Android-powered BlackBerry Z10 knock-off hits eBay

BlackBerry Z10 clone
By Simon Sage on 24 Jul 2013 10:55 am EDT

It was only a matter of time before the BlackBerry Z10 clones started to come out of China. This one was found on eBay, running Android 4.0. As you might expect, the specs aren't exactly impressive: 1 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, 2 megapixel camera, and an 800 x 480 3.5-inch display. Quad-band GSM is supported for 850/900/1800/1900 MHz through twin SIM slots, plus Wi-Fi b/g/n. At least you get some earbuds with the thing.

Bidding sits at around $56 so far, and it's hard not to be tempted to bid out of sheer morbid curiosity. Exactly how badly could this thing run? How much like a real Z10 could this feel like? 

Now we've got to keep our eyes out for some Q10 and Q5 knock-offs... 



Makes sense. Then you don't have to sideload apps.

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Would to still need to side load apps! BlackBerry 10 apps that is!!! Lmao Need a converter from bar to apk!

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What's more tragic is these knock-offs soon enough will have BBM on board, meanwhile BlackBerry PlayBook...

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Whats even more tragic is that they stuck an outdated version of android on it. It's 2013, Put Android 4.3 on it.


Lol! So true.

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Ewwwwww!! Gimme my real z10!

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Sad.... no one can match the Z!

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Kriilin Namek

I wouldn't be surprised to find it loaded with malware.


I would be surprised if it WASN'T loaded with malware...


thats awesome
Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.


LOLOLOL!!! Tell that to the victims of identity thief


Lmao! wow Bootleg Nation!SMFH

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That Z has something extra and something missing. Really close though.


it has three things missing. USB port, HDMI port and speaker at the bottom. Also has a button on the left side. according to this photo.


"nade in china" !!!! Epic fail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Made in China : Like most of electronic products from the shelves!
Failure : not sure, and you are always get what you pay for!


Good luck, you get what you pay for. Avoid at all costs!


Hey. Shows that the z10 design is is worth copying!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!


I was about to say the same thing. People don't make forgeries of something people don't want in the first place.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |


Janky Zandroid 10s. Hilarious!!!

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Guess I will get a clone of myself too.

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Starts bedding as well for 58$? ;-)

the future is easy because it doesn't exist


Wait...isnt it powered by Android???


This knock off yes. The BlackBerry Z10 no.....

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Sorry folks! I can't see anything like our Z10. Take it easy.

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

Himanshu Mehta

China = duplicate expert of duplication :(

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Robin Lim

256MB of RAM on Android 4.0. Don't waste your money.

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Tomas Carrillo

Looks nice

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Head to head tests reveal that this cheapo device crushes the Z10 in all major benchmarks [plus has far more apps]


I doubt that with 256MB of ram and who knows what GPU that it would "crush" anything.


i'll use it to crush peanuts...


You can try but that knock off might not even be able to crush peanuts maybe grapes (or maybe a "Jellybean")

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Haha that's disgusting

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Aww yeahh, bootleg products son!

Jerale Hoard

Well people have been asking for a BlackBerry running on Android. Here's their chance to buy one.

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The closed system of iPhone would be the end of iPhone and the open os system of android would be the end of Android. Smh.


my old htc had 512mb en was dualcore and was to slow for android, this is to try about


If i had the money i would buy it for the "Sheer morbid curiosity"...


A Q10 with android running would be even quite interesting.

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You can guess! :). I'm sure now that Zed 10 will be eventually a big success!

Prince Radebe

My next phone after A10, just.


Nice someone will buy it and complain that it is not working like the real Zeeeee 10. Gimme the real thing.

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What's a zeee 10?

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Same thing I ask when people say they have a zed 10. It's Z10...

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It is a "zed" 10 since that is how Z is pronounced.

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He's American... they go with 'Zee' not 'Zed'.

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American alphabet: A, B, C, D, ..., X, Y, C...? Makes sense. :P


It has the logo on the back! How does eBay or sellers get away with this?

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Dave Bourque

The logo is not quite the same rofl


Buy one CrackBerry! I wanna see a review! :)

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Come on Kev!! You HAVE to grab this.

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Of course, most likely no FCC approval, so use in the States at your own risk.


pretty awesome... shows blackberry still is a sought after hp


Only in China they get away ripping off other companies products bec they can't be original or be innovative enough to come up with their own!!!

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All I can say is not surprised lol

Steven Bolen

Need to blow up that POS!

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Very well. That proves the popularity of Z10. A phone won't be successful without a clone from China indeed.

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Lol... poor man's bbry z10... only for people who want a bbry z10 but can't afford it...

Sent by Bbry Z10


Ain't nobody got time for that! LOL!!!!

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Ahhhh so now we can say BB Z10 is a success, they wouldn't copy if it wasn't a success phone :D lol


Sorry state of affairs.


This is just bad.......

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Peter Lee4

The model is actually the Z10 and it appears to have a Blackberry symbol on the back of it.


Now waiting for an imitation Q10.

It's pretty easy to make imitation phones in China as the hardware came as a standard kit, all they need is to make a casing for it.

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Because of iPhone's success before China made the iPhone's clone "Goophone". So right now they've made the clone of BlackBerry Z10.

Bacon Munchers

Most of you are not seeing the bigger picture here:

This is one of the best pieces of news I have seen this quarter!
Isn't name recognition in China a current problem? Well, this will mitigate that! I hope it gets 'launched' in other countries as well. Forget the specs, name brand is what counts.

Go (BlackBerry?)!

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And when this thing turns out to be a malware riddled POS, BlackBerry should take the fall for it in the minds of the consumer foolish enough to buy this? I don't think so...

If I were part of BlackBerry management I'd be unleashing the lawyers, as well as the Canadian government, all over this. Sadly, with China's complete lack of IP laws, this kind of thing is possible.


And with the way patent laws work in China BlackBerry will have trouble getting it off the market.

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Kill Confirmed ...via CB10


Aside from the general shape, this phone is really not like the Z10.
- All ports are either not there (HDMI, speaker) or not at the same location (USB)
- The camera is on the top bezel, not below it
- The speaker is not the same shape as the Z10
- The phone is thicker
- The BlackBerry logo has one more bit to it, so it's not the same
- Camera and flash are located at an uber-bad ans ugly place
- Specs are way lower, 2010-like

So yeah, it had been copied, whatever.

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If a q10 knockoff came out with android I'm buying it

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Damn Chinese people!

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Ahh my eyes! My toaster gets better specs.

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Will probobly outsell the real z10


Well, it runs more apps than my real z10 and that's the real tragedy here.

BB10 has BlackBerry Balance, why can't they find a way to dual boot bb10 and Android?

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That's awfully awful

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The only use i could see for this thing is a way of getting at apk files...

(The issue i habe with bluestacks ist that it aitonatically loads at boot with no proper facility to switch it off)

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I would not trust anything coming from

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Johnny Gurnett

Crackberry, you should bid on it and do a video comparing it to a real z10! that would be interesting :)


What the point... if it's not bb10 OS then it's not for me ! ! . . #teamblackberry

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I bet they would want snowden to have one.

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China only know how to copy and

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KIRF, as they call them.

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If you think that the NSA is bad for intercepting electronic data, this knock-off probably has a direct link to the Chinese intelligence service!

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I bet these are the specs BlackBerry wanted to release for the z10. Having 2gb of ram probably killed them "ah gawd we are at industry standard"

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Fadiga Youssouf

Even though, we have on of the best uprising apps (BlackBerry 10), I Hope blackberry will come with 10.2 to wipe all our frustrations in sideloading apps.... #android

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Ewwwhhhh... The Horror!!!


Does it have netflix?


Ew to the copy and the spec just sound horrible lol

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Could be a good thing. Free promotion and ppl may want to know more about the real thing.

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so crow

This is the real deal.

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Trade-mark and industrial design infringement suit incoming... Or maybe not, BlackBerry doesn't have a history of trying to beat the competition through litigation.

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I loved that 'will it blend' comment!

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I'll get one and review it, loool.

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Someone needs to buy this hahah

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S/he must think this whole country is stupid.


You can buy clones of just about any phone in China. including the Iphone. In the past I saw a 9800 clone there. They sell these fakes to people who want the real deal but do not have enough money for them. The person uses the fakes until they can save enough to buy the real one. I saw many Iphones being smuggled in prior to the Iphone being sold in china. They were so hungry for the Iphone that they were buying fake copies to use. I doubt if BB will do anything because it will be nearly impossible to identify where these are being manufactured. It seems when you have inexpensive copies China seems to igonore it and figure if you are stupid enough to buy it then you deserve what you get. The really good fakes are the ones that they focus on stopping when they decide to actually do something.


At least it offer a dual SIM, thing that is impossible to get from the major Market players outside China and India.


Nice maybe better then BlackBerry at upgrading

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Item has been removed from ebay.

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Yikes! Made in China it is! Haha..

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Hahaha china as always

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So that means the phone is popular enough to make a copy. Im glad i got a real one

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It's made for poor Chinese consumers who can't afford the real thing, not for the rest of the world. I'm glad people still want to pretend to be using BlackBerry!


It cost 65usd android 2.3 256of ram bad device

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LOL! China can do everything! Nothing is impossible in China

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It's better to shifted to the clone one! So that atleast we can enjoy some apps which is cannot provide by blackberry. Honestly, I like the design of z10 but when it comes for apps? You have to improve your apps which is your clients everyday use.

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I would buy it just to get APK's.

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Why?? oh WHY!? That's grouse! Android on a fake z10! Blaaaaaaahh

We need tool, not toys.

Winston Loh

Imitation = the greatest form of flattery...

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Hey China! Have you looked at the market here for Bridge to BB10? And BB10 for the Playbook? Throw some of that around and see if it will stick!

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Would you want a fake girl or a real girl? Real girl cuz she is a thing of beauty. Gotta love the Z.

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You think Obama and his ilk are spying on you just think what the commies will be downloading off of everyone of these crap phones they are making.


The China should never made a nock off of the blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5 what the blackberry should do start taking them to court like Apple did with Samsung

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Also, it's probably got a listening device inside it.


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LOL auction has been removed...

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery


WOW anything that looks like a Z10 running Android is an insult to BB10 and its genius OS design.


This falls under the category KIRF (Keepin' It Real Fake)...... This is still not as bad as the Chinese knock-off Lumia 1020, which features a "41 megaplxel" (yes that's the spelling on it) speaker.


Sadly, most people wont even know it is a BBRY knock off, because they have never had the pleasure of the real BB10 experience.


Hardly worth it now a large UK retailer has Z10 at £150 (that's roughly US$225)