Android Developers: Submit your apps by February 13th and get a free PlayBook!

Android Developers Free PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2012 10:55 am EST

Hey Android Developers! Want to snag yourself a free BlackBerry PlayBook? You can do just that simply by submitting your apps to BlackBerry App World before February 13th. The PlayBook OS 2.0 is on the way (February is finally here!!) and from the looks of it, RIM wants to make sure BlackBerry App World is choc-full of appy goodness on release day. They've made it super easy to port your apps over to run on the PlayBook, so you really have no reason not to. If you already have an app or game running on the PlayBook, make sure you have the latest beta OS installed on your tablet so you can test them out as well. The official release should be coming along any day now and you wouldn't want any bugs floating around come game day, right? For more on porting your Android apps or creating apps of your own hit up the links below.

BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps
More info on BlackBerry Jam

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Android Developers: Submit your apps by February 13th and get a free PlayBook!



We can all do without the constant sifting through thousands of craptastic apps--that's why I hate hearing apple fans go on about how many apps are in iTunes--I don't care how many only that there are quality apps that do what I need to do.

My thoughts exactly. It will be most easy to convert simple (read crappy) apps, so prepare for the flood of BMI calculators and fart apps. But that's probably still better than all those idiotic books that plague the AppWorld.

How does one qualify as a developer??
Does being able to think of new apps count??

Just kidding! Wish I were one, so I could snag a back-up Playbook! :D

Ok.... If they're giving free playbooks out to who knows how many fart-app-makers.... I sure hope they're also spending some quality money on getting the good apps like skype and netflix... Seriously RIM... If Nintendo can do it, surely you can too.

I was wondering if they would do something like this again before the release of OS2. Looks like OS2 is a go.

Now watch the real hate on and bad mouthing begin the the next two weeks, starting right here on this thread.

"OS2 won't save it", "It's too late", "Still doesn't have X,Y, and Z", etc...

If Kev meant what he said earlier, then he and the other mods better don their banning hats.

This is getting worst. Begging Android developers. RIM should just cut all the crap and start promoting its own NDK instead of wasting money on crappy android. Take a look at all the crap that has been ported to the PB on appworld.

lol wrong. Theyre just giving an incentive for people to adapt their android apps to the playbook. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that if you wanna call that begging then I guess companies beg all the time.

Podcast apps need to be in there somewhere. I would love to see Pocket Casts on my Playbook. Not to mention if some of the games can be repackaged easily enough. If Rockstar can get GTAIII working by repackaging it would that not be a worthy addition?

More to the point...BB apps are way expensive. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to repackage something you already made so theres more reason to lower the price of apps

I think this is a great idea. Developers(Geeks) love free tech! So why not? Yes it does suck that it promotes the Android ports more than the native code, but as the base gets established more and more the devs will pick up and start writing native apps, because the base of units in the public hands will grow significantly.

I don't know what the return on this will be, but I do agree that if you can get a PlayBook in the hands of an Android might just tempt them to code native.

When the Android player was first announced, I was excited for it. Now that I've tinkered with it in Beta, my one big request is that there be some way of seeing in App World that it is an Android app before you buy. I really don't want to pay for something that wasn't actually built for the PlayBook unless I absolutely need it and there are no native or even Flash options.

i actually dont think that is such a bad idea. True, we could end up with tons of useless fart apps and what not in the appworld. But for some of the more quality developers, it will encourage them to spend the time to port their apps over and get themselves a free playbook. I'm sure they'll definitely play around with the playbook. if they like the playbook, they MIGHT end up developing native apps for the playbook. But, on the other hand, if it's that easy to port their android app over. They might just do android apps first and then port it over.

not the best of plans, but at least RIM is trying.

back to old moves!!!... they said before until feb 6 and now until the 13, i think this will be done by march. please rim get it together this time and dont fail a realeased date again!!!

Ok, can we stop with all the "fart app" stuff already? That's been so played... And anyway, who doesn't like a good fart app!

The 17th could still be a go! By getting the big push for apps complete by the 13th, that gives RIM 4 days to dedicate their App World people to rapid testing and approving apps for releasee date.

Ya never know...

It still is the 6th, check the developer blog.

"In order to ensure that your packaged and signed Android app is available in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront for the release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, be sure to have your app submitted by Monday, February 6th, 2012."

That tweet mentions absolutely nothing about launch. Just that if you submit an app by a certain time you get a new playbook. Simples

This just gives people incentive to make a crap android app and convert it for the playbook. RIM needs to use the money to bribe bigger apps to come over instead of this stuff. Also as a native dev I'm insulted that if I submit an app I get nothing but android devs do get something. Just saying this could have a largely negative effect....

How would this affect the release date??? This is just an incentive offered to Android developers to encourage more apps. Devs still have until the 6th to submit their apps in time for the release date, that hasn't changed.

Honestly, people get on their case for a lack of marketting and apps and when RIM does make moves to increase marketing, exposure and plans to bring more apps to the platform and you still get on their case. This made all the worse when it is criticism without suggesting alternative or better options.

Take a valium people, really,

Have you seen all the crap ported lately? They are all garbage apps. We don't need any more android junk. Got plenty of junk flash apps already.

Another free Playbook for Developer deal. The one that they did the first time produced a lot of crap apps IMHO, the Plinko app from the Apple fanboy that did a horrible unboxing video of his free Playbook and trashed it comes to mind. They really need to put some caveats on this to only give them out for quality apps.

Any word if the Kindle App is being Ported over? I'm using the cloud reader but the App would be a lot less trouble.