Android apps on BlackBerry 10 - Why the negativity?

Android Apps
By James Richardson on 5 Apr 2014 10:08 am EDT

I'm sure you've seen that since BlackBerry 10.2.1 hit the scene we've decided to feature a few more Android apps and games that were not previously available to us. I've also noticed in both the post comments and in the CrackBerry forums that some of you aren't too happy about this — and we get that. 

Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I'm slightly baffled as to why you wouldn't want to know about a great game/app that runs on BlackBerry 10, even if it's Android. We've had Android ports running on BB10 for some time, but it's only been since 10.2.1 was released that I've noticed the negative remarks. 

Sure, using the likes of Snap, the Amazon Appstore or APK Train may not be ideal for some users as traditionally we are all loyal and want to download our apps from BlackBerry World. But the fact of the matter is that if we find a great game/app that happens to be an Android one, but runs beautifully on BlackBerry 10, surely it's our job to let you know? 

Without me wanting to sound like I'm having a rant, I don't remember many folk complaining when they were at last able to install the likes of Instagram or Vine onto their BlackBerry 10 smartphones. So why the negativity now? 

BlackBerry making the decision to allow Android APK's more accessible to us has to be a good thing, right? Sure, I'd prefer to grab an app or game from BlackBerry World rather than one of the alternatives but currently that's just how it is. And if there is still some way I can get a function app on my device — even if it's not right from BlackBerry World — I'm going for it.

I've seen plenty of comments along the lines of "If I want to find out about Android apps I can go to Android Central." And although that is without doubt the best place for everything Android, they are not going to tell you if the app is BlackBerry 10 compatible or where to download it from — that's still our job.

Also, If it was easy for us to supply you with a direct download link for the specific APK in question we would, however doing that is a real pain in the butt as it currently stands. I'm a big fan of using Snap, even though you will initially need to sideload it (which some users may not want to do). The beauty here is that Snap will tell you when there is a newer version of the app available, and we all want the latest editions, don't we? 

Summing up — the whole Android thing isn't perfect, but it works. Don't worry, we're not going to bombard you with a ton of Android game posts unless they are truly awesome and beneficial to the CrackBerry nation. If you have suggestions of what you would or wouldn't like to see here, or how we can better present the Android apps (roundups, weekly posts, etc) drop a comment and let us know!

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Android apps on BlackBerry 10 - Why the negativity?



Then there's the thing with UI being different. It's OK with some apps but not every app. Native is definitely better but for some apps like Instagram, I think it's OK.

I don't get you guys, it doesn't matter! The point is why the gate towards CB? It's nice that Kevin posted that the Newly developed Microsoft Office 365 android app won't work on BlackBerry.

I thought he is full of crap, and tried for myself. Now I trust him and next time I see he said it won't work, I won't waste any time on it

That's the point here.

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

I don't think I've found one Android app that runs smoothly on my Q10. It's clunky, I have to remember two types of UI, and in the end, it's no excuse for not having native apps. Android apps should have been a bonus yet instead, all I see is Maximus in Gladiator asking us if we are not entertained? Answer: I'm not. Btw, still waiting on Skype that works even half-assed. That or x-platform (including desktop) BBM with video.

Posted via CB10

wow, not one? curious to know what apps u have tried.. for me, instagram, shopper, scanner radio, paybyphone, and several other apps and games run almost like they were native...

Pandora, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Songza, Sirius, a bunch of others that I don't remember off the top of my head because they didn't last 5 minutes on my Q10. Hell, I find that Google Maps and Sirius' BBOS versions worked better on my 9900 than these side loads on my Q10. Maybe it's just me?

Posted via CB10

If you're concern is apps why don't you consider getting an Android phone then? I was like you and got me an LG G Flex next to my Blackberry Z10..

Posted via
my LG G Flex

You seem to misunderstand. I don't care all that much about apps. I have found however that side-loads are no replacement for native apps. And it seems to me that BBRY now feels like the app-gap is more-or-less filled because BB10 is kinda-sorta able to run Android apps. If my main concern were apps, I'd have ditched BBRY long ago.

Posted via CB10

Ya3goub understands fine -- he or she understands that he or she is a troll, and by responding, you have fed the troll. Please don't feed the trolls!

Regarding your comment, I disagree that BB feels that Android apps fill the app gap. I think they desperately wish that developers would create lots and lots of popular, in-demand apps using native dev tools. They host dev conferences where they give away free dev training and free devices, but they can't seem to get devs excited about a small -- and shrinking -- slice of the app market.

Hey native or nothing. All android apps are crap. If you want apps, buy an iPod touch... it's the perfect girlfriend for my Q10

Posted via CB10

I'm in the same boat except that I use an iPad mini instead of an iPod touch.

Posted via CB10

The more we allow Android (malware) apps onto Blackberry, the more we expose the BlackBerry to negative media reports if it's seen that a BlackBerry phone has been compromised.

Also the more we allow malware apps onto Blackberry, the less incentive there is for developers to produce Blackberry specific apps.

Also the more we talk about Android apps on Crackberry, the more diluted forums we have and less Blackberry die hard fans contribute positively.

Maybe that's why we, the Crackberry bloggers complaint and maybe that's why Crackberry should maybe listen to its fan base.

Just a thought

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

James, and the rest at Crackberry, if you are still confused, carry on reading the blogs, maybe that clarifies the situation.

Maybe Crackberry needs to rebrand itself to CrackDroid, GoogleBerry, AndroidBerry, at least we know the merger between Crackberry and Android Central is complete.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

And if I want a Android app, I will buy a f@$#!ng Android phone, which will be never, never, never.

I would need to be dead before someone can squeeze a Android app in my hands.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

And 3Dee, if you look at James,s post, he states " why the negativity? "

So, I've contributed, answering from my perspective what the issue is with Android apps. So, unless you have anything to contribute, zip it buddy.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Stop replying to yourself. Gather your thoughts and write a decent comment.

Posted via CB10

Crackberry is a site for BlackBerry users. BlackBerry's have an android run time. Nobody at Crackberry put it on the phone, if they ignore it, not doing their job...JMO

Posted via CB10

Well said. I am sure most of us get questions about the "app gap" when speaking with others. Knowing there are quality, tested apps out there (even if they are Android) gives us a leg up and the right information.

For example, I've been looking (not very seriously) for a grocery app that allows for barcode scanning. I downloaded Grocery IQ, which is free and highly rated on find out that it seems to have a resolution problem with the Q10. If there were a review on Crackberry, I might have saved some time.

Anyway, we need to focus on the "solution" than on being purists.

Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)

Solution is to stop reviewing and promoting Android apps and instead promote native apps.

Posted via CB10

Yes, you have contributed, spelling out what your reasoning is for hating Android apps on BB10. Which is great, and exactly what James was asking for. And now he has the answer to his question: Y'all have emotionally charged, illogical reasons for it..

I'd like to comment on the three actual points you made, way back in the first comment of yours in this thread:

"The more we allow Android ... apps onto Blackberry, the more we expose the BlackBerry to negative media reports if it's seen that a BlackBerry phone has been compromised."

First, as to the equating of Android with malware: That's debatable. You are, most likely, referring to the widely-reported statistic that 97% of all mobile malware targets Android. That's great, but it's a misleading number for two reasons: Reason One: The metric itself is unimportant, as it tells us nothing about the prevalence of malware. It is a logical fallacy of misdirection. Think about it: If there are only 20 mobile malware apps in the entire world, and 19 of them target Android, then we've already hit 95% -- but it's still only 19 apps in the whole world; you can't condemn all Android apps on that basis. The real metric that matters is the percentage of apps in a given Android app store which are infected with malware. (For example, according to F-Secure, that percentage for the Google Play store is 0.01%, despite what some in the BB community may believe.) However, I'll certainly grant you the fact that Android malware is more prevalent than is native BB10 malware.

Second: It's just as easy to create a native app as it is to create an Android app that one could classify as "malware" because it harvests your contacts, for example. (And there have certainly been such sketchy native apps in App World.) So the same amount of intelligence and responsibility is required when installing native apps as is required when installing Android apps. It all comes down to trusting the source of the app.

Third: Is there yet a single known case of a BB which has in any way been compromised by Android malware? I think that there kinda has to be before this is a valid concern.

"Also the more we allow [Android] apps onto Blackberry, the less incentive there is for developers to produce Blackberry specific apps."

I won't argue that this is true; it most certainly is. What I can't decide is whether it's worse than the advantage of having access to all those Android apps. For someone who, like yourself or bl_moore above ("All android apps are crap."), has a skewed and unfounded negative opinion of Android apps, the balance is easy to compute. For the rest of us more rational folk, who take a more reasoned approach to deciding such value propositions, it's not so simple. If it were true that the removal tomorrow of the Android subsystem -- I'm sorry; I'm supposed to call it the Android "Player" or some other vapid, user-friendly marketing term -- resulted in developers rushing to fill the void with dozens of native apps for which we all crave, then it would be an easy calculus to compute. But that's not the case. If anything, it's the opposite: Access to the functionality of Android apps is likely one of the larger contributors to the fact that BB phones are still used by anyone. Spew all the "Android is crap" crap you like, but without Android 4.3 on my phone, I wouldn't have Netflix, or Hulu, or remote access to my DVR -- and that's just limiting myself specifically to TV-related apps. If I weren't a die-hard BB fanatic, going without those apps that would be a death knell for the phone. (The sad truth is that I am every bit as much committed to BB as you are; I've been using since 2005, and running my own BES for my single phone ever since. I have a PlayBook and use it every day, and I evangelize the Good Word of BB to my friends who are surprised to see such devices in this day and age. The difference between us is that when it comes to Android apps, I take a somewhat more measured stance than you.)

"Also the more we talk about Android apps on Crackberry, the more diluted forums we have and less Blackberry die hard fans contribute positively."

I'm not sure what you mean by "positively." You seem to be implying that having the fora here populated solely by knee-jerk fanboys who only have positive things to say about BB would be a good thing. I would disagree. I believe in the value of rational, unemotional, critical thought, not the unthinking, uncritical, mindless unison of cult-think. But even if I misinterpreted what you meant by "positively," I have a hard time agreeing that limiting participation in any discussion is likely to improve the overall quality of the discussion -- unless you're talking about keeping out those who post "First!" -- I agree that those people contribute nothing of value.

K folks... we've been running circles around the same post for ages now..
Blackberry should jot priorities keeping it's devout fans happy, it should prioritise getting new phones into new hands. Even if we all bought ten phones, it's not gonna keep the company afloat.

Every review for a blackberry product seems the same... the reviewer says "nice phone, but no apps. not recommended." then in the comments, someone says, "this phone runs android apps too!" and suddenly there is interest. Why would someone whose on another OS possibly switch to Blackberry 10 if they can't use their favorite apps? Do you really think security is gonna attract the next generation of phone users? The same generation that uploads their entire f'kin lives to instagram and facebook?

This is the game of survival for blackberry, and some people just don't get it. People protested the bbm stickers... why in God's name would you protest some stickers? it's the only way bbm is gonna make $$$. And android apps are the only way we can convince other users that BlackBerry is a grown up and useful OS. I mean, I can't even find a native app that works for finding bus routes or online CIBC banking... at least with android apps I have the option to have a modern and useful phone.

Posted via CB10

Well said. You should switch to BMO as the BB10 app is stellar!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I use CIBC, BMO and RBC apps, they all work great. Surprisingly, only the ING Direct app has the "Build for BlackBerry " stamp

Posted via CB10

Good points, I've downloaded all the BlackBerry stickers, they are great and unique which helps to separate Blackberry from other Mobile phones.

It's great to see Blackberry moving on. Yeah, not everyone is going to be happy about every decision Blackberry, or even e review by Crackberry.

But for BlackBerry, good news and let's see the new ideas flow which separates them from the rest of the pack

It's all about the new business model that Blackberry takes and it should not incorporate other IOS OS platforms.

It will be a slow process, but eventually people will come on board with new and unique ideas that Blackberry adopts for the masses, yeah it's not just about the security, but security is the foundation of Blackberry.

As long as that is not compromised, which the competitors or the media can use against Blackberry, let's get on with the show.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Hey observation junkie

Can you please let us know if you have even one single android app on your BlackBerry?


Posted via CB10

Not one single one. Have no intention to ever have one.
Android apps know to have highest level of malware. By the look of some of the comments on this thread, some of those who installed it have had some issues with battery life.

Have played around with some of the apps on friends phones, but I'm more than happy with the apps in Blackberry World. Yeah short of a few of the well known ones, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

U act like an Apple fan boy... in this case you are obsessed with BlackBerry or you work for them...u are so annoying...

Posted via CB10

Fnen90 said:
"U act like an Apple fan boy... in this case you are obsessed with BlackBerry or you work for them...u are so annoying..."

You do understand that Apple is not the only company to which fans can become slavishly devoted, right? The term is "fanboy," not "Apple fanboy." Your implication is that it's infeasible that anyone would be a BB fanboy, and therefore any BB fanboy is really somehow a misdirected Apple fanboy, and not a "true" fan of BB as you would define it. This concept is its own kind of willfully blind devotion to BB; that its fans can somehow not be as obsessive as Apple's fans. It makes you your own kind of BB fanboy, and suggests that your annoyance with Observation Junkie is actually embarrassment at how you see his fandom reflecting badly on your own.

Perhaps most ironic is that O. Junkie is not even the rabid fanboy you make him out to be; if you look at this thread, you'll see that on multiple occasions, he has acknowledged the validity of others' conflicting opinions, which a true fanboy would never do, as it's Denial To The Death with that sort. No, the self-described "Crackberry Pirate" possesses the ability to carry on a rational discussion with someone who disagrees with him, and even cede points to them. That makes him a pretty pitiful excuse for a die-hard fanboy.

Sorry to rip on you, but dude, really? Only Apple can have fanboys? Yeesh.

"Android apps know to have highest level of malware"

You are a good parrot! You do a lot of repeating. Too but you get your information from the fiction section. Any Android app that has been out and rated and reviewed by the top sites are safe. With over 1 Billion with a LARGE B there are going to be shitty / crappy / malware type apps. Anyone with a brain can use common sense to get lots of great, safe, and useful apps.

Hey loverboy, how does my comments make me an Apple fan boy? Read your comment and see how that makes sense, which it doesn't.

Yeah, it's known Android has the highest malware, that was my comments.


 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

You are acting like an Apple Fan Boy but with BB. If you don't know why I and others are saying that then I can't point it out to you. It would be like trying to convince a crazy person that they are crazy and them realizing it. Can't be done.

Again, ever #1 OS world wide that has an easy way to install any app you want is going to have malware.

#1 Computer OS = Windows. Allows installs of any software your dumb enough to install. Most targeted computer OS.

#1 Moblile OS = Android. You can easily and dumbly turn off the option that stops you from installing unknown sources. Most targeted

Most targeted doesn't mean it's not extremely easy to not have any issues .

"On the official Google Play app and media store's apps section, only 1 in 1,000 apps was found to be classed as malware. That's slightly higher than other platforms like Microsoft's Windows Phone Store and Apple's iOS App Store, but it's not that much higher. Normalizing for market share, and it appears Google's official offerings are no less secure than Apple's or Microsoft's -- a pretty impressive feat given that its market share is nearing almost-monopoly proportions. - See more at:

Drop the mic. Walk away from Observation Junkie. I'm out!

Love your sign off, and your resolute commitment to. Pure and un compromised BlackBerry Future!

This post Powered by BlackBerry

I spent my earlier days as a Blackberry user thinking of devout iOS and Android users as 'sheep', but clearly i was in the wrong as you clearly demonstrate the most blinding loyalty to a tech company I have seen in a while.

Let me spell this out for you. I've owned two BB10 phones (Z10, Z30), and there are NO - practically none - advantages to a consumer to using it over a leading Android or Apple phone except for the Hub and OS navigation, and even the latter is debateable. guess what, that amazing flicking keyboard you guys talk about... Swype is actually much better. and it's an Android app.

Who in their right minds would give up a million phone applications - more or less a mini computer nowadays - for a better messaging inbox system?

Even if few people know about Android apps, Blackberry probably wouldn't have cracked a million BB10 handsets last quarter if Android apps were unavailable. Even less if their ports weren't available.

Android apps are the only way for BlackBerry to stay afloat and stave off a complete shuttering of their consumer handset department. There are really only three reasons I use a blackberry:

1. Excellent inbox system, better than any other operating system's especially as I handle 4 email accounts.
2. I am a very loyal Canadian citizen, BB's headquarters are in Canada and I'm closely related to someone who used to work for them
3. It's been my phone since 2007

Losing Android apps would quickly negate all three and I'll be the first on my way to a HTC One.

Had an S3 for over a year....Z30 is superior in every that people can get all of their Android play baby apps on one - no reason to settle for anything less than a Z30...

And Swype is a gimmick that people try then stop using quickly - I most cases.... however, I have had the Z30 for about 4 months now and I flicked the shit out of this message.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Did you really just compare a S3 to a Z30? LOL!!!!!! That's like comparing a midrange luxury car to a high end sports car. Dumbest comparison by far

Posted via CB10

"Why would someone whose on another OS possibly switch to Blackberry 10 if they can't use their favorite apps? Do you really think security is gonna attract the next generation of phone users? The same generation that uploads their entire lives to instagram and facebook?"

Well said...they really don't know what they are doing and give it no though at all...

Now about Android apps etc

Unfortunately most people go by the negative comments that they are force fed and hear by the competition. BlackBerry no apps, BlackBerry they're no good going bankrupt etc, etc.
They don't give it a second look or try the bb10 phones out. Sales people in stores point them in the wrong direction, feed them bs about BlackBerry.

It's up to "us the people" that know and appreciate how good the phones are to share with others if we want BlackBerry to survive and be strong again.

Until then we will have to bare with android apps to close the gap for those that want them.

As for me I like to keep my BlackBerry phone pure and running smoothly with as much battery power as possible. I tried some android apps awhile back but found my battery power to be lacking, and one day my phone was acting up and all my apps would not open and work so I started my phone from scratch and from now on its only apps from BlackBerry World for me.

Besides I don't really need anything that isn't in BlackBerry World already anyway.

And since I started my phone from scratch and re installed the OS a few weeks back, it's a smooth running machine, just the way it should be, like before I put the android junk on my phone.

Black is go and tell your friends. And be the salt, be the light, that isn't afraid to stand out and share with others what you have learned.

Matthew 5
Salt and Light

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Take care.

Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is great

Posted via CB10

You do know that people still have their privacy on Facebook and Instagram, right? It's just a matter of who you add and share stuff with. Your page is still your page but when it comes to security for mobile devices it's more about being hacked because of security holes or backdoors in the OS, not Facebook or Instagram.

Powered by my BlackBerry (Z10). Join my #BBM Channels C001227CF, C00476C37, C003829C9, C002454C9,C002190AC, C00120CE3


Keep drinking the Cool-Aid. You have to ask yourself where the monetary value comes from if Facebook doesn't use your information. Do they provide the service free out of the goodness of their hearts? Why are they worth $56.75 per share today? They are using you and every time you post anything, you add to the profile they are building about you. It's easier than ransacking your home, listening to you phone calls, reading your mail and diary AND you do all of the work.

I'm in a position to know about the hazards that you expose yourself to when you use FB and other social media apps. This is bad stuff.

Tombstone - Combat Vets Motorcycle Assn - WWW.CVMAFLORIDA.ORG

Uhhh no, anything you put on Facebook like pictures or something is not your intellectual property anymore, it belongs to Facebook.

Which they will use as they see fit and if it so happens that they find it offensive they might even ignore the context and contact the authorities on you.

If police want some easy snooping on you they can simply ask Facebook for help, no warrant needed, because Facebook will probably give it up and then it's up to you to convince a judge or jury their theory is wrong. This is just one of many things that can happen

I know how it works from seeing it happen, and after you close your account they keep a copy of everything, nothing gets deleted...ever

Facebook? More like trace book

I flick!

You are wrong. They don't just give any of there / your info away. Some people are clueless. You don't understand business. They make more money protecting your data then just giving it out to anyone. By fighting police they look good to the public which makes more people feel better about using the service which allows them to sell ads.

How could you convince Android users to buy BlackBerry phone by telling them "switch from you Android phone to BlackBerry 10 phone because it runs Android apps".
So pathetic..
We could not support developers to build apps for BlackBerry World, and using the laggy crappy Android apps.

Clear reason why BB10 is an epic fail in terms of selling rate.

Posted via CB10

Your right. BB should just kill BB10. Obviously if they have to have Android apps which get some people who like BB10 and who want the apps even if it's not great. BB should just keep making phones that sit in their boxes till they give them away because most buyers want apps that their current phone has. If this was 3 years ago you may have a point. BB10 is 3 years to late to be able to make any money selling phones to consumers who have expectations from their previous smart phone.

Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is Cool

Posted via CB10

Lol, did you just say that BBRY/BB10 is now "grown up" because it supports another OS' apps?

Posted via CB10

And finally, your bias is clear. And let ME be clear, there's nothing wrong with clearly disclosed bias.

The Android runtime doesn't compromise BlackBerry security. The only users who even care about device security are in the enterprise, and BES doesn't even allow the install of converted Android apps from BB World, let alone the direct install of APKs.

I'm pretty sure we agree to the point where ideally, all BB10 apps would be native, and that it would be awesome if all the apps that anyone would want would be available for BB10. The trouble, as I'm sure you'll also agree, is that they just aren't.

I don't know what the marketing strategy is from here, but the ability to install and run the vast majority of APKs needs to be front and center. It's the one big advantage that BB10 enjoys over both Windows Phone and iOS right now, and they need to milk it for all it's worth if they hope to get any consumer attention at all.

You don't want Android apps on your BB10 phone? Nobody's forcing you. But don't look down your nose at the capability, because it represents BlackBerry's best hope with consumers right now.

Well that didn't work as planned... What I was trying to type was that I think many people don't seem to realize, or perhaps don't want to admit, that this push to accept (and I would go so far as to say "embrace") Android apps as the best bet to fill the app-gap has essentially killed what little desire there was to create native apps. Sure there will be a few here and there but nothing substantial. And one last point I'd like to raise: There's been a lot of mention that this may entice folks to consider BBRY. I'm of the thought that this just as likely make people say, "Oh even BBRY now uses android apps? Might as well just get an android then." Or perhaps, "Oh, BBRY couldn't get their ducks in a row and had to use android apps. Who knows what's going on with them. I might as well just get and android."

Posted via CB10

One of the downfalls that sunk BlackBerry, was the lack of apps that are readily available on Apple and Android phones or even OS7 legacy phones.
How long have literally thousands of BB 10 users been waiting for a Blackberry 10 call blocking app, hmmm?
Over a 16 months.. and there is still nothing on the horizon and you want us to wait further for a native app?????
I'm getting hammered everyday by telemarketers...
Mobile retail sales is one of the fastest, hottest growing markets in the financial sector today.
Banks are now providing mobile card readers for phones and their own apps to go with them. But none of them support Blackberry.
And ALL of the merchant service companies that did support Blackberry, dropped them. None of them support Blackberry any longer.. Do you understand what I just wrote? There are NO native Blackberry credit card readers provided by reputable merchant service companies on the market. Period!
And you want those of us BB owners that could grow our businesses or compete equally with our competitors to do without??
How far up your @ss have you shoved your arrogant head?
You're another idiot that lacks the comprehension level to understand that retail business growth is now tied to mobile apps. and BB has a very limited selection of weak, poorly reviewed apps.
There are so many amazing, real world apps that are absolutely not available for BlackBerry and never will be. Yet they are avaiable for iOS and Android.
Apps, like invoicing apps and specialty apps for trades, like "Audio Tools" that sound engineers use to tune rooms or Shazam, which also dropped Blackberry.
On a non-business level, people want to have what's cutting edge on their phone and have whatever is the flavor of the day in apps, whether they need it or not.
I actually bought an iPhone 5s in order to gain access to mobile business apps that I didn't have available to me, until the introduction of Android apps with the 10.2 update.
I was literally days away from dumping my Q10 in favor of the iPhone, because I thought that I could adapt using Apple's excellent Siri to make up for one touch dialing and the quick search of my Q10.
(and I don't care if Siri was created by Donald Duck, because it's certainly far and away better than BlackBerry's "Voice Control" which was quite obviously made via a joint venture by Mickey Mouse and Goofy).
But because of the integration of Android apps with OS10, I now have an iPhone that I no longer need.
You're one of those people that would rather see a boat sink so long as it uses only the manufacturer's equipment, no matter how inferior, than see it stay afloat using the product of another brand.
And no one cares any longer about BB's famed security, because the rest of the phone is behind the times.. like a model T Ford, compared to the Farraris that all of the other phones are.
You represent all of the clueless BlackBerry Boneheads that helped sink this company..

If that's what you think then you must also think that BlackBerry should rebrand themselves as DroidBerry as they are the ones who built this into the OS... You shouldn't shoot your mouth off until your brains are fully loaded.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

How is thus bad? The app world lake because developers refuse to create apps for bb. I don't get how this is bad, as mentioned android has always been on BlackBerry. 10.2 just makes it easy.

Posted via CB10

I was going to comment but you said it all. I have tried them and don't like the laggy experience especially lacking is Google services.

If BlackBerry are serious they should employ a team of app developers to do proper ports and develop good original content that is both unique and useful.

Posted via CB10

Yes there has been news of security issues with android port on BlackBerry 10 recently, agree with your point OJ but looking at the way things are going for normal people they love to use ample of apps on their phone, security is their last concern.

I agree totally. That whole market place is open to privacy thievery and skullduggery. Since there are so many phones using the market, no one company feels compelled to act upon the high degree of spyware going through the market. BlackBerry has a feeling of obligation as their market represents their phone line. Same hold true to apple. But one seems to care.

Posted via CB10

Lot of defensiveness coming from the CB crew these days.

I am using 1Mobile Market for Android apps on My Z30...

Is there a "better way" because this seems to be working pretty well...

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Amazon's market is arguably better than 1mobile. Snap is awesome, but needs to be sideloaded. Also, if you have 2-factor authentication set up on your Google account, you need to be knowledgeable enough to know how to work with that. It can be a pain and, unfortunately, Snap "loses" your sign-in at times.

I find a lot of the Amazon apps pretty outdated in terms or the version; Snap is more snappy and apps are always up-to-date. 1mobile always takes forever to download anything!

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That exactly.
Why do I have to give all the permissions?
Where is the "security" BB has been bragging about?

You voluntarily give up security when you use Android crapware.

There is NO legitimate reason a game needs access to your contact list. NONE.

People are so paranoid and get bent out of shape about NSA spying, then they download and run these craps without a second thought.


Actually you are wrong. You do not give up security downloading Android apps because none of the Android apps even touch BB10 OS. Android apps are sandboxed away from the OS plus BlackBerry doesn't even have Google services so no issues there and the stores you download from are trusted stores (Amazon). Any malware in any Android app will basically just shut down the app due to the QNX microkernel.

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I will accept your point that an Android app can do no damage to the OS because it is operated in a sandbox.

But can a case be made that no harm can be done to contacts or any other data when the app requires full permissions to run. Why should a game need full permissions to run? IMO so data of some type can be gathered. My head is not in the sand. I know it happens everyday some how. Banks, grocery stores, etc. But at least from the other sources someone has to work at it a bit. I'm just not going to hand anything or everything over through granting full permissions to who knows who or where to run an app. So I don't run them. It may be the best app since sliced bread. It can be considered my loss. So be it.

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Okay, and the permissions requirement comes from the app developer. Good devs pay close attention to this, and minimize the need for permissions as much as possible. Lazy devs just set up their apps to ask for EVERYTHING to minimize a crash.

Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is AwesomE

Posted via CB10 a bit before cry babying. android apps are sandboxed in the OS, their is no risk to the phones OS


Just your data.

We KNOW the crap is isolated and can't hurt the phone.

We also know that they ask for way too many permissions and are used to mine data. There is NO reason for a game to have access to your contact list!


If it was written for Android, it must declare permission to access the contacts if you want things like challenges or leaderboards with your contacts highlighted.

People freak out over permissions, but the should be freaking out over applications that have advanced features without asking permission.

Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is cooL

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Yes, I even did a test of this. Downloading the same app in BlackBerry world and in android. The android app asked for pretty much every permission to everything. The BlackBerry app asks for a couple basic ones.

Wake up people android and google track and data mine everything you do.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Google is an advertising company. They need to know anything and everything about you so they can use that data to create targeted advertising. It's their business model.


That is why they have such great services. They PAY their people and will be able to keep paying their people because most people in the world, if not nearly all people would rather have FREE than pay and if all they have to do is let a company take the data they get from ME using THEIR service they'll do it. Sure the rich people / people who have more money then they need will be like... "F that!" I'd rather pay and not deal with any of that. Realize that in the world the people who can say that is like 5%. Also charge services reach a tiny % of people. If Google / Facebook and many other companies would have charged they would have failed and went out of business because they wouldn't have enough people on the service. Just look at how big Google is. Realize you can't do any of what they have been able to do (self driving car, robots, Google fiber, employee benefits that are one of the best in the industry) with a pay for service model. You just can't scale the way you can on an ad based free model.

Question about that:
Isn't the Android app player sandboxed from the rest of the QNX OS that those permissions aren't as powerful as they would be on a native app? Am I not understanding correctly?

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Agreed, while I think it is great being able to load apps that currently aren't being offered by BlackBerry app world, the android permission setup really concerns me and I am reluctant to load android apps for that reason. I like the option of being able to disable any permissions in BlackBerry apps, whereas android doesn't allow this - you either allow all permissions or don't install the app.
Having said that, a lot of people have been able to install apps that they really want or require, so the option to do so is fantastic.

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If you can't deal with what they are offering don't ask for it, if the Android device users can't decide what permissions to give an app, what makes you or anyone else for that matter so high and mighty that you deserve a right that not even they don't. If you don't like it don't use it, simple as that. GET OVER YOURSELF!

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Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is cool now

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Someone should really squash this Moboweenie poster.

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Agreed usually my biggest turn off when downloading Android apps. I'm ok with access to Internet for most cases but contacts and files for apps that don't need access to either for what it's intended to do is major no go.

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25% of the apps that I downloaded from Snap do not work on my Z10 (OS10.2.1).
100% (or thereabouts) of the apps I downloaded from BBWorld work (or at least, try to work).

Exactly...even BBM has insane permissions on Android. Allow it to access everything, make changes, and get this. Act as you without your authorization??????????????! Talk about information stealing. Plus access all your contacts. Android is nothing but a medium for information thievery for cheap marketing practices.

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Uh...please allow me to reiterate you point....permissions permissions permissions permissions permissions permissions is something that has deeply bothered me for some time now and I am really glad to see im not the only one. I really have a difficult time believing that allowing an app or game access to my phone so it can access my files, know when and what I send in a text, know exactly where I am etc etc will "enhance" my experience while I am playing angry birds or flicking through pages on flipboard. When are these companies and developers realize if they want to know the who what and where of my life just do it quietly without my permission like the NSA. Geez.

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ThiZ is why I will zwitch all my qool friendz to BBM Video once it's out cross-platform, or get them to bbuy a Z3 if they're on a BBudget.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Skype is bad. But Viber (even though it's slow) won't drain your battery. Of course unless you're using voice, because it can't turn of screen it will drain it

Doc...I do think that battery life on my Z30 Has gone down a bit since beginning to jack around with Android apps...

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I found out why last week. Android apps can be re-launch themselves in the background without the native device monitor knowing. You need the Android Taskmanager (available from BlackBerry World) to see them launch, do their thing, and quit). Fongo and Sonic were promply deleted :)

Som...that's a "great call" and I will get the monitor. When I had a Galaxy S3 there were always apps running in the background and you had to turn them off.

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Thanks for the advice. Don't have many Android apps (Kindle, Amazon App Store and a couple of others). Glad to know I can kill these off from running in the background too.

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Audible is a taped book app. you download books and listen to them. It was available on O/S7 but they did not make a BB10 version. Amazon version works fine on Q10.

Nice, Gat...tell your mom to enjoy and tell her friends that they can leave their goofy iPhones and come back to BlackBerry...

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Choppy, not headless or hub integration, buggy, prone to crash, kills battery life, etc. In fact you'd be crazy to use them

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There are plenty of android ports and/or direct apk installs that work great for me. Sure there are certain that are buggy, or don't work at all... but I have a dozen that you wouldn't be able to tell what kind of app it is. (on a Z30)

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This is why we need a Crackberry perspective on the Android apps.
I am all for articles on these, as long as they add value. Please give us a bit more than the "how to download" boiler plate. Let us know about what to expect.
Maybe also point out a couple of 4-5 star apps built for BlackBerry that provide a reasonable alternative. I like the choice of Android. Native rules hands down though. So pointing us in the right direction is welcome (e.g. IGrann vs. Instagram).

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Same here. I like that we have the option to supplement BlackBerry apps with the Android versions. The Android apps I have downloaded are working seamlessly. If people don't want to run Android apps on their BlackBerry they don't have to, but having the option is nice.

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The fact that battery life is killed is the fault of BlackBerry not the Android app. If I was Chen I would tell the team to work like hell on making android apps work seamlessly on BlackBerry devices. This is the only was to close the app gap and to force reviewers to focus and the OS rather than focusing on the lack of apps.

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+9000. Then once the developers are posting on BlackBerry World the community can pressure them to build a native app.

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The vast majority of Android apps take forever to load, don't support notifications unless the app is running, and are very choppy (even compared to how they run on Android phones with much lower specs).

Tumblr on my Dad's Galaxy Nexus runs so much better than it does on my z10, even though the z10 has better specs than the Galaxy Nexus. (Not the Nexus 4 by the way, but the original Galaxy Nexus).

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PlzI nstall Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing works FINE.

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I have nothing personal or negative against a ported app. There is a reason why BlackBerry is going with this. And it is far from perfect but it is necessary for the time being. But I don't download ported apps - not one. It's mainly cause they require all the possible permissions. And I'm not comfortable with that.

Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing works perfect

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Yep it needs to have permissions like BlackBerry World.. it needs to ask for permission before downloading large apps and games over mobile network like how BlackBerry World does

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Lots of apks ask you for... *cough* ajem TELL you about permissions. The difference being that BlackBerry apps let you select which permissions to give. Apks TELL you which permissions are needed and you can either accept them all or cancel the install... Joy.

I use them only when I need something I really need and can't get on bbw like a banking app( for viewing/inquiries only, NEVER for transactions) and Siriusxm which for some reason refuses to develop for bb10.

I have no issues with CB announcing apks as I assume they've already reviewed and tested it and will let us know if they're sneaky. Regardless, I moved all my pics and music files to my memory card where I've noticed apks can't or don't bother to look for them.

Doesn't let me use the media monkey apk but I'll be alright...

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

Android is Google's OS, and Google Inc is an entity I refuse to willingly associate with anywhere within the bounds of my control. That's only me? Fine. I'm not missing a single thing even slightly.

Plz Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is working well

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Data kraken?

Destroyed the internet we loved with the introduction of AdWords sidebars on "every" website now.

Practically the "search monopoly" now.

Scans your every gmail to deliver you with targeted advertising, even goes through the emails that originated from someone else.

Profiles your location, and roaming patterns (as far as I'm aware).

Stores and backs up your and everybody else's wifi password that was ever stored your phone, unencrypted apparently.

With Google, you're the product. They are an advertising company with add-on products and services, not a (mainly still) software company like Microsoft, a phone manufacturer like BlackBerry or a (hw/sw/devices) tech company like Apple with similar such add-on services.

And let's not forget... Google is SkyNet ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If you don't like Android in general, then that's fine.

But Android is more than Google, you know, and your attitude discredits all the people that contribute to the Android Open Source Project and those that develop apps for it, including BlackBerry's own developers to implement the Android runtime. BlackBerries are not even capable of running Google Play Services, which is the proprietary (and questionable) part of Android.

If it runs on BB10 then an app review is justified whether it is Android or native as long as it works, its fair game.

Indeed. If other phones could run apps for other OSes, it would be a selling feature they'd crow about for everyone to hear.

I'm all for options. Great thing about options is, if you dislike something you don't have to do it. No one is being forced to use the Android apps.

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Are you effin' kidding me!? Apple would never allow Android anything onto iOS unless it was properly rewritten for iOS. Android users would go apeshit over iOS apps, but Android users go apeshit over having 10,000 apps that are so close to being exact clones of each that they might as well be...clones of each other. Windows phone, perhaps. But now that they are starting to get rolling with apps I doubt they care too much about it anymore.

Face it, it is only the BB10 user that expects Android on a device that Android was not designed to run on. Man, I bet there is going to be a future CrackBerry article entailed "Top 10 BlackBerry Ideas That We Thought Were Really, Really, Really, Awesome, But Turned Out To Be Really, Really, Really, Bad Ideas".

Plz Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing WORKS fine

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I'm not a big fan of the android apps, since 10.2.1 I have downloaded snap and about 5 android apps but I don't use them just because I'm so custom to the BlackBerry UI ... the only reason I have them is to when I talk to friends is to show them that I can add android apps on my phone...

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Compatibility is probably the biggest reason for me too. It's simply another operating system embedded within BlackBerry 10 and it doesn't seem to follow the latter's guidelines. A confusing back button that returns me to the home screen, no menu bar, different behaviour with text (selecting and copy & paste). You actually have to learn how Android works!

Nevertheless, I do appreciate the option to use them, and I actually do use the latest beta of 1Password, as well as banking and commuting apps. Without them, BlackBerry 10 would just be an inconvenience.

Exactly... with keys apps, like banking apps, and google maps, missing on blackberry 10, the phone is literally useless for a lot of people. Blackberry map apps are unable to time bus routes or give additional options to determining none-auto commuting, so those of us who commute by bus often might reply on a Google maps for android.

Even if I only use two android apps, they are two of my most important apps.

Please everyone, quit being so defensive and antagonistic against any form of change, and quitting ragging on crackberry. Both crackberry and blackberry are two things I appreciate but fear might disappear if they are unable to adapt to modern consumer demand. Like I said so many times... blackberry's objectives cannot be to just sell every devout fan another phone, or to keep us absolutely satisfied... they have to sell phones to new users who are gonna increase the OS' foothold in the market. Without apps they can't do that, because apps are the measure stick that consumers and industry now use to value a OS.

Thank you Crackberry for you coverage.

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I agree 100% with what you just said!!! BlackBerry rely so much on productivity and efficiency... the BlackBerry map should have been that to... yes it is when it comes to car navigation but not everyone drives...

Posted via CB10

I agree 100%. I do the same. I like showing other people that my phone can do anything theirs can.

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Plz download and Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is working well

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It is not like you "have' to install any Android Apps to use your BB... so why does it even matter to people.... Choice is a good thing and if Android works for you ... great... if not no biggy....

I agree. If it works it works. I've got a tone if android apps loaded up and I'm loving it.

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Well for me I hate that the battery performance is somewhat bad, also some do lag a bit although not all, what really puts me off is the discussion of android or apple devices here on Crackberry, that really really really sucks


Probably because most people aren't interested in running mobile apps in a half-assed way. It's one thing to tinker on something on your device as a hobby but smartphones apps aren't just for hobbyists anymore.

It's like asking why people aren't satisfied with getting HDTV over the air, anymore. It's a beautiful HD picture and the major networks and sporting events come to you for free. Nowadays, people want to see everything when they want to see it.

Smartphone users want the apps that are out there for everyone else and they want them to work. The half-assed Android app solution isn't even worth marketing and Blackberry knows it.

You can't swing a dead cat without hitting an Android smartphone these days. Untold millions of fully compatible Android smartphones are sold each week. Or you can use a BB10 smartphone and see if the app you want will work. Android compatibility is not a feature. Otherwise, Blackberry would use it in their marketing.

Plz Install Mobogenie and see how it goes. I have tried it on ma BlackBerry Q10 every thing is woking well

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Not all of them work
CNN didn't work on my Z30 half work half don't probably where the negativity comes from?


Some of the Android ports that were brought into BBW are not updated nearly as often, if at all, so for some apps, I prefer to get them from Snap and have the newest version.

The thing is also, some of the same apps run better on my Z30 than they do on my Nexus 7.

Having said that, the first place I always look is BBW for native apps, then I explore the other options.

So I think of it as an option on the phone like a ringtone or screen color option (dark theme) if you don't like it don't use it. Outright anger about this is a total mystery. The most popular apps didn't come to us so we went to them.

Posted via CB10

I don't think there's anyway I would be on BB if it wasn't for the ability to sideload apps. I use Chase app, Starbucks, Pocket Casts frequently. These are just key apps for me. I use BB apps where I can - ReadItNow rather than Android Pocket, gNewsReader rather than Android Feedly, GoMusic rather than Android Play Music, FastTube rather than Android YouTube. So I support BB developers. And if there are viable BB alternatives to every Android app I use, then I would absolutely use them.

I don't subscribe to the "you need millions of apps" mentality. Vine, Instagram, Snapchat - none of these matter to me. Even Netflix, which I watch a lot at home, is unused on my phone.

So with that in mind, if the absolutely optional ability to sideload apps gets BB an extra customer, then that's surely good. I don't buy the argument that it damages the Blackberry "society" because developers are less likely to develop native BB apps. I think, at this stage, it's unlikely to happen.

I'll say this again.. it's about the SURVIVAL of the platform! You not understanding the importance of this? If I'm condescending (in your words) it's for a reason. Android is only here to bridge the gap until BlackBerry 10 can stand on it it's own. We should all be vigilant in making sure that the platform survives.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!

I personally love it. Get apps that devs won't provide to the BB10 platform. Never had issues with permissions. Never have any performance issues with apk files either, well except for the ones needing Google services.

I have some on my phone and they work ok.

I'm not complaining, that's for sure.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I wouldn't worry about it - most of those being negative are the same ones who say 'tools not toys!' and 'we don't need apps' and 'web apps are so much better than actual apps' and 'BlackBerry world has all of the apps I need' and 'I don't need loads of apps I'll never use' and 'the Apple app store is just full of fart apps' and similar other ridiculous things which don't help BlackBerry move forward.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Yeah because it makes so much sense for a company to create their own OS and their own accompanying app ecosystem and "move it forward" by relying entirely on someone else's platform altogether. Sorry, that's not "moving forward", that's falling in someone else's line.

I don't think you'll find anybody that bought or decided to buy a Blackberry so they could have an Android phone. People don't buy Macs so they can use Boot Camp all the time. It's just an extra feature that's there to use. Versatility itself is part of "moving forward" mentality.

I honestly cant understand how you think the app store is not full of useless apps? Christ I'll bet you there's 50 different versions of flappy bird alone. Do you want flappy bird as a fish? Or do you want it as a bird? Or how bout a guy hanging on a balloon version?

I'll try to remember that, probably after I've finished listening to my music on Spotify, watching movies on Netflix, watching tv on Sky Go (British), catching up with last night's NBA games, oh, and playing the actual Flappy Bird. All app stores have useless rubbish on them - the amount of rubbish just increases with the size of the store.

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The internet, the place where people come to whine and complain about everything that otherwise wouldn't have the balls to do so face to face with anyone. It is sad really the things the people find the need to whine about all the time.

It brings up a good point; if you check out the Snap thread there are pages upon pages with positive comments about the app, but the second CB features a review of a specific Android app we get a comments section full of negative feedback. I'm sure there's a saying about cake and eating it in there somewhere.

Posted via CB10

That's because the people who read the Snap thread are people who are more likely to install Android apps, and the people who read the CB app reviews are less likely to want to install Android apps. :)

But it's still an annoying behaviour to criticise articles you are not interested in. If I don't want to install any Android apps on my BlackBerry, then I don't have to read that article. It's as simple as that. There is some sense of entitlement here, and elsewhere, to only get relevant news. It's just baffling.

What are you talking about?

Speaking only for myself, whether or not I plan on installing Android apps (and I do, and plenty of non-BBW ones too, just not on my daily driver device), an issue can easily be of interest even if you don't plan on getting personally involved.

For example: CrackBerry ran a blog post recently that suggested that BlackBerry should start including the various Google Frameworks on the BB10 Android runtime, to increase Android app compatibility.

I commented that I thought that was a really bad idea, for the same reasons I pointed-out here: I don't want more snoopy, privacy-invading Google frameworks on my BlackBerry - if I did, I would just go get an Android smartphone.

So it's important to me to weigh in here as well, because the issues are interrelated, *whether or not* I plan on installing those apps/games myself.

Otherwise it's like telling some person or some country that they can't advocate for nuclear arms reduction unless they already have nuclear arms. Silly to say the least.

Oh of course. But that's not what I meant. I meant those people that go about criticising the article purely for the sake of it, not because they are interested in its content. You can still give your opinions, but I think that it's odd to comment on an article that you are clearly not interested in, for instance a review of an Android app that runs on BlackBerry 10, while you are absolutely against Android apps. This is, as I see it, the reason for the present author's question.

i guess games runs good but apps nope slow an sometimes freez and crashes the cam app and many issues with my z10

Posted via CB10

You are doing a fine job James.
I'm reluctant to bother with anything not associated with BlackBerry World. But the more you post about good working, useful Android apps, the better the chances that i will finally load one. Just don't see any that interest me yet. Choice is good. It always will be.
Keep your reviews coming.

I noticed a negative review of the new Avis app in BlackBerry World simply because it's an Android port. Every port the reviews are bombarded with complaints about required permissions. Maybe CrackBerry could do a post about app permissions.

No it's not native, but it is has the BlackBerry Guardian and Trend Micro certification.

I appreciate native apps and ported apps. Both are encouraged by BlackBerry. The downside of ported apps tends to be the lack of updates.

I wonder if the negative reviews have any effect on companies that ported apps.

Poetry in Motion

Alicia did an awesome job and listed the permissions in the last app round-up. Thumbs up!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I don't mind having android apps but they must go through thorough testing before being approved by BlackBerry World.....the app tango is one example it is such a buggy app and very slow.....thats when I get pissed off....however apps like flipp....wuzzles game....time play app (Canadians will know what I am talking about) those android apps work flawlessly. However big big name apps like have to be native when they come along.

I want MORE android apps to work. Like Chromecast. I want this thing to do android better than android.

No negativity here.

via CB10 using a Z10 / STL100-3 / RFK121LW / / T-Mobile USA

My only wish is that they work a little faster and smoother. The two I wanted the most were Netflix and Instagram and they both work a-ok but others not so much.

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James, people are going to find things to complain about... don't let that deter you from what you do. at least now we have the option IF we want it.

Like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinions, so haters are going to hate.

If it's not the lack of apps, it's the screen size, the lack of octocore with 20gb of ram, the lack of a 3D display, the lack of live wallpapers, the lack of a better camera, the lack of widgets, the lack of hacking, rooting, doesn't end.

There will always be things for haters to hate on. The fact of the matter is that installing APK's is an OPTION BlackBerry gave because they can't force developers to make apps for them and their biggest complaint for the longest time was lack of apps.

Posted via CB10

Options are good. I don't really see the reason for complaints. BlackBerry can't force app /game developers to support BB10. So the next best thing is allowing android apps to work on BB10. I think it's a great interim solution.....until BlackBerry returns to its glory days and then developers will once again consider BlackBerry first instead of last!

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Get "Train Conductor 2: USA", Amazon App Store. Yes, it's Fundroid.... has nice female character with a smile.

Fun game and really works well on the Z10. Kudos to the BlackBerry software team for this engineering feat.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I don't have a problem with articles on CrackBerry about Android apps, but of course we'd all like to see more love for native apps whenever possible.

My beef with Android apps on BB10 is that the initial start time for some apps are a bit too long. Once they're up and running, they're great. But that initial start up time is a killer sometimes.

So if there's a native alternative, I'll almost always go for it instead.

I have downloaded plenty of blackberry apps that hardly or even work as well. Most apps. Suck period.

James, speaking of Snap notifications on updated apps, the recent update to Candy Crush isn't any good. I downloaded the update, but then it would crash after the initial splash screen. Its a bummer, I had to remove it and load an older version from another site which of course made me lose all my progress.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

I will echo concerns about battery life, Hub integration, unselectable app permissions, adware, malware, etc.

Also don't forget that BlackBerry STILL does not openly and publicly support non-BlackBerryWorld Android software installation, despite the fact that it is possible to do this.

And there are a variety of technical and strategic reasons for this. Quite simply, MANY Android apps don't run well on BB10, and if the company were to give their full public blessing to this sort of usage, *undoubtedly* they would be flooded with complaints about all the apps that people tried to install that did NOT work well, or that caused various problems with their devices.

Yes, I know that the apps you review apparently are ones that run OK (though actually I haven't seen any of your Android app reviews yet), but regardless, promoting this usage IMHO accelerates the point at which people will consider this "normal practice", and thus accelerates the likelihood that BlackBerry will start to get inundated with complaints when people have BAD Android app experiences.

I deal with this all the time on the forums where people are griping about terrible battery life and so on, only to find they have a bunch of self-installed Android apps that are trashing their device performance or configuration in various ways.

One of the aspects of Android that is not supported are the various Google "frameworks" - and I have to emphasize that I do NOT want any of that junk on my BlackBerry for security and privacy reasons, if I wanted that junk I would have just bought an Android device. It is why I will never even consider a non-rooted Android device as a daily driver - security and privacy problems are too great.

No BlackBerry does NOT promote it unless you mean a random Tweet from Michael Clewley or something. The day I see BlackBerry touting this feature on their product and marketing pages for the OS and devices, is the day I'll believe they are "promoting" it.

Neither do those logos have anything to do with the subject of this article: NON BlackBerry World Android apps.

I have zero issue with BBW-ported Android apps, because BlackBerry has tested and approved them, they have a direct mechanism for automatic updates or update notifications, it meets other standards like a contact address for problems, a way to purchase the apps and get refunds, and a BlackBerry-centric review system.

But once again, this post was not about BBW-ported Android apps, it was about DIRECT INSTALL Android apps, bypassing BlackBerry World completely.

It was about your stupid comment that it isn't promoted.

Quite the wannabe know it all Omnitech in every thread too.

Poetry in Motion

I like the Android apps, but have no idea how to do an update when one becomes available. I use the Amazon app store to download apps, but do not see anything in their updates section.

Posted via CB10

The only thing that chaps me about them is how they freeze when minimized. So I can't do anything els while I am weighting for the android app to do something. They need to muti-tast.

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I've tried a few. One that I'm absolutely loving is Google Earth. I've always longed for that one on mobile and it is working flawlessly. I installed Scrabble (free) and even though it worked fine I found it was doing something I wasn't accustomed to and that was the constant popups promotions so I deleted.
I have been of great assistance to my American friends with BB10 who are not so tech savvy and thankfully with this new integration/ compatibility of android apps they are no longer looked down upon an starving for apps. Just a few days ago one wanted the primerica app and thankfully I was able to look around and find an easy installation method from 1mobile market.. all in all this is a great addition and nothing but positive here.

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People can say it's because of some doe run perfectly, or the permissions, or whatever lame brain reason we they want to give. Worried about it causing problems for your work phone? Here's an idea...don't download them! it comes down to people being stubborn about other operating systems and using the Apple mentality in regards to their blackberries. Personally I think this is wrong. I'm a huge blackberry supporter. Have been for years. I'm not a huge fan of android but at this moment and the state of the company, anything that can help get these phones into the James of the consumer, whether it be android apps or because it's "shiny", should be welcomed.

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U guys don't really to work about the negativity seriously.
I am sure most of the people like the reviews and need something new to do or play and your reviews provide us just that. And there aren't sooooooo many reviews u guys post, so the negative remarks are isolated incidents.
Problems with apks , for a background for hate:
Battery suckers
Slow and buggy
Not all of them are compatible or if installed, don't work properly
Not reviewed, chances of viruses n stuff when getting them from unreliable sources...
U can add up of missed anything

Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^

It's because we didn't buy a BlackBerry phone to use Android apps. Android apps sucks shit unless you have Z30. Even running Android apps on Z30 is barely bearable.

I have a Z10 and love it. I also have an iPhone 5 and love it too but... I REALLY like the UI of the Z10 much better than the iPhone. If I had all the apps that the iPhone has on my Z10, I'd ditch the iPhone. And that's saying something. So, my business phone is my Z10 and I simply don't have all the apps I need to travel internationally (mostly China). I'm glad that I can run the Android apps. Sure I wish they were native BB apps, but they aren't. No point in burying my head in the sand. Now, if Blackberry can make the Android apps run without the extra lag and the need to repaint the screen every time I switch away then back, that would be great.

No negativity from me, The android apps I use work perfect. I love the Snap option for Google Play, you can check for app updates. Anything I can add to my Z30 to show all the haters Blackberry is not dead is a plus!!

James, I apologise that you get "those" comments every now and then, but for me sitting here all the way in desert-town Middle East, Crackberry's coverage of things has been phenomenal, including news about Android apps as and when they become available. Thank you for all your hard work!

Android apps make BlackBerry App developers lazy. Why make a BlackBerry App when they can just load up the android version?

Where is your native Instagram or Netflix?

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't, James. If people don't want to see it, then they need to move on to another article. Nobody is forcing them to get it. To each his own. Personally, I'm loving finally being able to have 10.2.1 and snap. I was tired of waiting for AT&T! I don't DL a lot of android apps, just the necessary ones for my everyday life not available in BB World. Thanks for all you do James. Keep it coming!

I downloaded the 1-Mobile Android app from which I was able to get Drudge, financial apps, news apps, etc., unavailable at BlackBerry World. The only problem was with Google Sky Map which, it turned was already available at BlackBerry World.

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Las aplicaciones Android en Blackberry son una solución inteligente a la falta de aplicaciones en nuestro ambiente BB Os10, por el momento solo critico que la app snap debe de ser colocada en Blackberry World inmediatemente, sino recuerden lo que dijo una periodista de USA Today hace unos dias, (quiero el BB Z30 pero lo quiero con las aplicaciones del momento) en lo personal tengo instaladas 4 app android en mi fabuloso Z10 que son Netflix, Line y 2 app de diarios locales, en general la negatividad a las aplicaciones android de la gran mayoria es debido a la falta de integración al Hub, headless y la descarga rapida de la bateria al usarlas. Aunque me parece que mucha gente todavia no puede descargarlas!! Translate if you want read...thanks. Muchas Gracias.