Amazon Appstore on BlackBerry 10
Help, How-To & Tips | 250 Comments How to get Android apps on BlackBerry from the Amazon Appstore The Amazon Appstore promises to be a premiere source for Android apps on BlackBerry, and odds are you want it now that it's so easy to install Android apps. In addition to hosting a lot of content that isn't available in BlackBerry World, Amazon has the added bonus of offering a free app every...


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Aug 30, 2016 BlackBerry rolls out their first DTEK50 Android beta through Beta Zone
Following the release of the latest Android beta update for some Priv owners, BlackBerry has now started to roll out their first Android beta for DTEK50 owners as well. Continue Reading →
Aug 28, 2016 BlackBerry rolls out their latest Android beta build to some Priv owners
Ahead of the general monthly security patch update, which should around September 5th, BlackBerry has now pushed out their latest beta release for [Priv](/blackberry-priv) owners through the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Unfortunately, it's not for everyone but instead is specifically for those running AT&T, Canadian carrier, and AsiaPac devices. This release, when downloaded should appear as AAG202 / AAG191 with security patch level showing September 5th. Continue Reading →
Aug 11, 2016 BlackBerry lowers Priv pricing through ShopBlackBerry for a limited time!
While the DTEK50 is getting the most of the attention thanks to it being the latest BlackBerry device available, there's still plenty of love for the Priv to go around and if you've been waiting for a sale from BlackBerry, your patience has been rewarded. Continue Reading →
Aug 04, 2016 This guy caught all 142 North American Pokémon in Pokémon Go using his BlackBerry Priv
His name is Roberto Vazquez and according to a new report from CBC, after three and a half weeks, 266 kilometres and 25 pounds later he has managed to catch all 142 Pokemon available in North America using his BlackBerry Priv. Continue Reading →
Aug 03, 2016 BlackBerry pushes new features and enhancements to its Hub, Camera and other apps
BlackBerry has updated their apps in Google Play for their Android powered smartphones. As usual, BlackBerry pushes an update for most, if not, all their apps in Google Play and this time around is no different. There are new features added, not just your regular bug fixes and improvements. Continue Reading →
Aug 01, 2016 BlackBerry now rolling out August 5 Android security patch for Priv
Priv owners who purchased their phones from ShopBlackBerry, Amazon or have devices that are otherwise factory unlocked can now download the August 5 Android security update. Continue Reading →
Jul 13, 2016 BBM beta releases updated for Android and iOS
If you're part of either the BBM for Android or iOS beta group, then chances are you already know these updates are available and have got them downloaded but if you're not in either of those groups, here's a quick run through of what has been included in the updated beta releases of BBM. Continue Reading →
Jul 11, 2016 BlackBerry has not ruled out another BlackBerry 10 device
Following up on comments made by BlackBerry's Senior Vice President for Global Device Sales, Alex Thurber, BlackBerry's Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard reiterated in a new interview with CrackBerry that the assertions that BlackBerry has abandoned BlackBerry 10 and the keyboard are simply not true. Continue Reading →
Jul 09, 2016 BlackBerry Keyboard beta update for Priv brings a mix of changes
As part of their ongoing beta updates rolling out through the BlackBerry Beta Zone for Priv owners, BlackBerry has released a new version of the BlackBerry Keyboard app. Continue Reading →
Jul 07, 2016 Check out the new BlackBerry Priv TV ad!
As we noted previously, BlackBerry has amped up their advertising efforts as of late. Now, another new video ad has been created to compliment the marketing campaign for the launch of the pop-up store in Manhattan's Brookfield Place. Continue Reading →
Jun 24, 2016 Android Marshmallow Beta 7 released for BlackBerry Priv owners
The Android Marshmallow beta updates are still coming and today a new beta update has been released for the BlackBerry Priv. This is now the seventh beta update to be released and as has been the case with previous roll outs, it is not available for all users. Continue Reading →
Jun 23, 2016 BBM video calling now supported on iOS and Android globally
A few short days after announcing availability in Asia-Pacific, Matthew Talbot Senior Vice President at BlackBerry, took to Twitter to let it be known BBM video calling is now supported on iOS and Android globally. Continue Reading →
Jun 21, 2016 BBM video support for iPhone and Android expands to Asia-Pacific
Hot on the heels of announcing availability for Europe and Africa, BlackBerry has now announced BBM video support for iPhone and Android has expanded to Asia-Pacific in beta form, giving iPhone and Android users the ability to video-call each over BBM. Continue Reading →
Jun 17, 2016 Latest BlackBerry Enterprise Technical Expert video takes a look at bringing Android to Work with BES12
In a new video posted to YouTube as part of the BlackBerry Enterprise Technical Expert Series, David Arnold, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager at BlackBerry, and Nicholas Barretta, Devices Sales Engineer at Google, talk about the partnership between BlackBerry and Google and the work they are doing together. Continue Reading →
Jun 15, 2016 BBM video support for iPhone and Android expands to Europe and Africa
After having rolled out BBM video for iPhone and Android to North America, Latin America, and the Middle East, BlackBerry has now let it be known that as of June 14, 109 countries, territories and regions in Europe and Africa are now also supported. Continue Reading →
Jun 14, 2016 Android Marshmallow beta now available for AT&T Priv owners
If you were among those who signed up for the initial Priv Android Marshmallow beta in the BlackBerry Beta Zone but have thus far been left out because you owned an AT&T Priv, your wait may be over. Emails have now gone out to those invited, plus the BlackBerry Beta Zone has posted a new announcement welcoming AT&T Priv owners. Continue Reading →
May 26, 2016 Priv apps updated in the Google Play Store - Camera, DTEK and more!
In addition to the new beta apps released through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, BlackBerry has now also rolled out several public app updates for BlackBerry Priv owners through the Google Play Store. Continue Reading →
May 24, 2016 Never miss your bus, rail, or metro again with Transit App: Real Time Tracker
To help ease the frustration of commuting, there is Transit App: Real Time Tracker, a real-time tracker for those who rely on public transit in various cities and countries. Continue Reading →
May 19, 2016 BlackBerry announces BlackBerry Integrity Detection for developers
Remember that BlackBerry Bide APK that piqued interest in the early Priv leaks? Well, we're finally learning more about what it is exactly, thanks to a new announcement on the BlackBerry Developers Blog introducing BlackBerry Integrity Detection for developers. Continue Reading →
May 18, 2016 BlackBerry 'Hamburg' purported specs turn up on benchmark tests
With two Android-based phones already confirmed to be coming and rumors surrounding those devices having already been swirling for a while now, it was only a matter of time before more information started popping up. The latest tidbit of news comes by way of GFXBench, which is currently showing some purported baseline specs for the 'Hamburg'. Continue Reading →
May 12, 2016 Give me your top five reasons why BlackBerry 10 is still better than Android
Drop a comment below and let me, and everyone else who reads your post, know the top five reasons you still feel BlackBerry 10 is better than Android. Continue Reading →
May 09, 2016 BBM for Android update brings bug fixes and improvements
While the last update to BBM for Android was huge in the fact that it brought BBM video chat in beta form, the latest BBM update rolling out through the Google Play Store is a little bit less eventful but still important. Continue Reading →
May 05, 2016 BlackBerry rolls out another batch of Priv app updates
Following up on the last batch of updates at the end of April, BlackBerry has once again pushed another batch of updates to the BlackBerry Productivity Suite for Priv. This time around, there's updates for the BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Services, Contacts by BlackBerry, Notes by BlackBerry and Tasks for BlackBerry. Continue Reading →
Apr 13, 2016 Power Tools for Android updated with Speak SMS, Email Filters, and Good Morning capabilities
Not too long ago, BlackBerry 10 developer Toysoft Development ported over his popular Power Tools app to the Google Play Store. This Swiss Army knife of applications provides an extensive list of features to enhance your efficiency on a daily basis. The latest version is now available for you to download in Google Play and comes with several new options, enhancements, and bug fixes. Continue Reading →
Apr 10, 2016 Sprint may not sell the BlackBerry Priv after all
Despite earlier confirmation coming from BlackBerry CEO John Chen during CES 2016 that the BlackBerry Priv would be arriving on Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, it now appears as though Sprint may have decided against releasing the first-Android powered BlackBerry to their customers. Continue Reading →
Apr 06, 2016 BlackBerry and Google hosting 'Bringing Android to work with BlackBerry software' webinar
Join the BlackBerry and Google teams to learn more about this partnership and how the Secure EMM Suites + Android for Work address mobile productivity, security and manageability concerns. Continue Reading →
Mar 31, 2016 Messenger v1.8 update improves the Hub and SMS experience for Priv owners
Although I'm not sure how many Priv owners are using the built-in Messenger app on Priv, there's a new update for the app rolling out through the Google Play store that has some shall we say undocumented improvements for those of you out there who are using it. Continue Reading →