The Android Central app is now officially available in BlackBerry World!

Android Central app on BlackBerry
By Phil Nickinson on 27 Nov 2013 02:30 pm EST

Yes, folks, the unthinkable has happened. We have officially brought the official Android Central App to BlackBerry, available now in BlackBerry World.


A few things to note here: This is the the same Android Central app we've come to know and love on Android, with a few fixes for the BlackBerry side of things. Namely, the YouTube API didn't work properly as it does on Android, so videos should open up in the mobile site now. Plus, a few other BB-only tweaks. You won't get these fixes if you've directly installed the Android apk. We cooked 'em up special for BlackBerry World.

Also, while we want to bring the Android Central app to as many people as possible, it's for OS 10.2 and up. That's a bummer for folks still on 10.1, we know. But look at this as the chance to bug your favorite operator once more for an update sooner rather than later.

Otherwise, you get the latest and greatest stories from Android Central, podcasts, reviews — everything we've offered already, but now on a new platform. Enjoy!

Download the Android Central app in BlackBerry World

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The Android Central app is now officially available in BlackBerry World!



My OS is10.1.0.2047, I call my carrier AT&T to fine out why we haven't gotten the update? They said they are waiting on blackberry to give they the update. I am so disappointed with them.

Posted via CB10

Who cares about a blog.... I'll be excited if they implement some sort of compatible version of Google app store


Well it was nice to go to the android central forums and read all the fan boy BlackBerry bashing coming our way. Wow. I just hate the bashing. Why don't people get a life and shut up.

Posted via CB10

This piece of news while great is honestly the more i think about it nothing more than bait from a group of trolls and i almost never use that word.check my post history if you don't believe me.

They release an article on how BlackBerry users are thieves, pirates, and assholes for stealing content. Not one from among the editors speaks on this correcting this piss poor behavior that would gotten someone here a warning or even a temporary ban and now they announced their app is available for download.

Theyre counting on people wanting to go there and complain about andriod to boost page hits.

The sad thing is ive wanted this app for a while but in light of recent events if all im going to see there is more bashing im better off here. Besides there is already a ton of coverage on android elsewhere.

Posted from a phone....

Man this fuken sucks I tough I was going to get the 10.2 update instead I got a sorry shit come on thanks for a crap update waste of time

Posted via CB10

Why should I like android central on my BlackBerry!? I don't want to know anything about Android news and products. I continue to don't understand this. Please help me to understand. Thank you.

via my super Z10

Android Central? Really? What are they trying to do, make us drool over Android and switch to Andriod phones and leave BB behind for good? Over my dead body! lol. Still, we need more official apps to shut iPhone and Android fanboys up for once and all! Serious business! :-)

I'm sick of BlackBerry's stupidity! Instead of promoting their native apps, they r busy giving us alien apps like android central! Very stupid's like killing yourself by yourself

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry will not stop doing stupid things! WTF do we need android central for?!?!?! Instead of u to promote you own native apps you are busy giving us some stupid alien app...very stupid of BlackBerry World to host that app
BlackBerry makes me cry at times

Posted via CB10

Let's picket and chant, "we demand more native BB apps now!. We demand more native BB apps now!We demand more native BB apps now!" lol

Crackberry folks are real ballsy announcing another MN app when CB10 still needs work. Step your game up, Crackberry.

Posted via CB10

No need for this app at all. Since I am a BB user I really have no need to troll the Android forums. Now, for the Android users, that is a different story all together.

When you install an Android app on BB10, you're a pirate. When you're a pirate, you have bad hygiene. When you have bad hygiene, people avoid you. When people avoid you, you forget how to talk. When you forget how to talk, you get mistaken for Bigfoot. When you're mistaken for Bigfoot, you get tranquilized and put in a zoo. Don't get put in a Zoo. Download Native apps.

I did it and now not even one of my android apps work and I can't get rid of it. I'm going to try to restore from an earlier point but idk.. there should be an uninstall button!! Grrr!!!

Posted via CB10

And people complain about BlackBerry taking too long for stuff. Bb10 launched in what january and its just now being released in november rotfl.

What's that phrase that gets thrown around alot? oh yeah
"Too little too late "

Posted from a phone....

Is there a BlackBerry one for android users to try and get them to come to BlackBerry?????
(are you trying to send people away from BlackBerry to android????)

C00121953 Car Channel

Further more, CB why is this on your home page and looking like it's great news?????? I don't know who is worse

C00121953 Car Channel

I'd rather attempt to load Pong on my two Z30's than your app. I wouldn't load your app if it was the LAST app in BBW. You having anything to do in these forums makes me upset.

Posted from my Z30, that will never have Android Central on it.

Life member of the Nine @55hole team.

Posted via CB10

i cannot see the logic of having this app other than if you're a.... developer? techie blogger?
for a second i thought we can finally legitly port android apps but, eh.