Android Runtime for BlackBerry roadmap updated, plenty of new features arriving soon

Android Runtime for BlackBerry roadmap updated, plenty of new features arriving soon
By Bla1ze on 5 Sep 2012 10:08 pm EDT

If you've been following the @BlackBerryDev Twitter account then you know they've been rolling out new stuff for developers on pretty much on a daily basis. The developer flightboard has been updated once again and now has the upcoming Android Runtime for BlackBerry API's listed. Developers building or porting Android apps will have the following features available to them this month:

  • Contacts Support - Contact information can be added to a new and existing contact via the native BlackBerry 10 contacts application.
  • Dial & SMS Support - Phone numbers that are selected within an Android application will launch the phone dialer. Intent support to compose and send SMS text messages.
  • IMF Support - Android text input controls are now integrated with the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard. This makes it possible to enable keyboard features such as text prediction, dedicated numerical input, etc.
  • Multimedia Sync - Multimedia created via Android applications now will be visible to native BlackBerry 10 multimedia applications. This includes pictures, videos etc.
  • Notifications - Provide notifications for your application. These can be made visibile in the integrated BlackBerry 10 notification box, or a splat on your application icon.
  • Eclipse Plug-In 3.1 - Added support for Eclipse 3.8 Juno, plus additional bug fixes. Full release notes

Some of that stuff works 'kind of' right now but when the A3 Beta version rolls out, it'll be better supported. In addition to updating the Android Runtime info, RIM has also gone ahead and updated some of their Native SDK Sample apps as well.

Learn more about the Android Runtime for BlackBerry

Reader comments

Android Runtime for BlackBerry roadmap updated, plenty of new features arriving soon


very promising. keep the good news coming


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Is it wrong of me to think: whenever I see a story about RIM/BlackBerry and the word "soon" I don't really believe it.

Cash in your chips and leave the casino... Jk. Stick it out. The old guard is no longer in charge. BB will be successful.

Oh I know. They still aren't putting everything out on time. BB7 theme builder, PBOS 2.1 to name a couple. I still like by BlackBerry and am excited for the new phones to come out.

Nobody is working on 2.1.... they are all heads down focused on BB10 - as they should be. As much as I would like otherwise, they have 80M+ BB subscribers to move on to BB10 and 2M+ PlayBook users to keep happy (and frankly 2.1 isn't enough for most of them... most of us that really want it are on the beta which is stable enough anyway).

The leaked phone might look like a Droid but it'll act like a superphone. Anyone who thinks BB10 won't be a beast believes in the kid's tale of Santa. BB. Let's go.

Wow RIM is really working tirelessly. Android Runtime will soon be seemlessly baked right into blakberry 10.

Hopefully the other tech sites won't be like, "oh, the new BlackBerry software has to rely on android to get stuff done!" Prolly will unless they change their thinking. Hopefully they don't say it and they do change

They can't because the fact is the OS runs native apps AND Android apps. Only a fool would sniff at that. Everyone who has cared to look will have seen that RIM is just scratching the surface with QNX, and the time they have afforded themselves only allows them to make it better. Which is much easier if you are working with an OS that is not inherently limited. Nokia held their launch do yesterday, yet WP8 SDKs still haven't been released. RIM, much smaller than Microsoft has a clearer roadmap for their developer's tools. It's not perfect but it's a decent start.

Ok, question... Why are people using "prolly" for probably? It's not a word?? Anyone else notice this? Or is it just me?

For the same reasons that people would condense the phrase "Okay, here's a question" down to "Okay, question": convenience and informal style. Is this the first time you've seen the use of "prolly"?

Very well then, I have learned something and thank you. Yes, I have seen it only a few times before and your response makes sense. Obviously in a more formal correspondence, you would use probably. I didn't mean anything negative in my original reply, just that it was a new thing and you happened to be literally the third person I have seen using it.

I wonder how long after the BB10 gets released that Android developers give up on Android. Why continue to develop apps for a phone that doesn't make you any money, when another will guarantee your good app will make at least $10k.

While there's a chance for developers to get major exposure right now on App World, I'm afraid of the shift where it'll just become polluted.

With the Android runtime being on time, does that mean we can expect the release of PB OS 2.1 this month ?!

Nobody is working on 2.1 as above... if you need the functionality, download the beta. It's stable enough. There just isn't anything important enough in 2.1 to justify diverting resources from BB10. It is beginning to seem that Heins really does have a clue.

Yup, why wait for PB 2.1 when a very stable, excellent, beta is working great. I agree that the focus now must be on BB10. Can't wait. Just bought two PB's at blow out prices. When BB10 is out, people will be in awe of what my $130 PB's can do. In fact, when people see them right now running 2.1 they are in awe, considering the price. Blows away any other 7".

So, if you want 2.1, get it, it's here now, and it's marvelous.