Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook leaked

Android Apps to Officially Run on BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2011 01:24 pm EDT

If you're interested in poking around a system that may or may not work then you'll be pleased to know that the Android app player for the BlackBerry PlayBook has now leaked -- directly off of RIM's servers. It appears someone carelessly left the URL to the file in the latest beta build of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You'll need to sideload it in order to get it installed and again, it may -- or may not work. Grab the file while it's hot, we got a feeling it won't last.

Download the leaked Android app player for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Source: N4BB

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Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook leaked


i tried to install skype through the android market on the web, but it wouldn't let me download it :p. and how do you exit out of something once it's opened?

OK it's not dead, just in a coma. PB totally unresponsive, but detected in Desktop Manager, and charging light comes on.....

My playbook did revive itself, it rebooted, when I ran it again, it opened fine (still nothing to do when it is running) and went into a coma again when trying to close using the swipe up gesture.

I just don't believe that "accidentally" some one left his url.... Installing it though and as soon as someone know how to load apps let me know.. thanks

25% installed.... Here's hoping it works out!

then of course, as others have mentioned, we need to figure out how to get Apps on it.

So yeah.... I've opened the player a few times and it didn't do anything....

I've now had it say "Initializing player, please wait" then it went to a garbles "coloured snow" screen and now I've got the BB logo with a teal colour doing a bit of a white scroll diagonally from upper left to lower right....

no menus or anything to access the .apk file I've placed in my downloads folder.

I'm gonna let it sit here for a bit and se...

Ok.... now I have a grey screen that has a slim bar at the top that says "Recent Tasks"

If I do a top-down menu swipe, an orange bar shows at the bottom which says "Set Home View"


seriously? Mine never even said "Initializing player, please wait" And my Playbook is on it's 3rd life today, it restarted again.

Ok... the "Set home view" allows you to pick multiple options.

I was able to get to "Installed Applications"

This provides a menu system for Settings, Messaging, Email, Clock, Phone, Contacts, Camera, Calendar, Browser, Voice Dialer, Gallery, Downloads, Dev Tools and Calculator.

This is a very unfinished product as there is no possible way to navigate back from anywhere you go.

This is fucking sweeeeeeeeet!

OH and I was successful in setting up an e-mail account thought it.....


It's gone. Went to download on one PC, cancelled and decided to download on another and poof! 404

Anybody uploading it to a mirror?

Oh excellent!

Now all I need to know is where do I put the Android apk files so I can load them!

I want to get angry birds on here!

i'm having bbm issues from my phone right now, southwestern ontario area. talked to a buddy over facebook and he is as well.

I'm in Waterloo not even a 10 minute walk from RIM right now...

I just BBM'ed a friend and he's talking to me.

i have plenty of contacts also with issues, on Rogers/Fido...not showing the "D" or "R" yet some messages are getting through on delay. located in Mississauga, ON.

Also just learned that a swipe from either top corner to screen brings up the header bar. That's probably been around for a while, but I didn't know that, I know it's not part of this.

OMG I got SOOOOOO close.

I was able to use the browser to go to the android market and select apps to install....

BUT! I have no Android phones associated with my google account so it won't let me download!

Today... I officially hate my job!!!! I saw the post, but could not download because I was on a meeting... Now it's gone!!!! Can someone mirror it please!!!

ROFL... You guys are hilariously insane. Do you really want to ruin your Playbooks by installing something like this? LOL.

the more people try it, the faster the bugs get squeezed out. i can see how RIM can benefit from this if they really want to make this work for the PB.

How would someone ruin their PlayBook?

Honestly, please fill my mind with some rational and reasonable explanation as to how you would ruin the device...

Seems to have cause no damage to my device what so ever.

the android player will never start .apk files... its a normal jvm not a dalvik vm. it only has the same api as android, so developers can reuse their source code.
There are .jar files in the bar maybe you can compile your androird apps against them (with normal jdk or j2me?) and pack it as .bar (bars are only renamed zip files with a manifest file)

and btw. why did nobody try this on the simulator first? then there wouldnt be any risk for your real device...

Why do I fell like this was done on purpose to let people beta test it. If it sucks like first update this week did then they can just say we are working on it, not ready yet

well your statement would have made little sense if there was something to test definitely in the currently available player. It's leak which is closed now. Btw RIM took only a day to get the fix to us (as fas as previous update is concerned, thats quite quick response and everybody works flawlessly now.

I was able to install successfully but the player will not load. It starts up, gives me a loading message and then closes. Anyone with a similar experience? Running latest build of OS 1.0.7

you cant...only apps signed with blackberry keys can run on the android player. those tools are not yet available to developers.

To tell u the truth...i cant get it to do sh*t. No file browser to install apps. No market..And why does it have a phone icon? I think some1 played a mean joke and did a stupid VM. Dont think this came from RIM.

I have it installed and running. I'm able to browse installed apps (contacts, email, browser, etc). I can even browse the internet but the keyboard doesn't work. I can bring up the playbook keyboard but nothing I type displays in the URL or any text field.

Oh well, was nice to play with. Hopefully this means the player will be released soon :)

After restarting the app everything started to work. Was able to access my email and all. Really cool. Bring on the Apps!! :)

No trouble other than navigation really. The very first time you start the VM it seems to run some behind the scenes install tasks; if you are patient it will come back to life then run just fine... a reboot for good measure isn't a bad idea IMO. Also, my opinion is that this is basically a default Android install, and hooks from Android-to-Playbook (like contacts import) aren't in place.

Possibly this just is a 2.3.3 OS integration beta?? Also, this is not native email, this is Android email in an Android VM.

The inclusion of the Android phone apps threw me off - I can't imagine they will be part of the release.

The apps everyone is talking about are inside the VM, pretty contained really. I've already done an uninstall and reinstall just to see what happens; I can't see the PB filesystem at an OS level (no root access right?) however everything seemed to uninstall cleanly from a user perspective, no artifacts were apparent.

Just some observations...

Leaking this was a great idea, it really stirred the pot. I wonder if RIM leaked this unofficially and then quickly plugged the leak. It provided proof that projects which were prommised are working and their is a huge amount of development going on in the background.

Yes that is the best part, the thought that an 2.3 is out there and they are indeed working on the Android apps compatibility is great to know.

Agreed - I'll bet they are much further along than what we saw today. I'm standing by my guess that the purpose of this is OS integration related, possibly looking for memory leaks, performance, external navigation and such...

But hey, I've been wrong before - today even! ;-)

To everyone saying it will break your PlayBook.... no it wont

To anyone saying there's no functionality.... there is.

Use it because you're a techie and you're interested in seeing just what they've got (something that looks to need a ton of work) or don't use it.

Don't tell people they'll break their PB when you haven't even tried it and have no real experience to make valid comments.

I know some said they couldn't get the typing to work, but I've used both my native e-mail app and the browser. the Android keyboard pops up... though sometimes the screen flashes and I think the PB keyboard is trying to come through.

No issues really, even though there's limited functionality (there's a difference between none at all and a limited amount :P).

I am posting from the android browser in the andriod app player on the playbook! I think i am geeking a

It's working for me. One note, there is no back button, so once you are in an app, you have to close the player and open it up again. I did successfully set up my GMail account though.

Edit - swipe up seems to perform a back function.

Edit again - It's not swipe up, its a left to right swipe in the bottom gesture area.

Well I think its pretty obvious that from the lack of interest in this story that PB owners really do not want apps. What good are they anyway when you have the full web "rolls eyes"

Angry Birds didn't work
WhatsApp (chat program) wants to detect what phone I'm running

I'm now going for AngryBirds RIO...... didn't work.

Unspecified crashing.

So.... some Android Apps work, others die horribly or expect you're on a cell phone.

I can see why the player is most likely months away......

i found that if you swip from the middle of the bottom bezel, right in the middle of the word "Blaxkberry", to the lower half of the right side, it will move you back in the android player. let me know how it works out for you

Followed the instructions above. Just a few comments. The Android SDK now has the ADB tool in platform-tools. You don't need the port number when connecting, it defaults to port 5555. You have to have the Android App running on the Playbook.

Tried 4 Apps, Netflix, Kindle, Adobe Reader and PDF Viewer.

Kindle...very frustrating. Can get to my books and downloaded an archived book, but I cannot get the screen to display any actual pages of any book so far
Adobe/PDF... both crash

Did anyone else notice that the Android email gives notifications in the Playbook OS? Cant say I was expecting that :D

I got Fandango to install via adb wireless method. It fires up, I give it m y zip, it gets movie info and I was able to pick my theater, see movies, change date, see movies for that date, pick movie, watch trailer w/audio!!!

Amazon AppStore "works" but can't install anything. But it will download anything out of my shelf.
Tried installing Vending.apk but there is a missing shared library.
Kindle seems to go black on black for displaying pages in books.
AmazonMP3 lets me buy music but I only have an older one with no cloud player (gots to gets a new one)
Netflix didn't work for me.
Pandora works.

Hey Guys and Gals! I got the Android player installed but Can someone explain to me how to load the JDK on my playbook. When on Oracle you can download it ( to the pc) or the playbook but it gives you a error message. But one, I am not sure what platform to use, and two how to load it on my playbook. Thank for all your tips and tricks