Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10
Help, How-To & Tips | 250 Comments How to get Android apps on BlackBerry from the Amazon Appstore The Amazon Appstore promises to be a premiere source for Android apps on BlackBerry, and odds are you want it now that it's so easy to install Android apps. In addition to hosting a lot of content that isn't available in BlackBerry World, Amazon has the added bonus of offering a free app every...


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Oct 25, 2016 BlackBerry DTEK60 hands-on: Higher-end specs, nice looking hardware and trusted security
When the DTEK50 was originally announced, I admit my personal interest level in the device was rather low. After getting my hands on one, though, that changed. As it turns out, for me, the DTEK50 is great but as the news of a the DTEK60 started to leak out, I began to think about how I would like something similar to the DTEK50 only with higher specs. As it turns out, that's exactly what the freshly announced DTEK60 brings to the table. Continue Reading →
Oct 20, 2016 The CrackBerry app for Android is smoother now, and uses less battery!
Yep. It's true. We tested it. The latest update to the CrackBerry app for Android is now rolling out through the Google Play Store and overall, the app will run much smoother now, and use less battery! Continue Reading →
Oct 19, 2016 Hub+ Services with Facebook Messenger integration update now available
If you're part of the Hub+ Services beta this won't be anything really new to you but, if you're not part of the beta program, the latest Hub+ Services update is now available and brings along with it Facebook Messenger integration for the BlackBerry Hub. Continue Reading →
Oct 17, 2016 BlackBerry 'Mercury' starts turning up on Geekbench running Android 7.0
While we're still waiting for the official announcement of the BlackBerry DTEK60, those who are waiting on BlackBerry's next QWERTY device better known as 'Mercury' for now, have something to discuss as the device specs have seemingly popped up on the benchmark testing site Geekbench. Continue Reading →
Oct 14, 2016 BlackBerry rolls out their latest Android beta to DTEK50 owners
A nice little surprise for DTEK50 owners as we head into the weekend. BlackBerry has now begun to roll out their latest Android beta to DTEK50 devices enrolled in the beta program. Continue Reading →
Oct 06, 2016 How to change the swipe shortcuts on the BlackBerry DTEK50
If you own a BlackBerry DTEK50, then you'll probably know that there are some swipe gestures that allow you to launch apps from the homescreen. This article will show you how to customize the gestures to your liking. Continue Reading →
Oct 05, 2016 BlackBerry's Alex Thurber discusses upcoming handsets and company future
If you follow BlackBerry's Senior Vice President for Global Device Sales, Alex Thurber on Twitter you'll know he's a busy man who has been traveling a lot recently talking with BlackBerry partners. His most recent journey has taken him to London for some media interviews, one of which was with Chris Foxx, technology reporter at the BBC. Continue Reading →
Oct 03, 2016 Hub+ Services update brings Facebook Messenger to the BlackBerry Hub!
If you're a BlackBerry Beta Zone member who is testing all of the Hub+ Services apps, there are some new updates waiting for you in Google Play. For the most part, the changes are noted being bug fixes for BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Calendar, Contacts by BlackBerry, Tasks by BlackBerry and Notes by BlackBerry but one, arguably, larger change is the addition of Facebook Messenger to the BlackBerry Hub. Continue Reading →
Sep 30, 2016 Latest BlackBerry Android beta now available to most Priv owners
I'm required to say most because, well, Verizon is still missing from the list but if you're on any other carrier or using a factory unlocked BlackBerry Priv, there's now a new beta update available for you. Continue Reading →
Sep 27, 2016 Leaked BlackBerry DTEK60 images show the device from all angles
As expected once one image pops up, more have arrived now. This time around courtesy of the folks over at While not as clear as one would hope, the latest round of images offer up a nice look at the BlackBerry DTEK60 from all angles. Continue Reading →
Sep 26, 2016 BlackBerry 'Argon' passes through the FCC and WiFi Alliance as DTEK60
Following up on the earlier leak of the DTEK60, the device has now landed at the FCC and WiFi alliance sites. At the FCC, the device has been registered under the model number BBA100­1 but at the WiFi Alliance site, the device shows as both BBA100­1 and the DTEK60. Continue Reading →
Sep 23, 2016 BlackBerry's Android Camera app updated with usability enhancements and bug fixes
For those of you out there using a Priv or a DTEK50, you'll want to load up the Google Play store and get the latest BlackBerry Camera update downloaded. For this update, BlackBerry has added some usability enhancements and fixed up a few bugs some might hit folks. Also on the list of improvements is the ability to turn on the flashlight when taking photos. Continue Reading →
Sep 21, 2016 Rare BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android goes up for sale on Kijiji
Remember before the Priv was announced there were multiple sightings of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition caught running Android? At the time, it was caught up in the codename confusion and was better known as Oslo and well, we know now that it was in some ways, a test bed for BlackBerry's Android smartphones. Although they never went on sale for the masses, a new Kijiji listing might allow you to get your hands on one. Continue Reading →
Sep 20, 2016 How to set up the BlackBerry Hub widget on Android
The BlackBerry Hub app for Android has been updated on a regular basis the past few months and with each update, new features are added. In the latest update, the Hub Widget has been added. It allows you to add one of three views to your homescreen. Continue Reading →
Sep 16, 2016 Have you switched to a Priv or DTEK50 from a BlackBerry 10 phone?
BlackBerry now has two Android-powered phones on the market and that raises the question of how many BlackBerry 10 users have made to jump to either a Priv or a DTEK50. So, let's put some numbers behind that question. If you switched to a Priv or a DTEK50 from a BlackBerry 10 phone, let us know in our poll. Continue Reading →
Sep 13, 2016 Snap v3 free version for BlackBerry 10 now available
Despite arriving a little later than expected, Snap v3 free version for BlackBerry 10 has now arrived and is available for download. Continue Reading →
Sep 12, 2016 Instagram rolls out improvements to make comments safer for everyone
Earlier this summer, Instagram began letting high-profile users of the platform filter specific words from the comments sections of their posts and now the company has decided to allow anyone use the keyword moderation tool. Continue Reading →