The Android Central app is now officially available in BlackBerry World!

Android Central app on BlackBerry
By Phil Nickinson on 27 Nov 2013 02:30 pm EST

Yes, folks, the unthinkable has happened. We have officially brought the official Android Central App to BlackBerry, available now in BlackBerry World.


A few things to note here: This is the the same Android Central app we've come to know and love on Android, with a few fixes for the BlackBerry side of things. Namely, the YouTube API didn't work properly as it does on Android, so videos should open up in the mobile site now. Plus, a few other BB-only tweaks. You won't get these fixes if you've directly installed the Android apk. We cooked 'em up special for BlackBerry World.

Also, while we want to bring the Android Central app to as many people as possible, it's for OS 10.2 and up. That's a bummer for folks still on 10.1, we know. But look at this as the chance to bug your favorite operator once more for an update sooner rather than later.

Otherwise, you get the latest and greatest stories from Android Central, podcasts, reviews — everything we've offered already, but now on a new platform. Enjoy!

Download the Android Central app in BlackBerry World

Reader comments

The Android Central app is now officially available in BlackBerry World!



Too bad it's for the 10.2 OS so I ll just have to wait for the official 10.2 OS update.

But this is awesome news

Lol my bad I got confused and thought I was at a lower OS version.

Downloaded it!!! Sweet! Just not sure why the app needs access to my shared files

I immediately uninstalled it when I saw that the Shared Files and Internet Access toggle buttons were permanently on.
Why should I be stuck with unnecessary permissions?
The CB10 App allows you to at least turn off the Shared Files option when you don't need to upload something.
These settings are under Security and Privacy for a good reason.

CB10 via Z10

If I remember correctly during the Android central podcast it was mentioned that only the 9 BlackBerry users might download your app so why bother submitting it to BlackBerry World.

Thanks for the app but I'm going to pass. That leaves 8 BlackBerry users.

Before the gate starts I have two phones. Z30 and a Note2 (hopefully getting a Note 3 soon).

I just don't appreciate the sense of humor :)

Posted via CB10

I'm going to pass as well, so I guess that leaves 7 but I have 2 BB10 devices so does that leave only 6 I'm not sure? Sorry ac...NOT

Posted via CB10 that kinda needs an update

Everyone knows that all 9 of us have thousands of handsets each and we will be loading it on every one. So like easily 10K dowloads!

Well load up 10.2 or 10.2.1 for heavens sake. It's so easy, even an android guy like you, Phil, can do it. ;)

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

I used to be a regular follower of AC I never expected you guys will go low bashing on BB. How great it feels to bash another product just to please your fans? Why bother to submit for 9 users? You do know there are more than 3 million users right?

I'm usually pretty unbiased between the platforms, and have no problems with either iOS or Android... but I have to say, it soured my view of Android and Android users. I know it's a generalization, but really they should have shown a bit of tact to their MobileNations brethren.

I have to say that the principal editors of a platform-specific branch of a multi-platform property like mobile nations need to be a bit classier than that behaviour suggests... leave the trash-talk to the civilians.

It's Mobile Nations, not Mo' Bile Nay Shuns.

Posted via CB10

And let it be known, that the story of the 9 BlackBerry users will forever haunt android central

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

I'm a mulit-platform user here. If I'm trolling then I guess I need to find a bridge to hide under and collect some troll-tolls to save up for Christmas ;-)

Either way, I can't use it on 10.1. I know, I know, load the leak Axl...

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"

You obviously weren't reading AC when they called BlackBerry users pirates and A-holes. I'm editing myself here. The blogger didn't there.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

I didn't like a few of the comments either, but prolly best just to let it slide now, no? Otherwise we start sounding like the parrots on CB who keep saying "tools not toys", etc. :). Just a thought brother.

Posted via CB10

Let's see what we'll see.

Posted via CB10 | STL100-2 | Waiting for the mighty Squircle to return.

Thanks buddy

Z10STL100-3/10.2.1.xxxx member/co-founder Berryleaks. From CB10. My channel C000B3B57. Team channel C00032537

I was interested and installed the app. But

1. It keeps crashing on me! It happened once while in the middle of a post (my first and only), and it happened again after switching to another app and returning to AC.

2. Some CRAZY BlackBerry hate in the AC forums!! People in the CB forums always told me that "no one on AC bashes other phone brands like they do on CB". That is NOT the case. There is at least as much (if not much more) bashing on AC than CB.

And I'm not talking about discussions on piracy of APKs.

I'm talking about your standard "bb's app store has like 15 apps." and "BlackBerry's are crap" etc... I'm very surprised to see that AC forums are just as bad as BGR forums :(

I really would have thought AC users would have been happy to see another vendor jump on the Android bandwagon! :/

Posted via CB10

Even the AC editors like Jerry Hildebrand get in on the BlackBerry bashing. I've never seen a CB staffer takes shots at any other platform. CB staff are way more professional IMO.

Posted via CB10

Hildebrand is an asshole, I don't like him. Even Phil is negative against BB. I find Rene very professional, androidcentral editors are very fanboys.

I have the same impression. In the vidcasts Phill looks extremely bored whenever the name BlackBerry is mentioned. Ok, he knows, he is part of the winning team... so lets bash the loosers.
But Rene is a gentleman.

Just read the comments under Adam's post for the BBM4ALL video contest on AC.

Wow. Some serious bashing... Lets just say I don't expect to see many submissions from AC users.... ouch...

Posted via CB10

Crashes seem to have stopped. It's also running very very quickly now. Very impressed with the performance.

Posted via CB10

Yup. Got all excited over it. *sigh*
Back to finding a work able version of Canons EOS Remote......

Posted via CB10

OK all installed. Now to sell my Z30 and go buy android phone. Thanks Crackberry!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

The author of this article is the head of Android Central, which is a CrackBerry sister site and part of the Mobile Nations umbrella.

This a**hole; being one in nine, doesn't want android central anywhere near my BlackBerry Z30... Crackberry as part of "mobile nations" is close enough.

Posted via CB10

Add me to that. Now AC should be down to 7 downloads max right?

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

I downloaded it, so 6 left at most now.

But as a 'typical a-hole BlackBerry user', I had to delete my illegal pirated sideload of Android central first.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, surprising that they would bring the app over for 9 A-holes. Must be getting desperate for hits over there.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Nicely done. I believe this also gives us an idea of what we can expect in the CrackBerry app v2 that should be coming soon, as Kevin said it was being worked on by the same person now.

Ya the CB app is driving me nuts on my Z30. Glad to see Kevin and the crackberry team have their priorities straight! Please hurry been over a month now.

Posted via CB10

Can you guys explain (besides the YouTube functionality which I assume is a Google play services issue?) :

1. What were the tweaks/fixes needed for BB10.2 and WHY were they needed

2. Why 10.2 is required

This would be key info for developers who are considering porting to BB10 and putting their app on BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

Also: A developer should ALWAYS explain why they need the permissions they ask for.

I understand that shared file access is needed to allow people to upload images, but prepare for 1 star reviews from people calling "NSA!!" on you! Lol

Posted via CB10

The irony that your spelling highlights has just made my day.

Posted with my self white Z10 rocking STL100-2/

Too bad iMore and WPCentral can't be ported over this easily :(

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

i'm tempted to hijack this thread by being a hypocrite, ranting about AC users pirating APKs and calling them obscenities

but luckily cooler heads prevailed....

Much appreciated for taking the type to port over and tweak your app.

I'm not all knowing when it comes to android heck i'm not even current with its latest offering, but I'm good for a download.

Posted via CB10

This is very cool. I'm just as interested in Android news as I am in the other platform news despite me having chosen BlackBerry. Thanks Android Central!

We need to be staying ahead of android not reading about gay crap they come up with. We r the people to emulate and we don't need android ideas.

Posted via CB10

I was going to suggest you lost some credibility with that post. Looking at your prior posts, it seems you've been on "E" for a while. Carry on.

Can't lose what I don't have. Android and apple disgust me. Almost as much as Obama does.

Running on "e"? I don't know what that means in your world.

Posted via CB10

This is a connected world nowadays and I love having Android info too. There is no better platform anymore but platforms for every taste.

Posted using my Q10 workhorse

Thats true. But I wonder how the mobile landscape would be if people actually did purchase the best phone for them. Many people make purchasing decisions on influencers. Who would really be at the top? I'm not saying BBRY would be, but just a thought.

Finally! Logic!

Can we be friends!

Glad someone said it, to much hate over different OS's

Posted via CB10

Hey crackberry, this app is developed by you!????

How can you support two ideologies???

Posted via CB10

I think they should go all out by delivering an entire Mobile Nations app, which you can access to all the platforms' news and forums. However, this is a good start.

Posted via CB10

lol .. I do not necessarily download this application even though the application is already there

Android Central and CB10, two nearly identical apps and a great illustration of the efficiency and speed of navigation Cascades brings to native apps.

It's uncomfortable to reach the top-left menu on my Z10, I'd hate to try that on a bigger screen like the Z30. Why do people choose Android phones again if they're so cumbersome to use?

These were my thoughts exactly. Bb10 navigation is leaps and bounds better than anything else out there.

Posted via CB10

Also weird that Phil would have to "tweak" a few things as he said. its that same as that was available from 1Mobile, and that one worked fine as a direct apk install. When I installed the BlackBerry one, it said "error on installation" but then I went to my homescreen and had 2 AC apps. I opened the second one and then I opened the "borrowed" version and it to me to the BB one I already had open. Then I went back to my apps and there was only 1 AC icon. went back to BBW and I had the option to install AC (not open as if it recognised it was already downloaded)

Now did it do that cause I had 2 apps with the same name, or did it do that cause they were the same program?

Also, didn't Markus build a Native Cascades app for a bloody Tesla in 9 hours and we get stuck with an android port? No thanks, I'll run the actual "wrongly distributed" apk.

They were talking about back-dooring apps. Why would that warrant you to say f*** em. Really? Whats wrong with some of you?

Read the comments. Pretty self explanatory the reaction they're getting.

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Yes, really. Why bring your app to BlackBerry World, if only according to them there's only 9 BlackBerry users. I simply won't support Android Central. It's their idiotic comments that keeps me away from a site like that. I've never heard anyone on the CrackBerry podcast just blatantly s*** on another os. I know it's a podcast but you just make you're site look s*** by making remarks like that.

Posted via CB10

Love how he moans about piracy and one of the screen shots in BlackBerry World is a thread promoting what is essentially the same "piracy"

Posted via CB10

There's been an Android CB app for a long time. Ditto for an iOS CB app.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

If you have access to a computer you can. Get the official 10.2 autoloader. I'm on Verizon and haven't been on their "official" OS version for months. I didn't wait for their 10.1, nor their 10.2, and I don't expect that pattern to change anytime soon.

Just installed it. Curious how many #ichoosebb users will download it. (prob be more than 9 :))

Posted via CB10

Ahaha, no lessthanthree on the CB10 app?

Now nobody will see my rubbish joke...

I don't actually know what the Windows Phone site is called. Us eight BlackBerry users don't talk to the six Windows Phone users much...

Posted with my self-refurbished, increasingly less red Q10.

Cool, it is never good to stay in a cocoon, so this news site is a must. Just too bad the slightest BlackBerry related post gets dissed by members of the Android Central community.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Exactly it's bad enough the Android trolls posting crap on CB about Blackberry, I certainly don't want to go to AC to read more of it!

Posted via CB10

Now please release the update for the CB10 app!! I've been so desperate of waiting for the update!

Posted from Z30 STA -2

I swear to God, I'm going to stop reading this website if all you have to talk about is for operating systems I don't have.

Loving my Q10

Just downloaded to read some of the comments regarding AC in BBworld, and just way too much BlackBerry Bashing for me, thanks but no thanks.

Posted via CB10

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Good on you Phil. Looks like you held true to bringing the app to BlackBerry after the Podcast on Android apps on BlackBerry/ Kudos and thanks for the Official App

I have a strong feeling that after software 10.2.1 we can get all Android apps so that's why Android central is opening their app on BlackBerry world

I have started telling people about Android apps coming to blackberry and you should too

Let's totally promote that features and make BlackBerry phone sell again.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

Ok.....but how about fixing the cb10 app, namely the page jumping issues in the forums that has been a problem for a looooooooooong time???

Posted via CB10

Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. First article I read with the app itself was that it is now available in BlackBerry World.
Lots of BlackBerry hate in that part of the world. Unfortunately we have enough in this world as it is.
Not for me, but thanks anyways. Deleted.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

In lieu of recent events, I'm not interested in hearing or reading more of Phil's unprofessional rantings. I won't be downloading this app.

Posted via CB10

Great I can download this and read more articles on how they crap on BlackBerry ;)

Looking forward to a native version...

I don't know why are these guys so happy about this app after all what he said to the BlackBerry community even called us dumb ass. Will never download this app

Posted via CB10

Anyone able to use the letters T or B at the login screen? They just scroll the page up and down on my Q10, but no letter.

Which is kinda rough, cause my Mobilenations account kinda starts with a B?

Posted with my self-refurbished, increasingly less red Q10.

I tried every letter key and those were the only two what didn't work...

Can copy/paste my username and it works.

Posted with my self-refurbished, increasingly less red Q10.

When I try to log in on my Z10 it starts of normally with cas the out no where it becomes castaaaaaaaansta when ever I try to log in and it happens with the password also.

To be honest this happens to me on Flip board also

Posted via CB10

I'm downloading this one as some as I connect to my wifi at home
Love the interface of the app (especially the fading when entering a post and the refreshing on the main page)
Now I just would love a WPC app and looking forward to the CB10 update! :D

Posted via CB10

I'm a Z30 owner, a BB investor (size large), and happen to have had oblique historical connections to the founders of the company in the past.
That being said, and having had the opportunity to fiddle with many 'opposing' devices recently, I must say that the humans in Waterloo, On, Can, really have gotten it right. Maybe not on time, but right.
The new BB OS and updates are, and one may debate, as good as, and/or superior to the competitors, imho.
I suggest everyone keep their tools cool, and their sticks on the ice, and with patience, as humans realize the anti-hype, BB awareness will increase, and subsequently share value will increase..

It's not that hard if you're Canadian, eh?
I suggest this, for Christmas, that you replace everyone-in-your-household's "phone', with a BB10 (preferably with a Z30, 'cause it's awesome, eh?), and show them how to use it on Boxing Day.
Or just think about it.

Yeah and the ac members are so nasty towards BlackBerry and cb members. Phil you should control your flock a little bit better. Kevin doesn't put up with it here and you yourself are one of the worst offenders.

Posted via CB10

It's a backwards OS that people put up with because it has all the apps. Kinda like a nagging wife with a hot body...

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Instead of having the MN dev work on this port few wanted to see, you should have asked him/her to work on fixes for the BB10 CB app instead which many of us would prefer.

Funny cause I just loaded the android version of this yesterday. Re-Do....

Posted via CB10

Are the back-ends of the different Mobile Nations sites the same? If so, I would think it'd be easy to whip up a CrackBerry app clone and point it at Android Central content, with only some styling (color/branding) changes.

If not, this should be a goal so that every Mobile Nation site has an app on every platform that is built native for that platform. Consistency


Maybe you should do a writeup on AC about the experiences in porting and tweaking an Android app to bring over to BB10. Maybe devs over there that are on the fence about porting to BB10 would appreciate reading an article authored by one of their own, so to speak.

Mainly that's a bummer for everyone in the US. Except if you have the Z30

You are now in my Bingo Book

Since I am 1 of the 9 a-holes who use blackberry.. i would rather pirate the apk file, or maybe I won't even waste my time.

I'd much rather see a native imore app.. hoping bla1ze, chris or the artist formerly known as bla1ze to post an article about the availability of a bb10 native imore app soon..


Who let Phil make a post on here? Was that you Adam? Craziness I say... CRAZINESS.  :)

At least it's another top Android app on BB10.  

Exactly Kevin!!

Shut it down! Shut it down!

The aliens are here!!!

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

No idea why i'd want this. How is it usefull to blackberry owners?

Via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

Well this is amusing; Android app for Android Central and BB10 App for CB10.

I wonder how will the iMore and WP Central apps look like =)).

Thanks for all the info, I've decided not to download now after hearing about their forums. I noon want cb10 updated though please. We use it enough to warrant a nice app

Posted by CB11

Not an app for me, but great for people who do want it. Nice to see things crossing over like BBM etc. Makes for a better experience over all.

Posted via CB10

I honestly don't get the idea of downloading this app, since I hate Android in general..

Posted via CB10

Insulting Blackberry users then submitting your app to our platform..... real classy....

Lilly's hand stitched Frankensteined Z30 powered by 10.2.1.(latest Leak)

I wo.der has the CrackBerry app been released to Google Play? Or to the Apple App Store? Just curious.

Posted via CB10