Angry Birds Seasons updated to version 2.3 - New 2012 festive levels included

Angry Birds Seasons updated to 2.3
By Zach Gilbert on 8 May 2012 06:58 pm EDT

Today Rovio has updated Angry Birds Seasons to version 2.3. The new version brings the levels up to par with the other platforms which include Cherry Blossom, Year of the Dragon, Wreck the Halls, Ham’o’ween and many others. The download should be available in BlackBerry App World, but if not remember it can take up to 24 hours to go across all the servers. If you have not downloaded this version, or any of the Angry Birds games, I suggest doing so. They’re quite addictive.

Download Angry Birds Seasons



Just downloaded it.


This is like soooooo this morning omfg!

Jk lol this is the update all bird fans been waiting for. Rovio has been rolling updates out all week so thanks rovio!

I had a dream about BlackBerry10 and woke up with MW. Just saying.


I would love to update the games I bought in Canada and Japan, but I live in Korea. It really bothers me that RIM still keeps the games section blocked in Korea. I have no idea why since the Korean government allowed Apple and Android to open their game sections. I guess I'll have to fly to Japan or China to download games and update the ones I have. I've emailed RIM about this, but they never reply.


Then why don't you switch to Android?