Want Angry Birds for BlackBerry? Read This...

Angry Birds for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Feb 2011 07:20 pm EST

* Update: @RovioMobile shot us a couple of replies.. One and Two. They have no plans for Angry Birds for BlackBerry Smartphones on the BlackBerry OS right now, but the PlayBook is a definite possibility (which to me sounds like they're not working on it yet). Keep up the demands in the comments... maybe we change their minds! *  

It only took me seconds to Photoshop Angry Birds onto BlackBerry.
Is it that hard to make it happen for real? Please help us Rovio! :)

An Open Letter to Rovio on behalf of BlackBerry users everywhere who would rather be playing Angry Birds right now than reading this...

Dear Geniuses at Rovio,

I commend you on the success of your Angry Birds franchise. In app stores/marketplaces where the title is available, you have emerged in the coveted position of being that first game everybody wants to download. Heck, you're almost a tax at this point - think of the millions of minutes of wasted time that could be saved if Angry Birds just came preloaded on devices and the cost was built into the price of the phone/tablet/other gadget. People are going to buy it anyways, so think of all of the time people would save that could go into something productive, like curing... ahh, who am I kidding? It would just go into playing more Angry Birds. I guess what I'm really saying here is Congratulations! You're #1! But what about us freak'n BlackBerry users?!

Seriously, I don't think you guys understand the number of emails I get every single day from BlackBerry users wondering where they can download Angry Birds for their BlackBerry. You see, it's not just people on platforms where Angry Birds is available that are wasting time downloading something that might as well come pre-installed at this point - people are wasting tons of time trying to find Angry Birds for platforms where it doesn't even exist. I almost choked on a Cinnamon Heart today (chowing down on leftovers from Valentine's Day) when I was browsing through our site analytics and saw how many people are landing on CrackBerry because they're searching the web for Angry Birds for BlackBerry. It was a little ridiculous. And what do they ultimately find? Disappointment and heart break instead of birds and pigs.

So please Rovio, PLEASE... can you give us BlackBerry users what we want? We want Angry Birds for BlackBerry! I'd actually feel a little better if you came forward and straight out told us the current BlackBerry OS and in-market phone hardware isn't quite up to par with what you need to deliver a compelling Angry Birds experience. Then I could shift some of the blame on RIM and not you. But if that were the case, I'd at least ask you to please check out RIM's 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap. BlackBerry 6.1 looks a lot more game friendly, and with more touchscreens and much faster processors on their next generation of hardware I'd *hope* you'd be able to make Angry Birds rock on a BlackBerry Smartphone and that the work to make that happen would already be underway. I haven't even mentioned the BlackBerry PlayBook yet. The BlackBerry PlayBook and its QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS is going to deliver an awesome gaming experience, and we've already seen that EA (who I believe bought your publisher, but now you're so big you don't need a publisher so I don't get what your corporate dealio is anymore) is working with RIM to put Need for Speed Undercover and Tetris onto the PlayBook. That's cool and all and I'm excited for it, but what we really, really, really, really would all love to be able to play on the PlayBook the day we buy one is Angry Birds. I know being #1 at something has its perks, but the position also comes with responsibility. Saying nothing is torture. Can't you let us know where us BlackBerry users stand are slingshotted in your Angry Birds roadmap?

I'm just one voice in this crazy BlackBerry world (albeit a slightly annoying one with a little bit of reach), so I hope beyond this letter some of our readers will step up in the comments to this post and mirror their desire for Rovio to make Angry Birds available for BlackBerry.  And in true blogger fashion, at the bottom of this letter/post I'm going to put in two links of hope. The first, an active link to signup for the CrackBerry Newsletter so we can notify all of those BlackBerry Angry Birds googling souls that we will notify them via email the moment Angry Birds for BlackBerry becomes available. The second will be a link to download Angry Birds for BlackBerry, which will remain inactive until the day Angry Birds does become available and I can link it up to App World or the CrackBerry App Store or wherever. I have faith in you Rovio that you'll do the right thing. Please, please do the right thing and give us some birds and eggs and pigs to go along with our BlackBerrys. 

Live Long and Prosper, 

Kevin Michaluk, Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation

Be notified via email when Angry Birds for BlackBerry becomes available
Download Angry Birds for BlackBerry (nothing to click, it's not available yet) but check out Angry Farm in the CrackBerry App Store until we get Angry Birds

Reader comments

Want Angry Birds for BlackBerry? Read This...


Angry Birds for BlackBerry would be the Shiznit! Havent they noticed EVERYONE wants it? Give us Angry Birds NAO!

Um there's kinda a poll already: 100 or so responses for the Angry Birds post and over 300 for a leather sleeve that only fits the Torch.

Spin that whatever way you want, I'm just saying "overwhelming desire" it's hard to say it's there.

Ask any successful or even average, app developer and they'll tell you that coding for Blackberry is a pain in the ass. There are just too many devices to support. With iOS, at this point you have have to worry about two devices and it's just a matter of a change in resolution...

When QNX gets to smartphones, then you'll see angry birds there. I'm confident that they are working on Angry Birds for the Playbook.

If you've seen the videos above showcasing what TAT can do with the playbook, you'll see that you won't have much time to waste with such a sub-par piece of programming called angry birds.

I can't wait for Angry Birds on the Playbook. Maybe they could submit it to BB App World, and get a free Playbook out of it for the CEO?

Very true lol. I'm already trying to keep myself from spending too much time on my bb and this will just make it even worse lol.

Yeah, blackberry will most definitely have higher rates of purchase than Android. Cause on Android, Angry Birds is free ;)

dealio! quality new wordage from kevin, i know so many BlackBerry users that would love to have angry birds on their phones, and if not phone then at least bring it for the playbook. we NEED this now.

I have apparently been missing out. Never played angry birds, and pretty much gave up on the Blackberry gaming experience back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Eeeermmm. Have you even been reading BlackBerry/RIM news? SuperAPPS? APP World? Developer fund for making new... APPS?

Just so you know, I do agree that the way we use mobile apps will change in many ways and will not be needed if we continue on Cloud development, but in some ways it will never quite replace some mobile apps on the device. I just wanted to make a point, even if this is one app that could be offered on line.

As far as I can tell, it's a paid version of the free flash game, Crush the Castle, granted with more polish.

I agree, it seems like a pretty stupid game if that's the case. I know Jeff Bakalar is kind of a cynic, but even he said it was incredibly overhyped and that he didn't like it on the 404...

You're not alone. Highly overrated game. I have it on my iPod Touch and after a few hours of play, I was already disinterested.

But then again, I've been videogaming for more than 20 years. So I've "tasted" lots of different games and am therefore not easily impressed.

It's probably fun for newbies or very casual gamers and for those who like to be part of a bandwaggon or a trend.

Good Lord you're not the only one!!! When a friend showed it to me I thought WHAT???? THAT is what all the fuss is about????

I played it on my bros' iphone..

Bored after 10 minutes.

Proper YAWN!

LOADS of games much better.

Fierce Towers
THKLive Poker

I think you get the idea haha. I vote we storm Rovio's door with our BlackBerry's and pitch forks, demanding what we all so badly want! ANGRY BIRDS!! By the way, awesome article Kevin! I'm glad that one of you CrackBerry Bloggers stepped up and said what a lot of us BlackBerry users have been thinking! My question is tho, is there a proper way to contact Rovio to possibly request a BlackBerry version? Maybe if enough of us email them/contact them than they'll make it for us to shut us up ;)

I've asked Rovio several times about this and the consistent response is "We have no plans for the BlackBerry as of now."

That needs to change.

Download Angry Birds for BlackBerry (nothing to click, it's not available yet)
lmao i know someone saw that and tried to click it

So let me get this straight. Blackberry users want angry birds on their blackberries and so many of the fanboys call the iPhone and android as toys.........interesting.....

Nobody said blackberry is a toy. I just find it interesting how many blackberry users emailed Kevin for him to create this blog post. We usually hear blackberry fits my needs the way it is and don't need a toy like the android and iPhone.

Lack of app development/programming experience is evident here. Blackberry's JVM is virtually incapable of handling the graphics required for an angry birds port. Not to mention the tedious task of actually porting the source to Java...yuck

On the other hand, I would put money on the fact that we'll see it for the Playbook.

"Lack of app development/programming experience is evident here. ... Not to mention the tedious task of actually porting the source to Java...yuck"

Why yes, yes it is.

Are you agreeing, or are you implying that porting from objective-C to Java is an easy task? If the latter is true, explain to me how you would account for the lack of serviceable graphics libraries supported by the Blackberry JVM?

Ahhhh sorry couldn't care less about this product. I'd rather support companies what willingly produce apps for blackberries.

Honestly I am flabbergasted that you would write such a letter. Sometimes I think the Crackberry team must take masochistic pleasure in all the $%^&&* that apple and android fanboys write on your pages. This letter certainly invites more, as we've seen already. If you want to own a toy it's simple, buy and iPhone or use your beloved iPad.

Your letter certainly doesn't represent my views. Thanks.

Couldn't have said it better. Sorry but this is quite pathetic really.

Your comment certainly represents my views.

I agree that we should support companies that actually want to produce apps for Blackberry. As much as I would like to play Angry Birds, I am not sure I want to vote (every dollar is a vote) for a company that does not care about us.

A decent-enough Angry Birds is certainly possible on a BlackBerry for people who have the money to hire smart programmers.

Rovio, PLEASE give us Blackberry users Angry Birds! It's the best game ever! I am soooooo addicted to this game! That way I don't have to carry my iPod Touch all the time.

Buy games on my 9800 all the time. This may take me away from sonic or final fantasy. Have played it, seems fun, worth a few bucks.

P.s. Kevin netflix next please. They are killing me if no playbook support no more netflix for me.

Look i've thought this all along. If a developer makes a app that does great on one platform make it for the rest. The road map should be Develop app>???>profit>develop for another platform>???>profit>repeat as needed. they shouldn't keep them selves in blinders there is a vast world out there and were people have smartphones in that world there is money to be made. i actually hope this gets released for BB i mean i saw the photoshops and didn't read the rest but i had to change my undies for nothing T-T. One day smartphone apps will unite, there will be no segregation. But still fanboys.

Great! After all the people decrying the useless apps on other platforms we are now lobbying to get one of them for ours.

I guess if this gets done the BlackBerry can be considered a "toy" as our fanboys call everything else.

You miss the point, The iPhone is a toy because that's all it does (and it does games well I might add) but until the iPhone can be useful for communication it'll always be a toy, not matter whether other phone have games or not.

I owned and iPhone and it simply isn't good for work.

No, I did not miss the point and respectfully submit that your experience with the iPhone, or any other device, for that matter is not the bellweather for the rest of the world. And judging by your comment it is apparent the problem isn't the device that is lacking. The user (that would be YOU)is. For the record, I never even mentioned the iPhone in my post so your personal bias "made a point" just to have something to disagree with.

To say the iPhone is not useful for communication or as a work device is one of the most patently stupid things you could utter. There are millions of people that use their iPhones for purely business purposes and even more that use them for the sole means of wireless communication.

To say all the iPhone does is games demonstrates the level of your bias and dare I say, idiocy.

I feel bad for blackberry users. I'm one of them. I feel bad for myself. But not much longer. Gatta wonder between the Iphone and the Thunderbolt (coming out next week), how many more blackberrry defectors there will be. February is going to be a tough month for Blackberry in North America.

Kevin is such a legend for writing this letter. Bravo - I look forward to playing angry birds on the PlayBook!

To have Angry Birds on my BB would be just awesome, if I can't get it "I will be madder than a skinhead watching the Jefferson's".

(Larry the cable guy)

I'll take Angry Birds for the playbook. If not i guess i will keep playing it on my crappy ipod touch.

Lets Go Rovio Lets Go!...Lets Go Rovio Lets Go!
Angry Birds + BB = Awesome

I don't play games but I would score a few point with my kids :)

Just wasted a dollar on my first Gameloft download from the App World. That will never happen again.
Bring on the Angry Birds I've been hearing so much about.

I want Angry Birds for BB so bad! Although I don't have a touchscreen BB I'd totally love it when I get my PlayBook! And, I plan on getting the Torch when I become eligible for an upgrade and if it EVER comes to Sprint...

The Angry Birds app for iOS is 36MB. There aren't any good games for blackberry cause 36MB would eat up a huge chunk of the memory, not to mention the 200+MB full 3D games that are really amazing on iOS devices. Developers have been forced to limit the size of their apps or else users simply wont be able to fit anything else. Even the leaked 2011 BB road map pins the "Storm3" with 4GB of memory... How many smartphones will be launching with those specs in 2011? RIM NEEDS to increase the on board storage here if they want people to start installing large professionally done apps, or make it possible to install apps to sd cards.

Every day when I put my Torch to bed He asks, “Mommy, when am I gonna get Angry Bird's?” I tell Him, I'm not sure honey” He replys, “but Mommy I'm a good boy!” “I know you are! You're a very, very good boy” Reassuring him. My baby is sad... Cheer him up with ANGRY BIRDS!!!! Ahh C'mon now, stop making us beg!!!!

Cool, RovioMobile‎ replied on twitter

RovioMobile‎ @RobUncorked @crackberrykevin The QNX based PlayBook is definetively a possibility

Mike Kirkup, director developer relations at RIM,stated that they will be at the game developers conference starting next month to showcase their native development kit. Here is the video.


Funny angry birds was one of the first apps I downloaded on my galaxy tab. But after countless hours of excitement I stopped playing it. Kindle way more interesting. Lol. I haven't played in over a month. Now since I discoveresd Kindle for blackberry the birds would be a waste to me. I dont even have brickbreaker on my bold. Nice to have the option but im not begging for it.

I guess this is human nature. There's a popular chinese saying that goes something like this: People view things they could not get as treasure but thing they got as grass.

If anyone reading these comments hasn't seen the game have a look at this:


words cannot describe how silly it is to pine over this trivial, no worse than trivial, downright stupid game. I can only see the comments above if you all added that you want this game for your 5 year old kid.

Personally, I like the game but would never support a company that we have to talk into making an app for any platform. These guys are right up there with the makers of the Skyfire browser app for me. Keep your app because I will never support you just like you refuse to support my interests.

OK, everyone sit down. I've never seen Angry Birds played. Shocking, I know... but anyway, in the spirit of love and community and all that "warm fuzzy" feeling stuff, I clicked on the newsletter link ANYWAY just so you all can feed your addiction. Long Live The CRACKBERRY NATION!!!

This is unbelievably..............sad.

Very happy Torch owner who hopes they keep their app.

I've seen the game. Why, on God's green earth, are people foaming at the mouth for this?

Are we really that bored? Are we really that in need of these shots of irrelevant nonsense to fill our time?

I have nothing against games, play them often: online, on consoles, board games, and even on my Torch. But to be reduced to beggars to get the latest over hyped "hipster" "trendy" complete time waster is beyond stupid.

Again, it's just beyond sad.

If this gets out to the interwebz, I'll hang my head in shame at the folly of Crackberry Nation.

Meh. I don't what the fuss is all about, my version of lite addictive games are : addictive tower defense, advance wars on the gameboy advance , dota (warcraft 3) on the pc. They should make a port of a game like advance wars on the blackberry, or better yet make a port of games like gta china town wars or the classic super mario 3

There are no real apps for bb. Stop begging idiots. Nobody wanna waste time building apps for crappy bb. Keep downloading and setting the permission and then do a battery pull. LMFAO at you pathetic people

I'm sorry but commenting doesn't change the shitty hardware in our devices..
playbook yes, i could see that.
6.1 highly doubt also, these new blackberrys dont show much promise.

Wow.. That was amazing! Kevin is right, Rovio should at least tell us where we stand. After being addicted to Angry Birds when I had my EVO and now being stuck with a Torch, I realized how much I missed that game. I mean, Spades is my game now and that game pisses me off! My partner always trumps me!!! BASTICH!

Anyway, great mail Kevin. I hope we get the response we have been waiting for.


Hey Kevin, thank you for all you do. Your open letter was truely a humble, and nice approach. It certainly deserved more than the responses given, which confirmed for me the real response needed from the crackberry nation...boycott. First, we are not beggers. Second, there are better games out there. Third, screw them.

who cares about this game, it's nothing special. when it does come, it'll be slightly more expensive than any other platform. Its likely that if it does port over to blackberry OS and the Playbook OS, you'll have to pay for it twice.

prove me wrong and bring it over

Correct me if I am wrong but I have tried to play Angry birds on a iPhone 3gs (and a iPad). It's a little harder and thats a 3.5 inch screen the screen has to move to catch up with the bird. Even if Rovio decided to do this for the blackberry. I think the only hardware that could support it would be a touch screen (Torch only). The Bolds, Tours, Curves the screens are to small and the game is based on a scrolling horizontal touch screen model. The Storm 1&2 are surepress so not a true capacitive touch.
The current hardware and OS for BB the game play wouldn't be the way the developers designed the game.

What we really need RIM is some new hardware and software for the Blackberry. We should petition RIM to release a device that at least competes with the hardware of other manufacturers.

Looking forward to the Playbook. Bring Angry birds to the Playbook please.

We can start a petition. Then they will HAVE to make it for blackberry or else we can force them to upon consequence of death.

Angry bird is a thing of the past now people. It's now boring and tediously annoying. I have this game on my MacBook and I finished the entire game in 3 days. I don't understand what's great about it because I didn't find it addictive at all.

plz plz plz !!!!
this game is a must have .... how can u take this long to launch it for the BB world..

+1 thymaster (not so much the handle...) Leave the birdies for the kids.

We should have the NEXT big game.

You are an industrial spy, working in a futuristic urban setting. Surrounded by tech monitoring systems in the buildings and on the streets, only they can also kill you! You monitor your "life" and control your character with a device...gee, wonder what it looks like? White-hooded drones lurk in the shadows, trying to defeat you, but with their achilles heel being unable to reliably connect to their master. The objective of the game is to steal your opponent's technology and build and set off a doomsday device, while protecting your own technology from the drones.

Welcome to: Blackberry Black Ops. Exclusive to the PlayBook.

Taking advance orders: $79.99. Available in first half this decade.


Angry Birds is the only Reason I look at iPhone Screen! Please give us that great game on Blackberry AND Playbook!

Actually it's a good idea to bring the lovely iOS and Android's favourite game to the BlackBerry but it won't be much like Android or iOS version! Why? Because most users (may) currently be at the Curve version or Bold version which not supporting the touchscreen until their touchscreen version released. Most used device is the Bold and Curve and now is Torch with its touchsceen capablities but not for the two others! For Storm it will be crappy to use those birds on surepress instead of capacitive screen.

Its just my opinion though would very much like it if it came to Onyx2 or Curve3G

It comes to Blackberry, it doesn't come to Blackberry, either way I still have to go to work so I don't really see the big deal. I have played the game & it's a definite time waster but I'm not going to lose sleep over whether or not it's coming to our phones. So many people are wanting this game & IF they release you know what's going to happen, do you really think it's going to be $.99 like it is for the iphone? They'll probably inflate the price to $4.99 or something crazy like that for the Blackberry because they know that all these people want the game so bad. I will say & always have said that the one big negative I've found is the pricing of "our" apps compared to other phones, it seems that we're always on the high end of that spectrum.

did you seriously think you had a chance to get angry birds on a blackberry running os6 with no roadmap of qnx for the handhelds? c'mon!

there is copter in bb app world tho...bahahahahhahaha

this is will surely run on the playbook as that will be able to run android market apps.

any qnx phones after that will get,

cant see rovio making it for any earlier versions of our os

I really don't see why they haven't already made it for the BB. Do they have some bias toward RIMM? Seems kind of prejudice to only make it for droids and iphones.


Thankfully I finally got it for my PS3...and in turn my PSP. :) Although I'd buy it again on Blackberry if it were to be available.

I heard there are already plans of making it for WP7....blah.

I would love to see angry birds on the blackberry. I could see them making this for the Storm and the Torch since they are touch screens. It would be cool if the brought it out for OS 6.1 considering the new line up does include touch screen. I think part of the problem is the varying screen sizes from one blackberry to the next. Having to deal with the various resolutions for each blackberry could be seen as an issue for some developers. That being said, I still eagerly await angry birds for the blackberry.

keep crying like a little P. and B. While i'm playing that game using my iPhone.. ha ha ha ha.

btw, How many timer require to pull the battery when you are playing this game in you blackberry?

Bring it on!!! I have played angry birds on friends Iphones and Ipads, It is awesome, But I can't get an iphone due to corporate allowing only Blackberry's to be used. I also love my Blackberry and don't really want an iphone. PLEASE GIVE US ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!!!!!

Rovio won't make this game cuz blackberry doesn't have many touch screens. And the touch screens they have are trash. If they do make it for blackberry then its gonna cost $4.99 like all the other apps that are FREE on Android or iOS. You wouldn't have to beg for it if you give up your out of date, out of style blackberry and upgrade to a better phone and OS

This is just another example of how Blackberry has fallen behind Motorola and Apple. Blackberry's aren't even considered for the most wanted mobile game. My girlfriend loves the game and downloaded it on her computer but she was upset that it couldn't be downloaded on her Blackberry. When our contract is up with Verizon, I see myself being drawn to get an Iphone or the Droid more and more every day. That is unless RIM, can produce a product that is either comparable or ahead of it's competition instead of producing a new product that is already outdated.

I dunno, I wouldn't move just because of one of game or even just a few especially if you like everything else that is blackberry smartphones.

If you want gaming well I guess you could always look at something like the 3DS or PSP where games are little more than just fillers/gimmicky but if its a phone then maybe those new sony xperia gaming phones are more to your liking?

We NEED Angry Birds on our Blackberries! Please. You guys cannot be pissed off at Blackberry users, are you? Are we the reason you came up with Angry Birds?
I have an idea for Developers, lets make Angry Crackberriers, anyone?
Wait, there is Angry Birds for Palm Pre? Really?

No Angry Birds for BB = one very sad wolfie.

Please fire up the Birds for us here on BB Nation already !



Most of the existing BB will not support the game. The Processors and ram near many older Android Devices like the My Touch 3g. The game is not full supported on the device. Not mention without Touch screen it would be harder to play. I would think the slow moving OS of BB 5 and older also doesn't help.

I have always been hoping for Angry Birds for BB. The game is highly addicting and so much fun. Along with that I would love to have Netflix for BB as well, I'm not talking about the stupid app they have for BB that is $5 and only allows you to add and manage movies in your queue. it is a waste of money and time. i would like to have a way to watch my movies. Or even Hulu would be great to have as well, guess ill just have to wait till the QNX tech is put into the phones for that tho.

In my opinion, I don't think its that big of a deal. Its just a game. If one really wants a phone with angry birds, I'd say switch from blackberry to android, ios or webos if its THAT important.

Now, I could be wrong but I believe a developer must come along & create a version of it to work with blackberry phones. Since you need a touchscreen phone (without sure press) I'd imagine it would be very difficult to do. Imagaine if angry birds came out & only torch users could play the game. Then every other blackberry user that wanted it but had a different phone would raise hell because they didn't want to switch to the torch or couldn't because they don't make a cdma version of the torch.

So again, if you want it that bad, switch to a different phone. Otherwise, relax & realize its not that big of a deal.

why are people still posting today about angry birds coming to the bb? this article should be dead - Roxio isn't making it for the bb, move on

I'll deff get angry birds for my BB Torch as soon as it becomes available! just hope its soon... hmm lets see what to do while i wait? ah yes i'll play angry birds on my iPod Touch =D

I posted this: "@RovioMobile - sucks that you have no plans of making your game available to Blackberry users because a lot of us would absolutely love it." and got this response: "@missenvy we will have to look into it, just need to make sure we can create a great experience" so if we all keep tweeting at them maybe they will start looking into it faster :)

How would you even play angry birds on a 9700, 9800 or later? What if you had the storm? You still couldn't play it. So would it be fair to create a game that only torch or Playbook users could access?

I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and an EVO 4G. The EVO 4G has angry birds! Yes, ROVIO made this game (in 2 versions, angry bird and angry bird seasons) for the Android Platform. Sorry if they won't make it for BlackBerry. I am enjoying the two versions of this game now for a month at least. I was so ecstatic to see it come to Android. Maybe the PlayBook will get it, but they seem to be with Apple and Android. Ah, well.

I garuntee you that if Rovio made angry birds for Blackberry, every touchscreen owner would download it. Why would they exclude this portion of the market? It just doesn't make sense...

Angry Birds on itty bitty small Blackberry phones? (Derisive laugh) I play Angry birds on my 10 inch Android tablet and my 4 inch PSP. Why would I want to play this game on a 2.8 inch screen?

I checked the future Blackberry phones and they ALL have smallish screens. I don't care if those new phones will have touch screens because it will make small screens more painful. Unless Rim pulls a surprise at the last minute...this 9300 BB will be my LAST blackberry. Angry Birds on BB phones with small screens. (More derisive laugh)

I can't wait for it my girl has it on her I phone and 3 year son keeps asking me why he can't play it to daddys

That would be a truly wonderful thing if the developer that makes the Angry Birds app for iPhone and Android could create a BlackBerry compatible version of the game. I've tried the iPad version of Angry Birds and I have to say, it's a pretty fun game. Those developers (Rovio Mobile) should really consider making this game compatible with the BlackBerry OS. I really hope they get working on this task real soon. I'd want to see it in BlackBerry App World sometime in the really near future.

old mcdonald had a farm eieieio and on that farm he had an angry bird eieieio with a get the pig here and a get the pig there get a pig everywhere i want to be angry

I was SO excited when I played Angry Birds on a friend's phone and was planning on downloading it on my Torch...only to find out that it couldn't be downloaded for Blackberries :(
Saddest day of my life.

Resurrecting this old story with one of my own. I was crusing the app store this weekend and found a game listed there called Angry Farm which in essence is AB with farm animals and not birds. Same concept and everything. I tried the free trial and after the three free levels I was hooked and purchased it. Not sure if anyone else discovered this yet but figured I would give out the info anyway. Have a great day.

Rovio might not on wrong position because They might have the reason why Angry Birds isn't available in Blackberry. if We are such a angry birds fan, We already knew that some of Their game play need any touch setting in screen directly. some of product by blackberry then, really short of kind in Blackberry touch screen. so it might help RIM to start produce bigger and many kinds of Blackberry touch screen smartphones with usual capacitive or vice versa.


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