Android Apps that run on the BlackBerry PlayBook will be ad-free

BlackBerry PlayBook running Android apps
By Jared DiPane on 17 Feb 2012 06:58 pm EST

*UPDATED* - We reached out to RIM for further clarification on this matter because as it stands, some Android apps do currently have ads in them. In speaking with them, it was noted that ads will work inside the Android apps the only thing however that is not supported is RIM's own BlackBerry Ad services. In other words, Android developers can still monetize their apps, just not using BlackBerry Ad services.

With OS2 for the BlackBerry Playbook so close to release many of us are anxiously awaiting our favorite Android applications to be ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook. While we have alreday heard there would be some limitations on what the PlayBook could run as far as Android apps, RIM has made the process extremely easy for developers so we have held on to hope of our favorites making their way over. Developers who ported their application from Android to BlackBerry were eligible to receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook, but was that enough to seal the deal for them?

A huge pain point has surfaced, and it has come to light that Android applications that are running on the BlackBerry PlayBook will not support mobile advertising. This means that developers who launch free applications that feature ads inside as a source of monetization will not be able to monetize their application, making the porting process far less appealing. Another downside is that Android applications will not allow for in-app purchases, so the developer is stuck either going completely free, or putting a price tag on the application and hoping for the best which is far from the ideal situation for these developers. 

RIM does not feel as though this will have a huge negative impact on the PlayBook and the success of OS 2 as a whole. Recently they have noticed a huge increase in developer interest with 6,600 new developers registered in just six days, which actually caused them to want to extend the free PlayBook offer to continue to drive the interest of the developers. 

“While Android is important to fill out the long tail of apps, the focus is on building out native and HTML5 apps,”(Jeff Gadway, RIM’s Senior Brand & Marketing Communication)

The focus of continuing to build for the BlackBerry brand instead of build for the competitor and port for BlackBerry is a strategy that will have great long term affects. Building natively for the BlackBerry platform will help ensure that users receive better support, faster updates, and an overall better experience.

Source: Gigaom

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Android Apps that run on the BlackBerry PlayBook will be ad-free


That's real good to know! As in, I'm glad I don't have to view the ads, but not getting developers to jump on board because they can't monotize, well, hmm

Would this affect the apps like the kindle app? If they only give us an android app and not a native app will we be able to get new books or would we only be able to read the ones we have?

Well, if that is true, it is definitely not true in the beta.

I have the android Chrono Trigger music app open right now. Ad is at the bottom of the screen.

Xbox Live and PSN manager also has an ad.

Ooo. Just noticed:

If you click an ad, it opens in the android browser in the android app player. In there, you can open the android browser's menu and there is an option "View in PlayBook Browser" and when you touch that, it opens the webpage in the Playbook's browser.


That's gotta change long term. The market has spoken, and people would rather have free apps with ads than have to pay for all their apps. I love the choice, to have an ad based version, and a premium version with no ads. Allows me to have a full demo of the product for free, and pay if I want to support the developer...

App World will continue to have a small number of apps if advertising isn't permitted...

I actually believe this is a good move because it means native apps still have the edge over ported apps. RIM needs native apps to have the upperhand otherwise people will just port over Android apps and there won't be a ton of incentive for developers to start developing just for the Playbook and not for Android first.
I also hate ads in my apps, they annoy me to no end. Some apps implement it well and it isn't as terrible but others are horrible.
I just want to see some native apps coming our way, I don't mind the Android apps but I am much more interested in getting some awesome native apps especially once Cascades is released to developers.

RIM allowing these developers in is the first step to getting them writing native Playbook apps - it's a really smart move.

Playbook is the breeding ground for BB10 apps, when those new phones are released there could be as many apps for BB10 as there are for BB6/7.

The RIMpire will be back!

Well somebody's wearing the rose coloured glasses. You really think developers are doing this out of the goodness of their heart? Hello? Man, I heard people are nuts but you have taken the cake today. Developers aare gonna disappear faster than you can say "Playbook" when they learn they can't place ads and no app-in purchasing. Seriously, get a brain!

It is much more important to have developers to build higher quality native apps than just port over Android apps. Get them on board first, and then let them make quality apps for the Playbook. They have the choice to make it free, make it cost, or make 2 versions with different features once they make a nice native app.

Speaking as an Android owner, the OS's app quality is generally awful (my opinion), and I wouldn't pay or support a 5 minute conversion. If they make a native app, well that means I would want to support their time and energy.

I don't like to sift through all the crappy apps anyways, so, no biggie. Hopefully some big name apps will hit the app world instead.

It's funny that the article talks about RIM dropping the ball on Android apps. Frankly, the point is to have people on the platform and use the awesome tools they have, and to offset the "gap" in app numbers that analysts and people are so fixated on.

Agreed. Quality Playbook apps with the filler of Android apps. They are trying to keep both quality people and quantity people happy. Hopefully they will be right and they can get some of the Android developers to use their tools to make some amazing apps!

this is such great news. i must admit it. i'm an app whore!!!love my android apps on my smartphone and i'm really gone love them on my playbook.

rim made a great strategy on how to get devs on board. when they started with 'playbook for an app' deal i got skeptical that devs would just pick up PB and not come back. this way rim can show them that they will have higher number of downloads and it will give them more encouragement to came back and make better quality native apps and make more $.

"RIM does not feel as though this will have a huge negative impact on the PlayBook.".

Now where have I heard this before? Oh yeah...back in April during the initial launch concerning email, calander, and contacts.

If I were RIM. I'll let every app. from android market charge the user for 0.99$ for their free app.
but they should let the user have a few days to try it first :) Anyone agree with this ?
I'm the one who go for it. I like my playbook. I think, It's very stable
I don't mind to pay a buck to get free app from android market. :D