Android Wear is just one of the reasons I want Google Play Services on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2014 03:22 pm EDT

Today Google announced Android Wear , a new platform geared toward bringing Android to wearable devices like smartwatches. Big companies like LG and Motorola are already on board with new devices, and others are sure to follow in the coming months.

It goes without saying that the Android Wear devices will work flawlessly with most — if not all — Android devices, however it's safe to say that without Google Play Services on BlackBerry 10, we'll be out of luck when it comes to using any of these new devices with BB10 phones.

To make the Android features of BlackBerry 10 complete, we really need to have these services available. Plenty of smaller apps are a no-go without them, and big ones like Google Now, Google Maps and a slew of others don't work worth a hoot.

Currently the Pebble is really the only smartwatch that works on BlackBerry 10. It makes it tough for a smartwatch lover like myself to want to explore other watches, but I do have other devices just for that purpose. What sucks is that I can't use most other watches with my BlackBerry due to lack of official support. Plus the Android apps don't fully function in most cases because they're reliant on so many different features.

So while I'm hopeful that these Android Wear devices will somehow play nice with BlackBerry 10, for right now I'm not sure that will be the case. If we do get Google Play Services up and running however, it will be a whole different ballgame.

Head over to Android Central for more on Android Wear

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Android Wear is just one of the reasons I want Google Play Services on BlackBerry 10


I guess these trends catch on to a newer generation. I can't see myself looking at a smaller screen to get information I normally get from a smartphone....

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BlackBerry needs:
1. Desktop Client for PC & MAC to bridge with our BB's . This could be wifi/bluetooth/hdmi/usb connected whatever works best - as a solution for business users.
2. A low cost multimedia USB (Chromecast Style) to mirror our BlackBerry's to larger TVs and media centers for entertainment/presentations.

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Or..Just add chromecast support. I don't want to deal with multiple devices especially when chromecast work well and supports a good number of services/apps.

...already have ways to push media to TV's etc...I don't know how comparable it is to Chromecast (never tried it, and with how BB10 works likely never will)...I connect to my DLNA TV or XBOX 360 via Wi-Fi streaming, and You Tube has a similar feature now as well that allows you to control the video, but push the content to the TV...

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Yeah, but push content to a TV is not same as mirroring your phone... I still would not use any of these very often, too much hassle. I would definitely bite on a PC client though!

+1 I think this whole watch fad is so lame. I stopped wearing a watch when I got a cell phone. I'd rather see more full glasses type products. Seriously interested in the Meta Glasses

I agree with this watch trend. Looks so corny. I don't wear a watch cause I use my phone to check time. If I ever do decide to wear a watch it ll be a nice classic watch. A tech watch with a nice suit... so ridiculous looking lol.

Just like how phones evolved to smartphones that act like little computers now these watches will get better over time and I guess become more useful that you ll hardly have to use your smart phone.

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

Sorry if I offend anyone, but we have seen the same people flog watches and glasses for a couple of years, with precious little in terms of tangible benefits. Technology is adopted by the general public when it meets a real life need. To date, no need has arisen and I don't think anyone sees one on the horizon. Best to stay clear of this ill-fated idea.

Except tablets (and to a degree phablets, but arguable) fulfill a very good need--an independent computing device with a largish screen, yet more portability than a laptop. These gimmick watches still require phones to varying degrees. So why carry two devices? Isn't that what slowed the adoption of/killed the playbook?

What killed the PB was exactly what THBW said: It wasn't a solution to a need. It wasn't (originally) manageable from BES, so despite Bridge, it wasn't the Business Tablet that you'd expect from BB, so Enterprise adoption was low. It wasn't made by Apple (and didn't look like it), so zero hipsters with all their capricious disposable income were interested. And it wasn't Android, so the FOSS kids weren't interested. Essentially, only BB fans bought it.

(I apologize for any typos; I typed this on my PB, with the WORST keyboard software in the world.)

Nonsense, tablets were always a tangible product.

And smart watches do what and better my life how?

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I tend to agree, I don't see the benefit. I wear a watch, although the last thing I really need to know is the time. The screen on my Z10 is already too small... I don't need a smaller screen with less information on it.

I stopped wearing glasses when I got contacts and definitely wouldn't want to return to wearing glasses, not matter how much information is there. It's all about preferences.


I'll buy one when they can Teleport people... lol

Until then I think they look stupid and are a waste of money with a tiny screen.
But people have a nasty habit of buying stupid things and wasting their money...

Have a good one, "Beam me up, Scotty"

Please..stop the hypocrisy. We all know if this thing had a BB logo on it this site would hold one of the biggest circle jerks of all time, and you guys would be chomping at the bit to get one.

At least Adam is not delusional enough to see the innovation and benefits of a smart watch: Fitness tracker, messaging, directions, calendar/traffic updates, and so much more once devs get a hold of the SDK. And "Evil Google empire owns you once they are able to track you with it". That argument is tired and going no where.

Oh yeah, if we don't suck the Google Teat, we CAN'T POSSIBLY have a smartwatch.

Ummm, no.


My post was not about "sucking on Google Teat". My post was about the folks here who have written off smart watches ONLY because it is Google who introduced this new OS. If BB would have done it this community would be in a tizzy wanting to know where to line up to buy one. Admit it...for the love of humanity.

Calling bullshit on this. Are you going to make phone calls on that watch? You're in for comfort, hope that conference doesn't stretch too long.

Fact: people will still carry their phone

Fact: why buy a watch with a minuscule screen that looks needy ridiculous when you got your phone in your pocket?

Spend the money on real Swiss movement and get shit done with your Z30. That's the BlackBerry way.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

You are missing the point of a smart watch and the true benefits. Did you watch the video? I would LOVE to have turn by turn directions without fumbling with my phone while driving, working at a computer and checking the subject of an email by simply turning my wrist, receiving a vibration alert on my wrist when traffic is building up before I leave my house for a commute...and these are out of the box features. Wait until the devs get a hold of this.

I see the appeal of smartwatches as simply the next step in the evolution of passive access to tech. Smartphones made us reachable by phone, txt, email, etc, and gave us access to computing and Internet by simply pulling the phone out of our pocket without the need to be near a landline or PC. Smartwatches are the next step in that trend, removing the "pull it from your pocket" step. Smart glasses would be the next step, and surgical implants somewhere after that. I personally don't feel the need to have the smartwatch level of convenience, but I see that it's there.

Nope, it has nothing to do with brand loyalty. Smart watches simply have no purpose and we all know it.

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It needs at least full Hub integration, otherwise useless. Bridge technology is there.

It could display the spark, so you know when to pull the phone out of the pocket.

There are certainly many use cases imaginable, but it does not apply to the general public yet.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

With Google Ware you don't need to pull the phone out of your pocket. You leave it there. All you have at say is "Reply" and then what ever you want it to txt to the other person. DONE

And yet the promo video showed uses and features of the watch as-is, which go beyond what anything short of Google glass can do.

This is so true. I would love to stick the BB logo on a smartwatch and demo the watch on a street in Waterloo. A good portion of these posters would run to a store to buy one immediately.

I would love a BlackBerry watch but they've got a loooonnnggg way to get to that. Right now they need to focus on financial stability and growth.

Stay Classy CrackBerry Nation!

If BlackBerry somehow got Google Play, they could release a watch that worked with -- not just BlackBerry phones -- but with ALL Android phones.

That would open the market for their watch to the 80% of smartphone users that use Android.

Unfortunately, I think the chances that Google would allow Google Play Services on an Android fork like BB10 is low to none, ALTHOUGH, it has happened before (but is extremely rare).

The Android experience on BlackBerry is subpar IMO. Lack of notifications, slow load times, slow performance in many (but not all) apps, inability to rate and buy apps directly from your phone (save Amazon), rampant use of sketchy 3rd party app stores like 1Mobile and apktrain by BlackBerry users, and of course: apps with missing features or apps that simply won't run at all.

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How is BB10 supposed to provide "an Android experience"?

The BB10 experience is great, and the apk loading solution is only a stop-gap measure.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

yep, smartwatches and goggles? I really hope these fads go away but they will probably be replaced with other fad items

Well a Breitling doesn't need to be charged every 6 hours. How cool must a Google watch look in late afternoon when the battery dies and screen goes blank.

Does the owner look smarter now?

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

The battery isn't going to last for anything less than a full day. It will probably be more but all you haters are so close minded. You might as well be saying my horse get me where I want to go. That crazy automobile thing will never catch on. You have to put gas in it and I don't trust that Ford company.

Agreed! My Z10 rocks and still does its job well and no need for a smart watch because my GMT Master has been there and will always be my time piece.

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Say NO to Google services integration on BlackBerry.

That's exactly why I don't have an Android. I value my Google-reduced diet. Do we want to give one company that much power to pwn?

Let BlackBerry stay black, and not become AndroidAppendix.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

What if BlackBerry set it up so that if you choose NOT to allow 3rd party app stores, then none of the Google Services would be activated? Otherwise they would be.

Best of both worlds.

Posted via CB10

Apps would be installed and created that would not run, because they depend on these services running in the background. That in turn would lead to user disappointment and BB bashing.

The whole thing would result in a slow watering-down of BB10, so it ends up being the appendix of Android that I described.

Regardless of whether you could turn it off now or not.

Let me make a prediction. I might be wrong:
The same will happen to UEFI / Secure Boot, now you can turn it off, in ten years time, that won't be the case anymore. Guess who will have the keys? Any computer could be rooted with backdoors, we wouldn't even know.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I'm with you. I just finished purging all my electronics of google. That includes the search engine on my desktop which is now duck duck go. Works really well and your searches are private and unstored. I have converted 5 coworkers in the last 2 weeks, who like me, have had it with the pirates at google.

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How you doing with building your fallout shelter and stocking up on weapons. You need to be ready for Googles Skynet robots to become self aware.

First comment from a real BlackBerry guy. Finally some sense.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

I think if blackberry needs this to happen to stay in the game. It really needs to work together with android. For a smooth transition. And try to become partners with Google


Be sucked in, absorbed, assimilated, annihilated....

BlackBerry is worthless as an independent platform, if it's no longer independent. They might as well become one of the struggling Android manufacturers,...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Struggling.. Out of Business.. Whats the difference? Being serious if BB10 is so great then why would they struggle on Android? Would they have all their best features ported over?

Not a good observation. I don't want to sound harsh.

Google services integration is not the same a downloading a simple app that is missing on your platform.

Basically, it means handing over control of your phone to Google, and ultimately to your digital life.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I DONT WANT ANDROID and ios! Thats why I choose BlackBerry!!!

Posted via BlackBerry Q10Bold

Personally, I agree with you on this. But that's not saying the mass population does. I think it's important that BlackBerry pump out as many features as it can so that people who are borderline bberry users will come back.

Posted via CB10

I don't want that kind of BlackBerry and I don't want these users on the platform!!

I rarely post a real negative comment, I restrain abusive language and tone, but this is enough. I will dump BlackBerry like a hot coal, if they integrate Google services.

Yeah, maybe so we can turn them off, but then apps won't work. It's like that whole Javascript night mare on web pages that crept in, couldn't have the cool features without it and now it's used to track and spy.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I completely agree. Get an Android device if you want Google services. Android will not save BlackBerry. Only BlackBerry can save BlackBerry.

Yes everyone. Get an Android device because God knows BB doesn't need your money or need to sell anymore phones. There got Billions in the bank. I'm sure as they plow through 800 million a quarter it will last for at least another year or two. It's not like there not making any money. I'm sure there are plenty of Banks that will give them some more money.

Get real. You have a problem if even the BB die hards like Kevin, Chis, and most of the Crackberry staff want Google Services. See the difference between you and and them is that they actually use lots of devices and they can be logical about what is better. Ask the staff if they think Google is evil? How much do you want to bet that they don't. Ask Kevin how much he believes Google just changed the world with their new wearable OS. PS.. Why didn't QNX do this? You realize that Google made a wearable OS that even all the current watch makers can use to put in their watches. This means Rolex at the top to citizen at the bottom. If you don't want to have electricity or running water then stay in the stone age.

Quite honestly Google does not give a shit about you, me or anyone else. We are nothing but a source of revenue in which their products and services do what it is intended to do and that is mine the user of its data then sell it to advertisers for profit.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure there are some people in every company are like that. But there are people who care what they make and are excited by what they make. Look at Apple. You think they are the only ones who make things they care about. One of the key guys who is incharge of Google Search is Matt Cutts. He is on sometimes for their all about Google podcasts and you can see he really cares. As soon as all the NSA stuff came out he was on the pod casts and he and many of the people at Google were very mad. Sure some people only care about the money. Most of these guy and girls are quite well off and don't have to do this if there heart wasn't in it. There are many that do care and to be honest the more they care the better their product is the more people will use it and the more money that will be made.

In general you could say this about every company. The only thing that I can say is different is some companies make so much money that their employees make thing they really want to and not for money but just because its cool and they want to.


If I wanted all of Google's snoopware and adware and bloatware on my smartphone, I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT AN ANDROID DEVICE.

Why don't you have any faith in BB? Would they secure it? You call Google snoopeware and bloatware but what (that Google puts on the phone) exactly is the bloatware? So looks look at the terms you used. snoopeware..
Snoop = To pry into the private affairs of others, especially by prowling about.
If I have given permission to a person like my secretary to know all my business so she can take care of things for me is she snooping? No, because I gave here permission. Why is this any different then me deciding to use all the Google services knowing that if I do that Google now will act like my secretary telling me things a head of time to keep me on track and saving time? This can't be done unless Google can scan my email, calendar, and have my location data. Think back to Star Trek. The computer knew where everyone was. They had the badges. The computer had the peoples personal logs. This is the only way to get this tech to work.

Well put. Why whine about it? And who wears multiple wearable tech watches other than tech reviewers (correction: wearable tech reviewers), all due respect to Adam.

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Yes, BBRY needs to make ALL Android apps run well on BB10 as I do notice a growing number of apps do not work without Play Services.

More and more apps need Google services because that is how Google is making sure vendors like blackberry and amazon can never have the android experience, without paying Google for the full-on android stack. Google won't make a deal, they are doing everything they can to make sure it never happens.

Posted via CB10

I don't expect to ever get Google services on BlackBerry, what benefit does Google have? They're doing more than alright without BB.

Posted via CB10

Author says, "Google Maps and a slew of others don't work worth a hoot." I have read that numerous places, but I use the latest version of google maps and it works perfectly. Same for snapchat and others that supposedly need google play services.

I think what doesn't work is signing in to Google maps or YouTube for example. That's where the problem is. Certain games don't work either without GP services.

Have you tried to login into Google maps? To get favourite places? It doesn't work fully!!!

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I guess 80 percent of the world buys what sucks and what is the BB market share world wide these days? So I guess about 2 % of the world buys the best which is BB. I guess if you want to be the most popular you have but an OS the "sucks." If only BB knew that making a sucky OS would have made them #1 they wouldn't have to borrow a billion dollars.

My Franck Mueller watches are fine on my wrists thank you. Don't need wearable crap. The Longterm use of devices in terms of health risks haven't been proven but I'm sure it's not good for you

Posted via CB10

It's thinking like that that got BlackBerry in the position they find themselves in today. "Oh, touchscreen phones will never be popular. People gotta have the keyboard." You never know what is going to become the next great thing until someone figures out the market and it is. Problem is, If it wasn't you, then you are playing catch up.

Franck Mueller might make a Google Ware watch or watches. People don't understand what Google just did. They made an OS that anyone can use on their wearable. Franck can make a line of smart watches with all their same watch designs and just add replace the mechanical internals. If you don't think that is what is going to happen in the next few years your missing the big picture.

Plenty of cheap kitkat compatible devices out there if you are TRULY serious about getting into AndroidWear. But, yall must be bonkers if you don't think BlackBerry will eventually come out with either a competitive alternative or be smart and piggy back on Google's time&dimes and make it compatible with BB10 devices. BlackBerry is not going to be innovative like Google...Android has many devices it's on made by many different manufacturers with their own niches and advantages...they have the variety game on lock. BlackBerry is no doubt going to assimilate, but not at the cost of lack of end user security/anonymity.

Posted via CB10

Smartwatches will be a short-lived fad IMO.
Companies like Google and Samsung can have one loss-making product at the expense of other blockbusters though so smartwatches will probably be around for a bit

Posted via CB10

I agree. Further, I think Google is already hedging its bets by calling it Android Wear. That's nice and generic and the definition of "Wear" can change quickly when the watch idea dies.

Unfortunately if you rely too much on technology you will to manage your life you will be very deficient that you might as well become a zombie. I am against anything that reduces our level of intelligences. I am sure the elites who are more educated and use more words than any of us combined in the English language are having the last laugh!

Is BlackBerry actually talking with Google to allow Google Play Services?

Or is it not a problem for BlackBerry?

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Why the f#$ck would anyone want one of those stupid things on their wrist. Oh of course silly me dickheads!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

The best part of the wearable Android will only work with devices supporting GPS IMHO and I don't see a compelling reason with the current shares why Google would ever consider allowing BlackBerry to have the services. Google gets over 90% of the market supporting Android and iOS. Until that changes, there isn't any reason for Google to play nice with Mr Softie or Mr Chen. It's not personal, it's business.

Electronic wears around your body ? Is there any study that electronic equipment will impact your health if it is too close to you ?

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Everyday I get closer to going android and as much as I like BlackBerry.. I get the feeling that once my contract is up I might try something else. I'm really tired of brand loyalty. It does absolutely nothing for me and makes me feel inadequate and just scraping through a lot of the time.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

You know what mate. Think I've calmed down now. The lack of support for bb10 just got to me for a minute or two. Been on my phone doing some stuff and just realised how superior it is to android. Having said that.. it just goes to show how loads of people can easily lose interest due to being on the side that always seem to be hoping and wishing for stuff everyone else seems to get.

BlackBerry need to step their game up cos there's only so much consumers can take when they're not satisfied with a product. After all, it's their money being spent.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

"Everyday I get closer to going android and as much as I like BlackBerry"

Care to tell us why?

Do you think android is better in some way shape or form?

Do you think that the grass is greener on the other side?

I say buy the best for your needs as well as the most secure... security is something everyone takes for granted until something bad happens and then you learn to respect it and want it... if you think android is the one for you then go ahead.

Personally I think you need to get the best BlackBerry out there right now and learn how to use it to its full potential... get yourself a Z30 it has the big screen. Most people that want android want the big screen. You get the best of both world's with the Z30.

Take care.

Scraping by how? I find myself 100 times more productive with my phone than any of my friends with their fandroids. Everytime I'm out with my friends and we need to find an address, phone number, make a call, send a text, or anything at all, I ALWAYS beat them to the punch and I never hurry. In fact, I intentionally go slower than I normally would because then I can laugh even harder when I get it done while every one is still plucking away at their phones. And let's say hypothetically my phone isn't more productive, at least I can get through a day on one charge. Everyone I know spend all of their time searching for a charger. I have a charger in my car, not for myself, but for my friends when they ride with me. Literally I've never had to use it...

So have fun with that. I'll keep "scraping" by with my Q10...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Yes, we really need Google services on bb10! After newest YouTube update it doesn't work at all!!! Had to download an older version..
P.s. I hate people who say if you want android apps get Android phone, because on android phone you won't get bb10!!!

Posted via CB10

Never heard of SuperTube?? Integrates into your universal search, you'll find videos 10 times faster with that than you would with the Android version of the youtube app...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

We need more than the service. BlackBerry needs to start including Bluetooth LE drivers in the Android VM so that our gadgets can be connected to our phones.

I used to love BB but have since switched to android because it fitted my lifestyle. Blackberry is about security and not for everyone. That's why I switched to galaxy S4. I am amazed how much more it can do than blackberry. The apps, performance and the attentiveness to consumer needs.

I love watches, but I mean analog watches made out of metal, chronographs as well. I am not going to wear some cheesy plastic "look at me, I think I'm a techy because I went to Best Buy and bought a gadget" thing on my wrist. It won't be more efficient than my phone since my phone is in a holster so I can have it out just as fast as someone touching abbreviated icons on a small screen...

I just find it a little funny that people are complaining about the screen size of the Q10 yet they think an even smaller screen on a plastic wristband is cool...

No thanks. Smart watches have been around for years. I didn't buy into them then and I'm still not now that it's "cool."

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I think people are blind sometimes. If you want to continue using BlackBerry devices, you need BlackBerry to survive. For BlackBerry to survive they need to sell more phones and for that happen they need to supply what customers want.

Watches is something that enough customers want. I personally can't go back to be without my pebble watch. Life is way simpler with it and way more sociable.

Posted via CB10

What's actually the benefit of the watch? Can you actually reply to messages? Idk I just can't ever seeing myself wearing one.

I'd rather have a nice Designer Watch


Ironically, watches went "out of fashion" because of cell phones. But now that Samsung is telling their herd that it's cool, now it's back "in fashion." Sheeple these days... Smartwatches have been around for years, yet never caught on until Master Race Samsung made one and marketed it. Just in case someone has a rebuttal for my sheeple comment.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

These wearable devices aren't cool yet because Apple hasn't officially released anything yet. When they do, you will see lines around the block to the Apple store and a fricking media frenzy on how wonderful they are and how important these will be for the future of the world order. There will be commercials with soothing hipster music where little children will be wearing them as digital tethers to their parent's iPhones so they can't get lost, but the kids will get lost in mindless games to keep them out of their hair while they are doing whatever hipster parents do.

And Apple will sell one billion of them in two days which took Foxconn by surprise so they will hire 50,000 new Chinese slaves to build the watches and Apple will make $20.0 billion on this device alone.

Mark my words.....

Samsung already has that effect on the masses. Smart watches have been around for years, but you haven't heard any hype at all for them until now that Samsung made one... Apple "inventing" it will just make it more, but you already have that bandwagon mentality with Samsung...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I think you are indeed right slagman, but the media has a special place in their heart for Apple stuff, witnessed by opening 11:00 news broadcasts with people lining up for the newest iPhone. As if that is news.

You might be absolutely right on that one.

Once the iWatch is out, the real frenzy starts. Watched the Jobs movie yesterday (when they started they were geeks, then wanted to make something to bring tech to the masses, then something broke and went wrong...)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

A friend of mine posted on Facebook the Apple iRing - a hideous white ring with a blue glowing Apple icon on it. It looked like it has bluetooth music controls on it. All of the iPhone folks were going crazy. "When will it be out?" "Can I buy it now?" I nearly lost my lunch.

Smart watches are gimmicks. Maybe Google glass is different, but smart watch... I don't think it would be that useful.

Ahhhh yes the "Pablum Consuming Public"...must have, must have... Longing for a huge *ss rock to hit this planet and reset things... Wake up people... Start communicating face to face with meaningful conversation....not checking your wrist for how many steps you made in the last 30 minutes. God people are so stupid.

I'm sure Google Play Services might come to BB10 one day, but at what cost? What's the incentive for Google?

Are we going to be Bombarded with adds?


I'll bet those fucking hipsters in the video would love to see android wear installed into a Casio F-91W watch.

Android Total Information Awearness ??

Welcome to the total cyber fascism world. And the hipsters don't even realize how easily a system like that could have you like a puppet on a string. Mass implants are next.

Say no to Geek Fascism!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Thats odd. I have both google maps and google earth on my phone and they work need for google services.

Posted via R115-Aramis.

No thanks to android! Get BlackBerry to market and sell more handsets to get developers to develop apps for BlackBerry! That's what needed. I hate android ports and I don't want any kind of android support on BlackBerry.

I'd rather keep Raymond wells watch thank u, smart wear is for kids who want to look like something out of back to the future.

BlackBerry needs to focus on getting BlackBerry back on track and get new customers on board and carriers back on there sides not rely on Google services on a BlackBerry device.

The general perception amongst muppets who don't know about BlackBerry think it runs a modified version of Android NOT OS 10.

So once again no thank you!


Posted via CB App on my White Z30 :)

how about qnx getting into the wearables field? They are into mobile security. It goes without saying this would be the better fit. Sure google play services would be nice but if its not going to come is there not a spot for qnx here somewhere? I just think we are asking the wrong questions here. Google has enough of my information already. We hardly need to give them more. Come on guys lets stop barking up this tree. i actually got one of them android apps to work with google maps and i dont have google play services so not sure how it does it but it works. So its possible to have things the way they are without going that route. i just think once you see google play services its possible it might mark the end of bb10 and thats something we dont want. Smart watch. fine and dandy but i personally can do without one and chances are most people out there can as well. i think this idea that the smartwatch is the next big thing is frankly a little overblown. makes no sense its definitely something we can do without. Again more devices is not the game plan here. We want less devices. The phone can replace everything, desktop, remote control, laptop,watch, gps, fitness metering etc the list goes on and on. Do i want to carry 18 devices through customs as the airport. Nope. one is more then enough. Think about it.?

I think if you ask most people or just look around. People don't use watches as much since having a cellphone. However that being said, if a watch added an experience that was an extension from your cellphone so that you don't have to pull out the phone every time and could just glance at your arm, well then maybe there is something to it. Only be successful if it makes things easy and more functional. Otherwise it would fall into the category of another stupid gadget.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10

I'm going to take a wild guess here. I don't see this lasting more than three years. It's a fade that will die quicker than it took to get up and running.

Powered by BlackBerry

Hope you are right.

Bill Gates made a similar statement about the internet, as far as I remember. Now they are playing catch-up.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If engineers at BlackBerry have any brains they'll worry less about copying Google Wear designed for the pimply masses, and focus on something designed for enterprise.

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Let's not touch Play Services even with a ten foot poll. And how exactly is it productive to stare at your watch for each tid bit of information?

All of the naysayers here just don't get it - we are entering the age of 'the Internet of things' - it's not about whether you like smartwatches or not, it's about living in a world in 5-10 years time we almost everything you own talks to everything else.

This is not a conversation about phones or watches, it's a conversation about being part of the future of all technology.

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So the Q10's screen is too small, the Z30 is the perfect size screen but we want notifications on a watch? I must be missing something. Don't get me wrong, I am all for technology but...

Loving my Zed 10!!

Blackberry and BB10 need to stay pure. They can do that by getting rid of that silly little Android Dalvik Virtual Machine running in the background which is just wasting cpu, memory and storage. I will never ever install an Android port, or APK to further ruin things. And heaven forbid if Blackberry adds Google Play Services.

+ another one for purity

Keeping my Q10 pretty clean, my Z10 is the test thing. Apart from Google Earth app I have not much use. Candy Crush sugar rush wears off pretty quick.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

That is awesome rickkel. You are right about Apple, these idiots fall for Crapple devices, they are useless gimmicks.

Team BlackBerry

I used to want Google drive on BlackBerry but Dropbox changed my mind on that. So aside from connecting my established Gmail account to my Q10, I could really care less about Google.

Sadly all it takes is for marketing to tell people what they want and all the mindless drones go running with their wallets out. Smartwatches and the like are silly in my opinion. I can do it all and more (not to mention more easily) on my why settle for a tiny device on my wrist? Or look like a goof talking to my glasses?

And for those that claim BlackBerry needs Android to're mistaken. Relying on your competition is only digging your grave. Sure, being able to run Android apps could help bring people over from Android. Changing the tide of the market is what's needed.

I hate Google play services more than just about anything else in the tech world. Ugghh!

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If wearing an ugly big ass watch as communication device with ramdroid will be the norm of the future then i may as well strap on a wristband onto my z 10 and wear it around my wrist like some fucking retard. When someone asks me for the time I'll just whip out my wrist with my z10 strapped and tell them, it's berry o'clock then walk away.

How about blackberry creates it own services account. Won't have large adoption initially but if BBM takes off,itll be enough to get sires and services to recognize it as a log on credential.

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Correct +100%

BlackBerry MUST stay an independent platform, or it will lose a lot of its hardcore user base to win over people who don't care. Let them use Google...

I am all for an independent platform with its own services, even if they shine and sparkle a bit less. I like BB Maps.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Give up privacy and security on the BlackBerry platform to have a funky smartwatch?

No thanks.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I am not liking all these radio frequencies right on human body. Though I understand the importance to have connectivity and to keep ahead of the competition.

For me, I'll stick to my NONE Wifi/ None smartwatch and just use my BB10 device to get the info I require.

I had a calculator watch in the early 80s for a couple of months. Interesting idea that didn't have a real use.

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I haven't seen any wearables I would want so this doesn't matter to me. I've been able to use all of the android apps I need and if I can get a native app I'll do that before getting the android app.

My goodness. No one has an opinion on Android wear in here. Poor Adam must be running for cover.

Yes, it's a BlackBerry site. ;-)

I think the right watch with full hub integration would even make me consider. Android wear? No, thanks.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I want Google Play, but not for a watch. I think the watch thing is just to gimmicky, with little benefit for me. I would love full access to Google. I'm fine with the BlackBerry Android player. Sure I would prefer built for BlackBerry apps for every app available on Android or IOS, but that just isn't going to happen.

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Sarcasm detector: no result... / undecided

Not good at it. :-(
Can you let us know what you were trying to indicate. I am at a loss.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

People in the know don't, but Joe Doe living in Unaware, TX likes it. (no bias against Texas, just a random pick)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I just don't get Android. What's the appeal? Stupid name. Stupid interfaces. Just stupid. Lol

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I hope I am making myself clear. Do NOT want this on my BlackBerry. No way, no how!

For me, I would not want a google watch. Or for that matter an Apple watch. From what I understand one must carry the phone in order for the watch to work. So, why carry two devices? And as much as I hate to admit it, I do not think with the direction my eyes are going I could get much work done on a small phone.

As an aside, I would suggest the focus of putting/using Android on BB may actually bring about the demise of BB. Apps are important, critical to the success of any smart phone platform. Without the Apps, the phone will wither and perish. However, I think there are a lot of developers who believe that as their app can be simply ported to BB there is no need to make a native App. Combine this with the many users happy to put up with, to endure non-native apps, and it is possible momentum may not reach the level required to make the BB App ecosystem big enough to attract new users.

And finally, I like not being asked for access to my data, images, music, contacts, etc when I use native BB apps....

I do hope that it becomes available but it is something I don't need. It reminds me of the app gap. I currently have all the apps I craved on my Z30 thanks to hmmm I guess Android/BlackBerry. But once I downloaded them and used them a couple of times they are just on my phone collecting dust. I laugh at my friends that still have to look at that tiny screen on the iPhone. Any screen that size or smaller I am not a fan of, no matter what the device or technology.

The damage caused by viewing small screen has not been addressed. There is a price to pay for technology and it is usually to late for those already affected by it . Most were happy when cars came along no more horse and buggy, Sh#%t on the roads and all the other complaints. What we got in return was pollution and all the damage it causes us and the earth. Millions of phones and batteries produced each year which are discarded, it is and will continue to be a serious problem until it is once again too late.

Who still wears watches or have weird looking pair of glasses on your face. They are just looking for another revenue stream but in my opinion it will not last. Don't think it's sustainable. Again who knows they might advertise like hell and make people believe it's the best thing since sliced bread.

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I would say COULD be a different ball game and not WOULD. There's a lot of functionality in here that even with Google Play support may not make the watches work. But I like the watches.

If you want Google or anything Android on your phone go buy a Android phone. There's lots out there to choose from. Let BlackBerry be just BlackBerry

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Don't want or see the need for a smart watch. To small a screen, but if it spoke the information to me then I could some what see. I definitely don't see real life mass adoption because it's mostly ideal for certain use cases, working out, like the band's that are already on the market.

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Here's a thought. Samsung is changing their smartwatch from Android to Tiezen. So, if the devices will still work on the android fork called Samsung touchwiz, why not have any of the devices work on BlackBerry. It is just a matter of pushing information out, not linking the device to your soul. The Pebble, which I wear daily, has made my previous Z10 last for greater than 15 hours, and my Q10 last up to a day, because I do not have to pull out the phone for every little beep. It actually is a time and motion saver. That is why these devices just may be useful. No one said you need to read, or write war and peace on the watch. When BBOS and all those great BlackBerries were the top of the heap, apps were written for them. There was no concern about whether someone had to give up their privacy to make the apps work. Now, because BBRY has 3% of the smartphone share in the US, some feel we need to do something to get the device acceptable in the public's eye. I, for one, am not sure that the great unwashed will even notice, unless their "heroes" go gaga over the device.

"Head over to Android Central for more on Android Wear" this posted in a Blackberry forum.??? If you want a silly arm mounted message monitor that is not worth the money you will spend on it. Buy an Android. Simple.

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Do not like Android Wear at all. They collect more and more and more of data, habits, friends, family, holiday activity, sports, your whole live to bring you the perfect advertising. I am using BB because i do not want Android/Google. Crackberry should state that too sometimes.

I think if BlackBerry made a watch it should be an analog watch that looks classy, the only smart thing about it is 1 led that flashes just like your BlackBerry does letting you know to check it

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Porsche Design Edition analog watch in silver, gold or platinum, with BB spark indicator. Smart enough for me.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I really don't get hipsters.. why would they pretend to be environmental conscious ride bikes and proffess socially awareness and then go ahead and buy this wasteful useless crap, which some mega global corporation uses to track their every movement to sell them even more crap.. google is like the creepy uncle of the tech world that offers free candy then tries to look up your skirt.

How many more times?

We're never getting Google Play Services on BB10. Why? Because BlackBerry are not a Google Certified Android Vendor.

Amazon and Nokia had to fork Android from AOSP and they don't get Google Play Services either.
BlackBerry only use the Dalvik VM, not the full version of Android.

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In my honest opinion, I would not want Blackberry, or even Microsoft, to adopt anything related to Android. Competition drives innovation. Blackberry should stick to the path Chen has established and further enhance the BB10 experience. Differentiate the brand from everything else.

After reading almost all the comments, I know now BB failed to deliver because of the BB Core users..

Most of the comments are naive and idiotic to dismiss this product all to gather. Also, denying the Android is not going to help BB anyway. As a phone, I want to have options. BB needs to provide options. If Google service not running on BB means its working against BB. If anyone say "If you want Google service, go to android" they need to wake up. I don't need android to enjoy Google service, I can have iOS too. Same way, BB need to support Google service because no matter what, they are here to stay and making life so much easier in one front. Neglect to see the trend and travel against the current is not an option to BB. That time is long past. BB needs to satisfy and provide options to users while improving their game rapidly.

I would think native BB apps is needed more than google services. Android may help BB but to fully utlize the google experience, BB will have to adopt the android operating system. I and many others would like to have options in choosing a smartphone.

I'm not saying anything about Android. I want Google products and services to be available on BlackBerry native. Same as Google products and services available on iOS devices. I am not a fan on Android on BlackBerry.

Dude, with all due respect, I think you're the one who is ultimately naive. And the choice for the monopolist you are asking for will ultimately work against you.

The internet in the beginning was free, how free and that it's based on ARPAnet is not the topic. It had many nodes, and all nodes and participants in principle had the same powers and rights. Now imagine one node becoming all powerful, controlling and dominating all others. Your choice is gone.

I don't want the internet to become a "Google Application". The all the nightmares we've been presented with in movies and sci-fi, will then have become a reality. Imagine **everybody** on the planet, including businesses, corporations, governments, was dependent on Google for their digital existence. Mountain View flicks the switch, and you are gone. Violate their terms of service. No right to appeal. Too much power. We need choice, real choice to keep our democracies alive.

HAL 9000, The Matrix, 1984, and the rest of the bunch all in one. No thanks.

You don't like Bing Maps? Yep, Google Maps might be better at the moment and in the future. But if there is no support for other ecosystems, they will die. I want to keep that choice.

That's why BlackBerry needs to stay here, and needs to stay black.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I agree. When people start moving away from BlackBerry to iOS nd android I thought business won't move because of security. But no one cares about security anymore, even after what we get to know about NSA. I, personally don't keep any important info on Web. But I enjoy what Google offer and use it a lot. The longer BlackBerry takes to bring in the leading service provider to its platforms, the harder it gets to get hold of market. No company can survive in the business with 3% market share.

You are talking about starting a revolution but BlackBerry is not in any shape to lead that revolution nor it will be in the near future. It needs to survive and grow and I hope your revolutionary vision works out well..

Google play support would be nice, but I didn't get really excited about this android wear. In my opinion mostly blackberry is for business man, and it's hard to imagine businessman with smartwatches.

I think from the video it's more useful for business men than myself. I rarely need a reminder to meetings and so on.. and I hate wearing watched.
I would buy this just to see my notification while driving without getting a ticket for distracted driving. :)

I love the idea of a smart watch. As thing stands today I see now value in what the do or offer.

They need to be connected to my smartphone to function. Increasing, however marginal, the battery drain on my phone for no added value. I mean getting directions whilst driving, really hoe stupid must you be. You have to not only take your hand off of the wheel but also, more importantly your eyes off of the road!!!!

Getting notifications on messages..... um pointless as you need to stil take your phone out to read/download the message. Or if sat at your desk... put your phone on your desk!? duh.

And then a 6hr battery life, joke.

An expensive and pointless item.

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Plenty of people, including myself, wear watches daily.

I don't even look at it for the time in most cases. It's just a thing I wear. My wrist feels naked without one.

Android wear extends the functionality of the phone to the watch. Notifications are an obvious use case, but an SDK and developer support will I'm sure add many novel features.

I for one see many possibilities. I applaud the product. Very exciting.

Funny if this had a blackberry logo you guys will be screaming omg this is the best thing in the world! I mean come on you guys called bridging revolutionary with the playbook.

Adam is the biggest crackberry apologists but even through the crackberry glasses he knows something thats a game changer.

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We (users) badly need a standard that allows a smartwatch to talk with a smartphone regardless of which OS it is on. Is there such a standardisation effort going on?

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I heard Google had a referendum on promoting privacy and OS choice. Other parties included Facebook

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