Android and iOS BBM user guides turn up online

By Adam Zeis on 22 Aug 2013 10:41 am EDT

With the official date for cross-platform BBM still hanging in the wind, we're anxious to see any information at this point that will give a hint of when we can expect to see a release. We do know that BBM for Android has hit the beta zone for a small set of users and that we should expect to hear something before the "end of summer", but aside from those tidbits we don't know much at all. 

Today we're moving in the right direction however as early versions of the user guides for both Android and iOS have turned up online. The guides are pretty much what you'd expect and include everything from adding contacts to viewing updates to creating BBM groups.

As BBM users we already know the deal but these guides are obviously geared toward users on other platforms that may not know a thing about BBM (or just may be a bit rusty).

Check out the guides below (the links are PDF so if you can't view just choose to save them) and let us know what you think in the comments!

Android user guide for BBM
iOS user guide for BBM

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Android and iOS BBM user guides turn up online


Well, being first wasn't as thrilling as I had imagined, but I'll take it. :)

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I have a very special gif I wanted to post, madeit for people who post "first" but then realized that I can't post gifs here... Too bad. One day...

you just don't get the importance of the magical first post, do you? its glorious appearance underneath each and every entry is like the pacific sunrise; the sun itself; like: oh, my juliet ... (getting carried away a bit)
nevertheless: worship the first post!

At the very least, I have a bunch of strangers taking to me about being first rather than the topic at hand.

Does that make me more popular than BBM on Android/iOS??!


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I wonder if it says how BBM registration will work for iOS and Android. Will they get 'pings' or will it work through BlackBerry ID with email? The latter would probably work best of they can manage a way for people to get their old BBM friends automatically. Now that would be sweet :p

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You look and sound pathetic. #JustSaying

Anyway, I hope my Android and IOS User Friends get to like BBM as much as I do.

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Wait, are we on twitter now? I thought this was crackberry, but I must be mistaken...

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Ya, I have to say that every time I hear a BlackBerry announcements it takes forever for the things to show up.

It's really boring to wait for so long...

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Open with Browser,

Great news, but i see nothing mentioned about BBM Channels, so I assume their soon coming launch will be initially on BBM only, any idea on how long before a full scale launch? I do remember reading some here that the bbm multi platform launch would be gradual, with not all features being available..

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

Okay can someone please tell me when exactly does the summer end in US/Canada? Over here in Dubai we enjoy(not really) very long summers, so I have no clue what BlackBerry means when they say 'end of summer'

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Labour day weekend is end of summer for students, which is 2 weeks away so probably not that.

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In North America and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere, it is around the 21st of September not Labour Day which is a civic holiday created by governments in Canada and the United States at the end of the 19th century. When BlackBerry talked about the end of summer I am sure the reference was to the end of September, not the beginning of the month.

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While September 20th is the official end of summer, I don't think anyone here in the US knows what Blackberry means by "end of summer" either. (Tounge-in-cheek)
End of summer can also mean the first Monday in September which is the Labor Day holiday weekend and the effective end of summer vacation for school goers in the US. OR it could mean sometime in October when summer temps are gone for good until sometime in May.
For all our sakes I hope it means Labor Day weekend so BB can get in on the back-to-school fever, but I don't have my hopes up.

Okay, where was the announcement made? I hope not in Australia or New Zealand, because their summer hasn't started yet...

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Your assuming by saying end of summer that it was some code for a release date.

It was a wild toss in the air for an expected completion date. Which they will more then likely miss, if history has shown us anything.

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What it looks like is the end of summer will be here before cross platform BBM. I really don't even know how relevant it will be. Most people that I have spoken to really don't care.

I'm still hoping BlackBerry can survive and become a leader in the smart phone market, again as I really see the potential in the OS. There are some major hurdles for them to overcome and I think the biggest one is not the apps it is actually convincing people that blackberry is here to stay. Then the devs and companies who's apps we are all waiting for will jump on board.

Just my $0.02

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I doubt they will become a leader. Those days are gone. However they can still survive in the professional arena and I believe they can be a tech leader. As for leading in the consumer end of things I highly doubt it. I think they can be an elite device as BB10 is a fantastic platform.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I agree to a certain point. BlackBerry does need to show they are here to stay but apps is as important.

To get developers on board BlackBerry needs to sell phones, to sell phones they need apps and a ecosystem.

Let's not forget BlackBerry is competing with companies that sell, phones, tablets, computers, consoles, etc.

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BBM Is not official yet. With so much uncertainty surrounding BlackBerry don't be surprised by the cautious reaction.

I'm just pleased it has shown up at all.

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Open BBM on your BB10 device. There you go. BBM on Android and IOS minus video chat and voice calling. Even if you saw a screenshot, you'd not notice the difference and likely end up calling it a fake. I know for a fact people have already done so.

Oh, this answered a question I just posted, lol.

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Works for me. Seems all you do is complain on here. Sign into a Google account via your browser. It should work.

It links to a PDF, which apparently won't open in the CB10 app. Instead, long hold on the link and select Open in Browser. Prompts to save PDF immediately.

What features does it come with? I remember them saying that initially it will not have the video or screen share features, so it is just a messaging app in the beginning right?

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If you read the docs posted, you would see that they talk about chats and groups... and that's about it so far.
Hopefully new features roll out quick

I am also curious as to whether their digital wallet service, once it rolls out, will, perhaps, be integrated with BBM...

That is disappointing, but I can't say I'm surprised. People already have video chat functionality in other messaging apps, so they may not be enticed to switch unless they are big BBM fans and/or value security. BlackBerry released the PlayBook without a native email app and it definitely affected sales, so I'm not sure why they'd want to risk going down the same road. This app needs to impress.

Hi, here in South Africa, Samsung has been advertising over the radio for the last two weeks as "BBM coming soon to all Galaxy devices"

Coming soon..??

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First things first. Get it up and running and add functionality later. Of course, the analysts will criticize them and drag down the price of shares over this.

Precisely, why can't they figure out they need to come out with a good product. Releasing shit is killing them, but they do it over and over and over.

This is great. My iPhone and Android friends have been waiting for this and, so have I. It's gonna be an event. People are excited about this.

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What are Blackberry waiting for? TH to make a decision? Then we can wait forever. He waiting to get fired so he can collect his golden hand shake.

+1,000,000!!!! Tired of people bashing BB for being slow. The problems we see today are mostly symptoms of the gross mismanagement of the previous leadership.
From where I sit, TH and his team have done an excellent job managing a pretty crappy situation.
If BB can hold out for another 12 months with the current level of sales (approx 1 million/month) they'll have a large enough installed base to attract the attention of the Netflix's and Hulu's out there.
The only area I am really disappointed is in Marketing. Even there, I see less a lack of talent and more a concious choice not to invest too heavily, at leas in the US. My only guess is they're advertising just enough to keep the faithful in the game, and waiting until the platform matures a bit before opening the marketing gusher. Not sure I agree with the approach, but it's the only sensible explanation I have for what seems to be an almost total dud.

Releasing this will change the topic of discussion on blackberry. It will be more about can blackberry replace whatsapp as the premier cross platform messenger instead of will blackberry die by the end of the year. Hurry BlackBerry, get this out.

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+1 I want to see everything the other guys do and some innovative stuff as well.BB has got to innovate and fast.They have a good start with their existing user base ,and must excel with BBM.

Just skimmed thru the Android user guide and learned something new. You can send country flag icons in BBM. *CA* for Canada. *US* for USA... *UK* for the UK....

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Again. All I see you do is complain. If you aren't happy with BlackBerry why not use something else? I hear Ubuntu is coming out with a phone. I'm sure the ecosystem there will be amazing.

BBM is a must for android and iphone devices managed by BES 10. Why adopt BES 10 and buy enterprise OS 10 devices with no BBM on android and iphone devices that fall under BYOD corporate policy?.....if Blackberry can quickly get to 100,000 million users, it will likely help give BES 10 some traction......Aside, I believe the 9720 is for enterprise who want to stay on BES and upgrade their devices. BES 10 is not backwards compatible for OS 6 and OS 7 devices.

So it gets burned by the media and compared to the most polished I'm applications in iOS....

Marketing is everything

Just like bb10 has been... people expect things to be more than perfect for some reason...

Marketing is everything

Personally, I feel that they are giving away BBM so when they finally go under, people who use blackberrys can still communicate with other platforms.

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It is a shame it won't have BBM voice and video call/screen share at launch, so no real reason for whatsapp users to migrate. Again our beloved BlackBerry under performing :(

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Those features are coming (BB mentioned by years end it would have those and from what I hear the screen share will be impossible on iOS so don't expect to see that feature)

This needs to be released and soon!

Now, just to get my android and ios friends and colleagues to jump on board!

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Please bring at least video chat, then FINALLY Playbook owners might be able to communicate with the outside world!!!

I'd like to know how they are going to handle a user that has a BB10 device as well as an Android device. Ideally I'd like to be able to use the same BB ID on the Android device that I use on my Z10 so the Android basically acts as a duplicate device.

This is part of BBM value proposition. BBM is for real and unique people. For you, when you use BBM you know you are communicating with real human.

Is the Apple guide written in a style accustom to their liking? If you don't make it simple you may lose them.

Fired from my Z10

I have an S2 sitting idle with a custom rom, going to keep hold, until I try BBM on it.

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There is a great power to having users create a BBID. Now they are part of BlackBerry's database or users and with time they can make syncing between devices all that much easier. I can see it opening many doors.

Why no release date tho. Have they fired to many staff. At this rate it will be too much hype. I just hope it stands a chance. Hurry up bbm

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Jesus! 17 pages to figure out how bbm works. LOL they better have a how to on the final version.

Posted using my Z10 on10.2.0.1047

If this comes without voice and video then it doesn't come at all.

Why BlackBerry doesn't understand that they have to come out big, not small and come updates.

Posted by Z10

Good document in general. Good first version features of BBM for none-bb.

One problem. Why restoring cannot restore all groups. Please fix it and make it perfect. RIM rose on perfection and now only perfection can save BlackBerry.

Why would your average iOS or Android user want to install this, when all their BlackBerry friends have WhatsApp?

And Whatsapp is horrible when compared to bbm. It's laggy, and unreliable from my experiences with it.

BBM is the king of instant messaging and will hopefully crush all the other half baked messaging apps!!!

I too can't wait for its release so I can delete that crappy Whatsapp and Ben done with that even crappier text messaging!

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Because then they can
-ping users
-see if a message got read
-chat with more than one person without having to create a group
-lead more "secure" conversations
-expect more unique features to be released

I'm from Latin America (Argentina) and have been using BBM for about 3 years or more. The BBM situation here, on Argentina is like this one: All my contacts (about 100) actually switched to WhattsApp. Others contacts just have migrated to other platforms like Android or even some of them to WP, so they use WhatsApp only. Just about a week ago I have noticed that I only have about 10 contacts still active on BBM, but they are on WhatsApp too. My partner bought a Samsung S4 some weeks ago, so we don't use our Group/Calendar any more. WhatsApp has an horrible way to interact with Voice Notes (one thing I loved about BBM) but on one of the lastest upgrades they really improved that.

Finally, I decided: I didn't buy an Android o WP device, but have removed my loved BBM app of my Bold 9900. So, Is BBM coming Too late for other devices? Yes, i think so.

I find this is the opposite. Almost no one I know actually *USES* whatsapp, even if they have it on their device ... iPhone, BlackBerry or Android.

Let's look at this objectively:

In terms of messaging, BBM is better than WhatsApp for sure, but I think it's too late. Everyone already has WhatsApp, and I don't see many going through the effort of downloading BBM *and* (re)creating a BBID. The beauty of WhatsApp is that once you download it, your contacts are already there (from your Contacts in phone). Some might say the anonymity of BBM (no phone number required) is better, but frankly if I'm IM'ing someone on my phone, the vast majority of time, I know them and already have their phone number. I probably started texting them before adding them to BBM or WhatsApp anyway. So the differentiation of the anonimity is very limited IMHO.

BBM voice and video chat may gain some traction, but most people have unlimited minutes, Skype and other platforms for voice and video, and these are already cross platform and work sufficiently well. (I know BBM video is superior to Skype in terms of quality, but it's limited to mobile to mobile vs. mobile to tablet, PC, desktop, etc.)

Does anyone really use screen share on a day to day basis? It sounds neat and novel, but honestly, screen share seems far more useful on my full-screened computer versus a 3-inch phone screen. This is nothing against BB here, it's a cool idea. I just don't see it getting much traction.

So while I look forward to cross platform, I don't see it as being a very large success. Once again, it was just too darn late... (I won't say too little too late, because it's not too little - BBM is great - but it is too late.)

I know the blinded devotees here will tell me about the eight hundred billion users that downloaded the fake BBM in Google Play, but honestly, that was ages ago in the fast paced world of mobile technology. My guess is the majority of those people have moved on and are comfortable with WhatsApp now.

As I've said elsewhere, at the beginning of summer, all my non-BB user friends were excited for cross-platform BBM. Now, they couldn't care less. WhatsApp 100% serves their purposes, and they won't be bothered to (re)create a BBID.

Another opportunity lost for BlackBerry, in my honest opinion. But I'll be happy to be proven wrong. I love BBM and would be happy if it were to thrive again.

LOL sometimes I love that recent updates.. But sometimes annoying when some people change their status or profile pic every minute or two

Come to Africa. Changing dp's and pm's every minute is the reason every average African has at least 150 contacts. I have 300. I like it that way because I don't even have to chat with u to know how you are doing. I can just sit back relax and watch your updates

Can't wait until it's out. Then ppl will see that BlackBerry makes a good product.

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

Your point being...? Any idiot should know when the end of summer is (I can't believe some need a website for this). My point is that this article states, "we should expect to [hear] something before the end of summer" when a previous article stated "announced today during BlackBerry Live 2013, BBM is [set to go] cross-platform this summer."

My point being, its not the end of summer, chill out.

Either you're new to BlackBerry and aren't familiar with pushed deadlines and ill-fated promises, or you're just way too impatient.

I'm waiting for the Android version and I'm not happy with the lack of updates on the product, but it is what it is. They're not really known for making reliable promises.

Officially, summer ends September 21. But most people would say September 2 (or September 3 in the USA). So yeah... late.

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Why no BBM Voice or Video?

Sent From My BlackBerry Z10 Powered By An Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator

Ok just saw why this won't be adopted quickly, you will need a BBM ID. Process is longer than all of the other chat/messaging programs.

Don't think the masses will appreciate the security behind it, but we will see.

Possible reason (1): BB is saving that advantage for BB users only.
Possible reason (2): BB has been unable to make it work in time for the launch.
Possible reason (3): A combination of 1 & 2 above.

BlackBerry need to release this before the start of the new school year. They will have a huge spike of users if they play this right. Unfortunately they may as always come in too late and miss the boat.

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I cannot wait for this to be released. I have lots of family and friends in the Dominican Republic. Most people there use prepaid mobile internet. Blackberry is a huge deal there so almost everyone has one. The internet packages there, no matter what provider you have, offer a "Full" and a "Social" package. Whatsapp can only be used if you have Full internet. Obviously, there is a difference in price between the two packages so most people go for the cheaper Social package which includes BBM but no Whatsapp. This will be a big deal for people like me who have family or friends in countries where Blackberry is still the primary used smartphone.

The links for the guides don't work. They said that BBM would be out this summer, we should of asked what year?

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I think it's probably to late, if they had released at the beginning of summer then they would of made a dent. But now they gave whatsapp time to improve and there is no longer a reason to switch to BBM. Which is really to bad.

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Did anyone else read through and notice that it mentions nothing about sending pictures or anything?

Maybe I missed something :/

Oh! Just read through again and saw something about sending pictures... alrighty.

Achievement Unlocked: Basic Functionality.

Hahahahahahah! Google has no love for you! Why keep using them to promote your experimental idea's!! Hahahahahaha man you guys just don't get it?? Please understand! Google has a phone already!!! why would they help blackberry experiment??? BBM manual????? What's that? Hahahahahaha seriously sad!

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Seems pretty good and easily understandable. Now we just need to get it released..i have a lit of friends and family on Android and ios

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I knew it wouldn't launch with BBM Video. But I was really hoping it would launch with BBM Voice. Sad.

My gf thinks I love my Z10 more than her... she's on to me.

Honest question: what purpose does BBM voice serve that free Skype to Skype Voice does not? Skype Video is pretty poor, I know, but Voice is pretty clear IME since it requires less bandwidth than Video...

And unless it's international, most people have unlimited, or at least heaps, of minutes...

Ha ha ha ha... I don't ever reading bbm is coming out on windows mobile... guess this will hurt windows mobile phones sales... I'm waiting and waiting and waiting now for a while for it to come out on android and ios and share my gifs with my friends and bbm stickers...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

The sooner BBM comes out cross platform, the sooner enterprise can continue trials to see how BBM works with the android and iphone devices under BES 10 MDM. Until then, adoption of BES 10 likely stuck in the mud along with no traction in service fees......

The requested URL /content/dam/blackBerry/campaigns/bbm/user-guides/BBM_for_Android-1.0_User_Guide-Beta.pdf was not found on this server.

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Finally cause i want to leave BlackBerry forever, i have z10 and gs4, i will have 1 phone soon finally cause 2 phones are alot for me, go Samsung, android

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Is anyone out there wondering why BlackBerry is releasing a user guide for iOS and Android versions of BBM? I don't recall needing a user guide when I first started using BBM so many years ago. I didn't need a user guide to figure out how to use WhatsApp, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, or any of the countless other messaging clients out there.

One of the big complaints that we hear from non BlackBerry loyalists is that they are too complex...require too much training...are not user friendly.

I've heard this script being used to describe BB10. The gestures require "training". Apple devices can be used immediately by everyone with no training. the Hub is complex.

I hope BlackBerry made an app that is easy to use for the masses. They don't need even more barriers and bad press.

Keith Harrison from CB10.

Wow i didn't know if so many people are that dumb... Luckily, not that many people because last time I read they're about 14% of the whole smartphone population.

I'm not saying that people are dumb. Lazy, perhaps...but one of the comments that always gets thrown around when it comes to iphone/ipads is that they're extremely user friendly and anyone who picks them up can operate them with zero instruction. It's true because my kids took to my ipad immediately...while they were toddlers. No gestures to learn, nothing to read, just touch a pretty icon.

If BBM does require a manual, it'll be rejected for something that consumers view as being more user friendly.

In my opinion...

That's a good point. But I will proffer that the user guide is so simple that it really doesn't need to be read. Who knows, maybe this got leaked to distract from the delayed launch!

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I think blackberry should have sold the q5 real low, drop the price for the z10 to around $300 and keep bbm private. Make the phone more affordable and keep everyone hooked on bbm.

I'm from Latin America (Argentina) and have been using BBM for about 3 years or more. The BBM situation here, on Argentina is like this one: All my contacts (about 100) actually switched to WhattsApp. Others contacts just have migrated to other platforms like Android or even some of them to WP, so they use WhatsApp only. Just about a week ago I have noticed that I only have about 10 contacts still active on BBM, but they are on WhatsApp too. My partner bought a Samsung S4 some weeks ago, so we don't use our Group/Calendar any more. WhatsApp has an horrible way to interact with Voice Notes (one thing I loved about BBM) but on one of the lastest upgrades they really improved that.

Finally, I decided: I didn't buy an Android o WP device, but have removed my loved BBM app of my Bold 9900. So, Is BBM coming Too late for other devices? Yes, i think so.

It's like BlackBerry is more reactive than proactive, which makes you stay behind the game...

Marketing is everything

Without channels this will get downplayed by media greatly.Without channels this is not a good enough release.

I am on the beta.It needs to be finished by end of august and released publicly for BB devices to actually see how much BB network can take.And then by end of september be out with BBM cross platform thats how it should be.BBM will do well but it will lose at least 1-5 million downloads because its just another IM client especially in US.Having channels available would bring alot more than just the basic client the decision up their are just man SM.BB just dont enter an arena to be king its sad really.

As someone made significant contribution to BB's early rise and someone who has been working in this industry for 15 years I can tell that it is PERFECTION that made RIM's early success, not rich features or media support. In fact media, and more importantly some top business dogs and government officials in U.S., never stopped bashing BB since BB started. In recent years, BB hurt itself. It is the QUALITY that dragged BB down. But don't get me wrong, BB's quality is definitely not lower than the competition. The problem is that it is not higher either these days.

For BB to succeed, especially in U.S., its QUALITY must be higher than U.S. domestic systems.

IT MUST BE PERFECT. I do think, not 100% sure though, BB has a chance to make the cross platform BBM perfect. Then, it will add again PERFECT voice and PERFECT video.

Few responses are because now everyone´s thought is about BBRY survival.

BBM xplatform is not as important as BBRY going down. people are worried.

Its obvious everyone wants it now, and its pretty safe to assume Blackberry knows this. So barring some bizarre reason, lets take the most likely assumption that its still not ready.
So now they are left with two choices:

If they release it before its ready people will complain, and most likely delete it forever having given it a chance.
If they release it late but bug free, chances are pretty good, that although extremely pissed off,the people that want it now, will still want it then.

Granted, logic would state that perhaps it shouldn't have been announced before it was ready but what's done is done. So given those two options (and these are the ONLY two options other than packing up the team and calling it quits), which do you think is smarter from a business perspective?

Since BBM cross platform is likely to be a monumental failure given its lateness, "packing up the team and calling it quits" is likely the smartest option from a corporate perspective. And the corporate perspective is all that matters. Any additional monies spent in cross platform BBM is likely a waste, be that development money or distribution money, or advertising money. The only solution I see for BBRY is to shutter the doors and sell the valuable assets such as IP. It's too late to release cross platform BBM, honestly, so it's a waste of money.

This is all for a corporate perspective. As a non-shareholding user, I would like to see it, because if I'm wrong, it would be nice to have all my friends back on BBM. It is the best IM client available.

I installed whatsApp to try it and immediately uninstalled when I saw that it was, in My opinion by my definitions, a personal information stealing piece of Malware. I would never give them access to my phone book. I love BBM and can't wait for others to have it.

Ah, but you don't fit the profile of the "mainstream" user. The "mainstream" user doesn't want to create and log into a BBID. They love the fact that once they load WhatsApp, all their contacts are there already. Frankly, I love it too.