Angry Birds HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.6.3.1

By Bla1ze on 8 Feb 2012 05:28 am EST
Angry Birds

It's been a while now since Angry Birds was released on the BlackBerry PlayBook and now, Rovio is finally rolling out an update to the ever popular game. Angry Birds HD is now sitting at v1.6.3.1 in BlackBerry App World but sadly, we're left to wonder what exactly may have changed with this release. Rovio hasn't made any announcements or added a change log to the package so if you happen to spot anything new, let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we'll see if we can't get a change log of sorts from Rovio.

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Angry Birds HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.6.3.1


Likely, there is a ton of apps showing as being update in the "recently updated" section but they haven't pulled the trigger on them yet so to speak. That's why they show updated, but you can't download them as of yet.

Screw Rovio!!!!
They didn't support Playbook until RIM paid their bribes...I'll stick with "Angry Farm" They have supported BB since the begining

"Angry Farm" is to "Angry Birds" as the original "Battlestar Galactica" was to "Star Wars."

Actually, it may even be more along the lines of what "Hardware Wars" is to "Star Wars."

Also, Angry Farm LEAKS APPLICATION MEMORY on OS 7.1, which is a cardinal sin in my book.

(Get it? "Cardinal" sin? Like "cardinal," the bird? I'll be here all week, folks. Don't forget to tip your waitress.)

Does anyone know if it makes you start over from the beginning again if you update, like the crap knockoff Angry Farm does? I didn't pull the trigger on the update this morning for precisely that reason.

I've 3-starred all levels and found all the golden eggs. It did NOT wipe my progress, so it's safe to upgrade. I see no new levels. :(

i was having an issue where Golden Eggs 25 and 26 would show that i had not completed those levels. so everytime i launched the game, they would show as levels that i hadn't completed yet, but when i launched the level, my high score was still there.

after the update, that's resolved.

$5 is the price for the HD app on the iPad.

However, iPad/Droid users get Angry Birds for a thank you. I bought this on iPhone for $1...didn't bother playing.

Wrong. It's $5 for Android Tablets and Apple Tablets. It's $1 for Android phones and iPhones. No reason why it shouldn't be $5 for a BlackBerry tablet. Some people just need a reason to complain.

Went to update Angry Birds HD and found that UNO HD also has an update... Good Stuff!

Update: was hoping that UNO HD update would bring multi-player mode (Live gameplay) but not yet. Hopefully next time.

I sent an email into them asking when the update consisted of and I got a reply back within an hour or so saying that it was just bug fixes, no new levels.

They do not seem to advertise Angry Birds for the Playbook very much, or is it me.

I am not really into games but Angry Birds is good for killing a bit of time, as is cut the rope!!

I was just on vacation in Jamaica, and got on the wifi, and all angry birds for PB were $2.99 US....

I bought reg angry birds at home in Toronto for $4.99...and so i saw this and snagged rio for the $2.99

Im assuming 2.99 is the price in the US as well....not impressed that we pay more...esp when our dollar is pretty strong.

Where Angry Bird data storage in Playbook? I have purchased other 16gb Playbook and want put data in new Playbook storage so that don't have to start over again. Will play compare between 2 Playbook and see any latest upgrading difference.

Could not find Angry Bird data either in Blackberry DeskTop or Explorer.

Please help me....!!
By mistake I've deleted all data, files and application by security Wipe...!! Only browser and setup is showing on my Tab nothing else....!!
Can anybody tell me how to regain or re-install all data files and application...!!
If any body knows any thing about this kindly do comment and guide me....!!
Waiting for reply....!!
my email -

If you have a backup file on desktop manager, load that one back onto you playbook. It'll have everything that you backed up in there but as for the applications I THINK your out of luck unless you had DM back those up too. But look through the forums for this issue; I bet its already an open thread

Switch your PlayBook off,connect it to BBDM, a pop-up will appear, press Update and let it download + install the system and reboot. It should be alright then. Happened to me earlier when i performed a security wipe on OS 2 beta, but it should help you too.

The wife has OS2 on her PB and I tried to update her Angry Birds HD. It wouldn't upgrade. I keep getting "Install Error: [0003-0005] There was a problem during installation. Please try again."
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and...same thing. Now, she doesn't have AB on her PB. grrr

EDIT: Changing the year to 2014, going to the BBID screen, restarting, then changing the year back and restarting fixed the problem.

I wish Angry Birds had more levels, or a new game. I beat all the new ones for my playbook, Angry Bird HD, Angry Bird Rio, And Angry Bird seasons! The HD looks amazing on an LCD HD 42" Sony! Love It AB! Get more games please! Maybe a sports one?!



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The new update just shows you can buy angrybirds Rio under the angrybirds seasons ad on the last page. That's all it was...