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Help, How-To & Tips | 250 Comments How to get Android apps on BlackBerry from the Amazon Appstore The Amazon Appstore promises to be a premiere source for Android apps on BlackBerry, and odds are you want it now that it's so easy to install Android apps. In addition to hosting a lot of content that isn't available in BlackBerry World, Amazon has the added bonus of offering a free app every...


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Feb 08, 2016 Rogers, Bell and TELUS rolling out February Priv security update
In keeping in line with the updates already sent out to ShopBlackBerry, AT&T and T-Mobile Priv's, Canadian carriers Rogers, Bell, SaskTel and TELUS have now started sending out the February update. Continue Reading →
Feb 03, 2016 AT&T rolls out their latest software update for the BlackBerry Priv
For those of you on AT&T with a Priv waiting for the January update, you can stop waiting. AT&T has now released software version AAD447, which contains both the January update and February update in one batch. Continue Reading →
Feb 02, 2016 Optus will offer the BlackBerry Priv in Australia starting February 4
From Thursday, February 4th, the Priv will be available to Optus business customers and online to consumer customers on a range of post-paid plans, though, pricing details have yet to be announced. Continue Reading →
Feb 01, 2016 BlackBerry highlights how and why the Priv protects against rooting
BlackBerry have now posted up a new blog post highlighting how and why the Priv protects against rooting. The article itself takes the time to explain rooting, some of the benefits as well as the disadvantages of it but also offers a look at how BlackBerry Integrity Detection works to prevent rooting of the Priv. Continue Reading →
Jan 28, 2016 BlackBerry Priv makes its official debut in India
At an event held at the Oberoi in New Delhi, BlackBerry India Managing Director Narendra Nayak and Damian Tay ‎Senior Director, Asia-Pacific Product Management at BlackBerry introduced the company's first Android-powered smartphone to the market which will be available in stores across India starting January 30th, with a price tag of Rs. 62,990. Continue Reading →
Jan 27, 2016 BlackBerry Services for the Priv updated through Google Play
BlackBerry Services, which helps control all of the built-in BlackBerry applications on the Priv has now been updated through Google Play. Since the initial release of the Priv, the services app has been updated several times now but unfortunately, there's never any changelog to go along with it aside from it simply stating 'minor bug fixes' and that hasn't changed this time around either. Continue Reading →
Jan 20, 2016 BlackBerry Priv now available from Saudi Telecom Company
As BlackBerry noted back in December, the Priv is now seeing a broader release in the Middle East. Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is now offering the first-ever BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android to their customers through their website and retail outlets. Continue Reading →
Jan 19, 2016 ToySoft has brought their popular BlackBerry 10 app Power Tools to the Priv
Although we haven't heard from many [BlackBerry 10](/blackberry-10) developers looking to move their apps to Android, the folks at ToySoft have slowly been releasing a few of their popular BlackBerry 10 apps onto the Google Play Store [as well as creating new apps for the platform](/take-control-your-bbm-android-notifications-bbringtones). The latest Android app for them is the well known BlackBerry 10 app, Power Tools, and it's jammed packed with features, options and settings that aim to improve your overall smartphone experience. Continue Reading →
Jan 18, 2016 BlackBerry Priv now available in the UK from EE
If you live in the UK, you now have another outlet to pick up a [BlackBerry Priv](/blackberry-priv) from. EE has now made the BlackBerry Priv available to customers through their website for consumer and business accounts. Continue Reading →
Jan 11, 2016 Rogers, Bell and TELUS Priv's now receiving January security patch
Following [the initial push of the January security patch for the BlackBerry Priv](, Canadian carriers Rogers and Telus have now gone ahead and released the update to their Priv owning customers. Continue Reading →
Jan 09, 2016 BlackBerry Virtual Expert arrives on the Google Play Store for Priv owners
BlackBerry has now added another app to [their growing list of Android offerings]( and this time around, it's one that will be familiar to some BlackBerry users. The BlackBerry Virtual Expert, which lets you run various diagnostics on your device to test everything from the display to speakers to the keyboard, has now arrived on the Google Play Store for [Priv](/blackberry-priv) owners. Continue Reading →
Jan 08, 2016 BlackBerry Camera app updated through the Google Play Store
The good news: For all you [Priv](/blackberry-priv) owners out there, the BlackBerry Camera app on the Google Play Store has been updated to v1.0.0.3605. The bad news: We have no idea as to what has actually changed within the app as the changelog itself has simply been recycled. Continue Reading →
Jan 06, 2016 John Chen discusses BlackBerry's CES 2016 announcements, security and the smartphone market
Following BlackBerry's CES 2016 presentation, BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with CNBC's Jon Fortt to discuss some of the announcements such as [QNX's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)](/qnx-showcases-building-blocks-automated-driving-ces-2016), the [new Acoustics Management Platform (AMP)](/qnx-announces-acoustics-management-platform-car-audio) as well as [the collaboration between Ford and QNX](/qnx-collaborating-ford-make-industry-standard-integrating-smartphone-apps-cars). Continue Reading →
Dec 30, 2015 The best file managers to download on your BlackBerry Priv
When the BlackBerry Priv launched, there was a lot of ruckus over the fact that there was no native File Manager. We were kind of spoiled on BlackBerry 10 with one built-in that also allowed us to connect to popular cloud storage services. Here's a few we've rounded up for you to help you decide. Continue Reading →
Dec 26, 2015 SaskTel drops price of the BlackBerry Priv to $249.99 for a limited time
As part of their 'boxing week' deals in Canada, regional carrier SaskTel has decided to save their customers some cash on the new [BlackBerry Priv](/blackberry-priv). For a limited time, [SaskTel is offering the Android-powered BlackBerry Priv for only $249.99](, down from their usual $399.99 with a new two-year contract. Continue Reading →
Dec 25, 2015 Got a new BlackBerry smartphone for the holidays? We're here to help!
If you just got a new BlackBerry and are looking for where to begin, we're here to help. Whether you're new to the platform or returning with a newer device, CrackBerry is here to provide help and how-to information from simple tasks on your BlackBerry device to the advanced. We can walk you through the baby steps of how to set up your e-mail, how to install applications, how to back up your device, and much more. Continue Reading →
Dec 24, 2015 BlackBerry Priv camera earns high marks in DxOMark Mobile test
While there have been many debates about the quality of the pictures Priv is capable of taking, especially after [recent updates improved the camera performance](/blackberry-pushes-first-update-priv-camera-improvements-and-more), the folks at DxO Labs [have now put the Priv's camera through its paces in their DxOMark Mobile testing](, which is considered by many to be the gold standard of mobile camera benchmarking, and the results for Priv are looking pretty fantastic. Continue Reading →
Dec 23, 2015 BlackBerry Priv for Verizon rolls into the FCC
A little something for those of you on Verizon who have been waiting for the [BlackBerry Priv](/blackberry-priv) to arrive. You're now one step closer to being able to pick up the device as it has [now checked in with the FCC]( seeking approval. Continue Reading →
Dec 21, 2015 Google Play holiday promo lets you snag any one album at half price
If you fancy a little new music for the holidays, Google Play is currently running a promotion that offers to cut half off the price of any one album of your choice through January 4. Continue Reading →
Dec 15, 2015 Take control of your BBM for Android notifications with bbRingtones
bbRingtones comes to us from the well-known developers at Toysoft and allows you to take further control of your BBM for Android notifications by setting a custom ringtone and LED notification for individual BBM contacts and BBM groups. Continue Reading →
Dec 14, 2015 How to enable predictive emoji on the BlackBerry Priv
In our increasingly digital age emoticons or emoji's as they're popularly associated have become a staple in our daily communications. In [the latest update to the BlackBerry Priv keyboard](/blackberry-services-camera-keyboard-and-launcher-all-update-priv) the teams have brought in the ability to add predictive emoticons to the typing experience on the device. Simply put, as you type the device can suggest swapping popular words for the associated emoticon. Continue Reading →
Dec 11, 2015 Grab three months of Spotify Premium for only 99 cents
Every now and then the fine folks at [Spotify]( decide to go ahead and offer up a bit of a discount on their streaming music services premium offering and with the holidays right around the corner, they're once again in a generous mood. Continue Reading →
Dec 09, 2015 BlackBerry adds Walmart to the list of retailers selling Priv
Aside from rolling the [Priv](/blackberry-priv) out to [Malaysia](/blackberry-priv-officially-launched-malaysia-retail-price-rm3559), [the Philippines](/blackberry-priv-lands-philippines-45000), and [Singapore](/blackberry-priv-go-sale-singapore-mid-december), BlackBerry has also been working expanding retailer availability in the U.S. and Canada. Now, they've added the world's largest retailer to the mix as well, Walmart. Continue Reading →
Dec 01, 2015 BlackBerry highlights the design influences and inspiration behind the Priv
As has become a bit of a tradition when releasing a new device, BlackBerry has now posted up an interview with the design team behind the companies latest creation. Lead Industrial Designer, Michael DeFazio and two members of the Priv design team - Principal Mechanical Architect Aaron Allen and Senior Industrial Designer Cortez Corley offer a closer look at the design influences, inspiration and goals behind the [Priv](/blackberry-priv). Continue Reading →