Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook Review

By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2011 11:51 am EST

Video First Look and Review of Angry Birds on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Well here it is! Angry Birds HD has FINALLY made its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook. After what seemed like an eternity, Rovio has made Angry Birds HD, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The game play is amazing and super smooth - it almost makes it worth the wait. Pretty much all of you have played Angry Birds at some point on some platform, but now PlayBook owners everyone can officially get in on the action (I for one will be busy snagging high scores for the next few days that's for sure). Check out the video above to see Angry Birds on the BlackBerry PlayBook, then hit the links below to pick it up for yourself for just $4.99.

More information/download of Angry Birds HD
More information/download of Angry Birds Rio
More information/download of Angry Birds Seasons

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Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook Review


Angry Birds on Playbook can be played FREE, simply use the Flash-based version. You need to create a quick webpage with a link to the Flash SWF below and do a right-click to download:

After you download the above SWF file, copy it over to your Playbook in the downloads directory. Then load it up in your Playbook web-browser by using the address "file:" (instead of the usual http:). You will see a directory structure on your playbook.

Go to "accounts", then "1000", then "shared", then "downloads", then "angry-birds-rio.swf". The final path (if you just want to type into your browser directly) will be:


The playbook browser will load up the SWF and presto, you have Angry Birds! You can create a shortcut to your home screen so you can launch the game without having to go through the "file:" link every time. Just bring up your playbook browser menu and click on the WHITE STAR with the "GREEN +" and choose "Add to Home Screen" and name it Angry Birds Rio. Now you will have another icon app with Angry Birds Rio on your home page.

You can also play the REGULAR Angry birds online with your Wi-Fi connection by going to this link:

Enjoy!!! By the way, this method works for MOST Flash-based games. Pretty much anything on can be downloaded. Just open the HTML source page for your game and look for the SWF file link that is embedded, and create a web page with a simple link to it that lets you right click and "save as..." to download the SWF file without having it load in your browser. Then you just copy it over to your playbook and play away!

Finally, there is a method to side-load Angry Birds BAR file to your Playbook. It's a bit more tricky, but not too difficult. Someone converted the Android APK probably to BAR (or maybe used a Flash version, I don't know). Here are all the instructions:

The page above gives instructions, and provides links to a directory on MediaFire with all the different BAR apps, and utilities to allow side-loading of apps (directly from computer without App World) to your Playbook.

Too bad Angry Birds Seasons is not the latest available version. It's missing the "Wreck the Halls" Christmas levels for 2012.
It's still fun to play though.

does that mean I can install it on Blackberry OS7 phones? Sorry ask such a dumb question but I'm coming back to BB after a long time...last time I used it was OS 4.X

all games are too expensive (and in europe we had not sales) but know I love a little more my PB...

Wow really cannot believe it. I have held my toung for more than enough with seeing comments like the ones above.

When the playbook first came out ppl complained no angry birds. Every post video review from its release date it has basically been when is angry birds coming.... Where's the angry birds.... I want angry birds... And now that its here. We get ppl saying To much money.... If these are the biggest issues / concerns in your day to day lives you should probably re-evaluate what is important to you.

Just saying :-p

Don't worry, if they drop it to 2.99, people will complain it's not 0.99...

This is crackberry remember...

No this version will only work on the qnx based blackberry os which is only on the playbook. You will not see this on bb phones until the bb10's hit the market finally.

well, I'm very happy about this.
As sad as it is, Angry Birds is one of those Apps that people know and ask about. And when you had to tell them, it's not available for this, it's a huge let down. Finally we can say, Yes, it has Angry Birds!
But $5?? it's less than $1 on other platforms, or.... FREE. Somehow "screwing" Blackberry users again after waiting for so long.

thanks for researching this- I was curious about how this HD version compared pricewise with the ipad one.

Looks and plays absolutely beautifully. $5 is a small price to pay for dozens of hours of entertainment.

FWIW AB is $2.99 at the Nokia store for Symbian Anna and Belle devices- Rovio sets different prices for different devices but it's still a great deal.

There's a game on my 9900 called Angry Pigs that's actually not a bad... um... HOMAGE to AB. It's actually quite fun, incredibly smoother than that horrid Angry Farm, plays very much like AB and gives a hint as to how AB might look on the 9900. Rovio has AB for the Nokia E6 which has a smaller screen than the 9900; pity a ver for BB phones will likely never happen. Still, looks great on my PB!

This is fantastic news and will make for a very merry Xmas. As for the price, I will gladly pay it! Rovio is supporting the QNX platform, which many other developers are not doing. I say we show our appreciation and reward them handsomely. Maybe other developers will follow suit. Vote with your wallet, as the saying goes.

Look at it this way: if I can pay $499 for a tablet, I can sure as hell afford $4.99 for a game, and if I got the tablet for $199 then I stole it from RIM and the least I can do is use some of that $300 in savings to support a developer for bringing such a popular game to a platform that everyone is ignoring. Just my opinion.

Now if we could just get Skype, I'd pay for that too.

What is the big deal about 5 bucks. like seriously....your going to wait for it to go down to 4 or 3 bucks.... is that really a huge amount....

Now it's time to, wrapping or ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!!!!!

Quit all of you're baby whining. If you want the app, pay the money. Otherwise, just shut up and complain to someone in your own house so we don't have to listen to your childish crap. "OOOOOO $5.99" . If you can't afford to pony up then sell your playbook and go read a book! Babies.

I got charged $5.99 when I bought Rio....but it shows up at $4.99...already submitted a ticket with support...

I bought the RIO DVD and it came with a free code for the Rio version of Angry Birds wonder if I can use it for this? Fingers crossed

Yep. Mark this one down right after native email. Woops!

Seriously though, this device is nearly irrelevant. 300 dollar price drop and no 3G or 4G version ever released speaks volumes.

why would the playbook not having a data plan make it irrelevant, if your outside wifi coverage you can use blackberry bridge or even hot spot now with the new 7.1 os.....

The people complaining about the $5 price tag are probably the same ones who don't think twice about spending $7 on a cup of coffee at Starbucks...