Angry Birds confirmed coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry World Keynote
By Bla1ze on 3 May 2011 02:45 pm EDT

Surely you all remember Kevins open letter to Rovio, makers of Angry Birds right? At the time, Rovio did give us somewhat of a response but never actually stated they'd release a version of Angry Birds for the PlayBook but they did say it was a definite possibilty. Here we are, now in May and during todays Keynote Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer Research In Motion made sure everyone knew Angry Birds was indeed, coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook. No announcement came directly from Rovio as of yet but we're expecting as we get closer to release we'll start to hear more. Only fair to note -- no mention was made about a transition to BlackBerry 7 enabled devices but it's still a possibility, especially now that it seems Rovio and RIM have been working together plus there, is still Angry Farm for us all.

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Angry Birds confirmed coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook


It should also come to the 9900/9930. I think high-res touchscreen and 1.2ghz processer is enuf for Angry Birds. But who knows, it might just be on the way :)

ok no one cares there are way better games being announced i think if it was last month people would be happy.

bring on the real games!!

Agreed, I have played this game and I can't see what the big deal is. It's fun and a decent time waster but that's it. Way better games were announced.

Well, bummed at first when this said "for playbook". But then realized the OS7 devices (9930/9900/etc) should be able to handle Angry Farm a LOT better than current devices......

So, I guess this is a win-win.....

if they have it ready for my blackberry touch ill be happy

but for the playbook i want to see games that make the ipad look like a toy, games that puts the devices specs to work and flexes the muscle of the OS

I was going to say the same as linuxdaemon, is this the measure of a device now, if it supports angry birds!!

I don't care about AB and likely won't buy it, but the real message here is developers are NOT ignoring the platform and this is the important news of this announcement.

That is a sound comment and not everyone excited about the game itself as if not having that game makes the device useless. For those happy enjoy it

gr8 news....
one more port of Angry (funny) birds.
bring on real console quality games....
RIM says playbook is best tablet....
prove it RIM.

They already did Need for Speed, but agree it would be great to see more EA games of that level on it, even at $20 a pop.

This weekend on an iPad. Loved it. Hope it's as great on the PB, if not better! Also hope that it's not only restricted to OS7 devices either. Would like to have a go on my Torch at some point.

Sorry, folks, but I don't get it. Angry Birds? Worth living for? I'm really not familiar with it, so I really want to know what the big deal is all about. This is big enough to get Mike's keynote time? Really? Isn't this a free game?

I love my Blackberry, got my wife to switch to a Blackberry, can't wait to get a Playbook but honestly why is Angry Birds the end all be all?? I've played it & it's OK but seriously I just don't get it, especially with the games that are set to come out for the Playbook, I mean those games look/sound awesome! I guess to each their own, for those who are going to buy this have fun I hope for your sake that it's the same price as on other platforms. I have to agree with linuxdaemon hard to believe that this is the measure for some people.

I LOVE Angry Birds. I'll turn on my DSi or boot up the ps3 or Wii if I want an actual game. Angry Birds is the perfect kind of game for a cellphone

The peoplen who bitched about the 'slinging' games on the iPad/android And not on Playbook must be really disappointed. Effing hypocrytes!!!

I totally agree. Its funny how angry birds sucked when the developer said he wasn't gonna release it to the crappy ass bb and the fanboys chopped it up. Now it's gonna be on the Playbook and now its like yay. What a bunch of jokes. I see why rim stock continues to fall. I wonder why there's no talk about the Playbook anymore. Ummmmm

I still don't get the Angry Birds hype??? It was interesting for about 10 seconds....why is everyone talking about this stupid game----all the time?!

I'm pretty sure RIM named it 'Playbook' for a reason. Cmon RIM! i want to see games that go way beyond IOS and Androids league.

Get off your high horse. The apps on Android are not made by Android they are made by developers who are in it for a buck and could not give a Shi%^ about Android or Apple. Don't kid yourself that apps are in Android or iTunes not because people care about those platforms, it's all about the money and if RIM makes it easy to put games and other apps on the playbook they'll be there....

And yes, given the better capabilities of QNX OS developers will produce stuff for it taking advantage of it's unique capabilities. Why not? Because they love Android or Apple?? Wake up... and grow up. They don't give a shit about you or any OS they just want to make $$$, and I don't blame them.

Like I said on another post:

"Who would have thought it.. BlackBerry enthusiast getting excited over iOS and Android ported games..."

I thought games weren't allowed on a BB? I thought games were only for 'Toy' devices like the iPhone and iPad? and I also thought BlackBerry's were only for business purposes lmao...

you are absolutely right I do not want a PlayBook because it plays games *rolls eyes*

This along with with "Android Player", TAT and Unity Dev tools, is all AMAZING news for BlackBerry. And a SLAP in the FACE to Competition!!!!

No, not games, apps that essentially bring you the internet that your device can't, and they make you pay $.99 for them. Keep laughing sucker.....

still waiting. when is this ever going to happen? i love blackberry but i often find myself borrowing my friend's iphone just to play this.

none. what kind of CEO would announce something at a major event and never make it happen? what a case of lack of integrity.