Android Central's Final Take on the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Dec 2008 06:54 pm EST

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Our G1-loving pal Casey Chan has now posted his final review of the BlackBerry Bold over at Earlier this week he posted his initial impressions video (which you can now watch above) which was pretty positive towards the BlackBerry Bold. In the spirit of the Round Robin, in his final review Casey gives the BlackBerry platform a little harder time...

I know it's being nitpicky and I might be at a loss here, but how do you get excited about the Blackberry OS? This current OS doesn't seem much different than last year's Curve (other than the facelift and better browser) and I just don't see the room for "potential" or how it can "grow". Sure, the Bold SPEEDS through tasks and is very, very efficient, but where is Blackberry headed?

From my brief use with Blackberry, and you can flame me in the comments if I'm wrong, but I didn't encounter any killer third party apps. There was nothing that I desperately needed to try, nothing amazingly innovative, and nothing to really challenge the platform to be better. In fact, it hardly felt like a platform at all. Anything notable that didn't come from RIM seemed like an imitation of something on another device.

OUCH. That stings Casey. What do you think CrackBerry Nation? Are we going to take that? Be sure to read Casey's full review and then post a comment. Leave it here if you want a chance to win a Bold or over at Android Central for a chance to win a G1 (which you could always sell and then buy yourself a Berry!). 

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Android Central's Final Take on the BlackBerry Bold


Not for nothing, but the OS is how it is 'cause it works. Android is so young that there is going to be a time when you guys are going to hate the changes that have to happen to mature an OS.

Good Luck with that.

I think although the remarks stung, they are pretty much true. I mean, the BB platform is pretty much perfected, and needs a major change up to be more innovative and to make room for further development. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Bold, but I would also love to see a 3rd party app that I couldn't live without. Come on RIM, time to step it up, the competition is getting pretty stiff out there!!

The OS simply works. That sums it up right there. When you need to get tasks done on your phone, the Blackberry is the standard.

Not everyone needs cool and innovative apps to be pleased. Some of us are boring and just like a device that is solid and a sure bet to get the job done efficiently. At least that's how it is for me.

Remember, quirky and cool don't always equal success. The G1 is okay, but for me and my tastes, it isn't user friendly enough. Then again, a touchscreen could never be for me.

I kinda have to agree with Casey. While at this point I can't imagine life without my BB I can see where others see the platform heading in Palms direction.

Few third party apps I use:
Jivetalk.. excellent, no complaints
Google Maps...
Garmin Mobile...
Opera Mini (but I feel it's sooo much faster on Sony Ericsson for example)

I do feel a lack of 3rd party apps though...

Few third party apps I use:
Jivetalk.. excellent, no complaints
Google Maps...
Garmin Mobile...
Opera Mini (but I feel it's sooo much faster on Sony Ericsson for example)

I do feel a lack of 3rd party apps though...

I think the BB is the best OS. I think a few good apps is better then a ton of worthless apps. Jivetalk, SplashID, GoogleMaps are all good.

Not to mention the fact that the Bold's battery lasts more than a few hours... what's THAT all about???

Thats blackberry for you... its so simple its genius. It Does what ts supposed to and does it well without congesting useless shit on it.

Thats blackberry for you... its so simple its genius. It Does what ts supposed to and does it well without congesting useless shit on it.

wasnt logged in ^

third party apps?
oh, why dont you try windows mobile?
that's really killer
actually you never got quickluanch and tons of apps at the same time

Having come to BlackBerry from Palm-land, I'm tempted to agree. The BlackBerry OS is solid, and fast, and everything is organized well in a "there when you need it" kind of way, but the depth and quality of application support just aren't there. Everything is functional, but there's nothing that I love the way I loved DateBk4/5/6, ShadowPlan, yRPN -- even the memo-pad with the dedicated button and no "save" prompts was perfect. There are few great games, either, and you can't get anything for free. Lack of excitement I can understand. But hey, at least it works :)

I agree that although BB OS is pretty solid it lacks some innovation. I specially don't like G1 but I think the Android operating system is going to be huge since everything right know is moving to "the cloud" and who knows better the internet than Google. I think RIM should take notice and start working on developing a nice browser with a nice integration with the web and it's apps.

A google based touchscreen phone with a horible slide out or whatever you want to call it keyboard??? I'll take my Bold over a G-1 any day.

Blackberry Bold...Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I never understand this .. what apps do you want to be excited? Apple runs plenty of ads showing apps and a good number of them are on Blackberry. I could careless about games .. I have a DS,Wii,360 etc for that.

My current favs:

Woldmate live (storm version)
Xberry Live!
Blackberry411 (best lookup ever)
TeleNav (monthly cost but slick!)
Nobex Radio Companion
Documents to Go
During the season I like the app (RSN!)

What else do you need on a mobile device? I'd really like some feedback on what Blackberry lacks?

its tough givin a blackberry to people who r used to third party apps like g1 and iphone.. blackberrys dont have the best selections in dat department.. hopefully soon!!

give me a break...

This guy misses the crack... and only proves that he doesn't have a clue.

blackberry is the handset that goes and does in a variety of situations while the others are glorified toys.

Of course he doesn't get it. He had to stop playing with his toy and step up to the real workhorse. When he's ready to grow up blackberry will be waiting.

and when the workday is done, there's plenty to play with.


I'm sure Santa is a Crackberry addict, what with having to keep up with all those naughty and nice list, toy production schedules and of course Mrs. Clause. Please St. Nick bring me a BB Bold for Christmas!

bold and the the screen, os, keyboard, everything about it......need it need it want it want it lol i want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The screen on that bad boy just looks ridiculously awesome....that would be enough to make just buy one if I could. I'm not crazy about the theme it comes with, but bitching about a theme seems pointless. I really love how fast the Bold seems....very impressive.

Pretty good review of the Bold I think. However, it's hard to expect a non BB user to really understand the way of life of a BB user. Touch screens are cool, but their not for everyone. Let's not forget that the BB following was built on the qwerty keyboard and trackball. I would personally have the same trouble going to the Storm as the reviewer of the Bold did with using the trackball. To each his own but I am blackberry for life!

it's a good review, but the same could be said about the G1. and at least he admitted to being a bit nitpicky.

Although I am a crackberry addict, I do understand what he is saying. I carry an iPhone as well and constantly find myself going to google maps, yelp, and yp mobile to find businesses, restaurants, etc over the apps made for the blackberry. For some reason the yellow pages app on the the Bold never works and beyond 411 still does not function with gps, despite it being made to do so (didn't on the curve either for that matter).

So when it comes to apps, yes, the Bold does fall behind to other devices. But for everything phone and messaging wise, nothing touches the Bold. Nothing. That's why I feel the Bold coupled with the iPhone is the perfect package - each picks up where the other leaves off.

I had a treo and it would do everything but bark. But the more complicated the OS, the more issues it has. The reason that I switched to Blackberries is because they seem to always work. For all the glory of the Iphone and G1 there are complications. I say a slow, steady, STABLE, growth, beats a run it to a new thing that has to be troubleshooted daily. ((Stable and new and usefull is always the holy grail))....I fell off the soap box...l8r.

I find this comment interesting because what it really says about the Blackberry "experience":

"There was nothing that I desperately needed to try, nothing amazingly innovative, and nothing to really challenge the platform to be better."

That captures the essence of the Blackberry for me, and I'm willing to bet for many users who have never even thought about it before: I just want a smartphone that works. Fetch my mail, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks; top flight communications (good reception, clear audio at both ends, voice dialing), decent media players.

I've run on the bleeding edge with WinMobile devices and the iPhone, and frankly tired of the compromise in basic features (cut & paste anyone?). I don't want to challenge the platform, and I don't want it challenging me.

That's the ticket.

"I don't want to challenge the platform, and I don't want it challenging me."

While the iphone and G1 are innnovative platforms, they have a long way to go to reach the efficiency and reliability that Blackberry has been known for. I'm sure RIM is working on the next phase in their OS, but they know as well as anyone that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. They will once again astound us with their innovation when the time is right. RIM has never been a follower and will continue to lead while everyone else is still trying to gain their bearings.

I love my BOLD.

Great review, the blackberry OS could certainly be freshened up (no threaded messaging? cmon blackberry). The second RIM gets satisfied with status quo, they will become palm. I hope apple and android push RIM to get more aggressive with their OS in future updates

I'm sure no one for the other bogs is going to give a full on raving review of another device simply because the platform is something they are not used to and there will be things they don't like that people who use the platform on a routine basis have either learned to love or learned to live with.

They have a point with the OS having possibly run its course without a major revamp. I must admit I've only been a BB user for less than a month, and I like my BB Storm, but I would like a trackball and the expandability and evolution of an open source OS like android does pique my interest.

I think most people are in love with the idea of having new platforms to choose from. (People were in love with the idea of the Yugo too!) When it's all said and done, the BB platform will always be solid, true and as fresh as you want it to be. A BB user can make their device very unique or simply mainstream. These other platforms are like taking a vacation, it's nice to visit, but you don't want to live there!

that's a little harsh...but I suppose it's a somewhat valid point. Let's see how the BB app store equivalent turns out...

Yeah see I wasnt all too disappointed with the "lack" of 3rd party apps because I don't use my phone to entertain me. I use it for the sole purpose of productivity. No other device has ever kept me as organized and "in the loop" as my BB's.

Long Live Crackberry!!!

I had AT&T in high school, stupid me for switching to VZW for the shared minutes @ the time...Geez, I am an idiot...

I also prefer the blackberry system because of how stable and always working it is. I have never had a problem with my phone since i moved to blackberry but the only thing i need is a new bold!! As for the app situation, i don't need my phone to keep me busy, i keep busy because of what my phone does for me on the go. the last thing i want is to be counterproductive with more and more useless applications rather than the ones that most people can agree are important like the device being a phone first.

how can a os that works perfectly fine be the problem? when something works you don't change it. you don't fix what isn't broken. lastly seems the only reason you find fault with the bold simply for its lack of touchscreen. the only reason you really say that is cause you came from a device with a touch screen. the bb works just as great with or without a touchscreen. the touchscreen doesn't make scrolling through the webpage any easier than pressing the shortcuts.

I think Casey had a very valid point. As much as I love my Blackberry and while it works rather straight-forwardly as a smartphone should, you get the feeling the BBOS is just facelift upon facelift of the almost now-primitive OS from yesteryear.

I actually thought by now, RIM would have overhauled their OS completely with the Bold and all that came after it, but I can see their hesitance, as BB tied into so many secure corporate processes; you'd have to do a lot of work to ensure full backwards compatibility.

Who cares if the OS hasn't been revolutionized!? The hardware is the main thing that concerns me. With the Bold, its like you're holding a little laptop in your hand...a laptop that has GPS, a phone and a sexy leather back.

With the upgraded processor and onboard memory, this thing is literally a machine when it comes to getting stuff done...from what I've heard at least.

The software can be VERY easily improved and upgraded. Just think of how many improvements there have been from OS 4.2 to 4.5. Thats the best part of owning a BlackBerry, it takes a while for it to be totally obsolete cause you can keep on upgrading the software. My beloved Pearl has been great to me for 2 years now..but its time for an upgrade....BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BOLD!

Seems like the BBOS already does everything I need, not really sure what else needs to be in there. As far as the "killer app" goes, i think its the fact that its a Blackberry. Its the push E-mail and BBM, it just works no matter what. The e-mail is what drove me to Blackberry, BBM is just gravy (really good gravy that is.)

Not that I'm against Android, I'd like to see it live up to the "potential" it has. I just don't buy a device based on potential, but on what is there now.

And as some have already mentioned, as good as things are now, they can definitely be better. There are still many things that irk me on the BBOS. Reasonable suggestions include true threaded messaging, a Today-like screen (too many users clamor for a Today-style version of their favourite theme on the forums), and software capable of not only recieving HTML e-mail, but sending it out.

Wouldn't it be great for the Blackberry, the tried and true e-mail device, to also have the ability to Italicize, Bold (teehee), change fonts and sizes directly from the device? I think this is a natural step for BB devices, and I'd definitely like to see the functionality take shape in a BB soon.

I'm wondering like many others what these killer apps are that Casey would like to see?

While it's true I have never come across a "Must Have" app for my BB, I can say the same about any platform, their has never been an app that I "Must Have".

Aside from that the BBOS is reaching it's peak in what it can do, I agree with that..

But, in closing I still love my BB for what it does do...not what it can't do or has the potential to do. It does what it does well and that's why I own one...Ok, Ok..many! :P

Hello one and all,
I have a 8300 curve which I do like and it does what I need, HOWEVER, I am inclined to agree with Casey on the lack of originality or dare I say imagination on RIM's part or most others. BORING!! The OS is antiquated and needs MAJOR updating ( I keep looking for edison's signature). The desktop "Manager" is a complete joke and darn near useless to the non corporate user. I keep hoping for some REAL software to be released but all I hear is crickets. I do not care how you repackage it, it is STILL the same old stuff ...SO sad and so MANY opportunities lost. Most of the existing software has bloated pricing at that. The Blackberry Blah should be its name...and the "storm is a wind - egg. More crickets.

Ive been reading these post the last few weeks and just noticed a contest was going on. i feel like i lost out on some prime posting but hey atleast im more educated on all the devices in the round robin.

I think that blackberry knows how mature their platform is. He's really big on the Android platform, but they have absolutely nothing. Simple features like a media player don't even come on the phone, yet he said the Bold's media player isn't anything to write home about? Blackberry will never let their OS turn into Palm. They're way too good and have too much foresight. They just made a huge innovation with the way you interact with the OS with the Storm that eliminates the need for a trackball with a touchscreen. I'm sure they have many other tricks up their sleeve.

In the last six months I've come to rely completely on my bb for most of my pc-based communications.

Email, BB Messenger, Google Talk, G-mail, Facebook, Twitter and soon, Live Messenger.

I spent a lot of time using PCs to chat with people I can't see day-to-day. But since I started using a BB, I've uninstalled the chat apps on PCs, and generally use PCs less.

Long suffering Sprint customer really really really wanting a BOLD..c'mon Kevin, help a brutha out..

For me the big thing is that I can get a Blackberry with email and browser on Verizons data plan $20 cheaper than if I had a WM phone.. Not sure if thats the best of reasons to own a BB but its a pretty darn good one.

I have to agree with this appraisal of the OS. I recently upgraded to the Bold from a Curve 8310 and have these obserations. The bold is definitley a 'meatier' feeling piece of hardware, one that appeals to my testosterone. I just have my wife's Curve in my hand and it felt like a Fisher-Price toy in comparison. I like the 3G speed and it is reliable thus far even though I live in a notoriously bad area for mobile reception (Dundas valley) and I love the ability to connect via Wifi. However I cannot at this point even replace some of my favourite old-school games that I had on the Curve like Ms. Pacman. Further, I look forward to live streaming radio through Rogers but it is not yet availalbe with only a 'coming soon' link on the Rogers Wap site. Perhaps, not being a 'techie', there is something here that I am missing. Maybe the 3rd party developers are making more dollars with apps for other devices. But yes, this aspect of owning a Bold is definitely akin to a case of lunch bag letdown.

By far I must say this is best review of the Bold. Truthful and helpful. I agree with a screen that nice and bright it does need a touch screen. Makes me want the 8900 (or a Bold (hmm what would I do for a Bold? lol)) that much more now. I am surprised that the trackballs on both the G1 and Bold feel the same to him. To me it feels a little bit different to me when I had my friend's G1 (which btw I turned him to a Cruve! haha) and the Bold together.

It comes down to personal preference on what device you are comfortable with. The iPhone fanboys and fangirls LOVE that device. We here at Crackberry love the Blackberry for the same reasons they love their iPhone. The same can be said of the G1 Android early adopters.

Hi Casey,
Nicely balanced review. I got the feel that you didn't want to like the bold, but ended up not having a choice, though. As far as your "good enough" comments about RIM; I agree in part. The platform as is, is good enough. I'm an old school "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of guy. And the thing is is that well, "It Ain't Broke". My Bold does everything I need it to do. Wanting it to do more than it is needed to do, or differrent things than is needed from a phone doesn't make sense to me.

Once other point to touch on; I am a NEW smartphone user. I'm not a cellphone junkie. I've had the same phone for 6 years prior to getting my Bold. I've never held a smartphone prior to my purschase of first my wife's Bold,and then the return of my 3 day old matrix 3 days later to get my own Bold. I absolutely love my Bold AND the platform. I simply cannot fathom ever having a phone again that is not a blackberry.

Your review was an interesting read however, and makes one wonder what an Android can do.

Take care,

to each his own i guess.

Let him stick with Android, that platform has potential and looks like it could be really good on another phone (G1 is terrible).

I like the BB. You know why there aren't any 3rd party apps that we can't do without? Because the Blackberry OS is solid enough as it is.

I mean damn, how many time did he say "touch screen". Why keep on talking about, when BB Bold doesn't have it. I am not a "touch screen" fan, so I know I would love the Bold....But sticking with the curve for now!!!

The hardware of the bold is great, the keyboard is much nicer than the curve and the screen is the best I've seen. The improvements are also great in the software, but the one problem I have is the ability to find and add third-party software. I was only able to really start finding good software after finding sites like I can wait to upgrade my curve to a bold.

All valid points but at the same its this simplicity that makes Black Berries so good. They just work. And they work good. Takes me very few clicks or rolls or whatever to do what I need to do. And my Pearl, Curve and now my Bold all have been excellent performers in battery and signal. The Bold is by far the best phone Ive had in a long time.

I love my bold but I agree. The OS isnt crazy innovative or anything. And 3rd party apps or lack there of make me mad about BB's the most.

It seems like he was being a little biased toward the BB OS versus his G1 OS. This is why I like reviews from the CB site over other sites.

He may have pointed out some of what he thought were weaknesses but as many have stated it is merely interpretation. A stable OS is better than a unique one with bugs and flaws. I would take a Bold over the G1 any day.

I use an 8310 curve and thoroughly enjoy it. At the same time I do see huge potential in the open source android platform. Looking beyond the hardware of the G1 you'll see that things are just going to get better for future "google" phones. From my understanding, the G1 was the first phone to be released with the platform and the operating system is going to be amazing in a few years. I enjoy the competition in the smartphone world because things will only get better for all of us.

While the G1 is full of potential, the Bold is a fully working tool of business with some fun thrown in. You can operate a Bold with one hand a stop light, something you can't do with a G1. I have to say that the G1 looks more like a prototype than a real phone. The Bold is way sexier and more refined. I sure would like to win a Bold.

i'm sorry, but I don't buy a phone because of "cool" third party apps. i know this is a crazy idea, but i buy a phone so that i can talk. the great thing about blackberry's os is that it comes OEM with everything you need to be efficient. unlike a g1 and iphone, you need to download third party apps to become more efficient.

the benefit of having a blackberry is knowing that the OS offers total security. however, i do believe that in order for blackberry to stay competitive in the CONSUMER market they need to revamp their OS. Currently it's great a phone and has an efficient OS, but there is no room for growth. Soon we'll start to see phones take over our laptops, in terms of capabilities, but the only phones that actually run an OS is iphone, g1, and windows mobile. I don't see how blackberry can currently run their OS on a desktop or laptop. This is the direction smart phones will be taking in the coming years.

Blackberry has the advantage of running a great and efficient OS, but it needs an upgrade in order to stay competitive in the future.

I recently switched to Blackberry from the HTC mogul running Windows Mobile and if I had any advice for RIM on their OS it would be Keep It Simple! I'm not saying never try anything new or different but for heaven sakes don't make it any more complicated than it is right now. That was the killer for me w/ Windows... I've got my computer at home and at the office for any complicated tasks I need to perform. I want a handheld that gets my email to me and gives me easy access to information that I'll need/want on a regular basis. Weather, stocks, sports score ect. and I've never had a device that does those things as well or as easily as BB. Just my 2 cents.

The G1 just looks more like a phone I would buy for my kid, not something I would use for everyday business. I will hang on the my BB.

I think I'd be more excited about the Androids and iphones of the world if I were still in school. They just feel more "gadgety" to me and are loaded up w/ a lot of stuff that while neat at first I don't think I'd ever use.

Meh, he can keep his G1. Good ideas, bad execution. The ugly and crappy hardware alone is enough to keep me away. Hello, 1982 calling!

The BlackBerry is about stability, not flash. It does what it needs to do, and it does it well. RIM is still dipping their, well, feet, into the consumer market. It'll get better. MHO, anyhoo.

Just switched from a Storm to a Curve today. I don't disagree with his review. The Curve is great for phone and emailing but I would still like an ITouch for music and video. Would love a bold. Heard they are awesome!

I loved the speed and efficiency of the system. The screen is awesome. I for one can't wait to own one. When using the Bold you don;t think about the platform because it is integrated. If there was "nothing to really challenge the platform to be better" that is because the integration was seamless. That is a goal for a programmer.

He's looking for a killer ap? There is and has only ever been one smartphone killer ap, push email. Apart from that, and basic phone functionality, Palm Pilots did the rest ages ago. Sure there's "media" now, but the music and podcast abilities on EVERY phone is below what you'd get in an ipod or Zune. The browsing, even on an iPhone is medicre at best and doesn't compare to a PC or Mac, or even the new NetBooks. The killer ap is taking what Palm did with the PDA and adding "connectivity", phone, e-mail and text. So who does that best? It sure as hell isn't Android, which doesn't even support corporate messaging. It's not the iPhone, with its "halfway" implementation. WinMo can do it, but the hardware isn't there. Reading e-mail on a Bold is a thousand times more pleasant than it was on the Fuze I had for a week. The Bold does what needs to done better than anything else out there.

I'm enjoying this Round Robin...I'm a newbie to Blackberries and smart phones, in general. I read a lot of reviews and even considered leaving AT&T, but overwhelming, the BOLD received great reviews. Since I'm still a novice, I like learning different perspectives about my new phone. As far as I can see, since I don't have anything else to base it on (besides my husband's iPhone 3G), I'm loving my phone. So since I really don't know much better, the OS is swell with me. You don't miss, what you don't know....

While the G1 is full of potential, the Bold is a fully working tool of business with some fun thrown in. You can operate a Bold with one hand a stop light. Try that with a G1. I have to say that the G1 looks more like a prototype than a real phone. The Bold is way sexier and more refined.

If you like to play with beta versions the G1 is good choice. If you need to get work done...nothing better than a Blackberry and the Bold is one of the best BB's around.

As much as I agree the BB OS needs a facelift, you have to keep in mind that a blackberry is STILL a business device. Games and "killer 3rd party apps" aren't what make a blackberry a blackberry. it's the functionality and integration and security it provides.

just as it's going to take RIM some time to make a killer mainstream device that appeases both sides of the fence, it's going to take android just as long to mature as an OS. a good start would definitely be better hardware.

come on, no headphone jack? and you give the phone media features? that's retarded in my mind. you shouldn't have to buy an adapter or dongle for a phone nowadays.

no touchscreen or a chin?!
not having a touchscreen is behind the
the G1, though android is looking pretty neat, looks like a phone made in like 1984 lol.

Casey makes good points in the end about questioning the BB OS as a platform as well as the flip side about the BB fostering a community. I find the OS lacking sometimes in comparison to other smartphones but on the other end, the BB is a system that just plainly works behind the scenes to engender a flawless system of push email and connectivity. I'm willing to deal with some OS shortcomings in return for everything it does well. I do see his criticisms as being fairly constructive; I love using my company Berry but there are a lot of things I would keep pushing RIM to improve on to make it appeal to a wider audience.

I have to agree that the 3rd party apps for the blackberry are pretty "standard" if you will. It's about time for some developers to get serious and put out some apps that push the Bold far beyond its competition. However, the blackberry certainly isn't a gaming device, and is just starting to prove its multimedia capabilities. So maybe we just need to wait? Who Knows? But I'm undoubtedly SICK of waiting!

I am new to BB, with a storm, and new to this site. Also am new to smartphone experts sites. I have to admit this round robin is awesome. all the phones reviewed were phones i considered before buying my storm. and honestly phones i consider switching to if my storm drives me insane before my 30 days are up.

so this round robin is really inforimative. thanks kevin and other editors!

Okay, so this guy's a bit of a lemon when it comes to the BlackBerry platform. What of it?

His credibility CLEARLY disappeared when he said: (and I quote)

"BrickBreaker is lame. Word Mole is where it’s at."

oh and uh... how's about that Bold give away, huh?

Seems like Android folks are focused on the future - which is fine, I guess, but I need something that works well right now. I’ll wait to see that the second gen of Google’s phone is like - for now, it’s Blackberry for me!

Well.....It sound like I am sitting at the dinner table with my kids and i am trying to get them to eat something great for them but no matter how much they like it , they wont let you know!!

It sounds like many BBers agree with Casey's assessment: attractive hardware, dated software. Without the message services that BB provides there isn't much to hold one's attention. With such stiff competition, BB had better get busy. The iPhone has already passed them in quarterly unit sales.

WOW .. for someone that is promoting another platform to speak so highly of my bold ....

that just goes to show me that BB ROCKS!!!!!!!

This call for third party applications for Blackberry is getting really old. Just like so many mentioned in the Iphone review, what are you really looking for in your phone; A mobile entertainment device that also has a phone application or a smartPHONE? While Blackberry phones don't have ton of applications available it does what it's supposed to well, without problems. I really appreciate the round robin, but it just seems like it seeks out to compare apples to apples when they are really comparing apples to oranges.

I'm glad it doesn't have a touch screen. With it being so gorgeous it would be a shame to have finger prints all over it.

I'm glad it doesn't have a touch screen. I have one on my 800w and never use it because I don't like wiping the prints off. It would be a shame to smudge such a fantastic screen!

3 words: (regarding the lack of killer third party apps only)

The phone and OS itself is fine, specially if you use it for work (it does what it's supposed to) but there are no KILLER 3rd party apps.

What I really find appalling is also the cost of apps/themes you can buy...that's another stunner as most devs in other OS communities start charging when their product does become a niche (sorta like BPlay I guess).

That and on new device launch, no apps, themes and software are available for a few weeks...Didn't RIM create a virtual tools for Devs to test out new software prior to launch???

He's right. Blackberry OS is the pits. There is nothing intuitive about it. You have to dig to get to any settings you need. A very simple feature I loved on my treo years ago was being able to program the keys on the keyboard to link to an app,a web address, or a spead dial. It's got to be the simpliest thing to do and yet here I sit today, owner of a Blackberry Bold (because my company will only support blackberrys) and all I can do with the keyboard is program speed dials. What blackberry hasn't learned with their OS is how to make the fewest simplest steps possible. On my treo I programed the "W" key for weather and the "S" key for stocks and when I held that key down it took me to the internet home page for the content I was looking for. Simple right? That's just one example. There are many others. Blackberry OS stinks.

So.. It just works. I could do with fewer tilt-racing apps and more reliable email on my uselessly innovative iPhone.

while i find myself wondering what direction rim is heading, if anything that will come out in the future will knock the industry off its feet or gain total crowd pleasing recognition... i do agree that the blackberry is standard in efficiency..when u need to get the job done- turn to the blackberry..

so overall, the old adage holds true.. slow and steady wins the race

It "SPEEDS through tasks and is very, very efficient," but that's not good enough? Where does he expect it to be "headed"? It already sounds about perfect to me!

I guess Im not tech savy enough 2 quite get what Casey's problem with the Bold's OS is....I always thought fast was good? Hmmmmmm.......guess times gave changed! Now wheres that free Bold - we all know I dont want that damn G1! lol

Android seems interesting, too bad its not available for ATT.. I'm looking forward to getting a Bold.. I'll miss the iphone.. but its keyboard has tested my patience once too many..

That can't be found on other platforms. At the same time, I'm perfectly content with the applications that I do have and use frequently, so I'm not going to complain too hard...

I loved this part:
"I think, and this is more hypothesis than anything, but a Blackberry user has more reason to stay a Blackberry user moreso than any other smartphone user"

So true.

I hate to say this, but I do tend to agree a bit about the apps. There are several categories of apps that I really wish had a blackberry option.

Tealsoft makes a wonderful auto expense tracking program that trumps pretty much everything I've found in Blackberry software. It has detailed logs, alerts for maintenance, tracks expense by vehicle, and does it all in a very clean interface. They recently came out with a pc program that interfaces with it. Unfortunately, it's only available in the Palm platform, not BB.

Another app I would miss is Calorie King software, which has an extensive database of foods, both restaurants and ingredients. Again, it's only BB or Windows Mobile.

As it is, I have a palm device for personal use, and a BB for work so it works out in the end. But I really wish we would see more porting of software from Palm platforms (especially being how Palm is in a slow slide to oblivion) to BB.

I hate to say this, but I do tend to agree a bit about the apps. There are several categories of apps that I really wish had a blackberry option.

Tealsoft makes a wonderful auto expense tracking program that trumps pretty much everything I've found in Blackberry software. It has detailed logs, alerts for maintenance, tracks expense by vehicle, and does it all in a very clean interface. They recently came out with a pc program that interfaces with it. Unfortunately, it's only available in the Palm platform, not BB.

Another app I would miss is Calorie King software, which has an extensive database of foods, both restaurants and ingredients. Again, it's only BB or Windows Mobile.

As it is, I have a palm device for personal use, and a BB for work so it works out in the end. But I really wish we would see more porting of software from Palm platforms (especially being how Palm is in a slow slide to oblivion) to BB.

...with the sentinment that the Blackberry OS is kind of "there". As an ex-Windows Mobile user, I was always building ROMs, installing new great apps (that generally didn't work, but that's not the point). I'm a gadget-head, I need my gadgets to be interesting. HOWEVER...., as my Blackberry is my work device, and it just needs to be stable, the fact that I can't mod/crash/format/generally abuse it has to be seen as a plus. I have never had a gadget that I use every day for so long, that hasn't had major changes. (I'm excluding themes). It just does what it does.

Curve, with GPS software (chucked the TomTom), Opera, Empower (waiting for BES to be upgraded) BeeJive and lots of other stuff that just works.

I kinda agree that the BB OS doesn’t have that many “cool, let me show off to my friends” kind of apps. That being said, I don't have the luxury of carrying around a phone that only has apps that tell me what song is playing or has a picture of a flame. I really need a business oriented phone that has a some strong apps. None of the current apps out for Android or the Iphone OS are very helpful for most business users. Maybe a year from now I could seriously consider getting a one of those 2 phones, cause I’m sure by then they will have made some inroads with some solid professional level software, but until then I’m sticking with a berry.

It's a fair point about the BB OS. When showing my Storm off to friends (who all love it anyways), I end up saying 'It does what BlackBerries do best". Push email, messaging, etc. But aside from how you do it (ie SurePress), it's really not that much different. I think that there is a lot of ways to take BB OS, but what motivates RIM to do anything? They would continue making money if they simple refine what they have now. Why innovate when people will settle for what the have? Adding features to existing software is nice, but I would love to see RIM take some risks. Though in the end, even if they don't, I won't change platforms.

People who are heavy smartphone users are going to replace their device quite often. As it stands, I see the two best phones as being the Bold and the iPhone with each meeting a different set of needs. I'm going to buy a phone for what it does for me now, not what future generations might do.

i would have posted my strong feelings about this whole topic on android central, but i didnt want to risk winning a G1 .. that is all ..