Win Kevin's P'9981, Angry Birds Space, BlackBerry 10 Jam, Curve 9310 and more [Weekend Update]

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By Team CrackBerry on 29 Apr 2012 01:27 pm EDT


BlackBerry World here we come!!!!!!!!!! First :p


Sure could use any free bb. 9790 has a smashed screen on it.


Cannot wait for the coverage of BBW and BB10JAM


I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that P9981. I would give it a good home!


please let it be me. That porsche design is so hot.


I like free stuff. I could make good use of any of these. Please pick BCMike!


Want to win because blackberry has all the basic apps that I need and they all integrate seamlessly @ task, memo pad,calendar,emails. Need to give to my 21 year old son who graduated from university. Yesterday. He has an old 8520.


Kev, i'm no longer after the P'9981, i thought i wanted it but i've decided my 9900 will last me a good few more it's my daughter that wants the hot stuff, not content with the 8520 upgrade i gave her last month she's discovered my phone has a touch screen and wants to know how she can "get her screen working like that"...i kinda feel bad because the reply she got was you'll need a new phone and look on her face kinda said it all seeing as she went from 8110 to 8520 in one fail swoop but the upgrade was a looooooooong time coming...anyhow, just thought i'd drop the line in that my entry into this competition is now on behalf of someone else, my daughter, can't say if she's deserving more than anyone else but it would certainly be a talking point if she suddenly had the top model handset in the family i tell thee.



OMG! A P'9981! I want one!!! Thanks @crackberrykevin. Hope I'd be the chosen-lucky one! Thank you in advance! :)


@crackberrykevin, the P'9981 is sssick! I would love to win it!!!! I need a tool not a toy... I love my ArchiBOLD 9780 but would love to upgrade... P'9981 is so slick! Thank you!