've cut down the amount of speculation and disappointment

Get your Playbooks ready!! so much excitement!!!

wait for it...wait for it!!!!....


Whooppddeeee f****** do.

To be fair, more than a few were waiting for better games to start hitting the PB. They need to muzzle that game guy from RIM and get an intern to tweet for him, as his sense of proportion is a little off. He hyped it like it was a cure for cancer.

I don't think the frustration really had to do at all with Angry Birds. I think it has to do with the fact that we've been waiting for the Playbook to reach its full potential and any surprises we sit at the edge of our seat. I do understand why everybody is frustrated but at the same time the bitterness needs to end. The guy from the gaming department says "surprise" then its a good chance it has to do with a game, not Skype or netflix.

My god, what a bunch of bitches. You all should be grateful anybody is pouring time and effort into a tablet with as little market share as the playbook.

At least we got something! Better than nothing, hopefully this will encourage others to develop on BB. I hope they make the comeback most are saying wont happen and that they are gonna continue to make great hardware :)

I'm sorry but this is not an App to be excited for. With the Tweet I was expecting something actually exciting maybe apps that we already don't have like maybe words with friends instagram etc. Rimm has been disappointing me for a while. It's hard to stick with a company that has given nothing but disappointment. I would like apps that I can use business wise as well as games. Until Rimm gets out of this rut I don't think I can stick by their side.

Leave it to the feckless morons that populate Crackberry to misconstrue a tweet from RIM's gaming head as some kind of massive announcement that'll extraordinarily impact the tablet's future. And then cry when it when it doesn't meet their own high expectations.

The game is fun, by the way. Eat a grilled dick sandwich, you dorks.

Haha yaytoast. I agree with you. I said the same thing. Except maybe they should eat a sour sardine sandwich instead of the, you know, grilled D one? :)

I got the playbook for a few reasons, it is the only tablet that has an OS (going somewhere) to actually allow a need, i stress it again, a NEED to have.. as a real replacement for a laptop & etc. It along with WebOS are the only tablets that understand touch & how to multitask & not automatically shut down an important app for the sake of "simplicity" when another app is launched. The Playbook also works well with a keyboard & gestures if employed because of the way you navigate the system. Also its size, the size is perfect... never make something the size of the iPad. So many get excited about the iPad & argue its more mobile... mind you before they actually own one & when they finally do, it sits a home & assists them with TV or netflix or ... a game console or... nothing at all.

If everyone keeps looking at tablets through an Apple lens.. it will only lead to the product's demise. The iPad vs the real tablets of yesterday is that it is riding a wave, better known as a fad. Before anyone gets their undies in a twist, a fad is a very profitable place to be... while it lasts. Countless iPad owners say the same, they get for Christmas or got one because everyone else has one, or that it is simply cool. There are a few exceptions, a few.

So RIM, take us to the next level. Use the power of QNX and make the playbook a need to have device, not a fashion statement. I see so many spending so much time & capital on things that are driven by the "that's so 5 mins ago" demographic. There is no Post PC, the current crop of tablets have a lot of maturing to do & will eventually become a device comparable to a desktop/laptop but by that time the iPads & others as you know them will be radically different devices, serving a different demographic & the rest of the uses will be fragmented to their own niches. Meanwhile all i hear is "well tablets will be the future" blah blah. The form factor may carry but again it will serve a very different purpose adding all the complexities back into it & making use of productive human input. The question then becomes for those that like that argument, how many sets of $500 does one spend waiting for the future?

In the meantime, RIM make my investment in the playbook count... so far OS 2, a big improvement & i love the communication between the playbook & my blackberry.

too long... but I DID read ;)
thanks, its good to see a smart post in the middle of all this bashing.

There's no need, I suppose, to be irritated. The big BB conference is coming up, and rumor has it there will be making a *huge* announcement: a dedicated MySpace app! Release expected Autumn 2015, so we'll have it by 2017 for sure!


Who The F Cares about Angry $%^&*( Birds. I mean serioulsy. If all I wanted my PB for was games it'd be awesome. Get me some real apps BB.

This was awesome. RIM were faster at getting a very important app and at a great price as well.these are good signs. Now they just have to update the previous 3 and everything will be fine. Progress has been made and it's showing everyday.

That's what I'm going to take away with this. Was I really interested in Angry Birds? No, but not releasing it on the Playbook would've been a far more ominous sign. It would've meant no one cared about developing apps for Blackberry. This way, you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and have hope things will get better. And take this as a point, developers watch and see how each others apps do on a platform. If they see everyone bashing on this game, why would Netflix or Skype bring their apps to the party? If they see enough people buy the game, then maybe they'll think it's worth the effort.

so its not free like on my droid phone?
thank good for side loading of free games then. (flips the bird at BB market).

I was done with space 5 days after it came out.
If its free on one platform why not on another?
And if you don't want adds don't play on 4g or wifi.

Thanks RIM and Rovio. This will now be my first Angry Birds game on my Playbook. I have no idea what people are disappointed or mad about. Go have a beer. Cheers.

No way to give copies away. In order to do so, developers would need to add you to the sandbox of their BB App World account and well.. Ahh.. nevermind. Long and short of it is, it's not ideal and most won't do it.

I did not buy my Playbook to play games so this is not really a "big deal" for me although I can understand why it would be a big thing for the Playbook.

Am not a hard core gamer but am not gonna bash ABS for Playbook. Hoping for concrete news about BB10 next month to keep me in the RIMPIRE!