Angry Birds Go receives a new snow theme, karts and more

Angry Birds Go
By James Richardson on 2 Apr 2014 05:22 am EDT

If you're an Angry Birds Go fan you'll want to hit up BlackBerry World where there is a nice update waiting for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. In true Rovio fashion they have updated the game with a selection of new items including Karts, telepods, daily rewards and best of all - a new theme.

The game is pretty action packed and if you haven't given it a try now could well be the perfect time to do so - it's free to download. If you missed out initial video review of Angry Birds Go you can catch up here.

  • NEW SNOW THEME! Winter has arrived on Piggy Island and covers the new track in slippery ice. Drive carefully!

  • NEW KARTS AND TELEPODS! Mechanic Pig has built 8 new karts, plus check out the new TELEPODS toys!

  • NEW KARTS STARTER PACK! Get a great value starter pack with a new premium kart for each episode – plus bonus coins and gems!

  • NEW DAILY REWARDS! Come back each day for unique time-limited events with increasing rewards!

Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments after giving it a go.



Saw the update last night

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Shawn Paul

Wit th 10.2.1 update the BlackBerry App store has got less n less new apps I would love 2c more native apps in th BlackBerry App store. The ability 2run android apps can't b the solution 4 life even th updates v get 4 th existing apps, v r th last 2 receive any eg. real racing 3 the ios n android versions r miles ahead dan th BlackBerry version come on BlackBerry pick up th speed v need 2 win this race

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It's not BBRY that releases or updates third party apps & games, it's... third parties. as in other companies, not them.
Perhaps they could apply more pressure, but ultimately they can't force devs to update their apps.

PS sometimes, just sometimes, grammar matters. A little bit. Just saying.

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Not available for Q10 :s

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Still no way to sync progress to fb

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Anthony Roberts5

This version still sucks and it isn't even HD the resolution looks like 480p or something I have the android version a d the graphics are much sharper and have way more content.....just like when minion rush first came out the graphics were ok and missing some the levels the android and ios version have and then they updated it and the graphics got much better and now have the levels made some progress but angry birds go needs a serious update


Still no Q10 love! :(

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Prem WatsApp

More monetization by Rovio.

I find their in-app purchase prices ridiculous. Just my opinion. Why not give out a Pro version with things included, I dislike this pay-to-win thing.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


I think Rovio sucks for not knowing how to make a Q10 version or even trying. Lazy developer.

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I erased all of my Angry Bird apps after Snowden revealed that the government is spying on you through this app. I don't want the government to know how much of my life I wasted playing this game.

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