Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available (Yes, for real this time)

Angry Birds Space
By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2012 08:56 am EDT

Yes you read that right, and this time we're serious. Unlike the botched psuedo-release a few weeks back, Angry Birds Space is now officially available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The latest in the Angry Birds series brings you to outer space where you have to fight gravity in addition to the green pigs. Features include:

  • 60 interstellar levels!
  • Regular free updates!
  • Brand new birds!
  • Brand new superpowers!
  • Zero-gravity space adventures!
  • Trick shots using planets' gravity!
  • Hidden bonus levels!
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

Angry Birds Space is available now for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World. Head to the link below to download.

More information/Download Angry Birds Space

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Angry Birds Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available (Yes, for real this time)



Not sure why they didn't release this at BB World, at least the media is going to be SOMEWHAT covering that event. This company doesn't understand the concept of an announcement.

At least that. Because there are better games you can get that are much cheaper than any of Rovio's...

Sorry this was the wonderful news? Phff...

The good thing about all this is that RIM kept a secret (about the release) and released it within 12 hours of mentioning it and at a competitive price with other OS's. Let's keep in mind that the previous versions did cost 60% more for us than this version and were 400% more than the competitors. This is good news to me!!!!!

Good game at on par price... Isn't that a step forward?

But it was without explanation, Push/Pull. This time someone gave a hint and it exceeded my expectations (atleast price wise). I apologize in advance if you expected RIM to offer an app that will do your job for you. Maybe for the next update!

A month is late? considering how long it takes for other releases... you kidding right? and free? the premium version isn't free in any of the Platforms...

I'm excited that they are adding to their games portfolio for the playbook but seriously I think the hype was overdone.

Are you disappointed that this game is on the Playbook? Are you angry that RIM "allowed" this? The hype about this release was entirely self-induced by us, and a single vague tweet from a RIM exec.

Please, don't try to be rational. The same people that whined that Angry Birds wasn't on the Playbook and the same people that whined that it cost $4.99, now must whine about something new.

Stupid people need to say stupid things. You'll never be able to change that.

old news knew this was coming anyway, not gonna buy it although nice app... Was hoping for a more different game like templerun or draw something even words with friends.

Don't get me wrong, games are nice and all but can we got some apps really worth talking about? Enough with the child's play. Smh

This is very much off topic, but "NO"...not "+4 million". Not "+1000". Not "+2000". "+1" is a legitimate way of saying "I agree". You don't represent 4 million other opinions. Of even 1000.

People that say "+1000", "+4 million", or the inevitable conclusion "+ infinity" are no different than the idiots that use "lol" in place of a period.

Understand what you're typing. Before you type it.

I think people are disappointed because of the tweet last night of something good happening today, for most everyone already new this was coming before the tweet. Thus this is really not tweet worthy information for the masses, when the company is not doing that well...

Why not? Hes the head a gaming. Sure everyone knew it was coming. Everyone bitched when it wasnt released right away. Excuse them for thinking people wanted the game after they bitched about wanting it.

As the head of gaming hes probably pretty happy to have helped bring this to PB.

some people are born negative they have that DNA in them.

so the Head of Gaming says he has a surprise for everyone and RIM releases a new game, what were these Trolls expecting? Skype? or that soon to be bankrupt Netflix?

understood and I agree with what you are saying however, I think in this situation if he mentioned nothing at all it would have been released today and there would be no negative comments, as it was already known that it was coming and there are so many other things that RIM customer's are looking out for, especially with them already having so much negative press as it is.

Indeed, one thing the head of gaming shouldn't talk about is the arrival of new levels for the most popular mobile gaming franchise. He should have said nothing at all so people could bitch about how RIM doesn't promote their products.

People are upset for a few reasons:

1. They didn't spot the 2001 quote
2. They ignored the guy's job title
3. They let themselves get hyped by sites like CB.

While this app showing up was not worth a major announcement, the simply fact of the matter is that there wasn't any kind of hyping, official announcement or anything like that from blackberry, there was just one little tweet from the head of gamin on appworld who was probably quite glad to see this big name game turning up.

Personally, I hope that CB as a site learns from this situation and doesn't go completely overboard next time as their hyping and overreaction have caused a backlash for Rim that they in no way deserve.

Hey, This is not a RIM announcement. Just media made it a RIM hype. It was just another employees personal opinion. He is not a spokesperson for anyone , just another RIM developer who fascinates about his work product.

His twitter account says that.
Head of Gaming Category @ Research in Motion. 13 years CEO&founder of producing & designing desktop, console and mobile games. **Views are my own!**

Great that we've finally got this game, it is another big release to come to the PlayBook, but I've got to say I'm pretty disappointed that this was the big surprise.

Was hoping for something a little more surprising.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Keep them coming...


I guess if this floats your boat (or spaceship), it was worth waiting for. Not me, I like the free Frisbee game. At least you can get some exercise playing it.

True that, djbarro. I can't figure out how to get a good spin on the PB, though. And my dog keeps putting teeth marks on the case.
Oh, wait. You're talking about an APP??

YYYYYYAAAAAAWWWWWNNNN... The positive sign is that the developer thinks enough of the platform to build the game for it. For anyone over the age of twelve though who really cares?

What noise? One guy, the head of PB GAMING division basically says a game is gonna drop.

Not sure why anyone would expect anything else to happen?

All what noise, one guy made one tweet that was relevant to his area of concern, not an official announcement or hyping with the latter being entirely the fault of CB.

Entirely? Lol. We reported it as we should have. We asked what people thought it would be, imaginations ran wild. There was a reason we highlighted Anders job details and what, exactly he said -- the clues were all there for anyone who could get over the fact it was neither Netlfix or Skype.

AB Space premium costs .99 cents for Android. If you consider that free then I will see your picture in the news after going inside a. 99 cent store and pocketing all the "free" stuff.

It's also the same $2.99 for the Kindle Fire. My mother bought it on hers last week. Now my father and I can get it for our PlayBooks :) And like others have said, it was said something wonderful from the head of RIM Gaming and after the leak what else would it have been? I'm just saying, price is right (fair at least) people wanted it and now (after the leak)here it is.

The game that everyone said they didn't want in the other blog post. Honestly, a lot of hype for nothing. Everyone should have expected this would be coming after the rest of them were released.

We need revolutionary efforts here, not recycled crap. Draw Something, Words with Friends, Tomb Raider. No more BS knock-offs, if you're serious about tablets RIM, show your customers you're serious and give us a reason to stick around.

How is releasing draw something or words with friends any different then releasing AB:S? They're all on other platforms already. Wouldnt that just be more recycled crap?

While I love your user name and it made me laugh, I have to disagree. Having 5 versions of 1 game is recycled crap to me and especially at a price of 2.99 compared to Android's FREE price tag.

I also consider "Tomb Run", "Sketch with Friends" "Fruits and Ninja's" to be in my definition of recycled crap as they are rip-offs of better, original games.

I didn't mean recycling to our platform, we need these big apps. That would be like calling netflix or skype or BBM (all things people have been begging for, from other devices) recycled to the PlayBook... not a very good argument when you look at it that way.

Just a heads up that the HD version of ABSpace required for tablets isn't's 2.99. Yes, that's right, the same price as the PlayBook.

No need to thank me.

if you are not interested then don't buy it

if you want Skype and/or Netflix (soon to be bankrupt) then go on their site and complain to them.

Again, I only mentioned games. Don't put words in my mouth. Didn't say I wanted Skype or Netflix in my post(even though that would be sweet).

Revolutionary games is what I said. When you see an announcement for something new! something big! you expect something different. I'd rather have 5 different games from different developers than 5 versions of angry birds, and I think that's why people are pissed.

Yes it would. People here are fanatics, myself included. But for some when their particular desire isn't filled whatever happens is worthless. A game guy said a game was coming and a game came. A big one and people are like NO SKYPE! Fanatics I tell ya.

Notice my original post only mentioned games... I'm pissed that we're getting something everyone knew would come. Rovio has already expressed interest in the PB by providing their other versions. Great! Good games for sure... we're disappointed because a RIM exec hyped a big release, obviously we're expecting something fresh and new to the PlayBook.

I'm not surprised that it's Angry Birds Space. I had high hopes that it was going to be an announcement that they had reached deals with all the other major game developers. Oh well, I guess we now can hype Monday as the guy who hyped today's "wonderful" annoucement has tweeted that something HUGE is coming Monday....maybe it will be an update to the existing Angry Birds Seasons app. LOL

Really? *sigh* Thank you Rovio and RIM but it's hard to be excited for something that many are already tired of and feel is not a groundbreaking release for the world of tablets. How about cross-platform apps that keep Blackberry in the game like video chat, more support for audio and video formats, .PDF, etc....things that would really make the Playbook stay competitive and viable. Hopefully these will come before the year is out! Sheesh!

Ok, well, Angry Birds Space- kinda disappointing. I bought it for my kids but what about us grownups?? I want Java updated so it plays my Pogo!! It looks to me that we've been asking for it almost a year.

Damn RIM, this is the big surprise to all the children out there? It's time to grow up, your ship has a HUGE hole in it's bottom and a lot of people are bailing before that ship/t goes down, SURPRISE MY ASS?

WOW, this was worth the waiting i am so excited i wont be able to put my play book down all day!!!!!!!!!! (sarcasm if you missed that). I can't believe people get excited about this game still let alone pay more for it on the play book then other devices.

"Charge your PB, get a good night's sleep, something new and exciting...." All for a stupid game? No wonder that even the most diehard of supporters have little faith in RIM.

Get it together RIM. We want a tool not a toy!

He didn't say a game was coming. He said something new and exciting! NEW AND EXCITING! Like, a new support related to gaming or a new function related to gaming. You can bump playbooks together now to challenge each other in so and so game without having to setup/search for each other, or you can use gestures in so and so game to affect the outcome of the other person's game (not necessarily 2nd player support, but as a background variable). That's new and exciting and just has to be tweeted about. Another expansion pack isn't new and exciting enough to warrant such a tweet.

Disclaimer: All this IMO, of course.

New and exciting to the head of appworld gamin would be the release of a new big name game, now obviously he should not have dared to say anything on a vitally important medium such as twitter when he should be keeping that to tell us what he had for breakfast.

What the hell do you people feel so ENTITLED to? Relax!

I'll admit, RIM is definitely out of touch when it comes to "surprises" but most of you people need to relax or grow the F**K up and lose the retarded sense of entitlement.

What a bunch of whiners...If you don't want this game, don't buy it. We knew last night that the person who tweeted the "big announcement " was involved in the gaming side of things so I don't know why you guys were expecting more. This is a popular game so we should be happy we got it.

I think that people were hoping that it was going to be something NEW - not something that we already knew was coming out.

Personally, I was hoping that RIM would have announced they had reached deals with all of the major gaming studios, e.g., Taito, SquareEnix, Digital Chocalate, Big Fish Games, Art in Games, Madfinger Games, to name a few and that the Playbook would start to see first-party, name-brand games starting to show up instead of cheap knockoffs - particularly since RIM keeps advertising and pushing the Playbook as a solid, video game platform.

EVERYONE RELAX, the guy that tweeted was in gaming division so what did you expect other then a game. He is doing a good job bringing games to the platform. People always find reason to complain.

BlackBerry World is next week maybe we there will be some bigger announcements there.

When we get the next big app (Skype, Netflix) People will be begging for something else...

"wonderful". (eyes rolling). Whatever happened to "we need tools not distractions"? Another step backwards for the PlayBook. Extremely disappointing. Thanks for nothing RIM!

It was a geeky little quote from the movie 2001 to hint at the release of a game based in space, if people weren't such overly entitled and whiny crybabies then they might have been able to appreciate the style in that tweet, which btw was not an official communication, press release etc in the slightest.

FOR SALE RIM PLAYBOOK GAMES CONSOLE PB 16Gb games console. In excellent condition, pricy for playing games, games released after every other tablet OS, no extras, no bbm, no skype, no PDF reader going to a good home or bin near you.

Are you serious RIM
Thats it. Ive kept hold of the PB since its launch hoping that something will change my mind to keep hold of it. I have the new ipad and galaxy tab 10.1 and after all this hype today finally made my mind up to bin the PB, literally bin it as i couldnt sell it anyway. Ipad and tab rock although each have there good points even the bad blows the PB out of the water.
SHAME ON YOU RIM, time for even more employees to leave and stick to enterprise. or at least admit your only interested in stupid apps and games instead of being a leader in technology and business use.

Guy from gaming division is going to tell you to be excited for a new PDF reader?

Either follow correctly or don't complain.

I think the release of Angry Birds Space is great news for RIM, but not because it's a great game.

It's great news because it shows that RIM has successfully taken App World up a level. When the original Angry Birds games were released on the Playbook years after being available on other platforms everyone geeked out. Now we expect these sort of games.

RIM is slowly elevating the level of expectations, and that's a positive sign. I hope this will be the last time they publicly pat themselves on the back about it.

"wow thats awesome, i was waiting for this all my life" -NOT!

who cares about senseless games. make something great like TV Streaming, Google Hangouts, GDrive, SkyDrive, improve BBMaps (maybe an offline Version for the Playbook?), ...there are so many things that would bring a real benefit and what do we get? a $3 game that is fun for ten

Whats about all the "We need Tools, not Toys" and "no one needs 200 apps that make fart noises" - i´m disappointed

and if you want to publish games, that pick the right ones... (Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Kart incl. Multiplayer, or give us SCUMM to play Maniac Mansion, Zack McKracken, Sam & Max, Monkey Island...)

Now we know what is considered to be HUGE SURPRISE by the execs at RIM.
Wow, seriously EPIC FAIL on messing up the release of an anticipated game with useless build up of expectation.
People would be happy if the game just dropped, but Rim manages to F**up that too.....amazed at how many ways RIM can turn a simple thing to look like a pathetic failure.

Hes a troll. Read his posts. He posts nothing but hate. Im sure he does it to get a rise out of some users, but whatever.

Anyhoo, who built up the excitement? It was just one tweet by the head of gaming. Again, why would you expect anything other then a game?

Ha I think most of the build up resides only here on crackberry. The true RIM die hards on this site just want more out of there precious RIM devices as they see other manufactures moving at faster pace, its just overall frustration in the company, as they know there could be so much more, thus the negative comments.

What buildup, the guy connected with gaming posts a single tweet, if you want to whine at people then whine at CB for their ludicrous overhyping of that tweet which did not constitute official pr, announcement or anything along those lines.

WTF! I can't believe that this "something wonderful for the PB" is a freak'n game release!
Rim,...maximum fail!, also fail on this!

I can't believe that a company that's markets the PB as a "Professional device",...actually thinks that the first thing on our minds when we pick up our PB is playing a freak'n game. Go figure...I mean,...Really RIM!,...Really!!,...Freak'n Really!!!

Have Torch Will Travel,...with PB!

PS: Maybe now with NetFlix's loses they will reconsider a BB and PB app!

I think the fail is taking a tweet from the head of gaming and thinking anything other then a game (that everyone complained about not having) was going to be released.

not for me...
PB in Belgium: no angry birds Space to be found...
and also... 2.99$ in the U.S. for the angry birds games and 3.75€ (4.9$) in Europe???

Hi RIM, its not funny, Angry birds space for playbook doesn't need a hype, anyways thank you, but please don't do this again or make sure to hype things that are really exciting, and this is not exciting at all,

If anybody did the hyping, it was Crackberry. The announcement was just a tweet from RIM's gaming department so it was obviously going to be a game.

Goddamnit, every single one of you people commenting negatively - I hope you spill fucking grape drink on your damn PlayBooks. Eat a dick and relax! EVEN IF THIS GETS DELETED - you people need to relax.

$2.99 for Angry Birds Space? This was free on Android. Games are a nice distraction, but RIM needs to get other software. Yes to Skype a nd Netflix and the like but I want crypto software, BBM, Blackberry Protect and BeBuzz.

$2.99 for Angry Birds Space? This was $2.99 for the Android tablet version.

There I fixed your post for you, no need to thank me.

My AB:S was free when I downloaded it on my HP TouchPad running ICS Alpha2. Thanks for "fixing" my post and actually NO I don't need to thank you.

I have actually argued with people when they say RIM is out of touch, I stand corrected & I sincerely apologize to those people

I read through all the messages with the announcement. Highly suspected it was going to be a game. Had hoped it would be more than a game since it's supposed to be wonderful and exciting, or at least an off the wall game, something unexpected. Not sure how this game is so different from all of the other fairly good games out there that it should get an annoucement like this. Annoucement should have come after this game had dropped.

Marketing isn't either "on" or "off"'s a continuum. Good to promote this game many have waited for, but it should have been finessed a bit more. Instead, you played it like we were getting a major OS upgrade.

A bonus for me is that in paying a bit more attention to the forums this morning, I found that Morph-Wiz Play was released. A very, very cool keyboard/synthesizer for the PB. Now if someone would do something like Cigar-Pro and Tango...

Blame CB for this idiocy that they caused by overhyping one little tweet, Rim did nothing wrong here except to the people looking to blame them yet again.

who cares?

RIM Platinum Partner : o2 Data Centre of Excellence

Business Communications Solution Provider
part of Mobile Telecoms Tech Team

Cool, more games are always welcome, now... where's this something wonderful we were promised would drop at 9 EST today??? Still waiting....

Really, I am sure its a fine game. However, lets see some real improvements like the acutualization of PitchRocket... enough bird crap everywhere...

As much as I find the concentration on games annoying mainly because I don't play games as much as others, this is actually a good thing for RIM. Angry Birds Space was released in February of this year and they were able to bring it onto their platform within 2 months. No, it's not an immediate release but it's also not 2 years behind again. At the very least the head of gaming is doing his job and he's doing a good one, as far as I can tell. RIM has come leap years from behind over the past 3 years for which they're not given much credit. It's really too bad that the co-captains were around for so long to do as much damage as they've done with their shortsightedness. I do hope, however, the next time someone at RIM call for "excitement" that it will be because of something most really want like Netflix, Skype, etc.

Insightful comment.
It was also only a tweet...but after a long history of failure the guy must be quite pleased that he is getting some traction.

One of the things that keeps me on BB is the lack of ads. I can't understand how Android users tolerate them. Or how idiots think that applications cost nothing to develop. Really I think that RIM needs to explain to its market - phone users - that to RIM you are the customer. To Android, you are the product being sold to advertisers. And to iOS, you are the product being sold to the carriers. (Use your data allocation up in 3 days, who profits?)

Some people just aren't happy unless they are unhappy. They complain that there's no apps, and as apps come in, they complain that "i meant the OTHER app". I'd love to see Skype and Netflix come to the PB just to see what people would complain about then.

Let's clear up some major misinformation in this thread.

Angry Birds Space on Android PHONES = free, but AD-supported
Angry Birds Space on Android TABLETS = 2.99, just like on BlackBerry TABLETS
Angry Birds Space on Android = launched March 22
Angry Birds Space on BlackBerry = launched April 24 (not "months" later, like some are complaining)
The tweet in question came from the head of GAMING. Why were you expecting Skype? Is it a game?

So stop your kvetching. If you don't like the game, don't buy it. Just be thankful that progress is being made, even if it is slow progress.

It seems like RIM is trying to salvage value by trying to make the Playbook into a handheld gaming system. That area seems to be the most developed of any of the other application categories right now.

Keep in mind this was a guy's tweet--who was the head of gaming. I don't understand how people could have expected that they were getting netflix or kindle. I won't argue that the PB is suffering terribly from a lack of quality apps, but we've had an entire year of watching the Playbook platform collapse so this should not come as a surprise.

Playbook is an excellent gaming platform, I prefer it to my iPad for play. RIM focusing on games and business (of course) would not be such a bad thing.

wow, super excited! a $3.00 app available on PB months after release and which I played FREE on Android. This is a must get, this will promote the Playbook to the top! Awesome, RIM, keep 'em coming! Between $4 for Angry Birds and Tomb run and sketch w/ Friends, RIM has a winning combination

PS: this is sarcasm
PPS: how is this great news for PB owners? It Angry Birds a must have, is it something that makes or kills a platform? Community College marketing at work for RIM.... embarrassing.

$3 on Android if you want to play it on your Android tablet. And it launched March PlayBook gets it 1 month and 2 days after Android.

Glad they added a game that many want - can I just have predictive text back on my email when I use bridge? Simple request that I had until the last update - tools not toys - maybe making bridge email work well again would be a nice addition.

I think hype or suspense should really be used for something truly "wonderful". I seriously hope there's actually something wonderful coming along. This is good news, I love birds, but that word is a tad too grandiose for them birds!

There was no hype from Rim, just one little tweet that used a 2001 quote to give a slightly nerdy hint at the release of a space-based games, the blame for this idiotic hype goes to CB.

One thing you can be sure, that guy is never going to bother trying to do anything fun on one of his tweets after the moronic overreaction there has been to this one.

People have big expectations when a word like "wonderful" is used, I don't think there's a bigger fanboy than me round my neck of the woods, wonderful is a big word, and if you go throwing it about amongst a community of disappointed but expectant and patient people and then fall short of "wonderful", I hardly think that qualifies them to be called overreacting morons

The game would have been more welcomed if it wasn't hyped about. If I had woke this morning and saw that a another decent game is available for the playbook id have been happy. But don't go spiking hopes... From over night at that. There is nothing wonderful about the umpteenth iteration of the same game, there is something wonderful about a fresh new developer on board... Way to go RIM u just know how to make #AngryPeople.

this was not hype worthy. the game was out for ipod weeks ago. hype would be if it's coming out for playbook AT THE SAME TIME as everyone else.

Good news for playbook owners- we're only a few weeks behind now, instead of a year behind! #fail

If RIM wants to be taken seriously, this was not their best move.
How about something "wonderful" that the competition doesn't have instead of playing catch up.
So RIM has a head of gaming guy. Are they still paying their innovation people?

All those expecting somethign big you are not really thinking about it.
1.He says check app world so obviously its going to be a game and not an announcement about a partnership.

2. When a brand new game that is huge is coming to playbook they would usually announce it at some sort of conference.
Next week they have a big conference. IF anything like a partnership deal or a brand new game is happening they will probably announce it there so they can build hype.

Also stop getting upset. It was just a tweet. It was not like the made websites for it and made it some ultra secret surprise. The guy was obviously excited for it and for us getting it after the response you guys gave when it didnt come right away.


It wasn't just a simple tweet. It was a featured article on crackberry. If crackberry hasn't blown it out of proportion, nobody would've cared

What does crackberry do? They report on blackberry news. This is blackberry news. At the end of their article they even said they can guess what it is.

silly response

It was just a simple tweet from Rim's side of things, if people want to whinge and cry about ludicrous hyping then email the people on CB that did that.

This is WEAK. I feel like Ralphie. "BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE". Ughhh. Well, another game to download for my kid because thats all the PB is nowdays, something to keep my kids entertained and an incentive to clean their rooms.

Actually, CB accidentally nailed it by leaking the secret RIM motto: "For real this time." Preceded by announcements and hoopla and only when the brilliant RIM marketing team has ascertained that no one on this or any other planet has the slightest interest any longer does the long-ago announced product actually get released. These guys could screw up a one-car funeral.


It is a quote from a scifi movie, it was a nice little geeky hint at a space-based game coming out or at least it was until the CB idiocy took place.

I'm happy this came to our playbook but personally I don't really care about angry birds.

over hyped! doesn't need to be, but anyways thanks for the hardwork, if having ravio means celebration for waterloo then it may mean that we may not see some other popular games from other platform to playbook, because they even work hard for Angry birds space, knowing that rovio already supports playbook.

Thanks for HARD WORK, but don't over hype things unless it is really exciting.

Wow...smh. You guys bitched and complained when we weren't getting the same apps as ios and Android and now that we are you all are still bitching. When does it end? Some people enjoy Angry Birds and Rovio is an app developer we want for the PB. So what's the problem? We should be thankful to the developers for bringing us apps and show them BlackBerry has a loyal fan base that wants these apps. Isn't that the point? To entice other developers to come to the PB as well.

I'm excited. My 6 year old son asked me a couple of days ago if I'd download Angry Birds Space. I told him yes & intended to do it on either the iPad or Kindle Fire. I'm glad I didn't 'cuz I'd MUCH rather play it on my PlayBook (when he's not using it, of course)!!


Hi Keith,

Alex from RIM here. It sounds like there’s going to be some quality father-son (and bird launching) time on your PlayBook tonight. If you’re looking for another great game to play with your son, you should check out Madden NFL 12 for PlayBook – my brother and I have a lot of fun playing it together when he visits:


Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Put it this way - what if the head of gaming tweeted that Rovio decided they will no longer support the PlayBook.

How do you think that will affect not just you, but other developers? Even if you're not buying the app, be damn grateful that Rovio has devoted resources to support the PlayBook. If you ask me, this is a serious win, particularly over WP7.

Some of you sound like you pissed your parents off a lot as a spoilt brats growing up.

If he had tweeted ABS is coming, plain and simple, I would have been estatic. If he had tweeted Rovio is no longer with us, I'd be sad to have lost the support of a developer but would have gotten over it quickly.

That he would try and be so mystifying with any game... that I don't understand. I understand he may be excited about the work and project coming to fruition, but I don't understand why he didn't just say it plain and simple. Guess that's what irks me.

He made a mistake in trying to have some fun with a personal tweet by quoting 2001 (or was it 2010?), how was he to know that CB would get so carried away and overhype his comment.

You have got to be kidding me!!! Is the is level we are at? Where the is so much expectation and hype built up and a game is made available? A simple game?
This shows exactly where we are in the food chain...
It is however very positive that RIM is getting developers to come on board with games and apps that already exist on other platforms. This is definitely the right direction but come on guys....when BB10 is about to be released what will RIM do? Call for a national holiday??

Well the attacks on RIM after it didnt come out same time shows that people wanted it.

Now people are just acting like idiots.

Imagine if it didnt come out for IOS? IMagine how angry those fan boys would be? Same for Android.
People in general make something that should just be cool into something of a personal attack.

It was one guy from RIM posting a TWEET. It wasnt on the front of their website. It wasnt some secret code you had to figure out. It was a simple tweet.

He is happy for it and thought people would be happy for it too. That is all. It was his opinion. Stop over reacting

Am I and sooo many others here overreacting? really?

This was the tweet.."@ajeppsson - Charge your #playbook! Get a full night of rest! Something wonderful is about to happen! Be sure to check #AppWorld tomorrow :-)"

Charge your playbook for angry birds?? Get a full night of rest?????

Like I said before, this is a step in the right direction don't get me wrong. I just have an issue with the hype over a simple game when we are way way behind others.

Well then you better run back over to Android Central. Your losing cool points by wasting your time here on CrackBerry.

If you were dumb enough to buy the playbook, why not pay an extra $ 3 for a free game. Haven't you been doing that for most other games any ways.

womp womp

this was the big surprise?

i guess im the only one who doesn't think the whole Angry Birds series is that fun.....

You know- the same BB fans that bitch and moan that RIM never gets a break in the media- are the same ones here carrying on like a bunch of kids because this wasn't the "surprise" that they had in mind.
It was based on a tweet from the head of GAMING people!!!! What did you expect it to be???
I really get so tired of all this. Jeezzzzz!

I am happy to see that some Blackberry is getting some attention by some developers who prefer IOS and Android. It seems however that because how community have bitched and complain so much that now a simple f--ked game about birds deserve a "charge your playbook, cause sumn exciting will be launched tomorrow" announcement. I am insulted actually to be thought of in that light.

However i m sure more awesome stuff are ahead for blackberry can't wait to see.
Playbook 2.0, 9900 OS.7.1, Jamaican Blackberry Addict

I see RIM still havent sorted out the exchange rate pricing, its $2.99 and £$2.99 (should be £1.80 ish). Further validation of my move to Android, its free on Google Play and the exchange rate + tax systems work properly for paid apps.

1 month instead of 1 year late, this is a improvement and shows developers are warming up to Blackberry i think!

This is the type of hype Blackberry needs to get people excited and talking about the products.... keep it up RIM....

This site is becoming really depressing to come to and I really hate to type this because it really is the best site out there for BB information and reviews (sorry Kevin). It seems that ANY news that comes out, no matter what it is, is met with bitching and complaining! What the hell were you people expecting from the head of Playbook GAMING?!?!? OS 2.1? Why would they even think of releasing 2.1 before BB World 2012 especially since the last update came out just a week ago for Christ's sake! Any way you look at it, Angry Birds Space is GOOD FOR BUSINESS!!! I don't care if you play it or not ITS THE GREATEST SELLING VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE IN THE HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES!!!! Microsoft had to PAY OUT THE @SS to get Rovio to make this game for Windows Phone. The release of this game shows just a slight glimmer of hope for RIM. It symbolizes that we may be down but we are most certainly not out. and that's good news any way you look at it. It's bad enough I have to hear negativity in every single US Tech-Blog article written about RIM. The last thing I think any of us need to hear is more negativity coming from its "fans".
Long Live The RIMpire!!!!

It would be dandy if "news" were involved. And if this is merely a circle-jerk site for fanbois, it would be good if that were announced up top. The fact is that RIM is doing all it can to circle the drain. Let's see the issues with the PlayBook alone . . .

The company makes big news about a whole collection of goodies realsoonnow. Release dates come and go. Things that are demonstrated finally appear a year later, after they're old hat on other platforms.

So perhaps some of us who purchased a PlayBook as a business tool can be forgiven when the GREATBIGNEWS is some warmed-over game and we feel a bit slighted that RIM is pursuing the toy market rather than the business market they have claimed to serve.


I agree with your point but just to inform you, Mario is the greatest selling video game franchise to date. That's not to say that Angry Birds will not unsurp them from the title, and it's possible with this release.

I'm not a big fan of Angry Birds and frankly have thought that "something wonderful" would be something different, but it's no deny that this is something very nice for Playbook and believe that the hard works of Rovio and RIM on this should be very much appreciated.

After all, the price is attractive enough for me to buy my very first AB game, which I did :)

Isn't this supposed to be a "Professional Tablet?". And RIM is hyping a game? I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

I Don't even use my Playbook just because of the Apps. Either to Expensive or Their lack of. Maybe when they start adding more apps to app world ill pick it up. I got a lil excited and even charged my Playbook because of the tweet to only find out its angry birds and u have to pay for it. Waste of Electricity if you ask me. I'm kinda happy I got this as a gift and didn't shell out the $200 on my own. Hopefully apple does release the mini iPad at the 7inch model, then I would really purchase that... Good Luck RIM you guys have a long way to catch up in the game.

hey we got it before windows 7....this is good news

ps: I bought it first thing when I woke up this morning...not the best games in the world, but good ones, and healthy for this platform.

Nice, it didn't take months this time to get the latest Angry Birds into the PlayBook.

And you all know it looks way better in our PlayBooks with its perfect size/vibrant display.



While I bought this and love it, I was expecting it. I'm not expecting but really want words with friends and draw something. The best way to get more apps is to buy the ones that are already available.




((((((( VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! )))))))


Do a search for "Angry".

That's how I found it here in Mexico. Oddly enough searching for "Angry Birds" didn't work.

I don't post much on these forums, though I read religiously and I do consider myself a loyal Blackberry user (Bold 9930 plus Playbook 32GB, both attached to me :) I wish RIM much success and hope they fight back and become a name in the US and Canada again. Anyways, back to the topic of ABS: 1. many of you are disappointed because you feel as if RIM is reneging on their "tools not toys" motto. You want Skype, Netflix, Hulu capability, etc as well as better tools suited for business use. Fair enough. HOWEVER: 1. this announcement came from the gaming division head, not Mr. Heins or Mr. Saunders themselves. 2. It was a TWEET. It wasn't like this announcement was made on stage at some event. Perhaps Crackberry hyped it up more than they should have, but I'm sure that they knew what it would be about, as did many of us. 3. Remember when we DIDN'T have Angry Birds? Folks wanted blood. Remember when we FINALLY got it? Folks still wanted blood for having it released so late as well as for the price tag being as it was, which was the same on iPad and Android tablets. NOW, ABS gets released within a relatively timely fashion, and people are angry about this being a "huge announcement." "Off with the gaming division head's head! He brought us ABS in a timely fashion. How dare he?! We want it late! No on-time releases! Off with his head!"

Of course, we want more from our Playbooks. The recent update helped fix certain issues and there are still things that I'm not really satisfied with and hope that they get corrected. But this is a new platform. Give it some time, folks. Now that RIM is committed to Playbook OS/QNX/Blackberry 10, there are fewer distractions (hopefully. I can't speak for RIM, this is only my theory.)

Chillax people. Too much complaining from certain "Blackberry loyalists." I admire your passion, but seriously, some of yinz dig way too much into it. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to buy ABS or stick with RIM. Go ahead and buy your iPhone or Android or Windows. RIM's time will come. Be happy with what you have.