Angry Birds for BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available!

Download Angry Birds for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Dec 2011 10:54 am EST

Official Downloads of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio now available in BlackBerry App World!

HOLY SH!T it finally happened! Merry Christmas BlackBerry PlayBook owners! The folks from Rovio have released THREE Angry Birds titles for the BlackBerry PlayBook, which are all now available in App World.

You can take your pick of the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The cost on each one is $4.99, and I'm guessing all three will soon be topping the best sellers list in App World. If you want to take a closer look before you buy, be sure to check out our Angry Birds for BlackBerry Review.

Hit the links below to download and officially get your Angry Birds for BlackBerry on.

Download Angry Birds
Download Angry Birds Seasons
Download Angry Birds Rio
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Reader comments

Angry Birds for BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available!


Roviao - not RIM - sets the price. There are different prices for their software for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, and smartphones. Lot cheaper than PS3 or Wii or XBox360 games.

Kinda makes sencem It's called volume pricing - This will eventually go down when they see some sales from PB users.

This will definitely help out PB's image - Just look how all Android Tablets always show Angry Birds on their promos and friends always ask me if I have it on my PB...

FINALLY!!!!!!Thanks Rovio & RIM! I will definitely purchase - And maybe ALL 3!!!

It has been possible to play Angry Birds on Playbook from the very beginning, FOR FREE!!! Play Angry Birds by downloading it from the following link in your Playbook browser:

Just right-click and choose SAVE AS... for the above link, to download the SWF file to your computer (or to your Playbook). You may have to make a notepad document and type in the following (copy and paste this in):

(a href="") Download me (/a)

You have to use angle brackets (not round) for HTML, but I couldn't post it. Therefore, for the above code, replace all open round brackets "(" with open angle brackets "<" and replace all close round brackets ")" with closed angle brackets ">".

Then save the notepad document and rename it to HTML extension so you can load it up in your computer's web browser, or load it up on your playbook. Then you have to RIGHT CLICK on the "Download me" which will let you save the SWF file (otherwise it just loads if you click it).

Once it downloads the SWF, copy it to your downloads folder on your playbook (if doing it from computer). If on Playbook, it will download directly to downloads. Then to load it from your downloads folder, go into your Playbook Browser and use the following web address, instead of "http://something", to navigate the local files:


Then click on "accounts", then "1000", then "shared", then "downloads", then "angry-birds-rio.swf". Alternatively, just type the following in the address bar:


Once loaded, you can create a shortcut to your Icon screen so you can launch the game. Bring up your playbook browser menu and click on the WHITE STAR with the "GREEN +" and choose "Add to Home Screen" and name it Angry Birds Rio. Now you will have another icon app with Angry Birds Rio!

You can play the REGULAR Angry birds online by clicking this link:

Enjoy!!! By the way, this method works for MOST Flash-based games. Pretty much anything on can be downloaded. Just open the HTML source page for your game and look for the SWF file link that is embedded, and create a web page with a simple link to it that lets you right click and "save as..." to download the SWF file without having it load in your browser. Then you just copy it over to your playbook and play away!

I already have,
I don't think I'll ever actually play the game
But I am thanking the developers for actually supporting the PlayBook and releasing a Industry heavyweight,

I bought Dead Space to show EA that the PB had an audience. I wonder... What other games do they have that need porting?...

I'd celebrate if we were getting Skype or something...

I purchased dead space and madden for the quick releases. I refuse to purchase angry birds at 4.99. For a game that will be old after 30 min that price is too high.

I have had the ipod 1st gen for the longest time. I Jail broke it and have enjoyed all the games, apps for free. Now having to pay for this game for my PB just feels weird. I just put my ipod up for sale. May be I should cancel and keep my beloved ipod for my angry birds addiction.

I know ... All 3 versions on Android marketplace are free .... FAIL

This is why Android tablets will continue to overtake Apple and Playbook in sales 2 to 1.

I love it when people complain about 2 bucks. Besides you are always free not to buy it if its too expensive.

I think it is implied that the complaint means they will not buy it, but they are voicing their opinion that the price being high is why they wont buy. Besides, developers are always free to not make their app too expensive.

I understand we are in a recession but since when is $5 for a video game expensive? You probably have no issue with buying a $60 PS3 game but bitch about a $5 game?

LOL! how can you compare the two? A ton of AAA titles have hollywood budgets for console games these days, I'm sure Rovio comes nowhere as close.

Well the replay value alone plus the multiple updates given make Angry Birds a game I would pay 4.99 without hesitation. I've bought all 3 versions on my 3GS, and my son has the same on his iPod. If I could get it on my work BB I would too.

Download and side-load free Angry Birds BAR file to your Playbook using the following tutorial:

I used the "Playbook Tools" by HATAX, which you download from that page. Then you just edit your BAT file as it says, after going into developer mode on your playbook.

You will find a version of Angry Birds (vietnamese?) here:

Or just search for in Google.

I also downloaded a bunch of other apps and installed them using this method. It works beautifully!!! There are a bunch of BAR files you can install here:,1

Have fun!

What do you mean "lacking meaningful apps?" Maybe before today, sure... but now we have Angry Birds!!!

What line of work are you in that the PB doesnt provide any meaningful apps? Given your post I am guessing you line of work involves a red nose.

It's actually 4.99 for Angry Birds HD, which is the tablet version. Yes overpriced on everything.

It was a great game a year ago. Now it's just old and you can play online for free so why bother paying

You can also not ever buy a car since ... you know... you can just walk for free.

Swear to god - some seriously stupid comments in this thread.

I don't think $5 is overpriced. Software takes time and money to develop and maintain (although basically no time or money to duplicate it). You have to balance the cost of the app with development and maintenance costs along with it's value to the consumer. I realize this might be steep compared to other platforms, but think about it; we are talking $5 here. A lot of people spend that on coffee every day. A game for the Nintendo DS costs like $25 (I'm guessing here), and a full console game costs $60. $5 is a steal.

Also if RIM can show that people will pay higher prices for stuff on the playbook, then more developers will be interested in supporting the platform. I support $5 games.

Really? Is there a thread here that shows how to do this, step by step? What about hanging with friends?

Yes there are plenty of how tos. Basically download the file from and install via DDPB. There is a hanging with friends download but I haven't tried that one.

Words With Friends actually works pretty well when you convert it from apk to bar. A little glitchy here and there but it works well.

A bit late. No more great news. PB in games , including like Angry birds, is better now than few months ago and has some options plus. Its hypeless news. so so.

Talk about upping the price for the demand! Late, nevertheless. It could have stemmed some well-deserved criticisms. Still my jaw has dropped...

You go out and spend half a grand on a tablet but can't pony up $5 for an app you can play for the rest of the life of the device?

Seems likely they bought it with a credit card, so yeah they can't afford $5 unless it can be paid in payments, lol ouch

Did you feel it? That was the tide turning for RIM. We're back baby!

I frankly could care less about buying AG, but it is such a litmus test of what defines the public's perception of tablets. Having AG added to the apps immediately raises the perceived support and legitimacy of the Play Book.

AG now. OS2 in February. RIM-rolling!

Brian - you can't be serious can you? You think the tide is turning because a 3rd party dev released an app?? My friend... Its going to take a lot more than this. The only good thing this "MAY" show is that devs are willing to support qnx OS... And if RIM was smart they would preach it!!! Lol

Is lack of Apps and email not the 2 primary complaints about the PlayBook?

if this leads to more app developers taking it seriously, and if RIM gets OS2 out with email in February, then this is exactly the thing to get excited about and see a potential turning of the tide

I'm well aware of how stupid it sounds, but like it or not there's a fair number of people who actually CARE about Angry Birds.

Just watch: PB displays in BestBuy and Staples will all be using this to show that the PB actually has some popular appeal.

As dumb as this sounds, this is the best PlayBook news in months...

Lots of ppl whining for 5 bucks... lol. You BlackBerry users cant seem to enjoy any new news these days huh?

This is downloaded from appworld and RIM already has access to your data from every device you own.

With any app you install on a playbook, the playbook will inform you if the app will be accessing your personal info when you launch it for the first time, you have a right to deny it, or edit permissions from security settings later so......

I don't mind paying a few dollars for "quality" entertainment as it is a lot less than going to a movie. Congratulations RIM on scoring some new games. Didn't expect this until next year. Now if we could only get Netflix, Zinio Reader and a few others to join the party.

Merry Christmas

$ 4.99...Seriously, is this a joke? I though April fool's day was four months away..$4.99 for angry birds..c'mon.
Just because some playbook owners bought their tablets at $500 - $700..(ha, looking back i realize that this was the worst overpriced tech buys I ever made ) doesn't mean everyone has pocketful of cash to waste.

I will be purchasing all of these tonight! I no longer have to take the iPhone's, iPad 2, and Nook Color away from the wife and kids to play. (Daddy, can I play on your PlayBook? No, go get an iOS device the PlayBook is mine!)

These games are $4.99 in iTunes for the iPad.

They are also $2.99 for the Nook Color and Tablet.

holy santa claus shit!! same price as ipad guys quit complaining just buy one less drink this weekend!! stock is up over a dollar haha yessss

You will all probably laugh at me for this, but I was so disappointed that the Playbook was not supporting this "basic" game, that I had put off buying any other games or content until it came out.

Honestly, this could be the start of a turn around, not because of the game itself, but as we have mentioned so many times in the past, perception is key in this industry.

People need to see that developers take the tablet seriously and that all the TOP Games and Apps are supported.

If the content is there, the customers will follow...

Buying NOW!!!!

Sad to see how the fanbois relate having overpriced angry birds just over a year late with how Rimpire is striking back....LOL
When the expectation are so low among the $5 coffee drinking fanbois you can't really blame RIM.

so iAngry and iArrogant or is your perversion more Droidy? you should go back to whatever platform it is that you obviously prefer.

Yes, perception. I'm going to buy even though i don't like playing it much just to show support to developers, that there is a demand for quality playbook apps and games. Hopefully it'll start the ball rolling. And oh, where the hell is Zinio reader??? the news of them developing an app for the playbook came out many months, even webos got it before playbook. damn.

I did not know what Angry Birds was until i got a Roku....and it came with Angry Birds. A 7 year old child had to teach me how to play it. I have been longing for it on my Playbook. I knew there was a reason I keep coming back to Crackberry! Thanks!

you got to understand the excitement, at first they said it will never come to Blackberry. That's why we have Angry Farm, and now it's out. better late then never, I don't care about the price, tired of hearing people complain about the price. if you created and provide a great service, or product you would want to get paid for it. If you cant afford it, why have a smartphone in the first place? I've been rolling with RIM for 4 years now, and every year they are getting better.

Okay, is won't play. I get to the "Seasons 2011 or 2012" area....tap on one of the blocks...nothing happens.......

Never mind (replying to myself) I was not double tapping (sigh....I did not realize I had to double "click") working great now, thanks!

Are you running ? I'm on this beta OS and
I click Purchase and nothing seems to happen...

Edit - Ok. After a reboot I was able to purchase Angry Birds!

call it what you may but its a game that people were whining about at release, and whether late or not, its on here now.
$5 really is nothing for the complainers, and as stated above, its the same price on the ipad. 288 levels of a worldwide proven game is good in my books. and its almost 4am here, but imma fire that baby up.

SAME PRICE AS iPAD. Angry Birds(iphone) and Angry Birds HD(ipad)
are price differently.
Please stop complaining about the price.

why is there no link in crackberry to facebook to share this great news, we are going to 2012, aren't we?

withall due respect ,
but i you have a playbook you can pay for this game,
do you have any idea what it takes to develop a game like this

Is this the first blog post to start off with "Holy Shit"? Angry Birds...I love those sons of bitches! Thanks to those bastards at Rovio!

If you can't afford 5 bucks then you shouldnt have bought a tablet in the first place. Thanks RIO and RIM for an early Christmas present. Now I can see what the fuss is all about.

So let me get this straight the unwillingness to give up five bucks for a game determines what?!?!?!? Just becasue someone doesn't want to pay five dollars for a game doesn't mean they don't deserve the PB. Get over yourself!

4.99?! That's insane for this game! I can buy AAA titles for that much during the Steam sales for crying out loud. Let me know when the gameplay is more than just flinging stupid birds around Crush the Castle style and then I'll consider it.

I've played it on my Android phone and it's possibly the most overrated game of our generation.

Completely agree. Played the free one on Android and thought it was terrible. Uninstalled after 30 minutes. I wouldn't pay $1 for it, let alone $5.

I am happy it is here though. Means people will stop bitching for it.

Glad somebody else sees the light... Why should we pay $5 for THAT?!

It is fun yeah... But for only that long...

WOOT! I figure since I got my PB for $199 on Black Friday, then $5 for a game ain't so bad. I really enjoyed the PB before this news so this is added satisfaction. Support RIM and developers!

I would like to see Hulu or Netflix added; I wrote them both emails and only got one back from Hulu stating this:
Thanks for writing in about Hulu on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Unfortunately, due to the contractual agreements with our content providers, we have to have a certain set of agreements set up with a device manufacturer before we can provide support for that device. We have no partnership with BlackBerry at this time, so we can't currently stream through their device.

We get a lot of requests for BlackBerry support, so it's definitely something that's on our radar. Though we can't support it right now, we are continually evaluating new technologies, and will be adding more devices based on user demand. Stay tuned!

We have plans to bring Hulu Plus to as many devices as possible. For up to date info on which devices are currently supported or have been announced, you can go to ( ). On this page, you can even sign up to be notified of availability on upcoming devices.

If there's anything else I can address for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

Frankly, if you get a lot of requests, then why not follow through and get it done?

About time we got some good (albeit for gamers) news on the RIM front.

" We have no partnership with BlackBerry at this time, so we can't currently stream through their device."

Seem like RIM needs to step to the plate for us on this.

Let see, Angry Birds is cool, but you cant email anyone about it on the same pad (without Bridge)

Enjoy the game....


I don't have a bb phone, so I just set up a hotspot with my android device and my trusty pb can access the internet, np!!! :)

I never understood people complaining about this... maybe using the bridge is more convenient but accessing the internet is no big deal at all...

Unfortunately, it looks like Hulu is dying anyway (and I live in Canada so since NO version of Hulu works here the point os moot).

Apparently, the business model was to provide free content, get users/viewers hooked, and then start "boiling the frog", so to speak.

Fox is already bailing, apparently because the temperature isn't rising quickly enough. Attempts to spin Hulu off or sell it have gone nowhere.

Don't expect it to last.

you guys do realize that there is also a FREE version of this game on ios and android. yet being a blackberry user we must pay for everything

I felt a disturbance in the force; like millions of uber geeks suddenly crying out.

So I logged into CB and low and behold the most over rated game of ALL time (IMHO) is available for PB.

This is great news for Angry lovers. For others meh!

However any app that helps sell even one more PB is very very good news indeed. And this will help sell many; thanks Rovio (Can't believe i just wrote that!).

angry birds on the playbook is nice, but its absurd it took this long to get it. imo, theres seems to be no reason that it couldnt have come earlier other than the fact the playbook was weak in sales until they finally sold some thanks to the price cuts.

i dont have a playbook, just BB phones. but i do have an iphone, and own all 3 of these games, and bought em for .99cents each. i get that these are the HD versions, but seeing as how the playbooks resolution is 1024x600 and my iP4S's is 960x640, theres not to much of a difference in that screen res, and imo i already have HD angry birds.

point being, alot of todays smartphones have high resolutions that are comprable to the playbooks, and therefore these shouldnt be 4.99 for an HD version (just like th ipads shouldnt be 4.99 this isnt just a RIM thing) they should be like 2.99 or 1.99. its not like a ton has changed or anything.

BB appworld is getting better, but the apps are so much more expensive on average than iOS or android that it pushes people away. yes these games are well developed, and i fully am in support of the developers that make our devices great, but when RIM is suffering so badly and so many have jumped ship or become accustomed to relatively cheap applications (due to the sheer number of downloads and exposure) it seems to me that RIM should be bundling these games on all new playbooks as a selling point to show consumers it can be a fun device as well as a work horse.

Angry Birds on the playbook is a nice step forward for appworld, but its nothing special, and a year late. show me angry birds on BB7 devices, then youll have my attention and my $$.

nah mean?

That only took forever, and you suckers have to pay $5 RIM is sooooo lame. Can't wait for them to crumble and get bought out. Playbook blows, way too small....SMH

This should be included in RIMs "We're Sorry" package of apps to PlayBook early adopters that have stuck with them the past 8 months.

This is great news, I am getting more convinced by the day that the Playbook will continue to be developed into a truly very good tablet :)

It's a sad-sad day when the appearance of angry birds creates platform legitimacy. We've really let angry birds be the benchmark? I guess so.

(people really sign up for forums just to post insults towards the forum's supporters?)

If you're griping on price, read an economics textbook. I'm not saying I'm buying these games but understand that developers, not RIM are setting the price. With a smaller marketplace (Playbook users), developers need to charge more to net the same profits they would if selling in a marketplace with 100x the market size (iOS).

I can't recall people crying over the ridiculously inflated cost of an iPad. A device that by all accounts is inferior to the Playbook...only exception being a larger app selection and larger screen. PS Android is going to win the war...the open market always does, so thank you RIM for aligning with the true powerhouse.

Crackberry, congrats on over 8 million reader's per month. You're the angry birds of the smartpohone forum community. *sigh

Give the people what they want. Electronic shopping catalog (Fire), triple burgers for 99 cents, 40oz diet soda, and angry birds. Even decadence isnt decadent anymore.

With talks with the at least expected working relationship Rim is to have with Amazon, BBX, PB OS 2.0, RIM being on the forefront of NFC enabled devices...I think developers will begin to believe in BB again...just a hunch

How is it over priced..... you guys will spend from $299 to $599 on a playbook but wont spend $5 bucks on a great app for that $$$ hardware you bought.....

like u gotta be kidding me its beacuse of people that like that, that is why all the other great apps arint coming to playbook no one supports them

I completely agree with you. If you cant afford $5.00 to buy something, then you shouldnt have purchased a Playbook in the first place as you have bigger problems to worry about.

Sadly, what should have been a good news announcement for the Playbook community has, per usual, turned into complaints and whinning by the vocal minority who are, to be blunt, simply cheap tightwads with a stick up their.... Well you know where :)

itunes version $.0.99. PB version $4.99. Typical of any itunes vs PB pricing. I have had mt PB since April and have not spend $20 total on PB app/games. Needless to say, my PB isn't as efficient as it would be if I'd dropped a few hundred bucks on the higher quality apps/games. This has always been a sore spot for me since mt first BB 3 years ago.

Perhaps, we need, as a group, to write to some of these companies to get their attention regarding apps on the Playbook. They need to know that owners are out there, liking this particular product and wondering why their company isn't supporting the PB. I am constantly writing emails to these people and if enough others did that, maybe we could survive. I realize this isn't our job to do this, but sometimes public opinion can get the right attention.

As for all the too little too late criers, well, that's life buckaroos. I tend to think, better late than never.

ok its late yes but nobody stopped supporting apple when it took then 2 years to "invent" copy and paste on their devices, its here now be happy. The app itself isnt the important part its the support and a big name app at that. that will get other ppl serious about developing apps for us. As far as price its THE EXACT SAME AS IPAD. its the HD version. you're not getting ripped off by bb Rovio set that price and our competition is doing the same. If you dont support and buy dont complain when devs dont throw more big name apps our way.

Great news on the app front! Hopefully this is a calm before the storm of much anticipated apps/games...Skype, Netflix etc. I'm not a big Angry Birds fan, but I'll buy it to support the PlayBook.

Is it me or App World is having massive connection problems??? Could that be the massive crowd buying Angry Birds??? Yeah!!!! It's not the fact AB was released, it's that the noobs will see that the tablet is getting big stuff and thus, developers will start making apps for the PlayBook as well as other platforms instead of leaving it out.

It seems today has been a good day for BB apps... Spotify rolled out for bb phones... Angry birds come to the playbook...

I believe as we near to the release of OS2.0 on playbook.. we will get more suprises..

Just waiting for video chat apps(skype, yahoo).

Also, as next most desirable apps would be good to have, either pulse or flipboard and DC comics

i am now convinced the modern consumer is a moronic idiot. wanting the world for nothing with unrealistic expectations. how can it be there are compliants about $5 software? trying to please this new attitude will snuff out innovation.

Why is it that the arrival of a silly game give me hope for the PlayBook and the BlackBerry name all together? Lol. I will be buying as well to sho support from PB users. Thanks :-)

That version is way slower in Android Player. Even the flash web version is faster. Besides, this is AB HD we're talking about.

I dont understand all the complaining about the price of an App!?? Is everyone on here a bunch of 16 year olds living with thier parents??

This was a boss surprise. Love the fact that the Android player isn't needed for PB to have Angry Birds. I bought it and it works terrific!

Well, I see only positives here: the game itself looks very nice on the PB, I bought Rio and it sexy as a siren in heat and smooth as a baby's bottom. Apart from that, it is also very good news as it seems indicative of more serious developer interest for this platform...

Everyone should buy all 3 and show developers can make money on the platform, which will mean further games and apps.

$4.99 is not bad since its the same price as the pc version. I picked it up, kids love this game so why not. Little late but its nice to see it finally on the playbook.

Thanks to the developers who are keeping the Playbook alive. $4.99 is a great price point despite what other frugal members may think or say. I will continue showing my support to those developing great apps such as this. Thanks again.

I am not a huge AB fan, but I do play it once in awhile. I am thrilled that we have it on our PBs, and you can bet I'll buy all 3 in support! No matter how many different phones I may try, it's always back to BB (now a 9930) and my PB. Things are looking up!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are BlackBerry users. We can afford it. I just got AB HD and AB Rio HD. Lots of fun to come. Btw, I had the free version on an ipad2, never bought the full version... until now.

This is PlayBook Resurrection.

The type of person who would buy a Playbook would probably not know what 'Angry Birds' is.
I think 'Space Invaders' would be more their speed.

Quit all of you're baby whining. If you want the app, pay the money. Otherwise, just shut up and complain to someone in your own house so we don't have to listen to your childish crap. "OOOOOO $5.99" . If you can't afford to pony up then sell your playbook and go read a book! Babies.

I wish you all would stop downloading Angry Birds for a little bit. You've broken App World for me.

According to the Blackberry Appworld Website, guess what the top three paid apps are now?

Twiddling my fingers now, waiting to re-queue my apps that I was happily downloading when this thing dropped.

"HOLY SH!T it finally happened! Merry Christmas BlackBerry PlayBook owners!"

I literally laughed my @$$ off when I read this. Thanks for the laugh Kevin! And yay CrackBerry Nation!

Got all 3 on my Android tablet for free. So, current price is an absolute rip-off.

As to the suggestion above to go read a book - it's hard, as I've now got a PB ... Fortunately I found Wink reader buried on the app world site, and it's a free epub reader.

... I know, I know - OS2 will (hopefully) have free apps for reading ebooks.