Android app player update will once again allow for hiding of the Android bar in apps

By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2013 10:29 pm EDT

For those of you out there who make use of Android apps on BlackBerry 10 through the official versions in BlackBerry World or through sideloading, you may have noticed the ability to hide the Android action bar on most apps has gone missing. On the BlackBerry Q10, it's especially annoying to have that happen as it takes up valuable screen space but you need not worry.

As shown in the screenshot above, the option to hide the bar will return in BlackBerry 10.2 releases starting with versions .16xx and up with the screenshot coming from OS At this point, there hasn't been any leaks of an OS that supports the function and there's still no official word on when BlackBerry 10.2 will be released to the masses but for now, I'm just pleased in knowing the option will return.

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Android app player update will once again allow for hiding of the Android bar in apps


Didn't really bother me that much but should please the herd that was up in arms

I don't drink anymore........ or any less, double scotch please

It is awesome!! I didn't really need that bar. The most use out of it is probably the back button... I usually just swipe bottom to left diagonally to get back. It's a really neat gesture I use for all my Android ported apps

Q owners will be happy! I didn't mind it much on the Z. I minded the complaining and questions about it in the forums mostly... so for that, I'm happy for the news

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Agree completely with what you said. One big thing that companies need to realize is that people like options. Sure, there are people out there that love the relatively optionless iPhone, but even most iPhone users I talk to wish they had more control.

If a company is in a situation where they have to decide between one way or the other, they should pick one as the default option and allow the user to switch to the other option if they want.

Options are good!!

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But how will this work exactly? Will the default view be with the bar? And to hide it, one has to swipe down or press the 3 dots? I really hope they keep the bar there by default cause of those people who keep complaining about the lack of a back button. The more informed users should then have the option to toggle it off if they choose to.

Wonder how it's gonna work though?

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I'm sure they did this initially because enough ppl complained that they couldn't find the back button. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.

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I found it super annoying when I had to pin every single bar. I loved in 10.1 or .2 where it was standard for all apps to have a pinned bar, but then again I have a Z10 and I could see where it would be an issue for Q10 users.

That's not true. In 10.0 and 10.1 if you pin it in ANY Android app, it automatically appears in ALL Android apps.

You NEVER have to "pin it in every app". Just pin it once and that's all you ever have to do.

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So much happier it will be gone. Let advanced users familiar with the gesture hide it and get that much more real estate back!

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Gesture all you want, takes longer to unhide it to get to menus. I hate the bar disappearing, so frigging annoying

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I now realize fully why they initially decided to make it unhidable.

If people couldn't even figure out that you could permanently pin the bar (by pressing the button that says--SHOCK!!--"Pin Bar"), then BlackBerry were right to assume users could not figure out how to drag their finger from the top of the screen downward.

I mean if "Pin Bar" is not clear enough...

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Agreed. I'm loving all the changes and updates. It seems like someone out there may actually be listening to what we're asking for! It's that good good.

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So pleased. The bar is a convenient default option, but for people that are comfortable with gestures and want that extra little bit of screen real estate, the option to go bar-less is great.

i think it should be on automatically, giving people the option to take it away and not the other way around.

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Yup. Exactly. Leave it automatically on for the noobs, but allow the option to hide it for everyone else.

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By the way, I don't mean noob in a derogatory way. I literally mean "new user" who hasn't maybe played or has ignored the tutorials.

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Thanks for listening. I mean options can't hurt. It's when you force things down our throats that you become Apple.

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This is great news. It does make sense to let people choose if they want the stupid bar or not.

No more reboots. I love my Z10 again.

That's good. Personally i like that bar for easy navigation on my z10, but this option is a must for q10 users.

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Options are always a good thing. I can see where this will help with the Q5/10, and even those like me who like having as much screen real estate on my Z10.

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Like! I prefer having the back button on the Z10 now, but I'd definitely prefer having it be an option on the Q10 as it messes up several Android apps like Flipboard, Instagram, etc. by taking up too much real estate.

Yeeeeaaaaah so this makes me want to go collect a screenshots of all the a$$holes who said the most ignorant and mindless crap when I said i'll wait for the update where they remove the bar.

"It'll never be removed so good luck on your old OS!"

LOL.. buncha dummies.

It's not about what Blackberry said. It's about what WE want. Granted, they can't always give us what we want and rarely in a timely fashion but come on folks. Use your f'n brains. Of course, they were going to remove the bar.


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Found it annoying at first but it grew on me. Still nice to have the option though especially in apps such as spotify and Instagram

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Who said BlackBerry does not listen? I strongly feel BlackBerry starts to listen since 10.1. As a Z10 owner, I want to get rid of the bar, not to mention Q owners.

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I've been noticing this a lot. It's not just this but there's a looooottt where BB has listened, it's ridiculous and almost unheard of for a big company. Dark/ light themes, little features and all.

This is great.

I have only side loaded with the bar present so it never bothered me BUT it did always let me know I was using a side load app.

Giving people options is the only way to satisfy everyone...

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Another reason I am not a fan of leaked builds, sigh... Let's be clear, you were never NOT able to hide the bar. The fact that you installed a stolen/leaked build and said some feature was changed was completely made up by the community.

And the fact that people did load leaked os's and gave feedback is the reason it will be brought back for official 10.2. Otherwise. They would have released it with a locked bar. Geez. Some people

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Have to respectfully disagree Brian.

The leaks managed to get people to change it for options back to Dark Theme because they got an early look, and the same has now happened for the android bar. They are also implementing it by standard and then you have the option to turn it off. Unlike before where is was off, and you had to turn it on.

Again, without these leaks, BlackBerry would've released 10.2 as is, with no option for Dark Theme, and no option for the Android Runtime.

Love it when people say BlackBerry are leaders not followers. I think Android is leading and unfortunately the only way we're ever going to get these apps on our devices is buy side loading. To bad blackberry didn't do a heck of a lot more advertising to get the word out on how great the BB10 devices are. Maybe if they put more effort into promoting their products, people would know what a BlackBerry can do now and developers would make native apps.

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It's one thing to advertise, it's another to fend off an ongoing smear campaign...

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I'm HOPING center button in volume up-down button can be used as BACK BUTTON!

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I think it should really be an option in the settings and not in the Android app. A typical user is either going to always need it or always not need it. I doubt there is an in between. If you give a "beginner" user hide it, even accidentally, they might not know how to get the bar back again and it might confuse them.....

Oh thank you. I don't really know why people couldn't find the back button and got confused in the first place. Isn't swipe down for options pretty well implemented in the native apps. So they swipe down and what? They didn't see the back button it gives you? I don't think I'll ever get it. But could have been a great Android runtime startup tutorial I guess.

It sucks that the only way to get android apps is to side load and so r the upgrades blackberry needs to step it up if they want to compete starting whit apps 98% of apps on blackberry world r useless come on add more like words whit friends voxer kik and Skype is stupid it's a preview right now blackberry sucks b sides having a beautiful device looks like they r not even trying on adding apps that everyone has been asking for so what's the point on making new devices they will b at the same situation just a waist of money

Holy Crap, a little punctuation here wouldn't hurt! This long rambling diatribe hurt my Brain.

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oh boy ... took sooo looong discuss to put and remove the bar.
make it simple guys just give us two options - runtime with bar or without, let people choice.

The OS isn't even out yet and they are taking recommendations. That is why the Leaks are a good thing!

Sweet! I downgraded from the 10.2 leaks back to 10.1 solely because of that app bar. I LOVE the 10.2 features, and call me petty but I use IG quite a bit and I couldn't go for that bar at all. I wonder if there will be a fix for the native key board issue to follow as well.

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The android bar is the reason why I went back and bought another Z10. If I can hide that bar, I might think of switching back to my Q10.

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Yeah kind of disliked my Q10 because of this. It shouldn't be forced on us. People like options now a days.

FINALLY!!! Can't wait for one of these to be leaked so I can get 10.2 on my phone! I use a lot of side loaded android apps so this was the only thing stopping me!

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And there was much rejoicing! All people want is options and this is a good one. Critical for a couple of my runtime apps to be able to remove the bar. Thanks BBRY!!

Finally! On the Q devices it was SOO annoying, in fact it was only taking up space, primary because Android 4.2.2 UI integrates the back button in the top bar.

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I want this functionality in all apps. Give me the whole screen to view items. That damn bar is present in a lot of apps, not just sideloaded ones.

The smile that this news has put in on my face cannot be undone...for at least the next couple of days. having that bar through Netflix movies is the worse.

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Great news - the option is appreciated! Glad to hear BlackBerry is responding in a reasonably timed manner!!! Now I just hope that android runtime remains unlocked into the official release... ;-)

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Alright. Now it's just downright annoying the way BlackBerry has fixed almost everything we have asked them to.

Leave us something to whine about!

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I wish they did smaller more rapid releases, the buzz is great around 10.2 its a huge update, but I'm sure 2 smaller updates would of been much better for the user base and phone sales

Choices are great. I'm on a z10 and for me not having the bars was bad. I tried every gesture in the book to get the bar to appear in my side loaded apps. For some apps it was the only means of navigation. My phone did not respond to the gestures that made the bar appear. So I had to close the app and restart to navigate. Once I got it up and pinned it all was good. But load a new leak and bam right back to no pinned bars.

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Great news! It was the biggest reason I didn't install a 10.2 leak.. that and if I can't even generate a debug token.. how could I expect to do a leaked OS? Regardless, now I might just give up the debug token and either install a leak or wait for 10.2 with hopefully an unlocked runtime so I can sideload with ease :)

Nice to have the option. Although also sometimes need to pin that sucker up to streamline use of apps.

Posted via CB10 on my Z and the ability to hide or unhide is still there, just checked in Android Paprika.

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Great news! It's important to be provided with a choice. Sounds like some people here should ponder a little longer before asserting that "the bar is here to stay". Errare humanum est, after all!

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I don't know why so many people were saying "No! The option will NEVER return!". It made no sense not to include this option, and I'm glad someone at BBRY is listening to its users.

Although it may seem like a trivial thing, it gives me confidence in the future of the company.

People said it because BlackBerry listened to the user's who complained a Android App was to difficult to use. Just like BlackBerry listened to those who said Dark Theme was too hard to read.

Now guess what, the leaks managed to get people to change it for options back to Dark Theme because they got an early look, and the same has now happened for the android bar. They are also implementing it by standard and then you have the option to turn it off. Unlike before where is was off, and you had to turn it on.

Again, without these leaks, BlackBerry would've released 10.2 as is, with no option for Dark Theme, and no option for the Android Runtime.

Alright give it a rest folks, things ******* change, we were blindsided by the change, so yes it makes us wrong in thinking it wouldn't change.

Look back at the 10.2 Beta SDK announcement and you'll hear BlackBerry talk about a permanent android bar in 4.2.2 runtime, and that was the LAST OFFICIAL statement.

So yes, we were wrong, but as I said, things change, get over it.

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Am I missing something? I'm running 10.1 MR on my Q10 and I've always been able to hide and unhide the Android bar as I wish.

What they do need to do is get some consistency across the OS. A swipe down from the top means "Settings" in any other app. Why in Android do we have to swipe down, and then tap the settings icon? Inconsistent.

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